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This Is The End Days Of The Current Economic System And We Might Not Reach October: Bill Holter

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The Conspiracy Theorists Were Right: Mega Bank Admits To Rigging Global Gold And Silver Markets


  • The Conspiracy Theorists Were Right: Mega Bank Admits To Rigging Global Gold And Silver Markets
    by Justin Gardner,  
    While everyone was focused on the “too big to fail” banks that brought the economy crashing down in 2008, other big banks were busy scheming investors in a different way.

    In a stunning victory for “conspiracy theorists” within the precious metals space, overnight Deutsche Bank not only agreed to settle a lawsuit accusing it of manipulating the silver fix, but also agreed to help the plaintiffs pursue similar claims against other banks as part of the settlement by providing instant messages and other communications, reports ZeroHedge. And so the former cartel members are turning on each other.

    Within the span of 24 hours, it was reported that Deutsche Bank, along with other banks, has been rigging both the silver and gold futures markets since 2007. The German-based bank reached a settlement in two separate lawsuits brought by bullion investors.

    According to Reuters:
    The plantiffs accused Deutsche Bank of conspiring with Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS.TO), Barclays Plc (BARC.L), HSBC Holdings Plc (HSBA.L) and Societe General (SOGN.PA) to manipulate prices of gold, gold futures and options, and gold derivatives through twice-a-day meetings to set the so-called London Gold Fixing.

    While they were illegally fixing prices in the gold market, Bloomberg reports they had an equally unscrupulous hand in the silver market too.

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Bill Holter: Without Price Suppression Gold Would be $5,000 to $10,000

  • Bill Holter: Without Price Suppression Gold Would be $5,000 to $10,000
    by Greg Hunter’s (Special Release)  
    According to financial writer Bill Holter, we are getting to the end of the gold and silver price suppression game. Holter contends, “Because the inventories are so small, silver and gold registered categories (at COMEX) total about $1.2 billion.  That’s nothing in today’s world.  That’s less than one day’s interest the U.S. pays on its debt.  I don’t see this going for a long time because inventories are so small. . . . This whole suppression game on gold and silver was brought about to protect the reserve currency, the dollar, because gold is a direct competitor with the dollar.  If the silver market blows up, and I shouldn’t say if, it’s when the silver market blows up, that’s going to blow the gold market up, and that is basically going to expose the fact the West is a fraud, that the gold and silver markets were a fractional reserve Ponzi scheme.  That’s going to blow confidence, and you are going to see derivatives blow up all over the world, and markets will be closed in a couple of days.”

    Holter, who is also an expert on gold, goes on to warn, “The world runs on credit, and you going to Walmart or a grocery store each week, the stuff doesn’t appear on shelves, it gets there by several layers of credit. . . . Silver is a teeny tiny domino compared to the whole system, but it will lead to all the dominos coming down. China and Russia know this.  It could be two days, two weeks or two months.  It could blow before the market opens on Monday morning.  You tell me when someone steps up to buy twice as much silver than COMEX can deliver, and that’s it.  It is done.  This is a seminal moment for the entire Western financial system. . . . It could be any day.  The default is coming.”

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Michael Snyder: A Black Swan Event Will Destroy The Economy

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BREAKING: Gold and Silver Prices Jump Big on Yuan/Chinese Gold Exchange

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The Chinese Start Buying Silver: BofA Says “Momentum Breaks Out To Highest In Years”

Silver Eagle coin. Going ... going ... gone soon!

Silver Eagle coin. Going … going … gone soon!

  • The Chinese Start Buying Silver: BofA Says “Momentum Breaks Out To Highest In Years”
    by Tyler Durden,  
    While most traders’ attention has been glued to the daily gyrations in oil, it is another commodity that has gained 21% this year and is the best performing asset in the Bloomberg Commodity Index. Silver.

    As we reported earlier, the buying accelerated this morning, when ongoing demand for the precious metal pushed it to fresh 10 month highs above $17/ounce. One reason suggested for the buying came from Reuters, which said “that there is heavy buying in silver in Shanghai, and that has triggered buying in gold as well,” said Ronald Leung, chief dealer at Lee Cheong Gold Dealers in Hong Kong.

    This may just be the beginning as technicians are finally starting to pay attention. Here is the just released report from BofA technical strategist Paul Ciana, who highlights the key chart observations:

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Click on image to goto silver chart.


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BUSTED: How The World’s Largest Banks Rigged Gold & Silver Prices – Mike Maloney

  • Published on Apr 19, 2016
    Stunning Admission Made by Deutsche Bank: Some big news broke late last week. After mountains of evidence over the last several years had piled up, Deutsche Bank finally admitted in a court of law that the price of silver has been rigged. The significance of this development cannot be overstated because it implies that the gold price has also been manipulated. Watch this week’s video to find out what impact this could have on the gold and silver markets going forward. And if you’re a GoldSilver Insider, be sure to check your inbox for a new market update later today.


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NY Post Picks Up on Deutsche’s Confession But Where Are Other News Organizations?


  • NY Post Picks Up on Deutsche’s Confession But Where Are Other News Organizations?
    Dear Friend of GATA and Gold:
    While the New York Post yesterday took note of Deutsche Bank’s confession to gold and silver market manipulation and its pledge to incriminate other banks — see the report appended — as far as your secretary/treasurer can determine, only Reuters and Bloomberg News, among mainstream financial news organizations, have yet reported the story, not counting the predictably snarky and beside-the-point commentary Friday in the Financial Times by its columnist John Dizard:

    GATA has alerted most major Western financial news organizations to the Deutsche Bank story, though they were almost certainly fully aware of it already.

    While Deutsche Bank’s confession makes gold and silver market rigging impossible to deny, financial news organizations remain willing to suppress the story as they have been doing for years, lest they aggravate their advertisers and governments. So while the struggle is slowly breaking our way, it very much continues, with financial news organizations and gold and silver mining companies bearing much responsibility for the injustice they won’t acknowledge.




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Gold/Silver Price Rigging Admitted by Deutsche Bank, Canada Sues – Craig Hemke,

  • Published on Apr 18, 2016 
    01:50 Deutsche Bank Admits Gold/Silver Price Rigging
    05:00 Are Gold & Silver about to Rally Big Now? How do we Stop the Manipulation for Good
    07:00 Yuan Gold Price Fix April 19th, Shanghai Gold Exchange Contracts
    08:00 Andrew Maguire Said this Shanghai Gold Fix will be the Turning Point
    11:00 China Wanted Low Gold & Silver Prices Until they Accumulated Enough
    12:00 US Dollar will Lose World Reserve Currency Status Soon, Sound Money Backing Coming
    16:40 Gold & Silver Key Price Levels for Resistance & Strength


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Gold And Silver Price Manipulation: DeutscheBank Turns State’s Evidence; The Floodgates Are Now Open

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Boom! Major Bank Admits It Rigged Gold Prices, Agrees to Expose Other Manipulators

  • Published on Apr 15, 2016
    Earlier Yesterday when we reported the stunning news that DB has decided to “turn” against the precious metals manipulation cartel by first settling a long-running silver price fixing lawsuit which in addition to “valuable monetary consideration” said it would expose the other banks’ rigging having also “agreed to provide cooperation to plaintiffs, including the production of instant messages, and other electronic communications, as part of the settlement” we said “since this is just one of many lawsuits filed over the past two years in Manhattan federal court in which investors accused banks of conspiring to rig rates or prices in financial and commodities markets, we expect that now that DB has “turned” that much more curious information about precious metals rigging will emerge, and will confirm what the “bugs” had said all along: that the precious metals market has been rigged all along.”

    This was confirmed moments ago when Reuters reported that Deutsche Bank has also reached a settlement in US litigation alleging the bank conspired to fix gold prices. In other words, hours after admitting it was rigging the silver market, it did the same for gold. Learn More:…


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Michael Snyder: How To Survive Worldwide Deterioration And Collapse

  • Michael Snyder: How To Survive Worldwide Deterioration And Collapse
    by Minute To Midnight – All News PipeLine  
    A Minute To Midnite Episode 038 begins with Michael Snyder and Tony discussing the global economy and how there is a convergence of so many signs that are pointing to an imminent financial collapse.

    Michael begins by saying how a lot of people are right now saying that the crisis has past. There was a lot of financial shaking in August 2015 and January/February 2016, but the stock market has rebounded somewhat and so people are thinking that everything is pretty good. But meanwhile in reality, all over the planet economic conditions are rapidly deteriorating.

    We are already seeing full blown collapses in Brazil ( The 7th largest economy in the world) and Venezuela. There was recently the first real world enacting of the new European bank bail-in laws, with a large bank in Austria ( Heta Asset Resolution AG), followed by an emergency meeting in Rome over the the problems in the Italian banking system. All of Italy’s banks are in trouble, with over 360 billion Euros of non-performing loans. This is equivalent to a fifth of Italy’s GDP. Italy is on the same road as Greece was last year towards a collapse of the system. The difference being that Greece is only the 44th largest economy in the world, whereas Italy is the 8th largest economy in the world. In reality the problems in Greece are also far from over. Other banks in Europe are in real trouble too.

    Meetings between Obama and his administration & Janet Yellen of the Fed Reserve have left plenty of unanswered questions and this is also discussed. The situation in the US economy is talked about, and the attention is then turned to the Japanese and Chinese economies.

    The warnings to prepare for economic collapse in America and the rest of the world are obvious. The economic fundamentals are getting worse, but people don’t seem to understand that we have entered a period of very serious economic troubles for the entire world.

    With many investors becoming concerned with what is going on in the world, particularly with the likes of the problems with Deutsche Bank in Germany,there is a move by some into gold & silver to weather the storm. This is beginning to impact the price of gold & silver. Michael explains why he believes that both silver & gold values will increase, but that silver will see the biggest percentage gains. Tony agrees with Michael’s analysis on this.

    Later in the show Michael talks about how so many Western Christians are not preparing for the difficult times ahead, because they think they will be raptured before the troubles escalate. He then discusses his new book titled ‘The Rapture Verdict’ with Tony. He lays out a case for a Post Tribulation rapture based on scripture, and believes that his new book not only lays a strong case, but also delivers a verdict in the case based on the bible. Michael is a former attorney so he lays a case out in much the way a lawyer would.

    Towards the end of the show the topic returns to give practical advice on how to prepare for what is coming. This part of the show deals with spiritual and physical preparations for the coming economic collapse.



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Fireworks Just Beginning? Market Wrap With The Admiral Himself On Deutsche’s Manipulation Revelation


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Is Silver Getting Ready To Rip Higher?

Silver Eagle coin. Going ... going ... gone soon!

Silver Eagle coin. Going … going … gone soon!

  • Is Silver Getting Ready To Rip Higher? 
    by Dave Kranzler,  
    The big buzz yesterday in the precious metals market was the news that Deutsche Bank has agreed to settle charges for its role in manipulating the London Bullion Marketing Association (LBMA) daily gold/silver price fixings. My view on this, albeit admittedly jaded, is that it is akin to the settlement charges being paid by the big Wall Street banks for their fraudulent behavior in the housing bubble mortgage market. Although Deutsche Bank has agreed to “spill the beans” on other banks, I have yet to hear any mention of JP Morgan, Citibank, Goldman Sachs or any number of other western bullion banks who engage in daily price intervention in the gold and silver futures market on the Comex.

    My view on the matter is that until I see otherwise, this is nothing more than a “we took care of the problem, move along there’s nothing else to see here” situation. DB is like a trapped felon who blinked in the game of “Prisoner’s Dilemma” and gave up a couple of names in order to let it continue forward in its endeavor to save itself from collapse. While other indictments may be doled out, I do not see this as an advancement in the effort to reform the trading activity in the gold and silver markets. After all, the banks are manipulating the market on behalf of the western Central Banks and Governments who are highly motivated in their effort prevent a sustained rise in the price of gold from signaling the west’s continued financial and economic deterioration.

    While the Deutsche Bank announcement may trigger some celebratory dances in the precious metals community, rest assured that for every bank removed from its gold/silver market manipulation service, they will be replaced by banks “sitting on the bench.”  The “reformed” LBMA gold fix process is proof of concept.  The prima facie format has been somewhat altered, as have the names involved.  But it can be argued that the “reformed” price fix process is perhaps even more permissive of manipulation than the old format.

    The more interesting issue in my opinion is whether or not the bullion banks’ ability to keep the price of gold and silver capped with any relative degree of success is fading. History has proved that all forms of market intervention eventually fail.  If the intervention in the precious metals market did not ultimately fail, it would be a statistically unique event.  I would have the readers recall the fact that the Rothschild family, which founded the London gold fix, withdrew from its involvement and connection to the LMBA, including the twice-daily fix process, in 2004.  Something like this happens for a reason…

    read more.


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Why Silver Bullion Is Set To Soar – GoldCore Interview

  • Published on Apr 5, 2016
    Jan Skoyles presents a Get REAL special on silver. She talks to Mark O’Byrne of about how silver bullion is set to soar and the importance of owning physical silver coins and bars. GoldCore now offer silver coins VAT free in the UK and throughout the EU.


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