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Turkish Foreign Minister: “Religious Wars Will Start Soon In Europe”

This is an Illuminist psyop planned many decades ago, to foment fear, hate, violence, wars … to manipulate the world to the Satanic World War 3! The endgame is the Luciferian New World Order!

  • Smells like Samuel Huntington’s Clash of Civilizations, Illuminist psyop, leading the sheeple towards WW3. This is: Christian West vs Muslim World. Does the Turkish foreign minister know something that we don’t?
  • Turkish Foreign Minister: “Religious Wars Will Start Soon In Europe”
    by Tyler Durden,
    Turkey’s arch-nemesis – well, one of many –  Dutch politician Geert Wilders may have just suffered a major disappointment in his recent political career after yesterday’s Netherlands general election, but that did not mean that the diplomatic scandal between Turkey and the Netherlands has been put on hiatus; on the contrary: Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu warned that Europe is headed for “wars of religion” and claiming Dutch politicians are taking the continent “to a cliff.”

    Speaking at a rally in Antalya on Thursday, Cavusoglu assessed the outcome of the Dutch elections which saw a failure for the anti-Muslim, anti-EU Geert Wilders garnering a majority of the votes, after a campaign rallying for the closure of mosques and banning of the Koran.

    However, instead of celebrating the defeat of the anti-Islam politician, and his defeated by Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy, Cavusoglu warned that Wilders’ beliefs are shared by others across the Netherlands.

    “Many parties have received a similar share of votes. Seventeen percent, 20 percent, there are lots of parties like this, but they are all the same,” the Foreign Minister said adding “there is no difference between the mindsets of Geert Wilders and social democrats in the Netherlands. They all have the same mindset…that mindset is taking Europe to the cliff. Soon wars of religion may and will start in Europe,” Cavusoglu said, quoted by Reuters.

    read more.

The Illuminati is getting pretty desperate. They are releasing ISIS videos almost every week. This is a sign that the end is near. Global economic, financial and currency collapse and WW3 imminent. Click on image for article.


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Rick Wiles, Jim Willie: Has the Trump Revolution Been Derailed?

  • Streamed live on Mar 15, 2017
    Rick Wiles, Jim Willie: Has the Trump Revolution Been Derailed?

    Has the Trump Revolution been derailed by the perpetual war, sleaze, corruption, and pedophilia party, or has it only hit a bump in the road? Today on TRUNEWS, Rick Wiles is joined by economic analyst Jim Willie to ponder this topic and the potential of a brewing global economic crisis. Rick and Jim also discuss the ongoing Deep State civil war underway inside the US government and how the push for driverless cars could lead to a Global Brain.


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The Debt Needs To Be Defaulted On, It Needs To Die, There Is Nothing To Fix It: Andrew Hoffman

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EU Bans Islamic Headscarf, Sparking Angry Protest From Soros-Funded Group

  • Illuminist social engineer, George Soros, fomenting unrest throughout the world. This is not about Islamic freedom, headscarf wearing … it is about fomenting division, conflicts, wars, violence … in society. These social engineers will get their ‘Christian’ people to burn Korans and then get their ‘Muslim’ people to burn Bibles. Which side are these Illuminists on? Not Christian nor Muslim. They are on the side of Satan.
  • EU Bans Islamic Headscarf, Sparking Angry Protest From Soros-Funded Group
    by Tyler Durden,
    A ruling by the European Union’s top court on Tuesday, which allows companies to bar staff from wearing Islamic headscarves and other visible religious symbols, has set off a storm of complaint from rights groups and religious leaders. With its first ruling on a hot political issue across Europe, the Court of Justice (ECJ) has found that a Belgian firm which had a rule barring employees who dealt with customers from wearing visible religious and political symbols “may not have discriminated” against a receptionist dismissed for wearing a headscarf.

    The judgment came on the eve of a Dutch election in which Muslim immigration is a key issue; in several weeks France also votes for a president in a similarly charged campaign. Piggybacking on the ruling, scandal-ridden French candidate, conservative Francois Fillon, hailed the ruling as “an immense relief” that would contribute to “social peace”.

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The Economic Crisis Will Hit This Summer, Banks Will Crash, Currency Won’t Exist: Bix Weir

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Billionaire George Soros Gives $246million to 100 Groups Behind the ‘Day Without a Woman’ Protest

Who is behind all the CIA color revolutions, the protests against Trump, fomenting hatred, opposition, fake memes .. ? Illuminist social engineer George Soros. Click on image for article.

Click on image for article.

The Donald is getting the CIA color revolution coup treatment. Click on image for article.


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ObamaGate: Obama Administration Colluded with Intelligence Agencies to Frame Trump

  • ObamaGate: Obama Administration Colluded with Intelligence Agencies to Frame Trump
    by State of the Nation,
    ~ SEDITION ~
    Treasonous Agents of Deep State Used Assets of the U.S. Federal Government and British Contractors to Sabotage the 2016 Trump Campaign, Obama Loyalists and Intelligence Officials Continue Attempts to Overthrow the POTUS

    The evidence is clear: Barack H. Obama, John O. Brennan, James R. Clapper, Hillary R. Clinton, John D. Podesta, Michael J. Morrell and other US officials and Democratic Party operatives colluded to prevent a Trump victory and now conspire to commit sedition. 

    Finally, the Obama Administration and the C.I.A. have been caught with their pants down. The traitors working for Deep State, who have completely infiltrated the U.S. intelligence community, the FBI and Obama’s inner circle, have been exposed by their own handiwork.

    The Trump Administration now possesses the hard evidence that proves conclusively that several of the highest authorities within the U.S. Intelligence Community colluded to utilize their offices and government resources to prevent Donald J. Trump from winning the 2016 presidential election.

    “This thing is so BIG it’s not funny. 
    Kennedy was right: either the spooks are with you or against you. Spying and surveillance, sedition and treason, law-breaking and subversion, assassinations and false flag attacks, color revolutions and civil wars are all the stock-in-trade of the CIA. It’s all they know how to do.  And they are rarely, if ever, caught… … …until now!”
    —Veteran Intelligence Analyst

    What makes “this thing” even more serious is that there was (and is) highly coordinated collusion among and between key members of Obama’s inner circle and the highest echelons of the U.S. intelligence community.

    Never in American history has such a serious charge been leveled by the President of the United States at the previous president. Not only are these allegations by Trump the most radioactive ever publicly proclaimed by a sitting POTUS, they constitute the necessary gravity to finally dissolve the C.I.A. as it should be. What follows are a number of crucial observations made by a former State Department employee and CIA agent.

    “In this case I understand from very good friends that what happened was both Jim Clapper and John Brennan at CIA were intimately involved in trying to derail the candidacy of Donald Trump. That there was some collusion overseas with Britain’s own GHCQ (Government Communications Headquarters). That information that was gathered from GHCQ was actually passed to John Brennan and it was disseminated within the US government. This dissemination was illegal.”
    (Source: Former CIA Agent Drops Bombshell)

    read more.


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Clif High: Chaos Starts Middle of March

  • Clif High: Chaos Starts Middle of March
    by Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)
    Internet data mining expert Clif High says the world is witnessing the unmasking of the so-called “Deep State” and revealing it’s long held control over humanity. High explains, “The level of complexity of humans has increased, and that was the factor that the Deep State did not take into account.  They kept their ridged mindset, their ridged rules, their compartmentalization and kept everything so boxed in even they were unaware that humanity has evolved out and around their obstruction.  So, the Deep State is dying simply because the knowledge of it is so prevalent.  It can’t be stopped, and is growing exponentially, and, basically, the knowledge itself is going to crush the Deep State.”

    High, who calls his data mining research “Predictive Linguistics,” says don’t expect the people who have had the power to go down without a fight. High says to expect “economic dirty tricks,” but High predicts “they backfire.”  High goes on to say, “The reason why they backfire is the same reason why the media tricks are backfiring is the population has evolved beyond the level of gaming the power elite are capable of. . . . So, the same kind of dirty tricks are not going to work anymore.  They are going to backfire as they each are tried.  We will see the trick to shovel debt into the population backfire on the power elite.”

    One of the biggest fears for the power elite is the brewing scandal involving sex trafficking, some of which include children. High contends, “It is, at this stage, the lynchpin for the power elite that are currently in place.  They are very desperately afraid that any of this should get out, and, thus, we see very unusual activities such as Obama is going to lead 30,000 on an impeachment campaign and a revolution this spring.  That language is really quite remarkable.  Never in any previous election campaign that I have been able to see . . . do we see this level of emotional intensity after the election.”  So, Trump is going to go after these power elites?  High says, “Oh yeah, they are desperately afraid, it’s horrific.”

    High also says his research shows the mainstream legacy media is also fearful. High predicts “1/3 of our broadcast media personalities . . . those famous faces, will either be arrested or flee the country” over sex trafficking or the cover-up of it.

    High also has new data on dramatic price movements for gold, silver, Bitcoin and all sorts of chaos starting in the middle of March. High says that Trump has basically caught a wave of change and “Trump is a very good surfer.”  High says don’t expect Donald Trump to be removed from office.  High says, “The Trump rally, in terms of his popularity, will keep rising.”

    High will also update us on revelations in Antarctica and has new information about Mars. More and more technology is going to be coming to the surface, and it will change humanity.


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‘No-Go-Zones’: Swedish EMTs Fear to Enter ‘High Risk’ Areas Without Police And Armour

  • Published on Mar 3, 2017
    So-called ‘no-go zones’ where it’s too dangerous to enter without police protection, have become a pivotal problem in Sweden, says Gordon Grattidge, the head of the country’s ambulance union. The union boss also said they need special equipment to be able to go with the police into dangerous areas. This equipment includes helmets and body armor while ambulance vehicles must be reinforced. Sweden’s police officials say the problem in no-go zones is exaggerated, despite numerous reports about violence and high crime rates in those areas. Gordon Grattidge adds those no-go zones are mainly populated by migrants. READ MORE:


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Third Temple Looms: Israeli Excavations Destroying Al-Aqsa Mosque — Palestinian Minister

  • Published on Feb 27, 2017
    The Palestinian Minister of Islamic endowment and Religious Affairs has warned the al-Aqsa mosque is in danger of destruction due to Israel’s excavations under the compound.  Sheikh Yousif Ideis said in a statement the excavations could lead to a religious war in the region, which he says the Israeli regime ignites every day. Ideis added that Israel’s actions are a gross violation of international law. Tel Aviv says the excavations are part of archaeological work. The al-Aqsa mosque is the third holiest site in the Muslim world. Islamic countries have repeatedly warned Israel against desecrating the mosque by digging underground.… 

    Will the Jewish Temple be Rebuilt?
    “Mounting tension: Israel’s Knesset debates proposal to enforce its sovereignty at Al-Aqsa Mosque – a move seen as ‘an extreme provocation to Muslims worldwide’” was the ominous headline in the Independent newspaper, 27th February 2014.

    Ben Lynfield writes, “The Arab-Israeli conflict took on an increasingly religious hue when the Jordanian parliament voted unanimously to expel Israel’s ambassador in Amman after Israeli legislators held an unprecedented debate on Tuesday evening over a proposal to enforce Israeli sovereignty at one of Jerusalem’s holiest sites, currently administered by Jordan, and to allow Jewish prayer there. 500 metres by 300 metres, the Temple Mount, or Haram Al Sharif as it is called in Arabic, is probably the most disputed plot of land on earth. Hal Lindsey claims, ‘I believe the fate of the world will be determined by an ancient feud over 35 acres of land.’[1]

    Many Christians share the belief that the Islamic shrines must be destroyed and that a Jewish Temple must and will be rebuilt – very soon. But this won’t be a museum replica of the one king Solomon built or be just another attraction for pilgrims to the Holy Land. No, this Temple will be built for one purpose and one purpose only – for bloody animal sacrifices, and lots of them.

    What is the case for rebuilding the Jewish Temple? Does the Bible predict such an event? If so, where and how it might be built? What does the New Testament say on the subject? What are the implications for Christians should the Jewish Temple be rebuilt?

    However eccentric or strange it may seem, influential Christian leaders are actively promoting and funding Jewish religious groups who want to destroy the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, situated next to the Al Aqsa Mosque, the third most holy shrine within Islam. They want to replace it with a fully functioning Jewish Temple. They are doing so because they believe the Bible mandates it. Indeed, some Christians like pastor Clyde Lott, a Pentecostal rancher from Mississippi, are even trying to breed the perfect red heifer to assist in future Temple sacrifices. According to the Book of Numbers chapter 19, the ashes of a red heifer are needed to purify the priests and altar before sacrifices can be offered again.[2] The search for the red heifer has been described as a ‘four legged time bomb’.… 
    Stephen Sizer warned after attending anti-Israel meeting…

Click on image for article.

Click on image for article.

The plan to demolish Al Aqsa mosque and build the 3rd temple on it is not a conspiracy theory. It is a widely announced, proclaimed publicly, fact. Click on image for article.

Click on image for article.

Click on image for article.

Click on image for article.

Click on image for article.

Click on image for article.


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Report: France On The Verge Of Civil War

  • Published on Feb 28, 2017
    The French have been overrun by immigrants, now they have a chance to take back their country, but is it too far gone already?

Illuminist social engineers are brainwashing the sheeple into hating and killing each other. This is the Illuminist Clash of Civilizations (Samuel Huntington) psyop to lead the sheeple towards Albert Pike’s Satanic WW3. Expect major false flag attacks across Europe to ignite this war.

Who is behind all these problems? Western Illuminist governments. First, they invade the Middle East using false pretexts in wars of aggression. Next they open their borders wide to criminals, terrorists, thugs, rapists, gangsters … using false pretext of helping Muslim war refugees. This is all part of the Clash of Civilizations Illuminist psyop leading the sheeple towards Albert Pike’s Satanic WW3. Don’t be fooled. Click on image for article.

Illuminist social engineers are herding the sheeple into Albert Pike’s Satanic WW3 using the Clash of Civilizations psyop. Note: “could just take one more major Islamist terror attack to lead to huge … backlash”. Click on image for article.


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BREAKING: Wikileaks Just Exposed A Huge Scandal in The Swedish Government And Proved Trump Right!!

  • Published on Feb 22, 2017
    President Trump is facing an incredible amount of criticism for recent comments he made about migrant crime in Sweden. In a speech this weekend, Trump explained that Sweden is facing a crisis. Read More/Source/Credit(FAIR USE):…




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Fake Stream Media Caught Covering Up Islamic Rape Epidemic

Why did the German Govt allowed in all these criminal thugs, rapefugees, undesirables … without any screening? It is a deliberate plan to destabilize Europe. Click on image for article.

Click on image for article.

Click on image for article.


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Donald Trump is Correct: I Live in an Immigrant Area in Sweden And It is Not Working Well

  • Donald Trump is Correct: I Live in an Immigrant Area in Sweden And It is Not Working Well
    SWEDEN Is Sweden having major difficulty handling the immigration? Yes. Looking out the window of house my house in a migrant dominated area is all I need to see the problems. Almost every evening cars are set on fire and police officers are attacked by criminal gangs. However, it is under reported by the Swedish mainstream media.

    There are many claims about the state of Sweden. The mainstream Swedish media, which is very liberal, presents one side. We do not have any major conservative news outlets, such as Fox News, in Sweden, so there are no major proponents of the opposing side. Instead, there are an ”alternative” media outlets, some more serious than others. Some of them may be based mostly in fake news. However, you wont get the whole picture from the Swedish main stream media either. And you may even be mislead as to specific facts.

    My name is Chang Frick and I run the news outlet Nyheteridag. I have been reporting on current events in the Swedish suburbs. I spend a great deal of time on the scene with my camera, taking photographs and recording video. Everything in the video above is produced by me. In addition, I live in ”Hallunda”, a neighborhood in southern Stockholm. It is dominated by immigrants, mostly people from the middle east.

    I see myself as a libertarian and if I could choose the American president i would choose Ron Paul. However, regardless of my personal political opinions, I always make an effort to report my stories correctly, factually, and precisely. When I do an article about events in immigrant areas I call the police and ask questions. I am always careful to give a fair representation of those I interview and accurately record my quotations.
    I will make some claims based on my experience of events in Sweden. I am writing this in response to Donald Trump’s recent comments about Sweden.

    1. You can’t get the whole picture reading Swedish MSM
    The main stream media in Sweden is usually not lying or reporting direct falsehoods, although it still happens on occasion. Even when it does occur, it is usually a result of error rather than malice. Large news outlets publish many stories every day, so naturally you can find some wrongdoing every once in a while. This does not mean the main stream media is a fake propaganda-machine. Their claims are generally true. In addition, they will usually include citations.

    However, the mainstream media in Sweden is not giving the whole picture. They do not report some issues. This is not lying, but it is deceptive. Because of this, I built my own news outlet, where I address the issues the mainstream media ignores.

    There is a great deal happening in the Swedish suburbs. In fact, it is totally out of control. I’ve seen it myself many times and have talked to a multitude people living in these areas. After all, they are my neighbors.

    read more.


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The Economy Is Not Going To Get Better, The US Is Prepaing For A Collapse Scenario: David Quinteri

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