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Rob Kirby: Dark Dollars Propping Up Failing System. Silver The Most Underpriced Asset on the Planet

  • Rob Kirby: Dark Dollars Propping Up Failing System. Silver The Most Underpriced Asset on the Planet
    by Greg Hunter’s 
    Forensic macroeconomic analyst Rob Kirby says few people have any idea how many “dark dollars” are out there. Kirby explains, “When you start talking about how many dollars there are in the world, nobody really knows.  I would suggest to you the real quantity of dollars in the world is much greater than anyone imagines.  A lot of these dollars are ‘dark,’ and they are held in the bowels of institutions like the Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF).  So, the world may be cruising along thinking the total number of dollars in the world is ‘X,’ but the true amount in the world, if you count the dark ones, might be three or four times ‘X’.  This really means the money supply is much bigger than anyone understands or believes.”  Kirby contends that the so-called “dark dollars” are being used to prop up the Treasury bond market.  The ESF simply buys the debt and essentially hides it.

    Then there is the price rigging in the gold and silver markets. Kirby says, “To sell a Bitcoin, you must possess a Bitcoin.  If you have one Bitcoin, you cannot sell 500 of them.  That’s plain and simple.  This goes for JP Morgan or Citi Bank or Goldman Sachs, they can only sell Bitcoin that they own.  In the gold market, they can sell all the gold they want.  They can sell gold that doesn’t exist and will never be mined.”  Kirby points out this is how the big banks suppress the price of gold and silver.

    Kirby contends the U.S. dollar is a “rigged” game. Is it about to be knocked out by blockchain technology?  Kirby says, “Absolutely.  What the cryptos offer that the dollar doesn’t is decentralization.  It’s the centralized U.S. fiat dollar and the dollar standard that requires everybody in the world, who wants to buy commodities in international markets, must first purchase U.S. dollars.  Crypto currencies bypass the dollar and allow for transmission of ownership in a very rapid, cost effective manner.  They bypass the dollar completely.  What this really means is with the uptake and accelerated use of cryptos, countries will require less and less dollars in their reserve accounts to purchase the goods they want and need in the international marketplace.  What happens when people don’t need dollars anymore?  The dollars return home.  They come back to America . . . which ultimately means inflation will come to America.”

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The Econonic System Is Moving From West To East, This Is The End Game: Bill Holter

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Jim Willie: Death of the Dollar

    Sept 8th:  topics covered include the various ways in the which the USDollar shows strong signs of losing its global reserve currency status, as well as several of the Biblical Seven Bowls of ruinous contamination poured upon our planet Earth….. (hint: skip the first 4 minutes as opener)


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The Petro-Dollar Is Dead, Dollar Devaluation, Pensions Lost, World Currency — James Rickards

  • Money Master Published on Sep 10, 2017
    The Petro Dollar Is Dead, Dollar Devaluation, Pensions Lost, World Currency


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Warning: Bitcoin to Collapse | Alasdair MacLeod

  • Published on Sep 11, 2017
    Bitcoin is not money and never will be, says London Analysts Alasdair MacLeod. MacLeod explains why cryptocurrencies are a bubble. Either the bubble will collapse by itself or governments will destroy cryptocurrencies. But the general public hasn’t yet jumped on the cryptocurrency bandwagon. “When the ordinary man in the street starts playing, you know it’s time to get out,” he says. As for governments putting a stop to cryptocurrencies, MacLeod says it’ll be years before there’s an international agreement on such a matter.


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Lynette Zang: China Attacking USD – New Reserve Currency In Sight

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Your Pension, IRA, 401K – They’re All At Risk! | Lynette Zang

  • Published on Sep 3, 2017
    Lynette Zang explains why your assets could be at risk of falling into a financial black hole. She says, “If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it.”


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Major Market Shift Happening Now | Silver Guru David Morgan

  • SilverDoctors Published on Sep 1, 2017 
    A major shift is transpiring in the markets, silver guru David Morgan tells Silver Doctors. The gold mining shares are leading the bullion. This is extremely bullish, says Morgan. And the stock market is topping. He sees the stock market will pull back in the next few months. Dubin expects a 10% correction by the end of the year. The bottom line: Money is moving out of the stock market and into the gold market. Morgan and Dubin both think gold could hit $1400 by the year end.


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Bill Holter: Ending Will Be Financial Collapse Where Credit Stops

  • Bill Holter: Ending Will Be Financial Collapse Where Credit Stops
    by Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)
    Financial writer Bill Holter says 2017 is the year of the “truth bombs,” and along with the truth comes pain. Holter explains, “Unfortunately, the truth coming out will mean a crashed system.  It will mean a nonfunctioning system.  When truth finally comes out, and it will one way or the other, credit will cease because credit is based on trust.  Credit is handed out on trust, and when the truth comes out, credit will cease.  Then the system is going to have to reboot.”

    What will our world look like when credit has stopped? Holter says, “Basically, with a credit seizure, that means distribution breaks down.  If you have seen any pictures of any of the Walmarts and grocery stores in Houston, the shelves are empty.  I live outside of Houston, and all the bread is made there, and there is no bread.  Now, forget about a flood, and imagine that there is no credit.  Without credit, nothing gets done.  Farmers can’t plant.  Farmers can’t harvest.  They can’t ship it to the silo.  The grain can’t be manufactured into bread, and once it’s bread, it can’t get shipped to the final destination because every one of those operations involves credit.  So, when credit stops, you are basically going to see a seizure of all goods making it to markets.”

    What other truth bombs are on Holter’s truth bomb list to be revealed? Holter says, “The biggest truth bomb I’d like to see come out would be to get to the bottom of the human trafficking and the pedophilia.  I would just like to save the children that are being molested.  I am basically 100% convinced that this is one of the biggest problems.  Other truth bombs would include the news services.  You have outlet after outlet throwing crap against the wall, and they all throw crap against the wall hoping some of it will stick.  None of it makes sense, and they are the ones that came up with the term ‘fake news’ when somebody tells the truth.  What they are doing is trying to brainwash the public.”

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Jim Willie: The End of US Dollar Hegemony

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  • Jim Willie: The End of US Dollar Hegemony
    Well, here we are…the unofficial end of summer. It’s Labor Day weekend here in the U.S. which means we are in the midst of a 3-day weekend. And you know what that means here at TFMR! Fresh Jackass for everyone! When Jim and I recorded this back on Thursday, time was somewhat short. So, with this constraint in mind, I asked Jim to focus on two, primary topics:

    1. Since we last spoke in July, what changes have occurred in the world of US dollar hegemony? Is the China-Russia-Saudi connection accelerating the demise of the petrodollar system?
    2. The current US debt and political situation and how this will increasingly impact global markets as traders return en masse on Tuesday.

    Just two topics yet over an hour of audio? Yep, that’s how it works and you’re just going to have to listen to the entire thing if you want to unearth all the nuggets of knowledge that The Jackass has left behind for you.

    Enjoy and have a great weekend!


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Rickards: Here’s How to Crack the Code on Gold — It Won’t Be A Parabolic Rise But $10,000 Gold Is Coming

  • Rickards: Here’s How to Crack the Code on Gold — It Won’t Be A Parabolic Rise But $10,000 Gold Is Coming
    Jim Rickards joined Kitco News and Daniela Cambone to discuss the latest news and analysis from gold markets, geopolitics and even bitcoin.  The Wall Street veteran took on the bigger picture facing metals investors and what could be just around the corner in a bubbling market.

    When asked why certain geopolitical tensions have greater impacts on gold and hard assets than others Rickards remarked, “There are two things going on, first is that the North Korean missile threat goes from high tension to back down again. This is a very serious threat and we are headed for war with North Korea. While I don’t know what it will take to not just get gold to go up but stocks and other sectors, ultimately markets are going to be impacted.”

    “People seem to have very short attention spans but that’s not how to think about it. It’s possible to see that Kim Jong-un is not deviating from his path to get nuclear weapons, the U.S will not allow it. There’s no middle ground there. It would be great if we could have diplomacy. I think we should also ratchet up sanctions on China. But I don’t see either of those happening.”

    Jim Rickards is the editor of Strategic Intelligence and is the New York Times best-selling author of The Road to Ruin. Rickards’ worked on Wall Street for decades and has advised the U.S intelligence community on international finance, trade and financial warfare.

    “Don’t underestimate the extent to which gold is being impacted by hedge funds, leverage players, and others that are in the mix for the current high in gold. They don’t really care if it is gold, soybeans, etc. but it is simply another commodity. They receive a nice profit with tight profits, tight stops.”

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Jim Willie: All American Finance Is Fraud

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  • Jim Willie: All American Finance Is Fraud
    Oil and the Petro-dollar , as Houston is pounded by Hurricane Harvey. What’s the reality of the trail of Gold Bars that are allegedly in Fort Knox? Jim Willie helps us follow the money as White Dragons make deals , Rothschild Family divides and the Chinese continue bailing out of the sinking ship that is the U.S. Dollar. All American Finance Is Fraud . How Much Gold would it take to back a U.S. Dollar ? Snowballs or ice pops in Hell? Banks and their Cartel Customers? Drugs , Oil , Blood , just a different bank bag containing the same shit. All American Finance Is Fraud Government is paralyzed by debt, ceiling or No ? All American Finance Is Fraud . We only had an hour with Jim Willie but if you need to know more … Which you do … Go Get :  Follow That Money


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Germany & The US Strangely Broadcast Messages About Gold Holdings

  • Published on Aug 24, 2017
    UK retail sales decline at the fastest pace since 2016.  Sears is in trouble they are closing more stores as sales decline. First it was new home sales, now its existing home sales, the real estate market is imploding. Germany has been repatriating their gold and the US visited Fort Knox to assure the American people that the gold is there. Why now, are countries preparing the collapse of the system. Looking at the gold Germany has received something does not look right. 


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Everyone Will Need To Insure Their Wealth As The Dollar Dies: Edward Karr

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Jim Rogers: Gold & Silver Bubbles When People Lose Confidence In Governments …

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