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Jim Willie: There’s 30,000 Tons Of Gold Under The Kremlin (And The Russian Silver Rouble Is Real)

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  • Jim Willie: There’s 30,000 Tons Of Gold Under The Kremlin (And The Russian Silver Rouble Is Real)
    Jim says the 30,000 tons of gold are spread out in 18 rooms, and the Silver Rouble will launch with some unanticipated surprises. Here’s more…

    Jim Willie interviewed by Craig Hemke on TF Metals Report 
    For your holiday weekend listening pleasure, here’s 75 minutes of fresh Jackass, recorded yesterday in our A2A webinar format. Among the items discussed over the course of the event:

    * the long-term significance of yuan-denominated crude oil futures
    * Fed policy and long-term interest rates
    * the US trade deficit and its impact
    * the possibility/likelihood of a Russian “silver ruble”
    * what impact de-dollarization may have upon US expats living abroad
    * the definition of the term “global reset”
    * and much, much more!

    Thanks again to The Jackass for volunteering his time and sharing his wisdom.


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Why Petro-Yuan May Become Biggest Game-Changer of All Time in Capital Markets

  • Why Petro-Yuan May Become Biggest Game-Changer of All Time in Capital Markets
    The historic launch of the long-awaited trading of Chinese crude futures this week has stirred up a heated debate among analysts as to whether the new commodity product will prosper or flop.

    Some market analysts expressed doubts over the success of the petro-yuan, citing Beijing’s yearning for total control over trading as one of the key reasons for a potential bust. “The government has been eager to encourage liquidity and paper trading, but of course the issue with paper trading is speculative trading that the government wants to keep at bay,” Michal Meidan, an analyst at energy market consultancy Energy Aspects, told Bloomberg prior to the launch.

    Meanwhile, the high costs of oil storage for delivery into the Shanghai Futures Exchange may scare potential investors away from the new contracts, according to industry analysts. “Storage plays a crucial role in linking cash and futures markets. Many speculators, such as proprietary traders and hedge funds, may be scared away,” said Jian Yang, a research director at the JP Morgan Center for Commodities in the University of Colorado Denver, as quoted by the agency.

    However, China’s yuan-backed oil futures managed to make a strong debut on Monday with overnight trade volumes initially outstripping transactions of internationally recognized benchmark Brent. Some 62,500 contracts reportedly changed hands during the first session, as domestic and international oil investors joined the trading.

    The impressive start gives deeper cause for optimism about the newcomer with some analysts qualifying oil futures denominated in China’s currency as a game-changer in the world of financial trading. “This is the single biggest change in capital markets, maybe of all time,” said Hayden Briscoe, APAC head of fixed income at UBS Asset Management, as quoted by Reuters.

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Will China’s Petro-Yuan Dethrone the Petro-Dollar as King of the Hill?

  • TruNews Published on Mar 27, 2018
    Today we discuss the significance of China’s newly unveiled petro-yuan and how it will be used to create an alternate global financial system, not controlled by the western elite. Later, we share a report about an inspirational speech given by Evangelist Nick Vujicic, regarding how Christians can grow God’s Kingdom during the looming technology revolution.


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Lynette Zang: “Survive the Reset & Antichrist Sophisticated Socialist Bartering System”

  • TradCatKnight Published on Mar 27, 2018
    TradCatKight Radio, Lynette Zang “Survive the Reset & Antichrist Sophisticated Socialist Bartering System” Talk given 3-27-18 (aprx. 1hour)

    Special guest Lynette Zang joins me to discuss: latest push for cashless society, is the economic reset a certainty for 2018? looming signs of war, Fatima, false flags, being prudent in your “survive the reset” portfolio, attack on the US Dollar, the petro yuan, the U.N. will tell the nations how to “share” (Socialism), latest Trump moves, tax cuts, tariffs, retail store closures, customer confidence down, the resest of gold that know one is talking about and MUCH more!

    Lynette Zang has held the position of Chief Market Analyst at ITM Trading since 2002. She has been in the markets on some level since 1964 as a banker, a stock broker and while studying world currencies since 1987. She believes strongly that we need to be as independent as possible and at the same time, we need to come together in community in order to survive and thrive through the hyperinflation she sees in the near future. Her motto is food, water, energy, security, community, barter ability, and wealth preservation. Her goal is to translate financial noise into understandable language.


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The Global Community Is Unhappy With The Current Monetary System, Change Is Coming: Claudio Grass

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Jim Willie: Petro-Yuan, Dollar Collapse, Gold …


    March 28th: topics included the new Petro-Yuan contract out of Shanghai with implications toward the undermine of the King Dollar and the spread of the Gold Standard, the attacks on the Petro-Dollar with Saudi involvement (Chinese oil sales in RMB terms) in working away from the USDollar in monopoly status, the introduction of the Gold Trade Note built atop the Shanghai Gold-Oil contract, the eclipse of OPEC (dead cartel) by the Russian Rosneft Oil Consortium to sustain non-USD oil sales, the trade war waged by the USGovt with the principal victim being the USEconomy in backfire, the emergence of the Dual Universe in the USD Sphere versus the RMB Sphere, the pivot countries with Saudi Arabia and Germany turning Eastward, the wondrous feature of dumping USTreasury Bonds in building the gigantic Eurasian Trade Zone for its infra-structure.


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PetroYuan: Death of the US Dollar

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Petro-Yuan Helps Russia & China Dump US Dollar in Oil Trade

  • Petro-Yuan Helps Russia & China Dump US Dollar in Oil Trade
    China is the world’s biggest crude consumer and buys most of its oil from Russia. However, most settlements are still in US dollars. The launch of the petro-yuan now allows Moscow and Beijing to use national currencies instead.

    China and Russia are actively reducing dependence on the dollar in bilateral trade. In October 2017, Beijing launched a payment system for transactions in yuan and Russian rubles. This means that settlements for Russian oil deliveries to China, which have reached 60 million tons per year, can be done without using the dollar.

    After Monday’s launch of the yuan-backed oil futures in Shanghai, there have been negotiation between Russia and China on mutual promotion of oil futures in national currencies, RIA Novosti reported. In 2016, the St. Petersburg exchange in Russia launched Urals oil futures in the Russian ruble, and support from China could prop up Russian crude futures.

    China’s new oil benchmark had a hugely successful debut. On the first day of trading in Shanghai, 62,500 contracts with more than 62 million barrels of crude traded for a notional value of nearly 27 billion yuan ($4 billion), Zerohedge reported. Glencore, Trafigura, Freepoint Commodities and other huge oil-trading corporations took part.

    Russia held its position as China’s largest crude oil supplier in February. Russia supplied 5.052 million tons, or 1.32 million barrels per day (bpd) last month, up 17.8 percent from a year earlier, according to Reuters, quoting the Chinese General Administration of Customs.

    The increase in volume happened as a result of a second Sino-Russian oil pipeline, which began operations on January 1. It doubled China’s capacity to pump oil from the East Siberia-Pacific Ocean (ESPO) system. ESPO connects Russia and China with a direct pipeline.


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Petro Yuan Futures Launched, Economic System Shook, Control Narrative


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Death of US Dollar? China Launches Petro-Yuan to Challenge Greenback’s Dominance

  • Death of US dollar? China Launches Petro-Yuan to Challenge Greenback’s Dominance
    The highly anticipated yuan-backed crude oil futures have been launched in Shanghai. China is the world’s biggest oil consumer, with eyes on rival benchmarks Brent and WTI as well as the US currency.

    Trading of the new oil futures contracts for September settlement started on the Shanghai International Energy Exchange at 440.20 yuan ($69.70) per barrel, reports Chinese daily the South China Morning Post. Some 18,540 lots have reportedly been sold and purchased so far.

    The long-awaited step evoked a surge in global prices for oil with Brent Crude soaring to $71 a barrel for the first time since 2015. US crude benchmark West Texas Intermediate (WTI) reached the highest level in three years at $66.55 per barrel, before retreating to $65.53.

    Experts see China’s yuan-dominated contracts as historic as the new futures symbolize the first time that foreign investors can access a Chinese commodity market. The launch ends years of setbacks and delays since the country’s first attempt at listing the securities in 1993.

    At the same time, the petro-yuan launch is seen as a blow to the US dollar that has been weakening in recent months. The US dollar is the predominant settlement currency for oil futures contracts. On Monday, the greenback slipped to a 16-month low against the Japanese yen, but remained steady against a basket of six major currencies.

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PetroYuan Futures Open — Over 10 Billion Notional Trades In First Hour

  • PetroYuan Futures Open — Over 10 Billion Notional Trades In First Hour
    by Tyler Durden,
    After all the preparation, all the expectation, cheerleading and doomsaying, China’s Yuan-denominated crude oil futures contract began trading tonight and appears to be off a good start with well over 10 billion yuan notional traded within the first hour. So far it has tracked WTI futures well, trading at around a $2 premium to WTI (when translated from yuan to USD)…
    Additionally, well over 23,000 contracts have traded within the first hour for a notional trading volume of over 10 billion yuan – more than $1.5 billion notional… signaling significant demand.

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Jim Willie: Chinese Invade Oil Realm — PetroDollar Kill

  • Jim Willie: Chinese Invade Oil Realm — PetroDollar Kill
    by Jim Willie,, via
    China is working a strategy with the Saudis. Since the last months of 2017, the Jackass has been firm that the ARAMCO deal for IPO stock introduction might never occur. And if it did, then Hong Kong might be the only location for the IPO launch. It seems that disclosure and transparency is non-existent to this Arab kingdom. Now the stock listing might be in Riyadh and nowhere else. Imagine the risk to brokerage houses if the truth comes out, that the Saudi oil reserves are only 20% to 40% of the disclosed amount, a grand lie and deep fraud. Such will not stop China from investing privately in ARAMCO, since it would serve two purposes. It would enable huge diverse participation in the Saudi Economy, which contains a second treasure trove of minerals. It would enable the Chinese to purchase Saudi oil in RMB terms for payment. In the last month, the Russians confirmed an equally sized investment stake in ARAMCO. If the Chinese sit on the ARAMCO board of directors, they will surely convince the Saudis to alter the payment method in approval. It could be a primary part of the deal.

    The view that makes sense is that Russia will set oil output policy and China will set oil payment policy, as the Saudis have found a new sponsor and protector. The Saudi Royals have ceded control for their remaining oil reserves and production policy. The pudding proof will be military missile deals, since the Saudi Royals want the best. The entire team at the table will continue the lie on the ARAMCO valuation, but keep honest the USDollar amount on their investment. They will cite 10% investment stakes, but while smiling like Cheshire cats. The resulting percentages will be much higher than disclosed, like over 50% for R&C combined, thus control!

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China Prepares Death Blow to the Dollar

  • China Prepares Death Blow to the Dollar
    China is One Signature Away From Dealing the Dollar a Death Blow
    …  on March 26 China is set to become the intruder that may very well deal a death blow to the dollar.

    China Prepares Death Blow to the Dollar
    On March 26 China will finally launch a yuan-dominated oil futures contract. Over the last decade there have been a number of “false-starts,” but this time the contract has gotten approval from China’s State Council.

    With that approval, the “petroyuan” will become real and China will set out to challenge the “petrodollar” for dominance. Adam Levinson, managing partner and chief investment officer at hedge fund manager Graticule Asset Management Asia (GAMA), already warned last year that China launching a yuan-denominated oil futures contract will shock those investors who have not been paying attention.

    This could be a death blow for an already weakening U.S. dollar, and the rise of the yuan as the dominant world currency. But this isn’t just some slow, news day “fad” that will fizzle in a few days.

    A Warning for Investors Since 2015
    Back in 2015, the first of a number of strikes against the petrodollar was dealt by China. Gazprom Neft, the third-largest oil producer in Russia, decided to move away from the dollar and towards the yuan and other Asian currencies.

    Iran followed suit the same year, using the yuan with a host of other foreign currencies in trade, including Iranian oil. During the same year China also developed its Silk Road, while the yuan was beginning to establish more dominance in the European markets. But the U.S. petrodollar still had a fighting chance in 2015 because China’s oil imports were all over the place. Back then, Nick Cunningham of wrote

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Syrian War Report: U.S. Building Military Garrison to Control Largest Syrian Oil Field

  • Syrian War Report: U.S. Building Military Garrison to Control Largest Syrian Oil Field
    The US is reportedly establishing an at-Tanf-like military garrison in the Omar oil fields area in the province of Deir Ezzor. Considering the US attempt to maintain a military presence in Syria for as long as possible, Washington may see the Syrian oil and gas resources as useful tool to gain an additional financial revenue from its occupation of the eastern part of the country.

    A video has also appeared allegedly showing two US-led coalition Blackhawk helicopters landing in the area. On March 19, the Syrian state-run news agency SANA accused the US-led coalition of evacuating four ISIS members from the area between the villages of al-Jissi and Kalu in southeastern countryside of Qamishli.

    SANA also recalled that on February 26 the US allegedly evacuated a number of ISIS members to the Sabah al-Kheir center, 20 km south of Hasaka, which the US forces are using as center for training militant groups.

    According to one version, the US is going to use the evacuated ISIS members to create “security threates” in Central Asia. In late 2017 and early 2018 reports appeared that the US had already redeployed some ISIS members from Syria and Iraq to Afghanistan. The ISIS threat will serve as justification for a continued US military presence in the country.

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Lynette Zang Doubles Down: Listen To The IMF & Central Banks Because There WILL BE A Monetary Reset

  • Lynette Zang Doubles Down: Listen To The IMF & Central Banks Because There WILL BE A Monetary Reset
    Lynette Zang says if we just listen to and watch the central banks then we can understand what’s coming to the global financial system. Here’s more… Lynette Zang of ITM Trading. Eric sources questions from Lynette’s viewers and Lynette responds with organic and unrehearsed answers:

    Question 1. Dennis S: Can you give us what percentage of our assets we should hold in gold? It is costly to take money out of our IRA’s, are you saying we will lose it anyway and are you suggesting to take all of our retirement and convert to gold.  Or are there other ways to diversify retirement that would protect it during and after a crash or intense down turn?

    Question 2. 
    Boyd A: Dr. Stephen Leeb observes that the Chinese appear to have pegged the Chinese Yuan to Gold for the last 8-12 months ( Does this mean on March 26, 2018 when the petro yuan is launched that we can consider the yuan is pegged to oil, and oil pegged to gold?  Should we expect a drop in the US Dollar (and rise in gold) following the launch, or will this have no or little effect for years to come?

    Question 3. 
    Eric Mcvey3: You say not the best to own gold ETFs? I have moved most of my IRA into gold based positions? You can’t own physical gold through your IRA as far as I know.

    Question 4. 
    Ben L: I buy MS70 silver eagles. Are those considered numismatics and will they be protected from future confiscations?

    Question 5. 
    Walter B: My gut knows there will be a reset but my brain refuses to believe. Why?


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