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The Agenda Is Set, The Dollar Will Begin To Lose It’s World Dominance

  • X22Report Published on Feb 16, 2018
    Global trade wars have begun. Tariffs are being considered, Trump will make the decision by April 11. The last time the American public was so confident the stock market crashed. This is when the central bankers make their move, when everyone feels good and the illusion takes hold they bring the whole thing down. China is ready and prepared to go live with their petro yuan futures. This is to challenge the petro dollar. Is this the end of the petro dollar, yes but it has nothing to do with the petro yuan. Be prepared the central bankers are getting ready to bring down the economy.


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Evidence Showing the Market is Manipulated: “Rampant Manipulation Of VIX”

  • DAHBOO77 Published on Feb 13, 2018
    We first exposed the “conspiracy fact” that VIX manipulation runs the entire market back in 2015 as the ubiquitous VIX-crushing algo-runs coincided with a non-stop shorting of VIX futures by a seemingly bottomless-pocketed player in the market… which happened to coincide with the arrival of Simon Potter as the head of The New York Fed’s trading desk… Learn More:…


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Bond Bubble Popping? | Rick Rule

  • Published on Feb 14, 2018
    President of Sprott US Holdings tells Silver Doctors why he’s bearish on bonds and bullish on precious metals. With the recent rise in the US 10-year Treasury yield, Rick Rule says the bond bull market could be at its end. A reversal in the bond market could be bad for most markets, including equities and real estate. “For 40 years,” Rule explains, “the most important determinant in precious metals’ prices has been the strength – or at least the perception or strength – in the US Dollar, particularly the US Dollar as expressed by the interest rate on the US 10-year Treasury.” In other words, if the bond bull market is over, then the precious metal bull run is just beginning. This year, Rule says he is more bullish on mining stocks than the physical metal.


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The Criminal Banks KNOW Something Is Very Wrong — Lynette Zang

  • SGTreport Published on Feb 13, 2018
    Lynette Zang from ITM Trading joins me to discuss the economy, precious metals and the storm that’s brewing. The criminal banks have stopped lending to each other because they know something is very wrong. Will the masses realize it – or be told about it – before it’s too late? Probably not. But you will.

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John Williams: US Deficit Is Beyond Control. Fed Triggered Stock Sell-Off – Dollar Next

  • John Williams: US Deficit Is Beyond Control. Fed Triggered Stock Sell-Off – Dollar Next
    by Greg Hunter’s 
    In his latest report, economist John Williams asks the question, “Did the Fed trigger the stock sell-off?” Williams answer, “It sure looks that way.  With all the heave selling, the bond yields were rising and investors didn’t like that.  Risings bond yields means someone is selling bonds.  The Fed was not selling bonds, they were not rolling over the bonds they normally wood. . . . There was a big drop in the amount of bonds the Fed was holding in the last week by about $10 billion.  That was the biggest weekly decline since August of 2012. . . . It was enough to put some upside pressure on the interest rates . . . and that was a trigger (for the stock market sell-off).  Normally, you don’t crash from an all-time high, not that it crashed, but you did have pretty heavy selling.  You didn’t see much movement in the dollar.  You didn’t see much movement in gold, and when this market really goes, I think you are going to see the dollar selling off very rapidly and gold being a flight to safe haven.”

    Williams goes on to say, “The Fed caused this latest round of selling because they are reducing their balance sheet. I would say the Fed is in a real awkward position here because the economy is not doing what they are advertising, at least what you are seeing in the headline data.  I think you are going to see a rapid slowdown in the next couple of months.  Then you are going to see the markets say what’s the Fed doing here?  The Fed will have to go back to quantitative easing (QE or money printing).  When you see that again, that should be a heavy sell signal for the dollar.  It will be a flight from the dollar that will spike oil prices and give us an inflation problem.  This will tend to spike gold prices.  As foreign investors flee from the dollar, they will also be fleeing from the stock market and the U.S. bond market.  You will see stock selling and bond selling and then higher yields, and the Fed will be coming in and start buying the bonds again.  I think that is where we are heading.”

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Charles Hugh Smith: Something Changed (And The Mainstream Financial Sector Dares Not Talk About It)

  • Charles Hugh Smith: Something Changed (And The Mainstream Financial Sector Dares Not Talk About It)
    by Charles Hugh Smith via Of Two Minds via
    The illusion that risk can be limited delivered three asset bubbles in less than 20 years.

    Has anything actually changed in the past two weeks?
     The conventional bullish answer is no, nothing’s changed; the global economy is growing virtually everywhere, inflation is near-zero, credit is abundant, commodities will remain cheap for the foreseeable future, assets are not in bubbles, and the global financial system is in a state of sustainable wonderfulness.

    As for that spot of bother, the recent 10% decline in stocks:
     ho-hum, nothing to see here, just a typical “healthy correction” in a never-ending bull market, the result of flawed volatility instruments and too many punters picking up dimes in front of the steamroller.

    Now that’s winding up, we can get back to “creating wealth” by buying assets–$2 million homes in Seattle that were $500,000 homes a few years ago, stocks, bonds, private islands, offshore wealth funds, bat guano, you name it. Just borrow whatever you need to borrow to buy more.

    (But don’t buy bitcoin. No no no, a thousand times no. It is going to zero, Goldman Sachs guaranteed it.)

    Ahem. And then there’s reality: something has changed, something important.
    What changed? The endlessly compelling notion that risk has magically vanished as the result of financial sorcery is now in doubt. If risk hasn’t been made to disappear, and even worse, can’t be corralled into a shortable instrument like VIX, then–gasp–every asset and instrument might actually be exposed to some risk.

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Plunge In Interbank Lending: The Straw That Broke The Fed’s Back

  • Plunge In Interbank Lending: The Straw That Broke The Fed’s Back
    by ,
    Interbank lending took a historic dive. Readers ask “What’s happening?” Let’s investigate. The plunge in interbank lending is both sudden and dramatic. What’s going on?

    Fed Tightening Two Ways
    The short answer is a straw broke the Fed’s back.

    A more robust explanation is the Fed is tightening two ways: The first by hiking, the second by letting assets on the balance sheet roll off.

    Both measures have a tendency to push up long-term interest rates. This is another explanation for the long-end rising. Despite conventional wisdom, inflation and wages have little to do with it. We can see the effect in other charts.

    The Fed started balance sheet reduction in October of 2017. Unwinding the balance sheet escalates greatly in 2018.

    * The treasury unwind started at $6 billion per month, increasing by $6 billion at three-month intervals over 12 months until it reaches $30 billion per month.
    * The mortgage debt unwind started at $4 billion per month, increasing in steps of $4 billion at three-month intervals over 12 months until it reaches $20 billion per month.

    Does the Fed Know What It’s Doing?
    Janet Yellen answered that question directly in her speech A Challenging Decade and a Question for the Future, at the Herbert Stein Memorial Lecture National Economists Club on October 20, 2017.

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The Financial Market Mess, Revaluation of Price of Gold, Global Reset — Q&A with Eric Griffin and Lynette Zang

  • ITM Trading Streamed live 10 hours ago
    Eric Griffin takes your top questions to ITM Trading’s Chief Market Analyst Lynette Zang. Questions:…

    Viewer Submitted Questions:
    Question 1. Silver Birddog: I have a question about median home value in 1920 vs median home value today. When the price is divided by ounces of gold, they are both roughly 239 ounces. Could you get The Queen to opine on that?

    Question 2. Francisco: I do believe gold is a good store of value, but I also know is vulnerable to government grabs. The government has forced people to hand over their metals at a price set by the government before, so they can do it again. One can’t ignore history unless you want to repeat it. What are your thoughts on that?

    Question 3. John B: do you think the bond market will crash along with the stock market?
    Question 4. Arnold Z: What happens when the quadrillion in derivatives blow up?
    Question 5. Rich: in light of a money reset in the US, why would holding a well-run precious metals mining company, be devalued?
    Question 6. Barry S: After looking over your slides and I watch your presentation of ” The Market is in Trouble” you show where the banks are not lending to each other as they used to. First is this a function of the Fed that stopped it? or is this a function of the interest rates that too much is at risk to lend out their funds?

    Question 7. Laura P: Would somebody please ask Lynette to include an explanation of what ‘running the stops’ means in terms of the ‘holy shit’ day the market just had.


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The Economist: It Appears Market Conspiracy Theorists Were Right

  • The Economist: It Appears Market Conspiracy Theorists Were Right
    by Tyler Durden,
    Three new recently published scientific papers seem to confirm what many have claimed for years: the “efficient markets” are not only inefficient – from an informational standpoint – they are also badly rigged. Of the three papers, the Economist reports, one argues that well-connected insiders profited even from the financial crisis, while the other two go so far as suggesting the entire share-trading system is rigged.

    Unlike conventional insider trading cases – which traditionally require fortuitous tip-offs and extensive, expensive investigations, involving the examination of complex evidence from phone calls, e-mails or informants wired with recorders – the papers make imaginative use of pattern analysis from data to find that insider trading is probably pervasive, according to the Economist.

    The approach reflects a new way of analyzing conduct in the financial markets. It also raises questions about how to treat behaviour if it is systemic rather than limited to the occasional rogue trader.

    The first paper starts from the private meetings American government officials held during the crisis with financial institutions. As discussed here years ago, what was not made public at the time were critical details about the infamous TARP program (which incidentally was created and administrated by current Minneapolis Fed president Neel Kashkari who paradoxically rages every day against bailouts of Too Big To Fail banks), notably how much money would be involved and how it would be allocated. This mattered hugely as the very survival of some institutions was at stake; in the end, hundreds of billions of dollars were pledged. Knowing the structure and scope of the bail-out in advance would have been a vitally important piece of information for investors during this period.

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Charles Nenner: Buy Gold Market Crash Coming

  • The End of the Bull Stock Market – Buy Gold – Charles Nenner
    by Greg Hunter’s  (Early Sunday Release)
    Renowned geopolitical and financial cycle expert Charles Nenner says forget what the mainstream media talking heads are telling you about this market. Nenner says, “When unemployment is low, it’s the end of the bull market.  Last Sunday, I published a chart that shows every time the unemployment is around 4.1% or 4.2%, and you can see this in 1973, 1987, 1990 and 2007, and you can go on and on, and now, also, you have a market crash.  I find it amazing that people can come on television and say things that are totally wrong factually, and you can prove it is wrong.”So, Charles Nenner is calling a top right now, but the market is not going to go straight down. Market tops are a process.  Nenner explains, “The cycles saw a market top.  It doesn’t always have to come down immediately, it just means the market will not go higher.  I don’t think we will go back to the highs one more time because the quarterly cycle, and it is a long cycle, did top at the end of last year.  I also want to put in a caveat about all this talk that we are in a 10% correction.  Somebody came up with 10%, and it is not based on anything. . . . The fact is we are totally out of stocks.  What is coming is big, but market tops take time.  I don’t think it’s going to go down immediately.”

    When will this new bear market hit bottom? Nenner says, “We should hit a major low in 2020. . . . I have been on record saying that the next bear market goes down to 5,000.  If you are in stocks, I say you could lose everything if the DOW goes to 5,000.  This is the price target I have had for a couple of years.”

    What does Nenner think you should buy for protection? Nenner says, “You buy gold because nothing else is going to keep its value.  Gold is going, as I have said for a long time, to $2,500 (per ounce) at least.  Again, you buy gold because nothing else will keep its value.  Stocks can go down, you can get stuck with some losses in the bond market, the housing market will go down based on homebuilder stocks and the financial system can scare you.  So, what is left? Buy gold.”


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Lynette Zang: Wall Street, Manipulation and Lies…Oh My

  • ITM Trading Streamed live 6 hours ago
    Supporting Links and Slides:…
    Is this the beginning of the visible fiat market collapse the central bankers have managed to postpone since 2008? Perhaps, time will tell. But frankly, at the least, this should be a wake-up call. People want to ride the markets and believe they can get out just before a crash. Did you know in 2008? Did you know that January 28th the current market high? Did you sell your stocks on January 27th? Only if you were lucky. Personally, I’d rather be two weeks too early, than one second too late. If you have not done so already, take advantage of this gift and reposition your wealth into REAL assets that are the only undervalued monetary instruments on the planet…physical gold and silver.


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Financial Pundits Are Calling It, They Are Saying Expect The Crash

  • X22Report Published on Feb 9, 2018
    The central banks are now making there move against the cryptocurrencies, they know they can’t control it so they are demonizing it. The economy continues to deteriorate, and the market it fluctuating up and down. The two factions are fighting it out via the market. Financial pundits are saying that we are headed to a complete collapse of the system.


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The Banks Are Gtting Out First: Where Did All Our Money Go? | Lynette Zang

  • Reluctant Preppers Published on Feb 8, 2018
    Remember the rule to not be misled by what they are saying and FOLLOW THE MONEY, since ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS? After years of unnatural melt-up across most markets that have been defying all conventional wisdom, capped by the recent skyrocket of Cryptocurrencies, we suddenly got a CRYPTO-CRASH and the greatest one day loss ever in the DOW. But did you know there was an EPIC PATTERN SHIFT that NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT, that preceded these crashes, and how can we tell that 2018 is set up for the rockiest ride of our lives? Lynette Zang, Chief Market Strategist for ITM Trading, rejoins Reluctant Preppers’ founder Dunagun Kaiser, to expose the startling signal that foretold these crashes, and may well indicate the smartest money is RUNNING FOR THE EXISTS FROM EVERYTHING BUBBLE and LEAVING US HOLDING THE BAG.


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The Planned Collapse Of The Economy Has Begun

  • The Planned Collapse Of The Economy Has Begun
    by I just recently went on top independent radio show in Europe, The Richie Allen Show, to discuss the current state of financial markets including the volatility we have been seeing within the cryptocurrency and stock markets. We also had a chance to touch upon the globalist infiltration into Bitcoin.

    I mentioned how strange it was that we saw the Dow Fall 666 Points on 33rd Day of the Year which was followed by several other corrections. And how the US has more than doubled its national debt in the last decade since the financial crisis in 2008 racking up, officially, more than $20 trillion in debt (even though the real number is much higher than that).

    After all, we are now in 2018, the year the 1988 economist magazine, controlled by the Rothschilds, told us we should be ready for a new world currency. And now that supposed small-government, selected president, Donald Trump is in office and very marginally lowering taxes for US tax slaves, he is running up even larger deficits and continuing to devalue the dollar via the hidden tax of inflation which most people never notice because it takes a while for retail prices to catch up to expansion of the money supply, especially because much of the money created is immediately injected into propping up the stock market.

    To hear all about these topics in addition to our broader discussion regarding secessionist movements, geopolitical strategy, insider trading and creating systems to make government obsolete; check out the full interview between Richie and I by clicking the link above.

    read more.

9 Jan 1988 cover, The Economist: Get Ready for a World Currency by 2018! The Rise of the Phoenix world currency from the ashes of national fiat currencies ie. destruction of fiat currencies via hyperinflation. “Phoenix” is of course an occult metaphor. Out of the destruction, the ashes of the old world order, the Luciferian New World Order will rise like a Phoenix!


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Alex Jones Full Show: Globalists Strike Back! US Stock Market Crashes 1000+ Points

  • The Alex Jones Channel Published on Feb 8, 2018
    Deep State Spies on PRESIDENT Trump! – Shocking revelations reveal that the DOJ and the FBI continued to spy on President Trump after he made home in the White House! The stock market is also tumbling as the Deep State tries to manipulate the economy to make Trump look bad, and Bitcoin insider Roger Ver explains some of the inner workings of the market.

Get the ‘666’ message? It is a Synagogue of Satan orchestrated take down. Click on image for article.

Get the ‘666’ message? It is a Synagogue of Satan orchestrated take down. Click on image for article.


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