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U.S. Warns The World Against Buying Venezuelan Oil

  • U.S. Warns The World Against Buying Venezuelan Oil
    by Tsvetana Paraskova, via
    U.S. National Security Advisor John Bolton has warned countries and companies against buying crude oil from Venezuela, after the Latin American country’s Oil Minister Manuel Quevedo said during a surprise visit to India that Venezuela wants to sell more oil to the fast-growing Indian market.

    In a tweet with a Bloomberg article on Venezuelan-Indian oil relations attached, Bolton wrote:

    Nations and firms that support Maduro’s theft of Venezuelan resources will not be forgotten. The United States will continue to use all of its powers to preserve the Venezuelan people’s assets and we encourage all nations to work together to do the same.”

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US Embarked on Course of Regime Change in Venezuela

  • RT Published on Feb 13, 2019
    Miguel Tinker Salas, a professor of Latin American studies, says any pretence of this crisis being a democratic process happening in Venezuela, is nonsense.


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‘Not the Reality’: Pro-Coup MSM Narrative About ‘Chaos’ in Venezuela is Fiction

  • ‘Not the Reality’: Pro-Coup MSM Narrative About ‘Chaos’ in Venezuela is Fiction
    Western media has tried to paint a picture of a Venezuela on the verge of a collapse, coup or catastrophe, in which Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro increasingly desperately clings to power against the wishes and needs of his own people. However, two reporters inside the country told Sputnik this is very far from the truth.

    In reality, three quarters of the international community is behind Maduro, and the country is operating more or less as normally as it was before Juan Guaido, the speaker of the country’s National Assembly, declared himself to be interim president on January 23.

    Moreover, Maduro’s caution and skepticism of the Trojan horse of international humanitarian aid is completely justified, given the figures in Washington who are overseeing it, two journalists in Venezuela told Sputnik Monday.

    Guaido, along with his international backers in Washington and abroad, has made increasingly dire predictions about the impending humanitarian catastrophe in Venezuela if Maduro’s government is not overthrown quickly. Guaido told AFP on Saturday that 300,000 Venezuelans could die without food and medical aid, and the pro-coup narrative, as articulated by the mainstream media and Western politicians, is that Maduro is blocking that aid from entering the country.

    An image of the Tienditas Bridge, which spans the Tachira River between Tachira state in Venezuela and Norte de Santander in Colombia, barricaded with shipping containers has become the damning evidence of Maduro’s supposed tyranny.

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Blood for Oil in Venezuela?

  • The Real News Network Published on Feb 10, 2019
    Vijay Prashad discusses the extent to which US interest in Venezuelan oil and other natural resources is driving Trump’s policy of seeking regime change. The link is not that straight-forward, but it is there, says Prashad.


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Venezuela Holds ‘Most Important Military Drills in History’

  • RT Published on Feb 10, 2019
    Courtesy: Nicolás Maduro ‏/ Twitter
    Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro has launched what he described as the ‘most important’ drills in history, preparing to repel any potential invasion after the US and its allies backed self-proclaimed ‘interim president’ Guaido.


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Mike Pompeo Claims “Active” Terror Cells in Venezuela (Bullshit)

  • The Duran Published on Feb 10, 2019
    The Duran Quick Take: Episode 79. The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris discuss US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s claim that Hezbollah is now “active in Venezuela”, and for this reason a US military intervention in the Latin American country is justified. 


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Jimmy Dore on Venezuela: Corporate News is the BIGGEST Purveyor of Fake News, Death & Destruction!

  • goingundergroundRT Published on Feb 4, 2019
    Award-winning comedian and host of The Jimmy Dore Show, Jimmy Dore, rails against pro-war mainstream media, CIA Democrats and the ongoing US-led regime attempt in Venezuela

Click on image for article.


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Calling Bulls*** on Hezbollah in Venezuela — Pompeo is LYING!

  • It appears Hezbollah, ISIS, Al Qaeda … are all cooperating with US-Pentagram and appear where they are most needed by America to justify war, CIA coups and what not.
  • Pompeo Claims Hezbollah “Active In Venezuela” To Justify Possible US Intervention
    by Tyler Durden,
    Two weeks ago, when remarking sarcastically about the upcoming “requirement” for a US military presence in or around Venezuela where the situation is increasingly looking like a replay of events in Syria pitting the US and “western powers” on one said and Russia and China (and Turkey) on the other, we said that it’s only a matter of time before ISIS made a dramatic appearance in Latin America.

    “Time for ISIS to make a dramatic appearance in Latin America” – Zerohedge, 26 Jan 2019

    We thought we were joking. It turns out the joke was on us, because – in an apparent failure to come up with an even remotely original narrative for another imminent American intervention – US secretary of state Mike Pompeo said on Wednesday night that, drumroll, “Hezbollah has active cells in Venezuela.” Well, we were wrong about ISIS at least.

    As the Trump administration has continued to ratchet up pressure on the Latin American nation amid a crippling political and economic crisis, and hinted on several occasions that US troops would be deployed, Mike Pompeo told Fox Business that “people don’t recognize that Hezbollah has active cells” in the country, adding that “the Iranians are impacting the people of Venezuela and throughout South America. We have an obligation to take down that risk for America” he said, quoted by the Independent.

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Bolton’s Plan: Starve Venezuela

  • RonPaulLibertyReport Streamed live on Feb 5, 2019
    US “humanitarian” aid to Venezuela is being weaponized – routed through the US-backed opposition to feed its supporters. Meanwhile, backers of the Venezuelan government will face draconian sanctions designed to starve them into accepting the US-appointed president. If it does not work, Bolton and the neocons are fomenting civil war in the country.


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Juan Guaido Will Open Up Venezuelan Oil to Foreign Companies, His US Envoy Says

  • Juan Guaido Will Open Up Venezuelan Oil to Foreign Companies, His US Envoy Says
    An envoy to the US for Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó has said the country’s oil reserves would be opened to foreign investors, bolstering suspicions that Washington’s support of Guaidó is oil-dependent.

    Guaidó’s representative in Washington, Carlos Vecchio, told Bloomberg that the opposition leader wanted to increase oil production and scrap current requirements that state-owned oil giant PDVSA must keep a controlling stake in joint ventures. Currently, PDVSA must maintain a 51 percent stake in joint projects.

    US President Donald Trump threw his support behind Guaidó in January and called on “illegitimate” Maduro to step down after the opposition leader declared himself interim president.

    “We want to go to an open economy, we want to increase oil production,” Vecchio said during an interview at Bloomberg’s DC office. “The majority of the oil production that we want to increase will be with the private sector.”

    Vecchio’s comments will come as no surprise to analysts who predicted Trump is supporting capitalist Guaidó against socialist Maduro in order to gain access to Venezuela’s vast natural resources for eager American companies.

    Vecchio, who attended Trump’s State of the Union speech on Tuesday as a guest of Florida Senator Marco Rubio, also said that Citgo, the US refiner controlled by PDVSA would not file for bankruptcy despite earlier reports, saying it was “not necessary.”

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‘Is Venezuela Your State?’ Erdogan Slams US & EU Over Guaido Endorsement

  • For the record: I do NOT trust, like or support Erdogan. But what he says here is correct. Neither do I support Maduro. The problems in Venezuela is upto the Venezuelans to resolve not foreigners.
  • RT Published on Feb 6, 2019
    Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan has once again thrown his weight behind Venezuelan President Maduro, saying Western attempts to oust him are anything but democracy and rule of law. READ MORE:


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China to US: BUTT OUT of Venezuela! Here’s Why

  • RT America Published on Feb 5, 2019
    Rick Sanchez reports on China’s soft-spoken but unmistakable hard line on Venezuela, whose deep economic ties lead to Chinese unequivocal opposition to attempts to undermine the government of President Nicolas Maduro.


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Italy Blocks EU Position in Recognizing Venezuela’s Opposition Leader

  • PressTV Published on Feb 5, 2019
    Italy has blocked a joint EU position to recognize Venezuela’s opposition leader Juan Guaido as interim president. Eleven countries of the bloc recognized Guaido after President Nicolas Maduro ignored their demand to call a new election. But Italy rejected a draft EU statement on the issue. The Five-Star movement, a party to Italy’s coalition government, described sanctions on Venezuela as a pretext for military intervention. It said Italy will never recognize people who appoint themselves president. The European Parliament has called on Italy to change its position.


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Watch Jimmy Dore Dismantle NYTimes Journo After Failed Tulsi Gabbard Hit-Job

  • Watch Jimmy Dore Dismantle NYTimes Journo After Failed Tulsi Gabbard Hit-Job
    by Tyler Durden,
    For those who missed it, Joe Rogan had Bari Weiss on “The Joe Rogan Experience” two weeks ago – where he took the New York Times’ journalist to task in real time as she fumbled over facts, figures, and using a word without knowing what it means.

    Weiss, a vocal critic of Donald Trump, was attempting to smear Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI), who is quite possibly the largest threat to establishment Democrats in 2020 for her staunch “anti-interventionist” foreign policy agenda and populist views on the economy. 

    Gabbard, an Iraq war veteran, took heat over a January 2017 trip to Syria, where she met with President Bashar al-Assad in what she said was an unplanned trip approved by the House Ethics Committee. For this, Gabbard has been mercilessly smeared by the establishment media – which has published blatant propaganda painting her as a Kremlin stooge

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The REAL Reason The U.S. Wants Regime Change in Venezuela

  • StormCloudsGathering Premiered Feb 2, 2019
    The U.S. and its allies have decided to throw their weight behind yet another coup attempt in Venezuela. As usual, they claim that their objectives are democracy and freedom. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The following presentation will expose the real motives and human consequences of this gambit. We’ll start with a quick rundown of recent events. To fully understand those events however, will require a history lesson; a background check on the key players. Supporting links, documentation, and updates can be found at


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