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Analyst: “Millions Upon Millions of People Are Going to Die on a World-Wide Scale When the Debt Bubble Bursts”

  • Analyst: “Millions Upon Millions of People Are Going to Die on a World-Wide Scale When the Debt Bubble Bursts”
    by Mac Slavo, May 13th, 2015,  
    It can be difficult to understand the repercussions that would follow a collapse of the global economy, stocks and debt markets. While we know a serious financial event is coming, determining how it will impact our lives and preparing an appropriate strategic plan to mitigate the fallout can be a confusing and stressful undertaking.

    The questions being asked by concerned Americans are plenty, but the answers are not so easy to come by. Should I keep money in my retirement accounts? What publicly traded companies are recession-proof? Will gold and silver really be of value if the whole system comes crashing down? Should I have some cash? How much food should I stockpile if the regular flow of commerce is affected? Will there be riots in my city?

    In the following interview with X22 Report Spotlight(top of post), well known analyst and contrarian thinker Greg Mannarino of Traders Choice succinctly explains the challenges we face as individuals and as a nation. He doesn’t mince words and goes straight to the heart of the problem: out of control debt.

    As Mannarino explains it, we are facing an event so serious that it will directly impact just about every person on earth. But before we can prepare for it, we need to understand what it is that’s going to happen and what a worst-case scenario may look like:

    The central banks… by us adopting a debt-based economic model, which demands that cash be borrowed from the future in greater and greater amounts to sustain what we have here, have created an alternative universe which would not exist. If we did not have access to all of these funds that we’re borrowing from the future and inflating this debt we would not have the lifestyle that we have now.

    It’s created a population boom… a population boom has risen in tandem with the debt. It’s incredible. 
    So, when the debt bubble bursts we’re going to get a correction in population. It’s a mathematical certainty.

    Millions upon millions of people are going to die on a world-wide scale when the debt bubble bursts. And I’m saying when not if…

    read more.


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Hoffman & Duane: Fireworks Coming for Gold & Silver Markets. U.S. Gov’t to Kill the Dollar.

  • Published on May 7, 2015
    IN PART 1:

    – The economy is collapsing, but gold and silver aren’t rising ►0:22 
    – JPMorgan hoarding silver? ►5:33 
    – Continue to Part 2 ►—2 

    Published on May 10, 2015
    IN PART 2:

    – Deflation is not a possibility ►0:00 
    – How to prepare for the single largest event in human history ►4:29 
    – We’re seeing tremendous inflation right now! ►5:56 


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“Losses Will Be Devastating,” Triggering A Derivatives Blowup And Worldwide Collapse

Global economic, financial and currency collapse fast approaching!

Global economic, financial and currency collapse fast approaching!

  • “Losses Will Be Devastating,” Triggering A Derivatives Blowup And Worldwide Collapse
    Today the man who remarkably predicted the collapse of the euro against the Swiss franc warned King World News that “losses will be devastating,” triggering a derivatives blowup and worldwide collapse.

    Egon von Greyerz: 
    “Eric, I’m looking at the bond markets, worldwide.  What we’ve seen now both in the U.S. and in Germany is that rates have increased pretty fast in the last few weeks…. 

    When the big bond market collapse finally unfolds, the losses will be devastating for investors.  The problem is that not only will be investors be hurt, but the derivatives market will literally implode.  There are well over one quadrillion dollars worth of derivatives on the books of various institutions around the world, and there is an interest rate element tied to virtually every single derivative.  

    When interest rates finally spike, a lot of those derivatives positions will blowup, taking down many of the major institutions with them.  So this is a market that we must watch very carefully now because as the global bond market bubble pops, it will cause a massive worldwide collapse.

    read more.


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Eric Sprott: Central Planners Desperate To Keep Game Going

  • Published on May 7, 2015
    Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St had on returning guest, former top hedge fund manager and chairman of the Sprott group of companies, Eric Sprott. 

    During this 25+ minute interview Jason asks Eric about his expert opinion on many important topics including interest rates and financial repression, what’s really going on in the US economy, Bitgold, production costs for gold and silver miners, and a review of the fundamentals of the gold and silver market. 

    Eric thinks anything can be manipulated now for awhile in markets and no major liquidations are allowed anymore. Jason also asks Eric if he thinks China wants the SDR of if China plans to destroy the SDR from the inside? Eric thinks China is only temporarily joining the SDR and eventually wants the world reserve currency itself.


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John Embry: Getting Closer to an Upside Silver Explosion

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Dr. Jim Willie: GREXIT Concerns, US Economic Implosion … more

  • Published on May 5, 2015
    May 4, 2015

    Dr. Jim Wille: 
    Topics covered are:
    – preface on narcotics and its role in spreading fascism and wrecking economies
    – the expansion of trade between Russia & China
    – the spread of numerous platforms and agencies in further movement away from USDollar
    – the Chinese usage of Intl Monetary Fund in further movement away from USD
    – possible motive of Ukraine War to block inclusion of Gold/Silver in IMF SDR basket
    – Global Reset is really a project to install the Gold Standard in trade corridors
    – USEconomy is faltering badly as 6000 retail stores are announced for shutdown
    – no USEconomic recovery is remotely in view, rather a wicked depression
    – the United States still has the highest retail space per capita in the world
    – the consumer economy structure was guarantee for systemic failure
    – solutions lie in business investment, Gold trade settlement, and abandoning USDollar


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Australia First to Introduce a Compulsory Tax on Money Itself

Global financial storm is coming!

Global financial storm is coming!

  • Australia First to Introduce a Compulsory Tax on Money Itself
    by ,
    … fact that all my sources behind the curtain were screaming from the four corners of the world that the new age of Economic Totalitarianism is upon us all. Australia will be the first to introduce a compulsory tax on savings. This is the ultimate Marxist state, for now anyone with spare cash is the enemy of the conservative Tony Abbott government. What I laid out at the Solution Conference is the ONLY way out of this nightmare. It is time for people to start spreading the word and getting behind changing the game plan while we still have a game in play. We have to stop this confiscation of all wealth and the continual borrowing and taxation. This will lead to the total destruction of Western culture, for we are plagued by insane power-hungry politicians, who cannot see past their nose.

    The new compulsory control is provided in the 2015 Australian budget, so that everyone who has any savings must pay taxes on their savings. The measure is expected to serve as a global test balloon for Europe and North America, who will watch for the outcome in Australia. If there is no massive resistance of Australian savers, the rest of the world should expect this outright confiscation very rapidly.

    Tony Abbot has proven to be a real Marxist. He is taking the Australian people into the economic abyss from which only war and bloodshed can emerge. This is really Atlas Shrugged in high gear. The Abbot government will introduce its draft budget for 2015 tax on savings and it will announce this measure before the formal decision on the budget.

    Prime Minister Tony Abbott said that the new tax is all about relieving families and small businesses. The problem is clear: there will be no reduction in taxes for these people. Instead, it will only be more money in the pockets of the corrupt and seriously deranged politicians who are destroying Western civilization in the blink of an eye.

    Abbott also said that there would be some hard decisions in the new budget because this was inevitable. For the banks, the government’s plans are anything but good news. Abbott’s anti-capitalism view will undoubtedly put him up there with Lenin, once history is allowed to be honestly documented, perhaps in a hundred years or so. This decision to put a tax on savings would seriously harm the government, and if there are any smart Australians, it should be a race to get the hell out of the banks. The banks should see a massive withdraw. Take your money and buy tangible assets, even gold, but you just cannot store it in a bank. 

    read more.


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Bix Weir: Silver, Gold and The End Game

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Jim Willie: When QE Goes Away With the Great Reset, Gold & Silver Will Be Released Like Rampaging Horses!


  • Jim Willie: When QE Goes Away With the Great Reset, Gold & Silver Will Be Released Like Rampaging Horses!
    The agenda contracted by Obama in mid-2008 was to kill the USDollar, to wreck the USEconomy, and to install martial law with a lit race war. Mission Accomplished.

    The systemic failure discussed for seven years in Jackass analysis has finally come to the fore in ugly glory. The upcoming Currency Reset will knock the nation on its keister.

    When the QE goes away with the Great Reset, Gold & Silver will be released like wild rampaging horses.
    Gold & Silver will be at the core of the new monetary system.

    Following the Global Currency Reset, better named the Return of the Gold Trade Standard, precious metals will prevail once again.

    by Jim Willie,
    Friday was May Day, the international day of workers celebrated by most communist and deeply socialist nations. To be sure, Obama should come out of the closet with admission of not only his Muslim roots but his Marxist roots. By now, he could have easily promoted the holiday and had it moved from its longstanding September location to the May month. In honor of the holiday, the Jackass will outline the profound damage to the USEconomy, its recent destructive pressures, and the newest dynamics which assure a systemic breakdown.

    The outcome is being seen in widespread job loss, business shutdowns, a new war waged each year, and civil disorder prompted by a strange phenomenon hardly ever discussed. The US police forces have been given carte blanche to conduct an extremely wide raft of criminal activity ranging from simple roadside mugging robberies, to commercial hijacks, to orchestrated public explosion events, to home invasions without warrants, to killing criminal suspects during raids, to abuse of suspects in custody, and recently in the open killing suspects in custody.A detail came to the fore recently, that the US Police Forces killed more of its own civilians in the year 2014 than the United Kingdom did in the entire 20th Century. 
    Time is running out on both the USEconomy and the US nation. Its very social fabric is finally being stretched and torn, as the Jackass forecast for the last three years. The triple threat will be price inflation, supply shortage, and social disorder. It is happening before your very eyes, no surprise here from Ferguson to Baltimore. The USDollar is soon to fade into oblivion. Its rise signals its demise. The hidden dismantle of the Petro-Dollar mechanism has been full of intrigue. The Gold Standard will return, but through the trade window.

    The many crucial new Gold platforms are being assembled, one by one.
    The most recent platform in view is the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, which will render obsolete both the Intl Monetary Fund and the World Bank. Actually, the IMF will be useful for China to seed the global banking system with a few types of RMB-based bonds. These Chinese Yuan denominated bonds will have a few flavors, like in addition to the Chinese Govt Bonds, there might be some other sovereign bonds (like UKGovt bonds) held in RMB denomination. The Chinese took control of the IMF, not just to shut it down, but to exploit it. They have an agenda.

    As the global banks place more RMB bonds in their reserves shelves, they will find the USTreasurys of no use. They will be converted conveniently to Gold bullion during the restoration phase.
    The Chinese hand moving the IMF part is a brilliant stroke, like an answer to the Monsanto GMO seeds. China will seed the global financial system with RMB seeds with the only genetic modification being of a golden strain and hue.

    The solution to the untreated Global Financial Crisis is the gold device. The Eurasian Trade Zone will be built upon the gold route. Next soon comes the heralded Gold Trade Note used as Letter of Credit in facilitated trade.

    read more.


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Why Did the Bank of International Settlements Just Slam the Gold Price Down with a $590m Sale?


  • Why did the Bank of International Settlements just slam the gold price down with a $590m sale?
    by Peter Cooper,  
    The manipulation of the gold price by global central banks was particularly blatant on Friday when the Bank of International Settlements orchestrated a $590 million sell order to put prices into reverse again, as brilliantly captured by the ZeroHedge website (click here).

    It’s no secret that global central banks are keeping the lid on interest rates to try to stimulate an economic recovery, though they are proving far more effective at the former rather than the latter. But not so many people appreciate that in order to achieve this they also have to artificially manipulate gold prices down.

    Inexact science
    Obviously this does not always work out. From 2001 to 2011 gold prices shot up from $250 to $1,923 an ounce despite the best efforts of the manipulators to suppress them. But they will always do this if they can see the opportunity to lower inflationary expectations. Silver gets the same rough treatment.

    However, on Friday we heard some nonsense about employment claims meaning that interest rates were likely to rise and that was supposedly bad for gold and brought the price down. Rubbish! Just remember that ’somebody’ pulled the strings behind the scene to make this happen and $590 million worth of gold is a huge amount to drop on the market!

    It’s also a bargain for the Chinese or whoever decides to pick up gold on a day when the BIS dirty tricks department is busy fixing the market. The more difficult thing to predict is when the central banks might lose control of gold prices again.

    read more.

Click on image for article.

Click on image for article!


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Dr. Chris Martenson: “Mother of All Collapses” Looms!

Click on image to download MP3 interview!

Click on image to download MP3 interview!

  • Dr. Chris Martenson: “Mother of All Collapses” Looms!
    “Nobody Alive Will See the End of the Effects…” 
    Welcome to this week’s Market Wrap Podcast, I’m Mike Gleason.
    Coming up later we have a fabulous interview with Dr. Chris Martenson of The Crash Course and Chris has a rather scary forecast for the global financial markets. And he shares some very important information about how the average investor can protect himself against what he sees coming. Don’t miss my interview with Chris Martenson — coming up after this week’s market update.

    Well, as trading begins for the month of May, precious metals bulls are watching to see if the gold market can finally break out of its recent trading range. Gold prices teased another upside breakout above the $1,200 level earlier this week but sold off Thursday to finish the month of April at $1,185 an ounce. As of Friday morning, gold is down another $10 and comes in at $1,175, down now 0.4% for the week. 

    The price action in silver is a bit more encouraging. Despite its late week struggles silver still shows a weekly gain of 1.7%, with prices currently coming in at $16.04 an ounce. Platinum and palladium are also showing a little bit of strength, with platinum advancing 0.8% to trade at $1,135 and palladium relatively unchanged to come in at $775 an ounce as of this Friday morning recording. 

    read more!


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McAlvany Weekly Commentary: Preparing for Global Currency Reset!

  • Published on Apr 28, 2015
    Venezuela’s Tier 1 Collateral: GOLD

    Putin vs. Obama: The new Energy War
    Safe Assets: Real, Out of sight, and Off the Grid


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Andrew Maguire on Precious Metals Manipulation

  • Andrew Maguire on Precious Metals Manipulation
    by Turd Ferguson,  
    This new interview/discussion is tremendous and a must listen for everyone. As an aside, I’m particularly happy to post this because I had a hand in setting it up…and the end result is terrific! Over the course of this 30-minute discussion, Andy addresses:

    * His background and how he became so involved in the fight against The Bullion Banks
    * An update on the silver manipulation investigations
    * Andy’s thoughts on the miners and the mining sectors
    * The bull market and physical demand for gold in euro and other non-dollar terms
    * Risks inherent in the global banking system and the value of holding physical precious metal
    * How Andy is personally preparing for “black swan” events and bank defaults
    * The potential and mechanism for default in London and/or New York
    * More information on the ABX and Andy’s involvement there


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Nick Barisheff: Global Monetary Reset Is Coming Very Soon!

Click on image to play the MP3 interview!

Click on image to play the MP3 interview!

  • Nick Barisheff – Global Monetary Reset Is Coming Very Soon!
    by Financial Survival Network
    Nick Barisheff author of Gold $10,000 joined us today. He says that China will soon disclose its massive gold hoard in an effort to join the IMF and have its currency included in the SDR (Special Drawing Right) which will become the new global reserve currency. This should have the effect of pushing up the price of gold dramatically. Are the Dollar’s days as the reserve currency limited? No one would be surprised to hear that they are, only that the end could be so near.


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New World Currency + Gold’s Slingshot… Coming Soon!

The Economist: Get Ready for a World Currency by 2018! The Rise of the Phoenix world currency from the ashes of national fiat currencies ie. destruction of fiat currencies via hyperinflation. "Phoenix" is of course an occult metaphor. Out of the destruction, the ashes of the old world order, the Luciferian New World Order will rise like a Phoenix!

The Economist: Get Ready for a World Currency by 2018! The Rise of the Phoenix world currency from the ashes of national fiat currencies ie. destruction of fiat currencies via hyperinflation. “Phoenix” is of course an occult metaphor. Out of the destruction, the ashes of the old world order, the Luciferian New World Order will rise like a Phoenix!

  • New World Currency + Gold’s Slingshot… Coming Soon!
    by ,  
    … Think the “one world currency” narrative is just bollocks dreamed up by wingnut conspiracy theorists?

    If so, you might be severely disappointed by today’s episode. Read on at your own risk. The unfortunate truth is this: the conspiracy theorists are spouting old news. The global currency already exists. It has for decades. Not as a potential. Not as an option. Not as an opinion. Nor as a goal or plan. But as something which is already in place. And here’s the strangest part about it: The only hold-up to the central banks rolling it out is, according to Rickards, China and her small(ish) gold reserves.

    I’ll explain what I mean in one moment. But there’s something else you should know first… Last Friday, if you recall, I had exciting revelations to share from our company party on Friday, April 17. … something big was happening an hour away in D.C.: Central bankers were passing around revelations of their own in one hush-hush meeting. And these revelations were, of all things, about the construction of a global currency.

    Here’s what you need to know…
    The meeting was conducted by one organization calledThe Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum (OMFIF). According to OMFIF’s website, this meeting was attended by “a select group of central banks and other official sector institutions.” And, says the website, the briefings took place “during the International Monetary Fund and World Bank Group spring meeting in Washington.”
    First, though, Jim is going to explain how this one world currency plan will play out. And show you how it ties into seemingly-unrelated global events you read about every day.

    * “Since Federal Reserve resources were barely able to prevent complete collapse in 2008,”Rickards writes in his New York Times best-seller, The Death of Money,“it should be expected that an even larger collapse will overwhelm the Fed’s balance sheet.”

    Everyone knows that the powers-that-be never allow a good crisis go to waste. That’s why, when the next bust takes place — without missing a beat — the global currency will slide in like a cool Tom Cruise in Risky Business. Rickards goes on:

    “The specter of the sovereign debt crisis suggests the urgency for new liquidity sources, bigger than those that central banks can provide, the next time a liquidity crisis strikes. The logic leads quickly from one world to one bank to one currency for the planet.”

    This one world currency, to no one’s surprise, was created within the walls of the IMF. In 2010, in just one example, the IMF released a paper titled, “Reserve Accumulation and International Monetary Stability.”

    In this paper, the organization recommends the entire world adopt one global currency called the “Bancor,” an idea inspired by the economist John Maynard Keynes. It also proposed that one global central bank administer this currency. (Hmmm… wonder who that might end up being…)

    To ensure the plan works out, all the IMF has to do is stand in the right place with its glove out when the dollar starts to crash.

    “The task of re-liquefying the world,” Jim Rickards goes on, “will fall to the IMF because the IMF will have the only clean balance sheet left among official institutions.The IMF will rise to the occasion with a towering issuance of SDRs, and this monetary operation will effectively end the dollar’s role as the leading reserve currency.”

    * What does a gold-backed SDR mean for the price of gold?
    “Dividing the money supply by the gold supply gives an implied, nondeflationary price for gold, under a gold-backed SDR standard,” Rickards calculates, “of approximately $9,000 per ounce.

    “Nominal values of debt would be left unchanged, instantaneously solving the global-sovereign-debt-and-deleveraging conundrum.
    * But in the meantime, says Rickards, the central banks are “out there making the San Andreas Fault bigger so we can have even bigger earthquakes in the future.

    “That’s exactly what’s going on.”
    It’s all a question of what will happen first. An uncontrollable collapse of the monetary system, or a new world currency backed, in part, by gold. Or both. Those appear to be our options. Jim doesn’t recommend you stand by and hope that the global currency will “fix” what ails us.

    “I would say two things about the monetary collapse,” says Jim. “It could happen very suddenly — and likely it will — and we won’t see it coming, so investors need to prepare now.

    read more!

Click on image for article!

Click on image for article!


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