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U.S. Warns The World Against Buying Venezuelan Oil

  • U.S. Warns The World Against Buying Venezuelan Oil
    by Tsvetana Paraskova, via
    U.S. National Security Advisor John Bolton has warned countries and companies against buying crude oil from Venezuela, after the Latin American country’s Oil Minister Manuel Quevedo said during a surprise visit to India that Venezuela wants to sell more oil to the fast-growing Indian market.

    In a tweet with a Bloomberg article on Venezuelan-Indian oil relations attached, Bolton wrote:

    Nations and firms that support Maduro’s theft of Venezuelan resources will not be forgotten. The United States will continue to use all of its powers to preserve the Venezuelan people’s assets and we encourage all nations to work together to do the same.”

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US Embarked on Course of Regime Change in Venezuela

  • RT Published on Feb 13, 2019
    Miguel Tinker Salas, a professor of Latin American studies, says any pretence of this crisis being a democratic process happening in Venezuela, is nonsense.


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Blood for Oil in Venezuela?

  • The Real News Network Published on Feb 10, 2019
    Vijay Prashad discusses the extent to which US interest in Venezuelan oil and other natural resources is driving Trump’s policy of seeking regime change. The link is not that straight-forward, but it is there, says Prashad.


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Mike Pompeo Claims “Active” Terror Cells in Venezuela (Bullshit)

  • The Duran Published on Feb 10, 2019
    The Duran Quick Take: Episode 79. The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris discuss US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s claim that Hezbollah is now “active in Venezuela”, and for this reason a US military intervention in the Latin American country is justified. 


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Juan Guaido Will Open Up Venezuelan Oil to Foreign Companies, His US Envoy Says

  • Juan Guaido Will Open Up Venezuelan Oil to Foreign Companies, His US Envoy Says
    An envoy to the US for Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó has said the country’s oil reserves would be opened to foreign investors, bolstering suspicions that Washington’s support of Guaidó is oil-dependent.

    Guaidó’s representative in Washington, Carlos Vecchio, told Bloomberg that the opposition leader wanted to increase oil production and scrap current requirements that state-owned oil giant PDVSA must keep a controlling stake in joint ventures. Currently, PDVSA must maintain a 51 percent stake in joint projects.

    US President Donald Trump threw his support behind Guaidó in January and called on “illegitimate” Maduro to step down after the opposition leader declared himself interim president.

    “We want to go to an open economy, we want to increase oil production,” Vecchio said during an interview at Bloomberg’s DC office. “The majority of the oil production that we want to increase will be with the private sector.”

    Vecchio’s comments will come as no surprise to analysts who predicted Trump is supporting capitalist Guaidó against socialist Maduro in order to gain access to Venezuela’s vast natural resources for eager American companies.

    Vecchio, who attended Trump’s State of the Union speech on Tuesday as a guest of Florida Senator Marco Rubio, also said that Citgo, the US refiner controlled by PDVSA would not file for bankruptcy despite earlier reports, saying it was “not necessary.”

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China to US: BUTT OUT of Venezuela! Here’s Why

  • RT America Published on Feb 5, 2019
    Rick Sanchez reports on China’s soft-spoken but unmistakable hard line on Venezuela, whose deep economic ties lead to Chinese unequivocal opposition to attempts to undermine the government of President Nicolas Maduro.


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The REAL Reason The U.S. Wants Regime Change in Venezuela

  • StormCloudsGathering Premiered Feb 2, 2019
    The U.S. and its allies have decided to throw their weight behind yet another coup attempt in Venezuela. As usual, they claim that their objectives are democracy and freedom. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The following presentation will expose the real motives and human consequences of this gambit. We’ll start with a quick rundown of recent events. To fully understand those events however, will require a history lesson; a background check on the key players. Supporting links, documentation, and updates can be found at


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Oil, Gold & Other Riches Behind Trump’s Venezuela Crusade – Maduro

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‘It’s An Option’: Trump Confirms Use of US Military in Venezuela is a Possibility

  • Has Venezuela attacked America? NO! Is Venezuela a threat to America? NO! So, why is America threatening military action? OIL! Who made America judge, jury and executioner? Who made America Emperor of the world?
  • RT Published on Feb 3, 2019
    #Venezuela #Trump The option of sending US military to Venezuela is on the table, while talking to President Nicolas Maduro is not, President Donald Trump said in an interview on Sunday.


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Trump Advisor Calls on Venezuelan Military, Central Bank to Join Opposition

  • Trump Advisor Calls on Venezuelan Military, Central Bank to Join Opposition
    WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – The national security advisor to US President Donald Trump, John Bolton, late Saturday called on the Venezuelan military and on employees of the country’s Central Bank to side with the opposition amid the ongoing political crisis.

    “To the Venezuelan military high command, now is the time to stand on the side of the Venezuelan people. It is your right and responsibility to defend the constitution and democracy for Venezuela! […] Venezuelan Central Bank employees and other bankers should accept [interim] President [Juan] Guaido’s amnesty now rather than be held accountable for plundering the country’s wealth”, Bolton tweeted.

    Bolton — a known military hawk appointed by Trump to advise on matters of national security — posted a link to a Bloomberg article claiming that “tensions inside the [Central] bank are brewing” and a link to a video allegedly showing police officers leaving the scene of an anti-governmental rally in the northwestern Venezuelan city of Barquisimeto after refusing to arrest anti-Maduro protesters.

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Bolton: We’re Taking Venezuela’s Oil

  • RonPaulLibertyReport Streamed live on Jan 29, 2019
    Yesterday, Trump’s National Security Advisor John Bolton made the US position clear in a FoxNews interview: Washington will overthrow the Venezuelan government and take its oil for the benefit of US companies. This is “regime change” on steroids!

General Smedley Butler: War is a racket!

Click on image for E-book.


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‘Hands Off Venezuela’: Maduro Slams Trump in English After US Sanctions Country’s Oil Giant

  • RT Published on Jan 29, 2019
    Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro addressed Donald Trump in English to demand that Washington keep its “hands off” the country, after the US imposed sanctions on its state oil company in recognition of Juan Guaido as president.


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John Bolton Openly Admits He Wants Maduro Out, American Oil Companies In

  • John Bolton Openly Admits He Wants Maduro Out, American Oil Companies In
    by Tyler Durden,
    Embattled Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro might be forgiven for thinking there’s a foreign-backed conspiracy against him in repeatedly accusing the US of engineering a “coup” and waging “economic war” against his regime, especially given that US advisers are now quite openly admitting this is precisely the case. In fact just after Maduro’s contested reelection and swearing in to a second six-year term, his foreign minister Jorge Arreaza told Democracy Now that “Nothing that the opposition does is without the permission or authorization of the State Department… They say, ‘We have to make consultations with the embassy. We have to make consultations with the Dept of State.'”

    While that broad brush assertion could remain over-simplistic, White House officials aren’t making it any easier for the opposition in terms of Maduro painting it as tainted by a foreign hand. As a prime example, Trump’s national security advisor John Bolton recently admitted to Fox Business that the US has a “lot at stake” amidst the ongoing Venezuela crisis given the fact that it has the world’s largest proven oil reserves. Bolton told host Trish Regan:

    It will make a big difference to the United States economically if we could have American oil companies invest in and produce the oil capabilities in Venezuela.

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Response to US Global Bullying: Iran, India Ditch Dollar to Continue Trading Oil Despite Sanctions

  • Response to US Global Bullying: Iran, India Ditch Dollar to Continue Trading Oil Despite Sanctions
    by Darius Shahtahmasebi,
    In an effort to circumvent US-imposed sanctions, India and Iran have reportedly ditched the US dollar and are trading oil in rupees. The reason becomes clear after considering the dynamics at play in the region.

    In mid-February last year, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani visited India, and the two countries signed nine agreements signalling a strengthening of ties. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi appeared to celebrate the growing relationship, stating that it was “a matter of great pleasure” for India that an Iranian president came to India “after a gap of 10 years.”

    Fast-forward a few months later, and then-UN ambassador Nikki Haley was bluntly telling India that they should rethink their relationship with Tehran.

    Donald Trump’s decision to rip up the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) last year, also known as the Iranian nuclear accord, was a particularly significant blow to Iran-India relations. At the time the JCPOA was formulated, Indian officials believed the deal to be the “best deal available.” After the JCPOA’s implementation in 2016, exports of Iranian oil to India increased by more than 110 percent.

    Maybe the issue isn’t always that Washington wants to contain its rivals in the Middle East and Asia, but perhaps there is a chance that it also wants to keep a lid on its so-called allies as well. Right now, India is the third largest oil consumer in the world, and is expected to become the largest by the year 2040. As its domestic reserves are not meeting the needs of its rapidly expanding economy, India has been importing 80 percent of its oil supply from overseas, including and especially Iran.

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EU Pushes for Broader Global Use of Euro, De-Dollarization

  • PressTV Published on Dec 5, 2018
    The European Commission has unveiled its plans to reduce the E-U dependence on the U-S dollar and to strengthen the role of the euro. The commission called on companies and states to increase their use of the euro in energy contracts. It said it would study possible measures to promote the E-U currency in financial and commodity markets. According to the commission, the share of the euro in global holdings of foreign exchange reserves currently stands at around 20 percent. The U-S dollar, by comparison, is over 60 percent. The move follows the U-S withdrawal from the 20-15 Iran nuclear deal. That has forced many European companies to stop trading with Iran to avoid U-S sanctions.


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