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Robert David Steele: What Trump’s About To Do Is SHOCKING!

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Jim Rogers: What if Gold Doesn’t Pullback?

  • SilverDoctors Published on Feb 15, 2019
    The spot price of gold is finishing just over $1320 per troy ounce. Which the silver spot price is closing at $15.84 oz in Fiat Federal Reserve note terms. This week, we have a returning guest, Legendary investor and commodity expert, Jim Rogers joins us from Singapore. Learn what Jim thinks about our potential negative interest rate future ahead, what he will do if gold and the US dollar decouple with out a major pullback in the medium to short-term. And finally we cover some personal news about Jim’s two young daughters who are rising stars in China. Stick around for the clips at the end of the show to see footage of Jim on his motorcycle tour through China in the 1980s as well as hear from 2 of his greatest investments to date. Full SHOW NOTEs:…


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Gold Activated, [CB] Currency Will Enter Crisis Mode: Daniel Ameduri

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Deutsche Bank to pay C$5.5 Million to Settle Canadian Gold And Silver Market-Rigging Cases


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Reset Mortgages, Cashless Society, When to Buy Gold And Silver … Q&A with Lynette Zang and Eric Griff

  • ITM Trading Streamed live on Feb 12, 2019
    Link to the Slides and Sources:…
    Question 1. Colonel S: Would the U.S. government do its own reset for America and other nations do resets for their countries?
    Question 2. Alferes 77: It is inevitable that we are going to have a cashless society, if so what can we do now to be prepared for that?
    Question 3. Eddie: what will happen to those bank accounts that have less than $250,000 during a bail-in?
    Question 4. 83: Does a mortgage company have the legal ability to reset your fixed mortgage interest rate during hyperinflation? If so what counter strategy can the mortgage holder execute?
    Question 5. Joel V: Jim Rogers says to wait until the crash to buy precious metals. He says that as everyone panics and scrambles for dollars that will temporarily strengthen the dollar which will lower metal prices. I’ve looked at the charts and they do line up with that theory. In 2008 there was about a one-month time period where silver was around $10, immediately following the crash. What is your opinion on the matter?


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Global Currency Reset: This is WHY Central Banks Are Now HOARDING GOLD

  • SGTreport Published on Feb 13, 2019
    Author Ken Schortgen joins me to discuss the coming global monetary reset which, as Ken explains, cannot be avoided. Ken notes that central banks around the world are now buying gold in volumes not seen since 1971, and the reason is likely because massive changes are coming to the global banking system on March 31st.


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Gold Rush? Central Banks Increase Gold Purchases 74% YOY | McAlvany Commentary

  • McAlvany Financial Published on Feb 5, 2019
    Gold Rush? Central Banks Increase Gold Purchases 74% YOY. Hedge Fund Kings – Dalio, Gundlach, Mobius, & Zell Buying Gold. Powell Caves: From Concern About Bubble Dynamics To “What Bubble?”


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Global Debt Crisis 2.0 & Top Gold Stock Picks for 2019 – Peter Spina

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Chris Powell Talks About Gold Price Supression

  • Jay Taylor Media Published on Jan 30, 2019
    Chris Powell, a columnist for the Journal Inquirer explains how true price discovery has been denied by suppressive central bank manipulation.


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Jim Sinclair & Bill Holter: Trump Presides Over Bankruptcy of US — Global Reset by June 2019?

  • Jim Sinclair & Bill Holter: Trump Presides Over Bankruptcy of US — Global Reset by June 2019?
    by Greg hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)
    Financial writer Bill Holter and renowned gold and financial expert Jim Sinclair warned last summer there were big problems coming in the global financial system. Today, Sinclair says, “We destroyed everything. We not only destroyed the financial markets, we destroyed society. I’m going for June of this year. The reset button gets reset after a few days of a flash crash that can’t be stopped. We’re flash crashing to hell, piece by piece by piece, until all of a sudden, the motion of the entity cannot be stopped.”

    Holter says, “I think President Trump is going to preside over a bankruptcy. He’s gone through bankruptcies with his own companies and understands the process. That’s what this is. It’s the bankruptcy of the corporation of the United States.” Sinclair adds, “Much of Trump’s business career is in bankruptcy, and he has used it as an asset quite successfully.”

    Holter also points out, “Paul Volker, when he was Chairman of the Fed, was able to raise rates and able to tighten the money supply. He was able to create a deep recession. The reason he was able to do that was the country, corporations, individuals and the federal government itself was not over-leveraged in 1980 to the extent it is today. The over-leverage is everywhere today. If Paul Volker came in today and tried to do what he did back in 1979 and 1980, all you would see for markets and the economy is one big black smoking hole. You would have the entire system come down.”

    Sinclair warns, “If Bill and I were standing on a street corner as preachers, our sign would read not ‘the end is near.’ Our sign would read, ‘it ended.’” Sinclair goes on to say, “The flash crash to hell has started because the U.S. dollar is only up for one reason. It’s only up because there is a synthetic short.”

    Holter adds, “And if you look at the dollar chart, it is rolling over. The next big move in the dollar is down, which also tells you the next move in any asset priced in dollars is going to cost more dollars because the dollar will weaken dramatically.”

    In closing, Sinclair says, “The dollar standard is over. We were on a gold standard, and then poof, Nixon, and out. What has happened to the petro-dollar? Poof, it’s out in comparison to what it was. What system is next? The marbles standard? Gold is going back . . . to a store house of value.”


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The World Is About To Change And Nothing Will Stop It: Jordan Sather

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The Silver Slam-a-Rama: The #1 Reason Silver & Silver Stocks Will Explode Higher – Jeff Clark

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Jim Willie & Dustin Nemos on Venezuela, Vaccines, and Veritas Final Cut

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FINAL MELT UP BEGINS? Markets 2 / Fed 0

  • ITM Trading Streamed live 5 hours ago
    May 2013 then Fed Chair Ben Bernanke mentioned the idea of slowing the free money spigot and the global markets had a taper tantrum. Fed response? Balloon their balance sheet to over $4.5 trillion.

    Markets 1 / Fed 0

    Welcome the taper tantrum 2018 with the worst stock market performance since 2008. So what did we learn? The Federal Reserve has tried to taper again and again backed down. Fed Chair Powell stated that the Fed “will not hesitate to make changes in light of economic and financial developments” and since they cannot raise rates to their target 3.5% (even though average drop in rates into a recession is 5.5%) if they “want to cut rates more than lower zero bound, would use full set of tools” stating that the Fed had “room to do substantially more”, meaning the QE free money drug would be available.

    Markets 2 / Fed 0

    What can protect you as the free money drug no longer keeps the markets high, since more of the same is all that’s left? Real money gold and silver. In fact, spot gold just exhibited a “Life” cross, technically confirming the upward trend. Meaning, both gold and silver are most likely to get a lot more expensive in the near future.


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Political Unrest, Bank Accounts, BREXIT… Currency Reset — Q&A with Lynette Zang and Eric Griffin

  • ITM Trading Streamed live on Jan 29, 2019
    Link to the Slides and Sources:…
    Question 1. Lou Anne M: Does each currency reset include a war and political unrest? Is that what we can expect in Venezuela?
    Question 2. Greg L: Would you rather have your paper money in a credit Union or a regular FDIC insured bank account?
    Question 3. Bonny J: Brexit deadline is March 30. It appears that the UK is leaving the European Union. How does this affect worldwide currency markets and overall worldwide markets?
    Question 4. Paul S: We have heard from so many sources that Central Banks are buying massive amounts of gold. Can you speculate as to where the gold is coming from? Given the supply numbers, it cannot all be newly mined metal.


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