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Trump Administration on Verge of Crisis Over Russia: Analyst

  • Published on Feb 16, 2017
    The administration of US President Donald Trump is doing everything in its power to avoid a political crisis with Russia over the Crimean peninsula, says James Jatras, a former US senate foreign policy adviser.


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‘Trump Expects Moscow to ‘Return’ Crimea to Ukraine, Has Been Tough on Russia’ – WH Spokesman

  • Who gives the orders? POTUS or the secret government, western Illuminati? You decide. It appears Trump is slowly moving towards the official MIC line: Russia is an enemy.
  • Published on Feb 14, 2017
    WH spokesman Spicer on Russia, Ukraine & Crimea: Trump has been incredibly tough on Russia. He expects Russian govt to ‘return’ Crimea & de-escalate violence in Ukraine.


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Things Will Get Worse Until US Stops Lying About Crimea


  • Things Will Get Worse Until US Stops Lying About Crimea
    Unless the U.S. government’s lies about Crimea — the ‘Russia seized Crimea’ narratives — become acknowledged to be lies, war between the U.S. and Russia can only continue to become increasingly likely, because the world is sliding toward World War III based upon these lies, and will therefore inevitably continue that slide until these lies are publicly repudiated by the U.S. government, which is their sole source. The liar on this is clearly the U.S. and not Russia: the U.S. is the entire source for the alleged cause for war between the U.S. and Russia.

    The preparations for war between the U.S. and Russia continue naturally apace until the United States publicly acknowledges that Russia had not ‘seized’ Crimea — acknowledges that the cause for all of these war-preparations by the U.S. and its NATO and other allies against Russia is fake, a U.S. lie, and that Russia is purely America’s victim in this entire matter and acting in a 100% defensive way against America’s aggressions in this matter.

    Anyone who is closed-minded to the possibility that the U.S. is lying and that Russia is telling the truth about the relationship between the two countries, would therefore be simply wasting time to read here, because the solid documentation that will be provided here will prove that that’s not only a possibility; it is the fact, and those widespread false beliefs will, indeed, be disproven here. Proving that, is the purpose of this article. Therefore, a warning is needed beforehand, for any reader who is closed-minded about that possibility — any such person would be wasting time to read this article. Here it is:

    (WARNING: The following article asserts many things that are propagandized almost universally in The West to be false, and in each such instance the documentation of the assertion’s being true is provided in a link, so that any reader who doesn’t already know its truth can easily come to know that he/she had previously been deceived about that particular matter — the reader can come to know this just by clicking onto the link. This article depends upon its links, which are rooted in the most-reliable evidence on the given topic — far more reliable than any of the ‘evidence’ that’s cited by defenders of The West’s position, lies on these matters. The links are provided so that a reader can easily connect to the actual evidence, and decide on one’s own, whom the liars are, and are not. It all depends upon the evidence. Any reader who doesn’t want to know the evidence, would be just wasting time to read here.) 

    read more.


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‘Those Provoking Violence in Ukraine want Russia, US Divide’ – Russia’s UN Envoy

  • Published on Feb 7, 2017
    Moscow hopes the tensions between the new White House administration, Iran and China will not result in any serious international showdown, the Russian envoy to the UN told RT, adding that the current rhetoric appears to be an emotional response to reality.


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Putin Puts Air Force on Alert for “War Time”

  • Published on Feb 8, 2017
    Russian President Vladimir Putin has put the Air Force on high alert for a time of war. Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said his ministry has been ordered to do what he called a snap check of the Aerospace Forces. Shoigu said this includes checking the combat readiness of troops, control agencies and air defense systems. He said maneuvers were also launched on Tuesday with a focus on repelling likely aggression. Russia had earlier said it will reinforce positions in strategic areas in its western and southwestern borders as well as the Arctic. This comes amid tensions with NATO over the Ukraine conflict. The alliance has also begun deployment of thousands of troops as well as military hardware at Russian borders, in what is being described as the largest since the Cold War.


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Russia, Ukraine: Neocon Ceasefire Sabotage Fails To Change Trump’s Mind


  • Russia, Ukraine: Neocon Ceasefire Sabotage Fails To Change Trump’s Mind
    There are serious signs that the Trump administration will continue to seek better relations with Russia. It declines to get involved in the hustling in Ukraine. It is ready to give up on the catastrophic regime-change agenda the neocons implemented in Kiev with the help of Ukrainian Nazi organizations.

    Let us recap. On New Year the neo-conservative Senators McCain and Graham were in Ukraine to fire up Ukrainian troops at the front lines for a new fight with Russia supported rebels in Donetsk and Lugansk. A few days later then Vice President Biden also dropped in on Kiev. The three are declared enemies of Trump’s more friendly position towards Russia. They obviously intended to reignite the conflict in Ukraine to sabotage Trump’s new foreign policy.

    The former Georgian President Saakashvilli has once fallen for the Bush administration’s incitement and attacked Russian peacekeepers in South Ossetia. When that war went badly he received none of the hoped for backup from Washington and NATO.

    Poroshenko should have learned from that. Instead he fell for the incitement and assurances from the senators and restarted the war with the separatist. Multiple news outlets and even Ukrainian generals first admitted that it was the Kiev government that started the current round of fighting by “creeping” into the no-man’s zone that was supposed to separate the belligerents. But as usual the “western” media now try to change history and to put the guilt on Russia. They press for a U.S. “response” to the “Russian aggression”.

    At first it looked that this impressed the Trump administration. The new U.S. ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley held a speech that might have been written by her “wailing banshee” predecessor Samantha Powers. It condemned Russia for about everything and promised that sanctions on Russia would stay. But two days later she visited the Russian UN ambassador Churkin in his private home in New York city to make nice. The speech was probably just a head-fake or some uncoordinated screw-up.

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Sen. John McCain appearing with Ukrainian rightists of the Svoboda (Nazi) party at a pre-coup rally in Kiev.

Sen. John McCain appearing with Ukrainian rightists of the Svoboda (Nazi) party at a pre-coup rally in Kiev.

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Senator McCain and Ukraine neo-Nazis. Click on image for article.

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 US Assistant Secretary of State "F*** the EU" Victoria Nuland together with Neo Nazi Svoboda leader Oleh Tyahnybok (left)

US Assistant Secretary of State “F*** the EU” Victoria Nuland together with Neo Nazi Svoboda leader Oleh Tyahnybok (left)

Click on image for article.


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ON THE BRINK: Ukrainian Troops ‘Plotting ‘Massive Storm’ Attack on pro-Russian Rebels’ – as Fresh Violence Sparks Fears of All-Out War

The ‘handi-work’ of John McCain and Lindsey Graham, Illuminist serpents. Click on image for article.

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Is The Trump Administration Already Over? — Paul Craig Roberts

  • ‘Mad Dog’ Mattis, Secretary of Defense, is spewing the official Illuminist LIE!
  • Is The Trump Administration Already Over? — Paul Craig Roberts 
    Hopes for the Trump administration are not burning brightly. Trump’s military chief, Gen. Mattis, is turning out to be true to his “mad dog” nickname. He has just declared that Iran “is the single biggest state sponsor of terrorism in the world.” 

    He has declared Russia to be the number one threat to the US. He has threatened intervention in China’s territorial affairs.

    I was wrong. I thought Gen. Mattis was a reasonable choice as he rejects the efficacy of torture, and, according to Trump, convinced Trump that “torture doesn’t work.” Apparently Mattis cannot reach beyond this realization to higher geo-political realizations. Trump needs to fire Mattis who has placed the Pentagon in the way of normal relations with Russia.

    There is no evidence in the behavior of Iran, Russia, and China to support Gen. Mattis’ views. His definition of threat is the neoconservative one—a country capable of resisting US hegemony. This is a convenient threat for the military/security complex as it justifies an unlimited budget in order to prevail over such “threats.” It is this hegemonic impulse that is the source of terrorism.

    If truth can be spoken, there are only two countries in the world with hegemonic aspirations—Israel and the US—and they are the sources of terrorism. Israel terrorizes Palestinians and has done so for about 70 years. The US terrorizes the rest of the world.

    All known Muslim terrorists are creations of the US government. Al Qaeda was created by the Carter administration in order to confront the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan with jihadism. ISIS was created by the Obama/Hillary regime in order to overthrow Gaddafi in Libya and then was sent by the Obama/Hillary regime to overthrow Assad in Syria, as Trump’s national security advisor, Gen. Flynn, former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency revealed on TV. The Ukrainian neo-nazis assaulting the republics of Donetsk and Luhansk were also unleashed by the Obama/Hillary overthrow of the democratically elected government of Ukraine. All terror is associated with Washington and Israel.

    The fact of Washington’s overthrow of Ukraine’s government is incontestable; yet large numbers of brainwashed Americans think Russia invaded Ukraine, just as they believe the fake news that Iran is a terrorist state.

    The last time Iran initiated a war of aggression was in the last decade of the 18th century when Iran reconquered the Caucasus and Georgia, which Iran soon lost to Russia. Iran in our time has done no offense except to refuse to submit to being a Washington vassal state.

    Additionally, Iran, and Syria rescued by the Russians, are the only states in the Muslim world that are not US puppet states and mere vassals that are nothing in themselves, no independent foreign policy, no independent economic policy. Only Iran and Syria have independent policies.

    Iran is a large country endowed with substantial energy resources. Iran has a long history going back to ancient times of independence and military prowess. Today Iran is essential to Russia as a buffer to the US created jihadism that neoconservatives plan to export to the Muslim areas of the Russian Federation. Consequently, Iran is the most inopportune of targets for Trump if he wishes to restore normal, non-threatening relations with Russia. Yet his mad dog Pentagon chief recklessly makes threatening statements alleging Iran to be a “terrorist state.”

    Do we see Israel’s hand at work in the threats against Iran? Iran and Syria are the only countries in the Middle East that are not American puppet states. Syria’s army has been hardened by combat, which is what Syria’s army needs in order to stand up to US-backed Israel. Both Syria and Iran are in the way of Israel’s Zionist policy of Greater Israel—from the Nile to the Euphrates. For the Zionists, Palestine and Southern Lebanon are merely the beginning.

    Israel has successfully used the corrupt British and now the corrupt Americans to reestablish themselves on lands from which God evicted them. This doesn’t speak well of the intelligence and morality of the British and US governments. But what does?

    We are also hearing from Mattis and from Tillerson threats to intervene in China’s sphere of influence. Trump’s appointees appear to be unable to understand that there can be no improvement in relations with Russia if the Trump regime has Iran and China in its crosshairs.

    read more.

Donald Trump is spewing the official LIE that Iran is a major sponsor of terrorism!

Click on image for article.

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Click on image for article.


This Satanic symbol has nothing to do with King David, the greatest king of Israel. It is the Satanic Hexagram from which we get the word ‘Hex’ ie. to curse or cast a spell ! Revelation 2:9 – …. and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.


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Le Pen To CNN Hack: “There Was A Coup D’etat In Ukraine, There Was No ‘Invasion’ of Crimea”

  • Le Pen To CNN Hack: “There Was A Coup D’etat In Ukraine, There Was No ‘Invasion’ of Crimea”
    by Chris Menahan, InformationLiberation
    France’s leading presidential candidate Marine Le Pen triggered the hell out of russophobic CNN hack Christiane Amanpour by defending Russia’s annexation of Crimea. Transcript via The Duran:

    Amanpour: Does it not bother you that a big country broke international law and invaded and annexed a small country?
    Le Pen: There was a coup d’etat in Ukraine…(interrupted)
    Amanpour: That’s what you think?
    Le Pen: It’s not just what I think, it’s the reality. There was a coup d’etat. There was an agreement among different nations and the next day this agreement was broken and some people took power…(interrupted)
    Amanpour: After the invasion and the annexation…Yes!
    Le Pen: There was no invasion of Crimea…(interrupted)
    Amanpour: But they [Russia] annexed Crimea! It was part of Ukraine! And the French were part of the deal that guaranteed the independence of Ukraine in 1994.
    Le Pen: Crimea was Russian. It has always been Russian…(interrupted)
    Amanpour: So it’s fine for you, though? You’re okay with it?
    Le Pen: The people [of Crimea] feel Russian. The people decided by a great majority that they wanted to belong to Russia. So we can’t be democratic when it suits us and then reject democracy when you don’t like it…(interrupted)
    Amanpour: So you support lifting the sanctions? I’m trying to ask you that. Or should they be conditional to the implementation of the ceasefire agreement known as the Minsk accord?
    Le Pen: The sanctions are completely stupid. They have not solved any problems. they haven’t improved the situation at all. All they have done is create major economic problems for the EU. They’re meaningless. Maybe we need to step down? Would we have better peace in the world if we could step back? The President of the United States, the President of Russia could end the Cold War, no one else.

    Make no mistake, this is Trump’s boldness rubbing off on Le Pen, who’s usually quite timid and running around apologizing.

Click on image for article.



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Asininity from McCain “Send Weapons to Ukraine”


Snake McCain and his buddy serpent Graham!

Snake McCain and his buddy serpent Graham!

  • Asininity from McCain “Send Weapons to Ukraine”
    by Mike “Mish” Shedlock,
    This bit of asininity just came in from McCain: Send Weapons to Ukraine. McCain also repeated idiotic comments on Russian interference in the US election.

    “Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) is calling on President Trump to send lethal aid to Ukraine after attacks this week were blamed on Russia-backed rebels.

    “Vladimir Putin’s violent campaign to destabilize and dismember the sovereign nation of Ukraine will not stop unless and until he meets a strong and determined response,” wrote McCain, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

    McCain also reiterated his call for Trump to maintain sanctions on Russia and impose new ones for Russia’s interference in the U.S. election.

    Failing to provide more help to Ukraine, McCain said, risks the country’s sovereignty and American credibility.

    “Ukrainians are not asking Americans to do their fighting,” McCain said. “Nearly 10,000 Ukrainians have died to protect their homeland and many more are serving and have sacrificed for the cause of a free and united Ukraine. But America does have a proud history of helping free people to defend themselves.””

    Just after I published Preposterous Rumors From Pelosi on Russia, Trump, Sanctions, McCain started yapping.

    My article concluded “It could have been worse. The warmongers led by Senator John McCain and Hillary Clinton were itching for a major fight with Russia. Fools like Pelosi add fat to the fire.

    If McCain wants to understand the source of the mess in Ukraine, Libya, Syria, and Iraq, all he has to do is look in a mirror. McCain and his warmongering collection of neocons are the problem. The sooner McCain leaves the Senate, the better off the US will be and the safer the world will be.

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Senator John McCain with ISIS Chief Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi (circled left) and terrorist Muahmmad Noor (circled right).

Senator John McCain with ISIS Chief Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi (circled left) and terrorist Muahmmad Noor (circled right).

John McCain speaking with ISIS chief Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi (aka Elliot Shimon, Jew) circled in red!

John McCain speaking with ISIS chief Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi (aka Elliot Shimon, Jew) circled in red!


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Kiev Tanks Filmed in Demilitarized East Ukraine

  • Published on Feb 2, 2017
    The Ukrainian government is reportedly moving tanks into the eastern side of the country despite the area being classified as a demilitarized zone, with some cities coming under increased shelling. RT’s Murad Gazdiev reports from Ukraine.



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Ukrainian Army Concentrates Troops Near Avdiivka for Offensive – DPR

  • Ukrainian Army Concentrates Troops Near Avdiivka for Offensive – DPR
    According to a DPR official, the Ukrainian Armed Forces are concentrating troops and armaments near the town of Avdiivka for an offensive.

    DONETSK (Sputnik) — The Ukrainian Armed Forces are concentrating troops and armaments near the town of Avdiivka for an offensive, deputy commander of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) Operational Command Eduard Basurin said Thursday.

    “The Ukrainian army continues to concentrate its forces in the vicinity of Avdiivka for an offensive,” Basurin told reporters.

    The situation near the industrial town of Avdiivka has been tense for several days with civilians being deprived of running water, central heating and electricity under the temperature of minus 20 degrees Celsius (minus 4 degrees Fahrenheit). Both parties are accusing each other of being responsible for escalation of fighting.
Ukrainian tanks stand in the yard of an apartment block in Avdiivka, eastern Ukraine. © AP Photo/ Evgeniy Maloletka

Ukrainian tanks stand in the yard of an apartment block in Avdiivka, eastern Ukraine. © AP Photo/ Evgeniy Maloletka


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‘Losing Their Nerve’: What is Behind New Escalation of Donbass Conflict


  • ‘Losing Their Nerve’: What is Behind New Escalation of Donbass Conflict
    Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has cut short a working visit to Germany following an unprecedented escalation of the conflict in Donbass where Ukrainian forces have violated the fragile ceasefire almost 2,000 times over the past 24 hours alone.

    Briefing reporters ahead of her meeting with Poroshenko, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that the hard-won truce in eastern Ukraine was not holding.

    “We have learned again that the ceasefire regime simply does not exist, and that soldiers are dying again. The situation along the separation line is very alarming,” Merkel said.

    Petro Poroshenko reiterated Ukraine’s adherence to the provisions of the Minsk accords and urged the Western countries to extend and toughen their sanctions against Russia if no progress is achieved in the implementation of the agreement to end the armed conflict in Donbass.

    “They came here to study, not to be fired at”
    Meanwhile, the Donetsk People’s Republic’s deputy militia commander Eduard Basurin mentioned over 4,000 ceasefire violations by the Ukrainian military since January 27.

    He said that several houses were damaged or destroyed in Donetsk, Makeyevka and a number of other places, and that a local hospital, a daycare center, a steel plant and several other facilities had come under artillery and mortar fire.

    Two civilians and three members of the local militia were killed and more than 500 local schoolchildren had to be evacuated. “Hearing the sound of artillery shells exploding nearby we led the children into a shelter. The kids were terrified. They came here to study, not to be fire at,” the school’s headmaster Lyudmila Kharchenko told RT.

    Back to 2015
    When briefing reporters on Monday, Eduard Basurin blamed the latest escalation on “provocations” on Right Sector fighters who he said were forcing the Ukrainian military command to “adjust to their uncontrolled actions and suffer losses.”

    “This is taking us back to the situation we had here in 2015. Ukraine is resorting to such provocations and artillery barrages to restart an all-out war,” Denis Pushilin, who represents the Donetsk People’s Republic at the trilateral peace talks in Minsk, told RT.

    He urged the OSCE Special Monitoring Commission and the Joint Center for Control and Coordination (JCCC) to do whatever it takes to prevent any further violations of the Minsk accords and to maintain the ceasefire.

    read more.


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Trump’s Truth Bombs Are Pushing The Elite’s Propaganda Out Into The Open

  • Published on Jan 24, 2017
    Trump ends TPP and other countries say they are out. Trump stops all grants in EPA, want to see what they are spending money on. Trump says he lost the popular vote because of illegal immigrants voted. Trump tweets out a picture of the crowd at his inauguration. Chinese warships enter the Persian Gulf. China tells the US to be careful in the South China sea after Sean Spicer made his remark. Ukraine rejects talks with Trump wants sanctions with Russia untouched. Pentagon changes story why we bombed Libya. Trump administration wants to work with Russia. NDAA passed in 2014 actually forbade the Pentagon from working with Russia at all. Obama covers up the failed Trident missile launch. The elite are building bunkers for the Apocalypse.


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Deep State Told Obama to Prevent Trump from Ending Cold War with Russia

  • Deep State Told Obama to Prevent Trump from Ending Cold War with Russia
    by Martin Armstrong,
    QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; Why do you defend Russia when they obviously tried to influence the election to defeat Hillary? You seem to be biased on this issue. Let me see you answer this one.

    ANSWER: You must enjoy just accepting whatever the media feeds you. The Obama Administration has deliberately created a cold war with Russia – it was not Russia who instigated this new cold war and I am not alone in saying this is far worse than the cold war John F. Kennedy faced. Obama has deliberated acted with sanctions and has the press hounding Trump so that if Trump tries to end the cold war and restore cooperation with Russia, they will say see, he is a Putin Manchurian Candidate. The press is in the camp of Democrats and they are deliberately trying to assist those in the Obama Administration who were deliberately trying to create World War III. Remember detente? If you have to look up that word it means the easing of hostility or strained relations – not increasing tensions. What about Nixon opening up China to divide Russia from China? Obama has resurrected the China-Russia alliance. Remember Ronald Reagan – trust by verify? What happened to the idea of world peace?

    From the outset of the Ukrainian crisis, I recommended partitioning Ukraine along the lines of language. The East spoke Russian, not Ukrainian. Viktor Yanukovych was a Ukrainian politician who served as the fourth President of Ukraine from February 2010 until his removal from power in February 2014. However, he was from the East and those in the West use to make fun of his accent because he COULD NOT speak proper Ukrainian!  I took the position: “Divide Ukraine along the historical language fault-line and call it a day.” I recommended even what type of government should be adopted – one term and out.

    But let me make this VERY CLEAR. The Obama Administration was a puppet of the Deep State within the USA which desires war. Just look at Obama’s statements when he first ran. He was against everything Bush did right down to the NSA. He suddenly said we had to surrender rights to be secure. So which was the REAL Obama? What he said during the election and did not do or what he said as President?

    Obama has reversed everything from Nixon onward to ease tensions with Russia. The real question is who has been pulling Obama’s strings? So voting Trump in and Hillary out, does not relieve the crisis. There are people behind the curtain who want war and they will do whatever it takes to create one. Kennedy was assassinated because he opposed Vietnam. Johnson authorized Vietnam upon Kennedy’s assassination. There are people behind the curtain you never see or think about.

    Do you really think the bias of mainstream media is a fluke? Come on. Independent studies showed that 77% of all press was against Trump during the general election after he was nominated compared to 56% prior. CNN even entertained what would happen if Trump were assassinated on inauguration day! Was that a wish or a prayer? Some believe they were trying to encourage that event. That might be going too far, but they remain staunchly anti-Trump and should be relegated to the back of the audience in any press gathering and ignored. CNN is becoming a tabloid yellow journalism. Unbelievable how anti-American they have become.

    read more.



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