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12 Days Before ’08 Crash, Congress Was Secretly Told To Sell Off Their Stocks

Who owns the world reserve currency, the dollar, the global monetary hegemony? Look at the Satanic capstone on your dollar bill. The Luciferian New World Order will be complete with the arrival of the Satanic capstone: the Anti-Christ, fake messiah, bringer of false peace, the white horseman of Revelation 6!

Who owns the world reserve currency, the dollar, the global monetary hegemony? Look at the Satanic capstone on your dollar bill. The Luciferian New World Order will be complete with the arrival of the Satanic capstone: the Anti-Christ, fake messiah, bringer of false peace, the white horseman of Revelation 6!

  • The 2008 crash was not an accident. It was engineered by Illluminist banksters for the final financial rape of the sheeple, setting the path towards the coming Luciferian New World Order, World Government led by the Anti-Christ, Global Supra-National Central Bank –> ‘666’.
  • 12 Days Before ’08 Crash, Congress Was Secretly Told To Sell Off Their Stocks
    by John Vibes,  
    Earlier this month, it was reported that less than two weeks before the economic collapse of 2008, several members of Congress took their money out of the stock market. Many high-ranking government employees were given a heads-up about the impending market crash in secret meetings with the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department. Then they used that information to engage in insider trading.

    It was revealed that Senator Shelley Capito and her husband sold $350,000 worth of Citigroup stock at $83 per share, just one day before the stock dropped to $64 per share. Another shady trader was Congressman Jim Moran, who had his biggest trading day of the year days after the secret meeting, sellings stock in nearly 100 different companies.

    These actions would be illegal for any American in any other circumstance, but members of Congress and high-ranking government officials are actually exempt from insider trading laws.

    Years later, a 60 Minutes investigation aired on television which highlighted the government’s deep history of insider trading. The investigation sparked outrage, prompting Congress to pass “the STOCK Act” which was said to hold members of the government to the same standards as any American when it came to insider trading.

    However, Congress watered down the bill and changed key elements that would hold them accountable, allowing them to return to business as usual, and escape any consequences for their prior crimes.

    In an interview during the 60 Minutes investigation, Peter Schweizer of the Hoover Institute told Steve Kroft that “It’s really the way the rules have been defined. And the people who make the rules are the political class in Washington and they’ve conveniently written them in such a way that they don’t apply to themselves.”

    “These meetings were so sensitive– that they would actually confiscate cell phones and Blackberries going into those meetings. What we know is that those meetings were held one day and literally the next day Congressman Bachus would engage in buying stock options based on apocalyptic briefings he had the day before from the Fed chairman and treasury secretary. I mean, talk about a stock tip,” he added.

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Peter Schiff: US Headed for Currency Collapse

  • Peter Schiff: US Headed for Currency Collapse! Going to be a Horrible Christmas
    by Greg Hunter’s
    Money manager Peter Schiff says don’t fall for the lies the Fed is telling about the so-called “recovery.” Schiff explains, “Everybody is brainwashed. They believe the Fed propaganda. The Fed has been talking about how great the recovery is and that they are getting ready to raise interest rates. None of that is true. There is no recovery, thanks to the Fed. All there is is a gigantic bubble that has prevented a recovery from taking place. The only reason the Fed is pretending to raise rates is so they can pretend the economy is strong enough to withstand that. The Fed basically can’t do that. They are going to do more quantitative easing (QE). They are going to do QE4, and all that is going to do is weaken the economy further. The economy is in worse shape than prior to the financial crisis (of 2008) thanks to the Fed.”

    Schiff also points out, “If you look at the data coming out, all the data is consistent with recession, not expansion. In fact, if the Fed were to actually raise rates, it would be the first time the Fed would be raising rates into a slowing economy. This is not what the Fed normally does. Normally, the Fed would be stimulating with economic numbers this bad. The only numbers holding up are the housing numbers, and they are going to implode at some point. What nobody has wanted to acknowledge, under the surface of these 200,000 a month non-farm payroll numbers, it’s all part time work. It’s temporary work. It’s low paying service sector jobs. We’ve had a collapse in the labor force participation rate. That’s why the unemployment claims are so low. You can’t get fired unless you get hired. We are not hiring a lot of people. People are just leaving the labor force, and that is what’s really going on. People are giving up full-time jobs in favor of part-time jobs, and none of this shows economic strength. It all reflects economic weakness. I think this is going to be a horrible Christmas. Americans are broke and they have no money to shop. Inventories are already bloated, and I think there are going to be huge markdowns. If you really want to get good buys, don’t buy anything until after Christmas. I think there are going to be a lot of layoffs come January and February . . . and a lot of these part- time jobs are going to disappear. You are going to see a big increase in the unemployment rate. How is the Fed going to be able to raise interest rates then? If they couldn’t do it when unemployment was falling, how are they going to be able to do it when it’s rising?”

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The Economy Is Faltering And The Day Of Reckoning Is Coming: Joseph Meyer

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The Calm Before The Storm

Global economic, financial and currency meltdown approaching!

Global economic, financial and currency meltdown approaching!

  • The Calm Before The Storm
    by Michael Snyder,  
    Have you noticed that things have gotten eerily quiet in the month of October?  After the chaos of late August and early September, many had anticipated that we would be dealing with a full-blown financial collapse by now, but instead we have entered a period of “dead calm” in which things have become exceedingly quiet in almost every way that you can possibly imagine.  Other “watchmen” that I highly respect have made the exact same observation.  Even though the economic numbers are screaming that we have entered a global recession, they aren’t really make any headline news.  A whole host of major financial institutions around the planet are currently in danger of collapsing and creating the next “Lehman Brothers moment”, but none of them has imploded just yet.  And of course Barack Obama seems bound and determined to start World War III.  On Monday, it was announced that he is sending a guided missile destroyer into Chinese waters in the South China Sea.  The Chinese have already stated that they might just start shooting if this happens, but Barack Obama doesn’t seem to care.  But until the shooting actually begins, that is not likely to upset the current tranquility that we are enjoying either.

    To me, what we are experiencing at the moment would best be described as “the calm before the storm”.  If you are not familiar with this concept, this is how it is defined by How Stuff Works

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Jim Willie Update on Financial Collapse and Geopolitical Chess Moves

  • Published on Oct 26, 2015
    Great interview with Dr. Jim Willie, Editor of the Hat Trick Letter that can be found on
    1) Lost US leadership globally, with Petro-$ gone and USMilitary retreat- numerous hidden consequences to the dismantled Petro-Dollar Standard
    – rising USD exchange rate (not from strong economy) has slammed a few areas
    – US energy sector in absolute wrecked tatters (bankruptcies, debt defaults)
    – US export trade in standstill (empty Calif shipping containers)
    – assaults on Wall St bank balance sheets, with derivative losses (covered by Hidden QE)
    – led to Russian Military inclusion in northern Middle East front
    – Russia saw threat to Tartus Naval Base, to Turkey and Bosporus entry, to Russia front
    – duplicity of the ISIS/ISIL entire movement and position by USGovt
    – growing retreat has deeper military superiority issues at work (Russian spot items)

    2) RMB international seeding and spread with Hub Centers, trade settlement, and soon oil sales

    – London strives with ambition to be major European RMB hub for connection to China
    – London has ambition to be major link to China for massive trade deals
    – competition with France, Germany, Switzerland on RMB hub centers
    – delay for IMF Special Draw Rights inclusion seems orchestrated
    – IMF inclusion means perhaps $1 trillion in estimated RMB bonds in Western bank systems
    – cross border trade rising noticeably in RMB settlement (still rather minor)
    – fast rising RMB settlement in gold trade
    – big BIG item upcoming is Gulf Emirate oil sales in RMB terms
    – strategic meetings between Saudis and Russia at Kremlin with Putin
    – negotiating Saudi role vis-a-vis ISIS, and probably RMB sales with Russia price setting
    – major changes coming to Saudi, either play ball with Kremlin or swept out in palace coup
    – Russian trade zones avoid USD in payments, likely to use more RMB
    – CIPS payment system set running, to be expanded, rivals SWIFT (pushed aside for abuses)

    3) USTreasury Bond cracks covered by (not so hidden) $1 trillion in monthly QE volume
    – ongoing USTBond market fractures and collapse in ultra slow motion
    – maybe negative interest rates far more widely, even on Fed Funds
    – negative flirt on REPO rate and Dollar Swap rate
    – major new item is Reverse REPO gigantic volume, Fails Deliver TBonds gigantic volume
    – $40 billion in daily Fail volume means $1 trillion per month in Hidden QE by USFed
    – flow is confirmed, but purpose is not (suspect Wall St bank oil hedges and Petro-$ derivs)
    – Belgium EuroClear identified as Chinese (BRICS too) weigh station for TBond dumping
    – notice $250bn in Chinese dumped TBonds in July, Aug, Sept but TNX calm near 2.0%
    – USTreasury Bond market under full control, emergency war room condition

    4) Key swing nations in Britain, Germany, Turkey, Saudi Arabia
    – geopolitical stage at risk of important tipping points
    – Britain might make key decisions against USD in order to court RMB trade
    – Germany might make key moves to further Frankfurt RMB Hub
    – could it be that Germany will undermine Russian Sanctions via further RMB moves?
    – Turkey has upcoming elections in early November
    – word is tilt East even if Erdogan wins, but much faster tilt if loses
    – risk of Turkish Military coup present and strong
    – Turkey is important in two ways: Bosporus control, Turk Stream in Gazprom pipeline
    – Saudis are in state of flux, royal challenges as King Salman is out with senile dementia
    – Mohammed bin Salman (MbS) is in charge, cutting deals with Putin in Russia
    – war in Yemen going badly, another proxy war with Iran
    – Saudi important in numerous ways: turns Emirates RMB, end of Petro-$, oil exhausted


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Realist News: Lindsey Williams UPDATE – No Change in Illuminati Plan. Global Collapse by End of 2015!

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Bill Holter: SILVER is the CHEAPEST ASSET on Earth

  • Published on Oct 25, 2015
    Bill Holter from JS Mineset joins me for this late October precious metals and global economic implosion update. “The money worldwide is FAKE. Gold is, has been and always will be REAL money. Gold is God’s money. That’s what this is about. This is about forcing the population of the world to us FAKE money and the REAL money is being accumulated.” And in a world of increasingly worthless fiat Bill reminds us of one critical fact, “Silver is a no brainer. Silver is the cheapest ASSET on the planet.”


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Overstock Holds 3 Months Of Food, $10 Million In Gold For Employees In Preparation For The Next Collapse

  • Overstock Holds 3 Months Of Food, $10 Million In Gold For Employees In Preparation For The Next Collapse
    by Tyler Durden,  
    Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne’s crusade against naked short sellers in particular, and Wall Street and the Federal Reserve in general, has long been known and thoroughly documented (most recently with his push to use blockchain technology to revolutionize the multi-trillion repo market).

    But little did we know that Overstock’s Chairman Jonathan Johnson is as vocal an opponent of the fiat system, and Wall Street’s tendency to create bubble after bubble, if not more than Byrne himself.  That, and that his company actually puts its money where its gold-backed money is and in preparation for the next upcoming crash, has taken unprecedented steps to prepare for what comes next.

    One week ago Johnson, who is also candidate for Utah governor, spoke at the United Precious Metals Association, or UPMA, which we first profiled a month ago, and which takes advantage of Utah’s special status allowing the it to use gold as legal tender, offering gold and silver-backed accounts. As a reminder, the UPMA takes Federal Reserve Notes (or paper dollars) which it then translates into golden dollars (or silver). The golden dollars are based off the $50 one ounce gold coins produced by the Treasury of The United States. They are legal tender under the law and are protected as such.

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The stock market collapse is NOT the main event. It is imminent worldwide financial system collapse, global fiat currency meltdown. Click on image for article.


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Putin Nuclear War Warning, Clinton Benghazi Terror Lie, MSM False Narrative …

  • Published on Oct 22, 2015
    Vladimir Putting is worried that the chances of a wider global war are increasing and not decreasing. At a global conference discussing war and peace prospects, Putin said, “We had the right to expect that work on development of US missile defense system would stop. But nothing like it happened, and it continues. This is a very dangerous scenario, harmful for all, including the United States itself. The deterrent of nuclear weapons has started to lose its value, and some have even got the illusion that a real victory of one of the sides can be achieved in a global conflict, without irreversible consequences for the winner itself – if there is a winner at all.” 

    Russia is stabilizing the Assad regime in Syria. Russia war planes have been pounding the so- called Syrian rebels and, for the most part, the U.S. is going along with it. The U.S. and Russia have set a deal that will ensure there will be no accident in the air between the two countries in the skies over Syria. Meanwhile, the battle for Aleppo in Syria is raging. Without airpower, the probability of victory for the rebels is dim. This doesn’t mean everything will be over soon, quite the contrary. Saudi Arabia and every other Sunni Muslim country is vowing to send more resources against Iran and Hezbollah, who are providing most of the foot soldiers in the Syrian war. The latest country to threaten to get involved militarily is Qatar. Why is this important? The U.S. has a military base in Doha. If Qatar goes on the offensive in Syria, it leaves them open to attack. Of course, that could involve the U.S. 

    Hillary Clinton testified in the Benghazi hearings on Capitol Hill, and my take on Ms. Clinton’s testimony is security was not her job. She is not responsible for the death of four Americans. It was a highly partisan hearing. It did reveal a stunning new fact, and that was Clinton herself, while Secretary of State on the night of the 9/11/12 attack and the day after, said it was “al-Qaeda related” and “had nothing to do with the (anti-Islamic) film.” In her own words, she knew it was a terror attack right from the beginning and lied with the Obama Administration to the world.  

    Finally, the economy is tanking and, yet, the stock market is in rally mode. The headlines are awful week after week, and that is good news for the markets. Traders think the Fed will be forced not to raise rates, especially with the ECB hinting at more money printing and negative interest rates. Gregory Mannarino of says this rally won’t last, and it is being propped up with “financial wizardry.”


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The Central Bankers’ Death Wish


  • The Central Bankers’ Death Wish
    by David Stockman via Contra Corner blog,
    This is getting just plain ridiculous. The robo-traders were raging to the tune of 300 Dow points Thursday after Mario Draghi confirmed that he actually is a complete monetary lunatic. And now that the People Printing Press of China has followed suit overnight, they are piling on for more.

    In fact, Europe is stranded in economic stagnation because statist dirigisme and the massive crush of welfare state taxation and finance have ground enterprise and productivity to a halt. But Draghi says it’s all China’s fault, and that he will fix their dereliction with even more monetary madness:

    In a news conference, Mr. Draghi stressed the “downside risks” to both economic growth and inflation arising from slowing growth in Chinaand other large developing economies, as well as weak commodity prices.

    These are the words of a slow-witted man who was born yesterday.
    That is, they evince an economic model that says every single year, month and day of prior history is irrelevant; and that regardless of how we got to the present moment the answer is always more heavy-handed central bank intrusion in the financial system in order to achieve an utterly bogus 2% inflation target.

    In fact, the so-called slowdown in China is the best thing that ever happened to Europe, as is the present spot of unusually low consumer inflation. And there is no mystery as to why these things are happening.

    China and the rest of the world have just come through a mind-bending credit binge which took global debt from $40 trillion in 1994 to $225 trillion at present.
    China was in the forefront of that binge, sporting a 56X gain in outstanding credit during the same two decade period (from $500 billion in 1995 to $28 trillion at present).

    In short, Europe, the US, Japan, China and most of the rest of the world is in thrall to a tiny coterie of power-hungry central bankers. If you do not think they are driving the financial system to the mother of all bubble crashes, just ponder the following justification …
    This is just plain rubbish. These half-baked propositions would have received a falling grade in even a junior college introductory economics course just 20 years ago. So there is no alternative except to take cover because the latest stock market rip is based on pure central bank hopium. 

    Indeed, Mario Draghi has confirmed once again that the world’s central bankers have a monetary death wish.

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We will all be trillionaires but can't afford breakfast !

We will all be trillionaires but can’t afford breakfast !


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We Now Have An ETA When The Biggest Bond Bubble In The World Will Burst



  • We Now Have An ETA When The Biggest Bond Bubble In The World Will Burst
    by Tyler Durden,  
    Together with Greece briefly soaring to prominence over the summer (only to fade into perpetual obscurity in its new role as Germany’s certified Mediterranean colony), the biggest event of this past summer – before the EM capital flow/Fed non-rate hike fiasco – was the rapid boom and spectacular bust of China’s equity market, which culminated not only in arrest of sellers, but in the hiking of futures margins so high that nobody actually trades in China any more

    However, China’s equity bubble was just the beginning. As we showed in “If You Thought China’s Equity Bubble Was Scary…” even after the Shanghai Composite crashed in the fall, Chinese bonds spreads continued plunging oblivious of everything that was taking place in the stock market.

    The problem with that is that as BofA’s David Cui notes today, China’s bond market is the epitome of a “potential source of financial instability.” Here is Cui:

    Our analysis shows that:
    1. the bond market is clearly not pricing default risk properly;
    2. the bond market has taken a few SME bond defaults in stride and seems to be counting on bail-outs of the few SOE bonds that are reportedly facing default risk; and
    3. leverage in the bond market is rapidly building up.

    But most importantly, Bank of America has now given a time frame in which China’s bond market will blow up, resulting in far more dire consequences that the equity bubble bursting this summer. 

    On the current trajectory, we doubt the market can stay stable beyond a few quarters, especially if some SOE and/or LGFV bonds indeed default. 

    Why it will be far more dire? Because as of this moment China has between $25 and $30 trillion notional in financial and non-financial corporate credit (in China, where everything is government backstopper, there isn’t really much of a difference), about 5 times greater than the market cap of Chinese stocks (and orders of magnitude greater than their actual float), and 3 times greater than China’s official GDP, which also makes it the biggest bond bubble in the world, even bigger than the US Treasury market.

    read more.


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Axel Merk: Dollar & Stock Market Way Over Extended

  • Published on Oct 20, 2015
    Money manager Axel Merk doesn’t like the U.S. dollar or stocks. Merk explains, “The dollar is supposed to rise when the world is in crisis, but what happened over the last year and a half or so is whenever there was good news, the dollar was rallying, and every time we had a sell-off, the dollar was plunging. The dollar rally has pretty much evaporated, and people aren’t aware of it yet. The dollar isn’t as healthy as it used to be. The story line was rates were going to go through the roof because everything is fantastic in the U.S. The dollar, just like the stock market, is way over extended. . . . The environment is very supportive for the price of gold right now.


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The US$1.5 Quadrillion Derivatives Catastrophe



  • The US$1.5 Quadrillion Derivatives Catastrophe
    by An article circulating on the internet and entitled, “When will the Bank Bubble Burst”  makes some good points about the lurking catastrophe of world markets.

    Egon von Greyerz writes about an recent that took place at Deutsche Bank (DB), where a junior employee “paid $6 billion to a hedge fund which was the gross value of a position, [where] he should have paid the net.”

    We’ve reported on Deutsche Bank’s out-of-control culture and gunslinger mentality. For Greyerz, this incident shows just how slipshod oversight is – even for the largest banks. One of the most powerful and sophisticated banks in the world,hadn’t installed enough controls to prevent – in an instant – a US$6 billion mistake.

    He writes, “This is a world gone mad. Governments print trillions, banks issue derivatives in the quadrillions and banks transact in hundreds of billions every week. The zeros no longer mean anything and have no value. This is all routine stuff for the people dealing in these sums and no one has a clue about the risk or the real exposure.”

    In 1995, the Barings Bank collapse created a loss of £827 million ($1.3B) and nearly caused a chain reaction of ruin that would have toppled the rest of the City’s big banks. Today the situation is catastrophically, immeasurably, worse.

    Deutsche Bank’s derivatives position is $75 trillion but perhaps the figure is closer to $100 trillion. That’s the size of the world’s economy but the risk is held by just one bank. The blunt reality: “It is very likely that the total global derivatives exposure of at least $1.5 quadrillion will not just lead to another financial crisis but to The Great Financial Disaster.”

    How can one deny this? The “great disasters” are lurking around the corer. And yes, it is true, the central bankers will do anything to preserve the system.

    The deal in propaganda and they are already proposing a guaranteed living wage. The idea is that everyone is entitled to some central bank largess. To begin with they only distributed the opportunity to obtain money at minuscule rates to money center banks. Now they are talking about lending to anyone at zero percent without repayment. Essentially free “money.”

    If you received a stipend every month chances are you’d back the system, even though you didn’t realize that sooner or later price inflation would eat through all the “free stuff” you were receiving. Von Greyerz conclusion:

    [Increased money printing] will just lead to a bigger bubble and a bigger collapse and to a temporary hyperinflation before a depressionary deflation. Sadly, I consider the likelihood of this scenario being very high. Therefore wealth preservation is critical. Physical gold (and some silver) is the best protection against both hyperinflation and deflation. Remember with a deflationary implosion, no loans will be repaid and the banking system would not survive. Thus gold will be money as it has been for 5,000 years.

    read more.


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Are We Facing an Impending Liquidity Crisis Again in the Banking System

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Bo Polny: Crash of The Century HAS BEGUN!

  • Published on Oct 14, 2015

    – Crash of the century has begun! ►0:58
    – 70% stock market crash in 2016 ►4:39
    – The Fed’s “solutions” will not fix the economy ►8:46
    – Real estate market collapse ►10:58
    – The meltdown will last into early 2020s ►12:21
    – Gold price to skyrocket ►14:51
    – Physical vs. paper precious metals ►17:42


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