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In Effort To Save Saudi Arabia From The Houthis, Has The U.S. Created Another Gulf Of Tonkin?


  • In Effort To Save Saudi Arabia From The Houthis, Has The U.S. Created Another Gulf Of Tonkin?
    by Brandon Turbeville,  
    No longer content to lead from behind with the occasional drone bomb, the United States has now resorted to launching missiles from vessels off the Yemeni coast into the embattled nation. Having launched attacks at several Houthi “command and control” centers allegedly housing radar, the U.S. is once again only entrenching its position as a great force for evil and destruction the world over.

    Per usual, the U.S. justification for the attack is questionable at best, and, in the end, an example of just how arrogant and aggressive U.S. foreign policy is toward the rest of the world and, in particular, those nations and forces who do not capitulate to U.S. interests.

    According to mainstream press reports and the U.S. government itself, the United States responded to alleged missiles being fired from Houthi-occupied territory at the U.S. Destroyer U.S.S. Mason. After four alleged missiles being fired in two alleged separate incidents, the U.S. ship, which was operating off the coast of Yemen, fired missiles at the Houthi radar locations.

    The Western press has, of course, responded in a predictable fashion by rushing to point out that the U.S. position was entirely justified and was nothing more than retaliation at unprovoked threats produced by the “Iranian proxies” fighting against the democratic kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s invasion of Yemeni territory.

    “For the United States, it was simple retaliation: Rebels in Yemen had fired missiles at an American warship twice in four days, and so the United States hit back, destroying rebel radar facilities with missiles,” reads a report in the New York Times. But the framing of the incident assumes that the Houthis actually fired the missiles and that the U.S. merely acted in self-defense and retaliation. It also assumes that the U.S. was justified for having its ships off the coast of Yemen to begin with.

    For their part, the Houthi forces have denied firing any missiles at U.S. ships.

    Interestingly enough, the United States itself admits that the Houthis may not have fired the missiles. In fact, they admit that they do not even know for sure who fired the missiles. Pentagon Spokesman Peter Cook actually stated, “We don’t know who was pulling the trigger specifically,” stopping short of actually blaming the Houthis for the record. But nevertheless, the U.S. “retaliated” against them.

    Take a look at the logic being presented by the Pentagon here. “Missiles were fired presumably at our ship. We do not know who fired them. Therefore, we attacked the Houthis.” Is it now considered prudent military and international policy to bomb forces for an act no one is actually sure they committed?

    With all this in mind and given the track record of the United States government ginning up “attacks” in order to justify foreign military adventures, it would be wise to question the nature and even the existence of the “missile attacks” to begin with, not only who actually fired the missiles. Indeed, it was in 1964 that the U.S. government claimed North Vietnamese forces fired torpedoes and machine guns at the U.S.S. Maddoxwhich subsequently resulted in large-scale involvement of the United States in Vietnam. Decades later, the Gulf of Tonkin Incident has largely been proven as nothing more than a fabrication of the U.S. government in order to justify war in Vietnam.

    read more.

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The Hagmanns and Dave Hodges: No Election and World War III?

  • The Hagmanns and Dave Hodges: No Election and World War III?
    by Dave Hodges,  
    One of the most riveting discussions ,ever, on The Common Sense Show. The Hagmanns’ and myself discussed:

    1. The election and why elite cannot withstand a Trump Presidency
    2. How the elite will steal the election
    3. World War III is very close

    Help people wake up, make this go viral!


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British Minister: Yemen Bombing Deliberate Error by Saudi Arabia (US & UK Still Selling Arms to Them)

  • Published on Oct 20, 2016
    A British minister has labeled the recent Saudi bombing of a funeral in Yemen as “a deliberate error”, amid a growing outcry over the tragic incident. Britain’s minister for the Middle East Tobias Ellwood says Riyadh had specifically ORDERED the attack which led to the deaths of 140 civilians. Ellwood added that the deliberate error was made by an individual, who must face punishment. He also called for compensation for the victims. The October 8th airstrike on the funeral in the Yemeni capital drew strong condemnation from the international community. Riyadh initially denied responsibility for the attack which also left 534 people wounded, but later confessed to bombing the funeral.


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‘Smoking Gun’ Email Confirms DNC Involvement In Inciting Violence At Trump Rallies

  • ‘Smoking Gun’ Email Confirms DNC Involvement In Inciting Violence At Trump Rallies
    by Tyler Durden,  
    Just a few days ago, Project Veritas released a bombshell video exposing coordinated efforts between the Hillary Clinton campaign, the Democratic National Committee, Democracy Partners (run by Robert Creamer) and The Foval Group (run by Scott Foval) to incite violence at Trump rallies across the country.  The Clinton campaign and the DNC have vehemently denied the validity of the Project Veritas video but new emails discovered from WikiLeaks’ previous “DNC Leaks” seem to confirm the DNC’s involvement.

    Recall in the first Project Veritas video, that the following people made the following claims (video top of post):

    “Aaron Black” (real name:  Aaron Minter)  (appears at 9 mins 10 secs)
    :  “So, I’m basically deputy rapid response director for the DNC for all thing Trump on the ground.  Nobody is really supposed to know about me.  So the Chicago protest when they shut all that, that was us.  It was more him (Bob Creamer) than me, but non of this is supposed to come back to us, because we want it coming from people, we don’t want it to come from the party.”

    ob Creamer (appears at 10 mins 50 secs):  “We have a call with the campaign every day to go over the focuses that need to be undertaken.”

    Zulema Rodrigues (appears at 10 mins 58 secs):
      “I just had a call with the campaign and the DNC. Everyday at one o’clock.

    Well, if the video is faked, then it is certainly odd that several of the comments above line up perfectly with the email below in which Bob Creamer reaches out to Luis Miranda, the Communications Director for the Democratic National Committee, to setup a conference call.  Here are a couple of the “coincidences”: 

    First, the call is titled the “Trump Rapid Response” call, which perfectly aligns with Aaron Black’s comment above that he is the “Rapid Response Director.”

    Second, the call is scheduled for 1pm which is exactly when Zulema Rodriguez confirms that she has her daily call with the “campaign and the DNC.”

    read more.


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The Absurd New Anti-Russian Propaganda From The New York Times



  • The Absurd New Anti-Russian Propaganda From The New York Times
    by Robert Parry | October 17, 2016,  
    The New York Times is so determined to generate hate against Russia that it has lost all journalistic perspective, even portraying Russia’s military decoys – like those used in World War II.

    If the dangers weren’t so great – a possible nuclear war that could exterminate life on the planet – The New York Times over-the-top denunciation of all things Russian would be almost funny, like the recent front-page story finding something uniquely sinister about Russia using inflatable decoys of military weapons to confuse adversaries.

    The Oct. 13 article, entitled “Decoys in Service of an Inflated Russian Might,” was described as part of a series called “DARK ARTS … How Russia projects power covertly,” suggesting that the nefarious Russians aren’t to be trusted in anything even in the case of “one of Russia’s lesser-known military threats: a growing arsenal of inflatable tanks, jets and missile launchers.”

    The bizarre article by Andrew E. Kramer, one of the most prolific producers of this anti-Russian propaganda, then states: “As Russia under President Vladimir V. Putin has muscled its way back onto the geopolitical stage, the Kremlin has employed a range of stealthy tactics. … One of the newer entries to that list is an updating of the Russian military’s longtime interest in operations of deceit and disguise, a repertoire of lethal tricks known as maskirovka, or masking. It is a psychological warfare doctrine that is becoming an increasingly critical element in the country’s geopolitical ambitions.”

    What is particularly curious about Kramer’s article is that it takes actions that are typical of all militaries, going back centuries, and presents them as some special kind of evil attributable to the Russians, such as Special Forces units not dressing in official uniforms and instead blending in with the surroundings while creating deniability for political leaders.

    American and European Special Forces, for instance, have been deployed on the ground in Libya and Syria without official confirmation, at least initially. Sometimes, their presence is acknowledged only after exposure because of casualties, such as the death of three French soldiers near Benghazi, Libya, in July.

    Indeed, one could argue that the United States has excelled at this practice of stealthily entering other countries, usually in violation of international law, to carry out lethal operations, such as drone assassinations and Special Forces’ strikes. However, rather than condemning U.S. officials for their sneakiness, the Times and other mainstream Western publications often extol the secrecy of these acts and sometimes even agree to delay publication of information about the covert attacks so as not to jeopardize the lives of American soldiers.

    The U.S. Propaganda Network
    The U.S. government also has built extensive propaganda operations around the world that pump out all sorts of half-truths and disinformation to put U.S. adversaries on the defensive, with the American financial hand kept hidden so the public is more likely to trust the claims of supposedly independent voices.

    read more.

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Megyn Kelly Corners DNC’s Donna Brazile on Leaked Emails Encouraging Violence at Trump Rallies


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Hillary Presidency Means Immediate War With Russia

  • Published on Oct 19, 2016
    Hillary Clinton wants nothing more than to go to war with Russia and Vladimir Putin after blaming them for hack they clearly had nothing to do with.



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Germany Moves to Run Its Own EU Army – Leaving Both Brussels & NATO in New Crisis

IMO, the EU will collapse. The 10 Horn beast empire will arise out of it and Germany/France will be playing the leading role. Click on image for article.

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Hillary is A Freak: Look What One of Her Employees Leaked About Who She Sleeps With!

  • Published on Oct 19, 2016
    Paris Swade for Liberty Writers reports, This happened today. If you didn’t know it before, now you know it. It dropped on the Drudge Report this morning. Apparently, one of Hillary’s political fixers dropped a bomb and let leak that he arranged sexual trysts for Hillary Clinton with men and women.


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The Next Event Is Building And Ready To Explode Like A Volcano

  • Published on Oct 19, 2016
    Protests are continuing around the world against TTIP and CETA. The Philippines just signed on with China, the pivot is complete. Paid mercenaries are entering Ukraine, the war is being prepped and readied. US pushing NK to react and the US says if NK decided to use their weapons the US will respond. US states that the IS will use chemical weapons in Iraq, this will be used to cover up the move from Iraq to Syria. Russia’s warships are on their way to Syria. Russia and Syria are now in a ceasefire but the UN will not deliver aid. The US blames Russia but it is the terrorists that are stopping deliveries. The West veto’s Russia’s UN draft to separate the moderate rebels from the terrorists. The next event is building and ready to go off.


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Shadow Government In Charge Of Clinton’s Investigation

  • Published on Oct 19, 2016
    A page from the FBI’s publicly released documents from the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private email server reveals that a group literally called “the shadow government” was overseeing the inquiry. “There was a powerful group of very high ranking STATE officials that some referred to as “The 7th Floor Group” or “The Shadow Government.” This group met every Wednesday afternoon to discuss the FOIA process, Congressional records and everything CLINTON-related to FOIA/Congressional inquiries,” states page 56 of the document.




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World War 3 With Russia Could Start Over Clinton’s Proposed No-Fly Zone In Syria, Says Historian

  • World War 3 With Russia Could Start Over Clinton’s Proposed No-Fly Zone In Syria, Says Historian
    by Zachary Volkert,  
    Tensions between the United States and Russia have unleashed a flurry of World War 3 theories that have come to the forefront of the final weeks of the 2016 elections.

    Questions raised about America’s future relationship with Russia have ranged from cyber-espionage threats to the continuing dispute over Crimea, but perhaps no world issue has been as central to the unfolding drama as the War in Syria. As Russia backs President Bashar Hafez al-Assad, the U.S. arms Syrian rebel forces fighting against him — both sides ostensibly only making direct attacks on Islamic extremist groups in the area. Each nation has separately accused the other of breaking this pact, even to the point of using the phrase “war crimes,” reported the New Yorker.

    Gerald Horne, the history chair at the University of Houston, recently sat down with Russia Today to discuss how he sees Hillary Clinton’s proposed policies playing out in Syria — particularly in the case of a no-fly zone that he says could spark the beginning of World War 3.

    “When Secretary Clinton talks about establishing a no-fly zone in Syria, she is basically saying that if she’s sworn in to the highest office in the land, in January 2017, she will be challenging Russian jets over Syria. This is a direct provocation. It could easily devolve into World War 3. I’m very much concerned about the hawkish language coming out of Washington that in a very cavalier fashion is talking about confronting and challenging Moscow, a major nuclear power.”

    ‘s interview with Horne largely centered around the fact that Clinton still sees the U.S. as the top dog in the world hegemony, somewhere she seems to think it belongs due to its “exceptional” nature. It’s the kind of rhetoric, Horne said, that no doubt irritates other countries that also think of themselves as exceptional — a concept echoed by Russian officials who think the U.S. is not judged for its role in foreign conflict the same way as its enemies.

    read more.


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On The Edge of Nuclear World War? Clinton Propaganda Distracts from Criminality And Imminent Attack on Russia

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  • On The Edge of Nuclear World War? Clinton Propaganda Distracts from Criminality And Imminent Attack on Russia
    by Larry Chin,  
    As nuclear war with Russia over Syria is being planned in earnest and craved by New World Order fanatics including the Clintons, the Obama administration and the Bushes, a “civil war” is being waged ahead of the US presidential election. The future of the entire planet is at stake.

    The efforts to control the narrative, and the eventual outcome, are desperate and unprecedented, as has been the resistance to the imperial propaganda effort.

    A Hillary Clinton presidency is being pushed down the collective throats of humanity with massive psy-op, a global “wag the dog”. The end game of the elites—nuclear war with Russia, the long-awaited conquest of the Eurasian subcontinent, and a criminal succession must not be derailed. A Trump victory and a popular revolt pose threats to this end game, and must be thwarted at all costs.

    Aligned against the New World Order is an unprecedented anti-establishment resistance, represented by Trump and his movement, exemplified by Wikileaks, DC Leaks, Anonymous, the alternative media, and the urgent warnings of whistleblowers and seasoned observers who know the Clintons, and individuals such as Cindy Sheehan and Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein, who warn that a Hillary Clinton presidency poses and immediate threat of world war.

    Tensions are reaching the breaking point. Within the US, there is intense volatility on all fronts, and divisions at every level.

    The Clintons’ dirty propaganda tidal wave
    The Clinton/Bush/New World Order forces and their worldwide corporate media apparatus have concocted a propaganda construct of massive proportions—an alternative reality made up of smoke and mirrors, false narratives.

    The entire mainstream media, from the international and national to the local levels, is functioning as nothing more than a propaganda bull horn for Clinton, a weapon of around-the-clock mouth-foaming character assassination against Trump, and an all-out propaganda attack against Russia. In lockstep, the Washington criminal establishment led by the Clinton and Bush factions, and the corporate media that they own, pummel the war drums around the clock, demanding collective obedience and surrender.

    Trump is the immediate target, but Russia is the larger and more important one.  Russia must be set up as the justifiable target for war. Russia is being systematically blamed for Donald Trump and “interference” with the election, for a total infiltration of America. Russia is blamed for Wikileaks and all counter-Clinton resistance.

    It does not get more Orwellian than this, or more dangerous. Reality has been turned upside down. Trump is portrayed as a fascist madman. The headline of a recent editorial penned by former Clinton official Robert Reich, typical of what is found across the mainstream media today, screams: “Failing to vote for Clinton puts our future in jeopardy. This nonsense spews forth, when in fact Hillary Clinton is the neocon, the war criminal, the fanatic who is demanding for nuclear war with Russia. In fact,Hillary Clinton puts all of humankind in jeopardy immediately. In fact, there will be no future at all when nuclear war breaks out.

    The degree and depth of the collusion, the bald-faced nature of the deception, has never been more evident. The sheer number of Clinton/Bush surrogates, mouthpieces and gatekeepers, astounding. Hollywood and the entertainment world, controlled by the same forces and CIA assets as the news media, are also is out in force. The Trump-bashing, the “Trump as pervert” allegations, the pro-Clinton cover-up and fantasy spinning is around the clock, from snarky pro-Clinton Saturday Night Live skits to the glib talk show hosts and entertainment “reporters”.  An upcoming episode of the TV series Law and Order, to be shown before the election, is being specially produced to depict a Trump-like sexual predator who is running for office.

    read more.

Another sign that the global economic, financial and currency collapse is about to be triggered. Click on image for article.

Click on image for article.

Click on image for article.


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Media Silent as Anti-Corporate Trade Deal Protests Take Europe by Storm



  • Media Silent as Anti-Corporate Trade Deal Protests Take Europe by Storm
    by Carey Wedler,  
    (ANTIMEDIA) Over the weekend, thousands of protesters across multiple countries condemned impending trade deals promoted by governments and their corporate partners. Though the protests received little coverage from mainstream media, they stretched from Paris to Warsaw.

    The demonstrations came amid the Commission on International Trade of the European Parliament’s plans to finalize the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) this week. The policy has been likened to so-called “free trade” deals pushed by President Barack Obama and other Western governments.

    CETA, which has been in the works for seven years, would eliminate tariffs between Canada and European nations, which proponents argue would foster increased trade and create jobs. Nevertheless, the deal has been criticized for granting too much power to multinational corporations, the Guardian reports.

    Though the European Commission recently drafted a statement claiming “environmental and health standards will not be diluted,” not all policymakers are convinced.

    Passage of CETA hit a roadblock after the parliament of the Wallonia region of Belgium rejected it. Wallonia’s minister-president, Paul Magnette, vowed to block the entire country from ratifying the deal. This has proponents of CETA concerned about the agreement’s future, as all 28 member states of the European Union must unanimously agree on it before it can be further negotiated and ratified.

    As the Independent reported, opponents claim it will “set a dangerous precedent and be used as a template to push through the controversial EU-US trade deal, TTIP.

    TTIP is another loathed trade deal that has been in the works for years; it was also the target of protests over the weekend, as CETA has been heavily compared to it. TTIP is “a bi-lateral trade agreement [that is] about reducing the regulatory barriers to trade for big business, things like food safety law, environmental legislation, banking regulations and the sovereign powers of individual nations,” the Independent has explained.

    read more.

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World War 3 Fears Rise To A New High As Russia Accuses The U.S. Of Directing Cyber-Attack Threats

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  • IMO, the Russians will likely be blamed for a false flag attack on the west that collapses the financial system. Got physical gold/silver yet? Stock up on food/water. Don’t get caught when the banking system goes down, ATM goes dark, your bank account suddenly become zero …. you get the idea.
  • World War 3 Fears Rise To A New High As Russia Accuses The U.S. Of Directing Cyber-Attack Threats
    by Sahash Khanal,  
    The fear of the world facing a devastating third world war continues to rise. And the dangerous blame game the two superpowers, the U.S. and Russia, are currently involved in isn’t helping either. Threats have now been directed both by the White House and the Kremlin against one another, as tensions between the two countries rise to its highest since the end of the Cold War.

    Joe Biden gave an interview to “Meet the Press” where he told host Chuck Todd that the U.S. was planning to “send a message” to Russia, following recent tensions between the two countries.

    “We’re sending a message. We have the capacity to do it and it will be at the time of our choosing, and under the circumstances that will have the greatest impact.”

    The Obama administration is said to be planning a massive cyber retaliation against Russia for (allegedly) interfering in the U.S. election. It has widely been reported that Russia has had a hand in the recent hacks concerning the U.S. election, particularly those targeting Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

    Retired Admiral James Stavridis said that the U.S. should target the Putin Administration’s financial dealings to embarrass them.

    “It’s well known that there’s great deal of offshore money moved outside of Russia from oligarchs. It would be very embarrassing if that was revealed, and that would be a proportional response to what we’ve seen.”

    CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell told NBC that he believes that such an attack should be overt rather than covert, to set an example to the world.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin was asked to comment on the U.S.’s cyber-attack threats during a press conference at this week’s summit of developing economies in India.

    “You can expect anything from our American friends. But what did he say that was new? Don’t we know that official bodies of the United States are spying and eavesdropping on everyone? The only new thing is that for the first time the United States has recognised at the highest level … that they themselves do it [cyber-attacks].”

    Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov has also addressed the threats, calling them troubling.

    “The threats directed against Moscow and our state’s leadership are unprecedented because they are voiced at the level of the US vice president. To the backdrop of this aggressive, unpredictable line, we must take measures to protect our interests, to hedge risks.”

    Severe tensions have been developing between the United States and Russia over the Russian military’s intervention in Syria. Putin’s officials had previously announced that they had foreseen an attack by the U.S. right after the two nations broke off their faltering talks over the Syrian conflict. After the talks were officially suspended earlier this month, Russia has been involved in a series of high-level military drills, including a nuclear warfare preparation drill for its citizens. Furthermore, it has also been reported that Russia is increasing military presence near its borders, including the movement of nuclear-capable missiles near its Polish border.

    read more.

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