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In the Next Few Hours, the Deep State Will Launch Its Revenge on Trump

  • In the Next Few Hours, the Deep State Will Launch Its Revenge on Trump
    by Nick Giambruno, Senior Editor,
    The Deep State is set to prick the largest bubble in human history today…
    The Deep State is the permanently entrenched “national security” bureaucracy—the top tier of the military, the CIA, FBI, NSA, etc. It also includes the Federal Reserve, the quintessential Establishment institution.

    They all hate President Trump. They did everything possible to stop him from taking office. None of it worked. They fired all of their bullets, but he still wouldn’t go down. Of course, the Deep State could still try to assassinate Trump. It’s obvious the possibility has crossed his mind. He’s taken the unusual step of supplementing his Secret Service protection with loyal private security.

    But for now, anyway, the Deep State’s next move is to pin the coming stock market collapse on Trump. He’s the perfect fall guy. When people think “Greater Depression,” they’ll think “Donald Trump.”

    Right now, the Federal Reserve is the Deep State’s weapon of choice

    The economy has been on life support since the 2008 financial crisis. The Fed has pumped it up with unprecedented amounts of “stimulus.” This has created enormous distortions and misallocations of capital that need to be flushed.

    Think of the trillions of dollars in money printing programs, euphemistically called quantitative easing (QE) 1, 2, and 3. Meanwhile, with zero and even negative interest rates in many countries, rates are the lowest they’ve been in 5,000 years of recorded human history.

    On top of that, the too-big-to-fail banks are even bigger than they were in 2008. They have more derivatives, and they’re much more dangerous. If the Deep State wants to trigger a stock market collapse on par with 1929, it just has to pull the plug on the extraordinary life support measures it’s used since the last crisis.

    This outcome is already baked in the cake. It’s just a matter of when… and there’s a good chance “when” is today.

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Legend James Dines Just Warned We’re Headed For A Global Crisis As Government Bonds Are Going To Crash

  • Legend James Dines Just Warned We’re Headed For A Global Crisis As Government Bonds Are Going To Crash
    With continued uncertainty in global markets, today legend and 60-year market veteran James Dines told King World News that we are headed for a global crisis as government bonds are going to crash.

    The Mania In Bonds Is Over
    James Dines:  “Run for your life, I think these government bonds are going to crash.  The real signal was when government bonds yielded less than zero percent (laughter).  When you have to pay somebody to lend them money you know you are at a very critical mass psychological mania.”

    Eric King:  
    “We’ve talked a number of times about the Fed being trapped.  What about the Fed?”

    James Dines:  “The Fed is greatly exaggerated.  The real problem is that we’re printing way too much money and we’re running up too much debt.  And the Fed just engineers paying for it — that’s all…

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David Morgan on Why You MUST Own Silver or Gold, Silver Shortage, Market Crash 2017, GLD & SLV

  • Published on Mar 10, 2017
    David Morgan on why you MUST own silver or gold, silver shortage, market crash 2017, GLD & SLV | 

    David Morgan on why you MUST own silver or gold, silver shortage, market crash 2017, GLD and SLV, and more! // Silver investing 2017, silver investing news, silver investing today, silver investing for beginners, silver investment, silver investment 2017, physical silver, physical silver shortage, physical silver demand, physical gold and silver, gold shortage, physical gold shortage, gold silver shortage, stock market crash 2017, best silver investment.


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Silver Market Poised For Big Reversal When Institutional Investors Move In

  • Silver Market Poised For Big Reversal When Institutional Investors Move In
    The Silver Market is going to experience a big reversal when the Hedge Funds and Institutional investors rotate out of highly inflated stocks and into precious metals investments. This is not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. And the when, could be much sooner than we expect due to the huge problems with the U.S. debt ceiling deadline on March 15, 2017.

    As I mentioned in my previous article, POWERFUL GOLD & SILVER COILED SPRINGS: Important Charts You Have To See, I posted this chart of the 2,000 point drop in the Dow Jones early in 2016 versus a huge spike up in gold and silver: (top of post)

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Hugo Salinas Price: Apocalypse Is Upon Us. Noah’s Flood of Cash Coming. Thermonuclear WW3

  • Hugo Salinas Price: Apocalypse Is Upon Us. Noah’s Flood of Cash Coming
    by Greg Hunter’s
    Mexican billionaire and retail magnate Hugo Salinas Price is a big proponent of using silver as money in Mexico. Salinas Price explains, “The idea is not to go back to a silver standard, but to create a parallel currency which would be a monetized silver coin.  It would not bear a stamped value.  It would be a plain silver coin with a quoted value given to it.  This value would be adjusted upward with a fall in the value of the peso or a rise with the price of silver.”Salinas Price pushed ideas similar to this in the past. This idea is being talked about again in the Mexican legislature, but there is no guarantee it will become a reality.  Why silver coins for the Mexican people?  Salinas Price says, “All material progress comes from saving, not from spending.  You have to save first, and from savings comes investment, and from investment comes jobs and income for a better way of life.  Savings are the primary source of prosperity.”

    It may get to be impossible to save in paper currency soon. Salinas Price reminds us that there are trillions and trillions of dollars in bonds hanging over the head of everyone on the planet.  When those bonds start liquidating, it’s going to rain inflationary money.  Salinas Price goes on to say, “All those clouds overhead are denominated in hundreds of trillions of dollars of debt hovering above the world.  It’s like a dark cloud.  There comes a point when that wants to become liquidated.  Bonds are presented for liquidation and turned into cash.  That’s when the trouble is going to start.  When they are liquidated, we are going to have a Noah’s Flood of cash.  With all this debt turned into cash, we are going to be wading in money.”

    Could a Fed rate hike start the bond market to liquidate? Salinas Price contends, “Apocalypse is upon us . . . this boom in stocks is about to collapse.  The total debt when Reagan came into office was $391 billion.  Now, it’s $20 trillion.  Something has got to give.  When interest rates start to go up, as they might on March 15th, we are going to see liquidation.  People are going to say bonds are falling in value because interest rates are going up, I think I want to sell my bonds. . . .  I also think the stock market is going to collapse, a big collapse is coming.  I also think gold is being hammered in preparation for what’s going to happen.  I think it has been taken down, so, when it starts to go up, it will go up from a lower level.”

    So, will we get hyperinflation? Salinas Price says, “I don’t know if it’s going to happen right now, but something is going to happen with this huge amount of debt.  It just can’t go on, and how is it going to end?  It’s going to end badly.  A lot of wealth is going to disappear. . . . I think, in the U.S. on March 15th, all hell is going to break loose because the U.S. will reach its debt limit.”

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Greyerz: Global Panic Is Now Only Days Away? Beware the Ides of March

  • Will the plug be pulled this time round? Or will the shenanigans continue?
  • Greyerz – Global Panic Is Now Only Days Away
    With continued uncertainty around the globe, today the man who has become legendary for his predictions on QE, historic moves in currencies, told King World News that global panic is now only days away.

    Global Panic Is Now Only Days Away
    Egon von Greyerz: 
     “In the Roman calendar, the Ides of March was the same as March 15th in today’s calendar. This date was not significant until Julius Caesar was assassinated on 15 March 44BC. Shakespeare then coined the phrase “Beware of the Ides of March” in his Julius Caesar work…

    Egon von Greyerz continues:  “So will March 15, 2017 be significant? We will soon know. There are some noteworthy events taking place on March 15. The debt ceiling must be reset that day and the Fed also meets to discuss a rate hike. In addition, there is the Dutch election of the same date and 8 days later the French election starts.

    In normal circumstances, none of these events would be earth-shattering or have major consequences for the world economy. But we don’t have a normal world – far from it. We have a world which is financially and morally sick. Regrettably, the condition is so dire that there is no cure for a reprobate world. 

    The 100-Year Debt Explosion
    A 100-year debt explosion has created a time-bomb waiting to explode. Very little is required to light it. As the biggest economy in the world, the US obviously has the biggest debt with a total of $65 trillion. To this we need to add unfunded liabilities of around $200 trillion and derivatives of circa $500 trillion. Thus, we are looking at a total US “risk” of 3/4 of a quadrillion dollars. Many critics would say that this is a vastly exaggerated figure since it won’t all be payable in one go. But that risk is much greater than anyone can imagine. Let’s just assume that there will not be an early agreement to increase the debt ceiling. That would trigger major falls of the dollar and bond markets and most likely the overvalued stock market. The repercussions would be higher rates, higher import prices, bigger budget and trade deficits and more money printing. Inflation will increase rapidly and eventually as the dollar falls precipitously, it will lead to hyperinflation, more money printing, yet higher rates in an unstoppable vicious cycle. The derivatives market, which is extremely sensitive to higher interest rates, would also come under pressure leading to more money creation by the Fed.

    There are major forces in the US who want to totally paralyze Trump’s ability to govern the US. This will make it virtually impossible for the current administration to govern effectively. As the financial crisis accelerates, there will be even more pressures to oust or impeach Trump. This situation will be disastrous for the US as well as for the world economy. The whole process could drag out and last until the autumn of 2017 and it could start in earnest with the Ides of March. 

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Deutsche Bank MELTDOWN: Shares Plunge as Bank Tries to Raise £6.9BILLION in Call for Cash


  • Deutsche Bank MELTDOWN: Shares Plunge as Bank Tries to Raise £6.9BILLION in Call for Cash
    DEUTSCHE Bank shares have dived by six per cent after it announced a shock share sale aimed at raising €8billion (£6.9bn) of cash in a desperate bid to shore up the German giant.

    The chief executive John Cryan previously said such a move would be a last resort for the bank. Now Germany’s largest lender wants to raise the extra capital amid reports of more legal issues, which could lead to more big fines for the troubled firm. It is the fourth time the bank has had to turn to investors for extra cash since 2010 and suggests Mr Cryan’s previous plans to save the bank has failed.  

    The boss has tried to slash costs for the bank by cutting thousands of jobs as well as bonuses for its workers, on top of selling off parts of the business. Mr Cryan said: “On strategy, it’s obvious we had a change of heart. “These measures will make Deutsche Bank stronger and place us back firmly on a path to sustainable growth.”

    Deutsche last month posted a larger than expected net loss of €1.4bn (£1.2bn) for 2016, as it struggled to cope with costs of regulator fines, as well as low interest rates. This year the bank has already settled a huge £5.2bn ($7.2bn) penalty relating to the 2008 financial crisis, as well as a £504million charge over a Russian money laundering plan.

    Now the lender reportedly faces further hits over previous actions in the forex market. Deutsche has now revealed plans to  the huge rights issue of 687.5 million new shares on March 21, priced at around a 39 per cent discount to Friday’s closing price of 19.14 euros. It’s also looking to raise another €2bn (£1.7bn) by listing stake in its asset management business and sell off other assets.

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Billionaire Investor Abdelnour: U.S. Crash Imminent, China & Russia Eyes Opportunity

“You have to pay attention to March 15. It’s the debt ceiling deadline, at which point everything could grind to a halt! So we are very close to the edge.”
– Quote from 3:08 onwards.

  • Published on Mar 3, 2017
    Billionaire Investor Ziad Abdelnour gives us his outlook on the U.S. economy. Normally Abdelnour doesn’t give doom and gloom outlooks, but this time it’s different. He also discusses how China and Russia sees the U.S. crash as an opportunity. He says much more….


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Breaking: Trump’s America is Over! Janet Yellen is About to Do Something Sick to Kill Trump’s Dreams

  • Published on Feb 21, 2017
    The Market is making parabolic moves and is up a straight 11% since Donald Trump won. With a Fed meeting imminent indicators point to a sick plot by the banksters and Janet Yellen to kill Trump’s plans to “Make America Great Again.” Bob Kudla joins Gary Franchi to breakdown what is coming..



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Rob Kirby: World is Extremely Flush with Money. Crack-Up Boom Here Now

  • Rob Kirby: World is Extremely Flush with Money. Crack-Up Boom Here Now
    by Greg Hunter’s
    Macroeconomic researcher Rod Kirby thinks the world is well on its way to much higher inflation. Kirby explains, “Some people say there is a dollar shortage in the world. I do not believe there is a dollar shortage. I think we are seeing evidence that there are too many dollars in the world, not too few. Look at real estate prices around the world. In Canada, they are at record levels. In America, they are at record levels. Real estate prices are at record levels in Britain. There are record levels in Australia. They are at record levels in China. This is not what you’d expect in an environment where there are too few dollars. We are seeing the equity markets rally day after day and make new all-time highs. These are not the kinds of things you see when there are too few dollars. In my view, this might be the thin edge of the wedge of a crack-up boom. Money is getting to the street because money is being taken out of dark pools on the dark side of the U.S. Treasury and is being injected into the market place as bonds are being sold off and redeemed. The world is flush with money, extremely flush with money.”

    So, is this the reason some of the biggest money managers and investors on the planet are talking about moving money into gold and silver? Kirby, who sources gold and silver by the ton for clients, says, “These people are very perceptive. . . . These people are aware that there are too many dollars chasing too few things, and they realize what they are witnessing around them can’t be happening unless money is being expanded, and money is being expanded around the world. As I say, I believe it’s coming out of the dark side of the U.S. Treasury. This can make things very unstable going forward. If you produce too much money, you run the risk of triggering a hyperinflation. If we do end up in a hyperinflationary event, the price of metals will soar. They will soar measured against anything else that goes up in value as well.”

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Get Prepared for a Major Systemic Crisis! – Clif High & Lior Gantz Roundtable Interview

  • Published on Feb 25, 2017
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    Today we have a special interview with 2 guests Clif High & Lior Gantz. We are going to discuss about the future of precious metals and what will happen during 2017 and what are the odds of a systemic crisis coming in the future years. And of course, we are going to discuss how to prepare your portfolio to be ready for what’s coming in the future. TOPICS IN THIS INTERVIEW:

    02:00 Clif Thoughts on Precious Metals for the Near future and Overall 2017
    07:45 Preparing Portfolio for what is Coming on with Precious Metals on 2017
    15:30 Possibilities of a Systemic Crisis Coming in the Next Years
    23:35 Physically Preparing for a Major Systemic Crisis
    27:00 Wikileaks, Hilary & the Media Situation


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David Stockman: Giant Fiscal Bloodbath Coming Soon. Everything Will Grind to a Halt in 2017

  • David Stockman: Giant Fiscal Bloodbath Coming Soon. Everything Will Grind to a Halt in 2017
    by Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)
    Former Reagan Administration White House Budget Director David Stockman says financial pain is a mathematical certainty. Stockman explains, “I think we are likely to have more of a fiscal bloodbath rather than fiscal stimulus. Unfortunately for Donald Trump, not only did the public vote the establishment out, they left on his doorstep the inheritance of 30 years of debt build-up and a fiscal policy that’s been really reckless in the extreme. People would like to think he’s the second coming of Ronald Reagan and we are going to have morning in America. Unfortunately, I don’t think it looks that promising because Trump is inheriting a mess that pales into insignificance what we had to deal with in January of 1981 when I joined the Reagan White House as Budget Director.”

    So, can the Trump bump in the stock market keep going? Stockman, who wrote a book titled “Trumped” predicting a Trump victory in 2016, says, “I don’t think there is a snowball’s chance in the hot place that’s going to happen. This is delusional. This is the greatest suckers’ rally of all time. It is based on pure hopium and not any analysis at all as what it will take to push through a big tax cut. Donald Trump is in a trap. Today the debt is $20 trillion. It’s 106% of GDP. . . .Trump is inheriting a built-in deficit of $10 trillion over the next decade under current policies that are built in. Yet, he wants more defense spending, not less. He wants drastic sweeping tax cuts for corporations and individuals. He wants to spend more money on border security and law enforcement. He’s going to do more for the veterans. He wants this big trillion dollar infrastructure program. You put all that together and it’s madness. It doesn’t even begin to add up, and it won’t happen when you are struggling with the $10 trillion of debt that’s coming down the pike and the $20 trillion that’s already on the books.”

    Then, Stockman drops this bomb and says, “I think what people are missing is this date, March 15th 2017.  That’s the day that this debt ceiling holiday that Obama and Boehner put together right before the last election in October of 2015.  That holiday expires.  The debt ceiling will freeze in at $20 trillion.  It will then be law.  It will be a hard stop.  The Treasury will have roughly $200 billion in cash.  We are burning cash at a $75 billion a month rate.  By summer, they will be out of cash.  Then we will be in the mother of all debt ceiling crises.  Everything will grind to a halt.  I think we will have a government shutdown.  There will not be Obama Care repeal and replace.  There will be no tax cut.  There will be no infrastructure stimulus.  There will be just one giant fiscal bloodbath over a debt ceiling that has to be increased and no one wants to vote for.”

    Stockman also predicts very positive price moves for gold and silver as a result of the coming budget calamity.

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Bill Holter: System is Going Down

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The Day Of Reckoning Is Coming & This Time There Is No Solution: Rick Rule

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THIS Is the Banking Cartel’s BIGGEST FEAR

  • Published on Feb 24, 2017
    As Gold & Silver Burn Higher, Dubin & Fund Manager Dave Kranzler Reveal the Cartel’s BIGGEST FEAR:

    * “They’re Selling the Crap Out of Miners!”
    * Gold & Silver Roar Higher Friday As Gold Bursts Through $1250/oz, Silver Rises * to $18.40…Yet Shares Lag Significantly & Are Hammered into the Close.
    * Did A Massive Capping Effort On Mining Shares By the Banking Cartel Just Reveal Their Biggest Fear?


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