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Big Things Are Coming To The US, The Transition Will Not Be Smooth: Lior Gantz

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Dave Janda: Donald Trump Will Preside Over Reset and Bankruptcy

  • Dave Janda: Donald Trump Will Preside Over Reset and Bankruptcy
    by Greg Hunter’s
    Radio host Dr. Dave Janda says Trump is bringing big changes to the world with tough talk on trade. At the end of the G-7 economic forum, Trump said America is “like the piggy bank that everyone is robbing, and that ends.” Trump is basically saying America has been cheated in trade deals for decades and countries like China, Canada and Mexico are ripping us off. Janda, who has deep political and Intel sources, says, “Yes, that is correct. Go back to 1992 and Ross Perot. He was demagogued by the media as a crazy man. He was marginalized. He was ridiculed. 110% of what Ross Perot said about NAFTA is correct. It was a great ‘sucking sound’ of jobs leaving and manufacturing jobs leaving. Who benefited by that? Multinational corporations that are run by the globalists and political leaders. . . . All these agreements that are created by the globalists are money laundering fronts. Whether it’s NAFTA or whether it’s the Iran deal, they are all money laundering fronts.”

    The success President Trump had this week with North Korea is tied to trade and China. Janda says, “So, you are going to see a positive development on the peace front. Then you are going to see some backing down of trade war talk with China. Then you are going to see another development with the North Korea peace process and more backing down. People need to realize the peace initiative and trade agreements are working hand in hand. I believe Trump is going to use that same model of negotiation and that same linkage, and Trump is going to take that model he developed in North Korea and China and he’s going to take it to Iran.”

    Also, this week, is the expected release of the Inspector General report on the DOJ and FBI handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation. The report examines how a decision was made months before the investigation was completed that Clinton would be exonerated of any crimes even though she clearly committed numerous crimes. Janda predicts, “I believe the Globalists are in the crosshairs, and when this report comes out, I believe it’s going to be heavily redacted. Understand something, that’s not where this is going to end.” Janda predicts President Trump will order the report to be unclassified and released un-redacted. Janda contends, “That Inspector General report is going to open the door and open people’s eyes. . . . A very high source has told me for months that both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have violated the Espionage Act on many occasions.”

    Janda says the debt based financial system is headed for a reset. Janda says the reset will not only reset the debt but clear out corruption and “restore the rule of law.” Janda also says, “I have political sources that have said a reset will occur. I do not have a time frame for the reset . . . . I believe Donald Trump will preside over the largest bankruptcy in history, and that is why he’s there. I also believe that this reset will involve an escalation in the price of gold and silver, and the manipulation will be terminated.”


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There Is Going To Be A Paradigm Shift Away From Fiat Currency: Anthony Lacavera

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Something Big Is About To Happen With Gold, And It’s Not What You Think: Jim Willie

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FED UP: An Insiders Take on Why the FEDRES is Bad for America — Lynette Zang & Danielle DiMartino Booth

  • ITM Trading Published on Jun 6, 2018
    Lynette Zang Interviews Danielle DiMartino Booth on her book Fed Up, along with a diversity of topics ranging from Gold and Silver, the coming Crash, Rescission, and Financial Reset. They also get into the Central Banks, the Federal Reserve, US currency, the Chinese Yuan, Global Markets, Derivatives, the Bond Market, 2018, the immediate future, and so much more…

    Resources from Danielle DiMartino Booth:

Click on image for article.

Click on image for pdf E-book.


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Jim Willie: 2008 Was The WARM-UP — Criminals Still in Charge!

  • Portfolio Wealth Global Published on Jun 4, 2018
    Topics covered include the current status of the USEconomy stuck in a vicious recession for 12 years, the hyper-inflation at work in finance sector, the cannabis legalization for its odd economic effect, the many devices used like GDX (via Goldman Sachs) for gold price suppression, the ugly underbelly for gold mining stocks (e.g. ample executive stock options, marginal mines, stolen mine output in Mexico), the rebellious independent nature of crypto-currencies with distinction versus crypto utility tokens as well as crypto-money (asset backing), the dim influence of the millennials within the USEconomy, the globalist banker cabal in pursuit of GOD (as in Gold & Oil & Drugs).


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Markets Melt-Up as LIBOR Freezes-Up | Lynette Zang

  • Reluctant Preppers Published on Jun 1, 2018
    Despite the Jan 2018 dropoff in trust between banks evidenced by a cliff-event in inter-bank lending​, and 2 quarters of staggering volatility by the DJIA, the handlers appear determined to prop up the markets at any cost, but for how long? Lynette Zang, chief market analyst at ITM Trading, returns to Reluctant Preppers to draw the inescapable parallels between the runup to the crash of 2008 vs. today.

    Zang reveals the specific evidence that points to a major shakeup approaching. Will the trigger come from a surprise eco/political event such as Italy exiting the EU? Or what about the breaching of bond contracts that have already been mandated to be restructured in 2-1/2 yrs, which appears destined to be a Mission Impossible, given the tangled derivative complex and 100% consensus requirement? Or how about the emerging market nations that recently pegged their fates tot he USD just as the dollar did an about-face and appears ready to drag them into oblivion?

    Finally, Zang treats us to a sneak peek at her urban farm, now with floating garden islands! You gotta appreciate this synergistic integration of flora, fauna, and a reservoir of life-giving water in her Southwest US backyard!


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Jim Willie: Two Key Events Will Unleash Gold — The Global Currency Reset Has Already Begun

  • Jim Willie: Two Key Events Will Unleash Gold — The Global Currency Reset Has Already Begun
    by Jim Willie CB, 
    TIMBER!! That is the standard cry in the forest industry among loggers who cut down giant trees, the warning to step aside for the great impact. GET READY FOR THE SIMULTANEOUS BANKING CRISIS IN THE THREE BIGGEST EUROPEAN ECONOMIES: GERMANY, FRANCE, ITALY. The United States and the London Centre will not be able to avoid the crisis.

    Try that again. TIMBERRRR !! An event of monumental importance and impact is on the verge of occurrence. The largest bank in Europe is Deutsche Bank. Its credit default swap is rising in cost, while its stock price has entered single digits in a powerful decline. The great D-Bank, site of the European office in management of the multi-$trillion derivatives, is on the verge of financial failure. It is the largest bank in all of Europe. All of its business segments are impaired and losing money in a hemorrhage. Furthermore, it is a big bond holder for Italian Govt Bonds. The Italian banking system is in the death throes, which has finally been recognized. Their recent elections openly debated pathways in the face of banking system failure, which the Jackass has been expecting for over a year in steady coverage with analysis. However, the bigger bond holder for Italian debt is France. Expect a massive bank crisis to emerge very soon that wrecks Societe General and BNP Paribas, its two largest banks.

    The Global Currency RESET has begun, hardly with fanfare and parades, or even formal public statements by the main players. Many are the events and steps toward the planning and execution of the RESET, which will be very disruptive, and make the Lehman failure seem rather minor by comparison. The Jackass has consistently called what comes to be the Systemic Lehman Event, since major sovereign bonds have become subprime in quality, kept sustained by central banks with their QE.

    An astute and very well-informed source with solid connections has provided important direction on the development. Timing is always difficult. He looks toward two key events that soon will trigger a global financial crisis, complete with a wave of reforms and solutions sought, all amidst great changes in financial markets. Expect a complete restructuring of the financial world we know it, as in debt restructure. The result will be a gold-centric financial structure, with central banks honoring finally the Gold Standard and the gold asset in banking reserves.

    read more.


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THE PARTY IS OVER: Who Will Clean Up the Mess?

  • ITM Trading Streamed live on May 30, 2018
    Link to Slides and Sources:…
    Sounds starts a minute in. Sorry for the audio! In 2007 the financial crisis began to unfold as the US dollar crashed through the last long-term support level and rapidly plunged to lows never before seen and the USD carry trade was born. As yields were pushed to new lows, money printing exploded to new highs. Risky governments and corporations saw huge demand with interest rates ridiculously low, that borrowing spree lifted the global debt record to over $217 trillion. But now the party is over. One look at the derivative spot gold markets in terms of emerging market currencies says it all. They are up. At some point, when these governments are forced to show the truth, gold will be reset much higher. If you own it when this happens, you will not have to clean up the mess.


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Andrew Maguire: The Cartel MUST ‘Contain’ Gold As $1,000,000,000,000 In Derivatives AT STAKE TODAY

  • Andrew Maguire: The Cartel MUST ‘Contain’ Gold As $1,000,000,000,000 In Derivatives AT STAKE TODAY
    Andrew says the Cartel is desperate to keep gold under this specific price, or else a trillion dollars in derivatives blows today. Here’s the details… Andrew Maguire interviewed on Crush The Street:

    Andrew Maguire joins us in this exclusive interview to discuss the current economic instabilities and the ongoing suppression of precious metals. We also look into the union of Blockchain and Gold with the concept of Gold backed cryptocurrencies and gain insights on an accurate valuation for gold and also Silver. TOPICS IN THIS INTERVIEW:

    – Economic breaking points and Gold’s pricing
    – Bullion banks suppression agenda
    – Where are the opportunities in Gold and Silver?
    – Bitcoin and Gold backed cryptocurrencies
    – A fair valuation of Gold and Silver
    – Where to find out more information


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Jim Willie: Demise of the Dollar

  • ROGUE MONEY Streamed live on May 30, 2018
    Dr. Jim Willie returns to deliver an excellent assessment of geopolitical events unfolding around the globe that are leading to further US isolation and the inevitable demise of the US dollar. A must listen to interview. To learn about about Jim’s work with the Hat Trick Letter please visit:
    May 31st:  topics covered include the growing US isolation from failed foreign policy, the defiant disobedient reaction by European Union with respect to Russian sanctions and renewed Iran sanctions, the powerful effects to come from the Shanghai Gold-Oil-RMB (GOR) futures contracts for the lost USDollar global monopoly, the growing RMB-based oil contract volume which will surpass the Brent volume, the imminent Saudi oil sales to China in RMB terms, the upcoming launch of the Gold Trade Note atop the GOR contracts, the skein of non-USD platforms to undermine the King Dollar Court with its financial terror, the ARAMCO deal for potential control by China & Russia of Saudi oil production, the actual background of nefarious devious corrupt Jim Rickards, the BRICS Gold Trading Center with likely Turkish role from 1000 years of gold market experience, the dual risk of Deutsche Bank failure combined with the fallout effect of Italian banking system as a key trigger for global breakdown


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The GOLD ILLUSION: False Stability, USA, Canada, Japan, Crash & Reset. Q&A with Lynette and Eric


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The World Is Fractured Due To The Dying Dollar, This Is The End Game: Rob Kirby

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Jim Willie: Decline of the Dollar in Global Trade — The Petro-Gold-Yuan Contract

Click on image to download MP3 interview.

  • Jim Willie: Decline of the Dollar in Global Trade — The Petro-Gold-Yuan Contract
    by Turd Ferguson,
    It’s another three-day US market holiday weekend so The Golden Jackass, Jim Willie, stopped by on Friday to discuss the present situation and look forward to what promises to be a volatile and unpredictable summer.

    The primary topic that I asked Jim to address was the US dollar. However and as you might imagine, this took us down several different paths and it led to an interesting discussion. Among the topics covered:

    * the declining use of the US$ in global trade
    * the foundations being laid for a dollar alternative system
    * Turkish gold repatriation
    * DeutscheBank
    * the Italian Banks and the EU banking sector
    and quite a bit more

    These podcasts always prompt plenty of fresh thought and conversation so I look forward to seeing your feedback in the comments section. Thanks again to Jim for his willingness to share his insights with TFMR on such a regular basis.


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The Global Reset Is Necessary To Cut The BLEEP Off The Banking Machine Starting With Goldman Sachs

  • The Global Reset Is Necessary To Cut The BLEEP Off The Banking Machine Starting With Goldman Sachs
    Robert David Steele explains the global reset including the close coordination between Putin, Trump, and Xi to make it happen… Robert David Steele interviewed by Sarah Westall:

    Robert David Steele rejoins the program to share his thoughts on Trump’s global geopolitical strategy. Many of us are perplexed by Trump’s actions internationally and this episode we explore some of the actions by Trump and his possibly strategy and ultimate goals. In particular, we discuss the unification of the Koreas, the global economic reset, and the endless wars in the Middle East. We also discuss the ongoing chaos in the United States and the International Natural Justice Tribunal (INTJ) and the significant progress being made on combating child and organ trafficking.


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