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Frenemies Be Like… Trump Threatens to ‘Devastate’ Turkish Economy If Ankara Attacks Kurds

  • RT Published on Jan 14, 2019
    Donald Trump has warned its NATO ally to beware of the devastative wrath of US economic pressure if Turkey dares to attack the Kurdish allies America is leaving behind in its “long overdue” pull-out of troops from Syria.


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Erdogan to Bolton: “We Cannot Accept Bolton’s Messages Given from Israel”

  • The Duran Published on Jan 9, 2019
    The Duran Quick Take: Episode 50.
    Turkey’s President Recep Erdogan issued a crushing rebuke against U.S. national security advisor John Bolton over his pledges to ensure Turkish non-aggression against the American backed Kurds in Syria. Erdogan’s said on Monday that, “We [Turkey] cannot accept Bolton’s messages given from Israel” adding that Bolton made a “serious mistake”…a statement that left many U.S. warmonger neocon’s stunned The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris take a quick look at Turkish President Erdogan’s forceful shut down of war hawk John Bolton on Syria. What does this mean for the NATO allies, for the Kurds who are now seeking to reconcile with Damascus, and for Russia, which appears to have firmly positioned its partners in Syria, to work towards a diplomatic solution to America’s failed regime change war.

Former U.S. ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton speaks at the Republican Jewish Coalition Saturday, March 29, 2014, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/Julie Jacobson)


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Erdogan Dismisses Bolton’s Demand to Protect Kurds

  • RT America Published on Jan 9, 2019
    US national Security adviser, John Bolton traveled to Turkey this week to talk with Turkish and Israel officials about the future of US Troops in Syria. Instead Bolton received a furious response from Turkish’s president who declined to meet with him. For more on this, former US government advisor to Saudi Arabia, Paul Larudee joins Scottie Nell Hughes to discuss.


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US Needs Kurds ‘for Leverage Over Future of Syria’ – Namo Abdulla

  • RT America Published on Jan 8, 2019
    Namo Abdulla, Washington Bureau Chief for Rudaw, joins News.Views.Hughes to discuss national security advisor John Bolton’s recent comments in Israel and offer of security guarantees to US-aligned Kurdish fighters in Syria and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s condemnation of the same. He argues that the “so-called Free Syrian Army” is ineffective and that the Kurdish insurgents, despised by Erdogan, are the only effective US ally there.


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Syria Troops Withdrawal Rests on Turkey’s Guarantee for Kurds – US

  • RT Published on Jan 7, 2019
    Turkey has hit out at the United States over the situation surrounding Kurds in Syria. Washington is demanding that Ankara guarantee security for the US-backed Kurdish fighters in northern Syria. Turkey says it only targets terrorist groups in the region, and not the Kurdish population as a whole. On Sunday, the US National Security Adviser laid out the conditions for the US troop withdrawal from Syria to begin.


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Will Russia, China, Turkey And India Drop the Dollar?

  • RT America Published on Jan 2, 2019
    Rick Sanchez explains what happened to the US economy in the last month of 2018. According to economists it was historically bad, alongside volatility and uncertainty. Some countries are planning to no longer use the US dollar as a standard, but why? Former CFTC commissioner Bart Chilton, host of “Boom Bust” joins News with Rick Sanchez to share his insights and predictions for short & long term.


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Turkey Sends Team to Russia to Talk Manbij and US Pullout from Syria

  • RT Published on Dec 29, 2018
    Top diplomats and high-ranking military officials from Turkey have agreed to co-ordinate with Russia on the Syria crisis after holding talks in Moscow. It comes after the situation in Syria escalated, following Donald Trump’s surprise decision to pull US troops out of the country. READ MORE:


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Who Was Secretly Behind America’s Invading and Occupying Syria?

  • Who Was Secretly Behind America’s Invading and Occupying Syria?
    The invasion and occupation of Syria by tens of thousands of jihadists who were recruited from around the world to overthrow Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad, was financed mainly by US taxpayers and by the world’s wealthiest family, the Sauds, who own Saudi Arabia and the world’s largest oil company, Aramco. America’s international oil companies and major think tanks and ‘charitable’ foundations were also supportive and providing propaganda for the operation, but the main financing for it came from America’s taxpayers, and from the Saud family and from the Government that they own.

    One of the best articles that the New York Times ever published was by Mark Mazzetti and Matt Apuzzo, on 23 January 2016, “US Relies Heavily on Saudi Money to Support Syrian Rebels”. They reported that, “the C.I.A. and its Saudi counterpart have maintained an unusual arrangement for the rebel-training mission, which the Americans have code-named Timber Sycamore. Under the deal, current and former administration officials said, the Saudis contribute both weapons and large sums of money, and the C.I.A takes the lead in training the rebels. … From the moment the C.I.A. operation was started, Saudi money supported it.” Furthermore, “The White House has embraced the covert financing from Saudi Arabia — and from Qatar, Jordan and Turkey.” But “American officials said Saudi Arabia was by far the largest contributor to the operation.” The invasion and occupation of Syria by jihadists from around the world was primarily a Saud operation, though it was managed mainly by the US Government.

    Prior to the failed US-backed coup-attempt on 15 July 2015 to replace Tayyip Erdogan as Turkey’s President, Turkey was part of the U.S-Saudi alliance to overthrow and replace Syria’s Government. But afterwards, Turkey increasingly switched against the US and Sauds, and toward instead supporting the target of the Sauds and of America’s aristocrats: Syria. And, so, Turkey has increasingly joined Syria’s alliance, which includes Iran and Russia. That’s one of the major geopolitical changes in recent decades.

    The NYT continued: “The Saudi efforts were led by the flamboyant Prince Bandar bin Sultan, at the time the intelligence chief, who directed Saudi spies to buy thousands of AK-47s and millions of rounds of ammunition in Eastern Europe for the Syrian rebels. The C.I.A. helped arrange some of the arms purchases for the Saudis, including a large deal in Croatia in 2012.”

    read more.

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Kurdish-Syrian Alliance is Best Way to Fight ISIS – Max Blumenthal

  • RT America Published on Dec 28, 2018
    President Trump’s decision to pull US troops out of Turkey came as a surprise to the Kurds, US allies in the region. But the plot thickens as Kurds turn to President Assad and the Syrian government for protection against Turkey. Investigative journalist Max Blumenthal joins to explain how such an alliance is the best way to prevent a return of ISIS and to keep a wider regional conflagration at bay.


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Is Turkey Preparing for a Military Campaign in North Syria?

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TURKEY WARNS U.S. ECONOMY: All Dominoes Fall the Same. Boots on the Ground w/Lynette & Hamza

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Don’t Hold Your Breath on US Troop Withdrawal from Syria

  • Don’t Hold Your Breath on US Troop Withdrawal from Syria
    It would be nice to think the president has final say on foreign policy, given the U.S. Constitution. But the misleading troop withdrawal announcement, followed by Trump’s boastful tweet, suggests the exact opposite, says Patrick Lawrence.

    By Patrick Lawrence 
    The announcement on Wednesday that the U.S. will withdraw all remaining troops from Syria within the next month looked at first like a rare victory for Donald Trump in his admittedly erratic opposition to senseless wars of adventure. “We have defeated ISIS in Syria, my only reason for being there,” the president tweeted with an unmistakable air of triumph.

    Don’t get your hopes up. Just about everything in these initial reports is either wrong or misleading. One, the U.S. did not defeat the Islamic State: The Syrian Arab Army, aided by Russia, Iran, and Hezbollah militias did. Two, hardly was ISIS the only reason the U.S. has maintained a presence in Syria. The intent for years was to support a coup against the Assad government in Damascus—in part by training and equipping jihadists often allied with ISIS. For at least the past six months, the U.S. military’s intent in Syria has been to counter Iranian influence.

    Last and hardly least, the U.S. is not closing down its military presence in Syria. It is digging in for an indefinite period, making Raqqa the equivalent of the Green Zone in Baghdad. By the official count, there are 503 U.S. troops stationed in the Islamic State’s former capital. Unofficially, according to The Washington Post and other press reports, the figure is closer to 4,000—twice the number that is supposed to represent a “full withdrawal” from Syrian soil.

    It would be nice to think Washington has at last accepted defeat in Syria, given it is preposterous to pretend otherwise any longer. Damascus is now well into its consolidation phase. Russia, Iran, and Turkey are currently working with Staffan de Mistura, the UN’s special envoy for Syria, to form a committee in January to begin drafting a new Syrian constitution.

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‘US Troops Withdrawal is Historic as It’s Transition to Multipolar World’ – Turkish Patriotic Party

  • RT Published on Dec 20, 2018
    Donald Trump has announced the defeat of Islamic State there, and the rapid withdrawal of all 2,000 US troops from Syria. The American President took to Twitter, giving his nation & himself much of the credit for the victory over the terrorists, although his words seem to have perplexed his administration, allies & advisers. READ MORE:


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US Withdrawing from Syria Aimed at Telling Turkey that America is on Their Side

  • RT Published on Dec 19, 2018
    President Donald Trump has tweeted that ISIS has been defeated, as the White House announced that US has started pulling out its troops from Syria.


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Turkey Will Launch New Military Operation in Syria Within Days: Erdoğan

  • Turkey Will Launch New Military Operation in Syria Within Days: Erdoğan
    by , 12 Dec 2018
    Turkey will start a military operation east of the Euphrates river in northern Syria in a “few days,” President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has said. “It is time to realize our decision to wipe out terror groups east of the Euphrates,” Erdoğan said in a speech at the Turkish Defense Industry Summit held at the presidential complex in Ankara on Dec. 12.

    “We will start the operation in east of the Euphrates in a few days to save it from the separatist terrorist organization,” Erdoğan added, referring to the YPG. “Turkey‘s target is never the U.S. soldiers, but rather the members of the terror group.”

    The Pentagon had announced on Dec. 11 that American observation posts in northern Syria, meant to prevent altercations between the Turkish army and US-supported YPG, have been erected, despite Ankara’s request to scrap the move.

    The Turkish army since 2016 has already launched two military operations in Syria, the last of which saw Ankara-backed Syrian rebels take the border city of Afrin from the YPG in March.

    The United States has long been complained that tensions between Turkey and the SDF, of which the YPG is the backbone, have at times slowed down progress on fighting the ISIL.

    Erdoğan slams new US plan for ‘protecting terrorists, not Turkey
    “There is no Daesh threat in Syria any longer,” Erdoğan said Dec. 12, accusing the U.S. of “delaying tactics” regarding its promise to clear the northeastern Syrian town of Manbij from YPG members.

    “It is clear that the purpose of U.S. observation points in Syria is not to protect our country from terrorists but protect terrorists from Turkey,” he noted. Ankara deems the YPG as an offshoot of the PKK, which is listed a terrorist organization by Turkey, the U.S. and the European Union. Turkey is also skeptical about a U.S. plan to train around 40,000 locals in northeastern Syria.

    “We do not see them as well-intentioned approaches,” the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) spokesman Ömer Çelik said Dec. 11, referring to the reported U.S. plan. He added that the move will be seen by Turkey as “lending fresh support to terror elements in Syria.”

    read more.


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