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A US-Russia War Over Ukraine?


  • A US-Russia War Over Ukraine?
    by , April 17, 2015,  
    “Could a U.S. response to Russia’s action in Ukraine provoke a confrontation that leads to a U.S.-Russia War?” This jolting question is raised by Graham Allison and Dimitri Simes in the cover article of The National Interest.

    The answer the authors give, in “Countdown to War: The Coming U.S. Russia Conflict,” is that the odds are shortening on a military collision between the world’s largest nuclear powers. The cockpit of the conflict, should it come, will be Ukraine.

    What makes the article timely is the report that Canada will be sending 200 soldiers to western Ukraine to join 800 Americans and 75 Brits on a yearlong assignment to train the Ukrainian army.

    And train that army to fight whom? Pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine whom Vladimir Putin has said will not be crushed, even if it requires Russian intervention. Says Putin, “We won’t let it happen.” What are the forces that have us “stumbling to war”?

    On our side there is President Obama who “enjoys attempting to humiliate Putin” and “repeatedly includes Russia in his list of current scourges alongside the Islamic State and Ebola.”

    Then there is what TNI editor Jacob Heilbrunn calls the “truculent disposition” that has become the “main driver of Republican foreign policy.” A “triumphalist camp,” redolent of the “cakewalk war” crowd of Bush II, is ascendant and pushing us toward confrontation.

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IV Vitamin C Therapy: A Cancer Perspective!

  • IV Vitamin C Therapy: A Cancer Perspective!
    by Jonathan Landsman,  
    (NaturalNews) Cancer patients need to understand the danger of vitamin C deficiencies – especially when looking to overcome a cancer diagnosis. In truth, most people suffering with any chronic degenerative disease are vitamin C deficient. Sadly, it’s a fact that Western medicine refuses to recognize due to the influence of the pharmaceutical industry.

    Cancer patients find relief with IV vitamin C therapy. Over 40 years ago, Nobel laureate Linus Pauling and Ewan Cameron, MD, a Scottish cancer surgeon, demonstrated the effectiveness of 10,000 mg of vitamin C, per day, to reverse cancer in thirteen patients – that were left to die by conventional medicine. On the next NaturalNews Talk Hour, Jonathan Landsman and Ronald Hunninghake, M.D. talk about the healing power of vitamin C. Do not miss this extraordinary program.

    Truth exposed: Western medicine continues to ignore the truth about vitamin C and natural cancer therapies
    Excited about the healing power of vitamin C, Linus Pauling went to the National Cancer Institute, where he was systematically ignored and ridiculed. To this day, if you visit any conventional cancer website (controlled by the pharmaceutical industry) – especially the American Cancer Society – you’ll discover a complete lack of honesty about the effectiveness of vitamin C for cancer patients. This deliberate attempt to brainwash society – including unsuspecting medical professionals – creates the false paradigm that surgery, chemotherapy and radiation is the only ‘reasonable’ approach to treating cancer. (Nothing could be further from the truth!)

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Noam Chomsky: US Has Long History of ‘Information Weaponization,’ Yet Still Criticizes Russia!

  • Published on Apr 15, 2015
    The House Foreign Affairs Committee on Wednesday hammered RT and other Russian media outlets, claiming they are part of a dangerous “weaponization of information” directed by the Kremlin. Questioning several witnesses, including an ex-RT employee, about how to best combat the perceived threat with the US’ own $750million Broadcasting Board of Governors, the panel of Representatives was conspicuously silent on the American efforts to distort information. This is anything but surprising, according to renowned philosopher and MIT professor, Noam Chomsky, who spoke to RT’s Alexey Yaroshevsky.

JohnStockwell-Function_of_CIA_to_keep_the_world_unstable_propagandize_n_teach_American_people_to_hate_for_the_MIC psyop




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Paul Craig Roberts: Will Washington Kill Us All? Washington’s Path to War with Russia!

  • Published on Mar 29, 2015
    MP3 & SHOW NOTES:… Dr. Paul Craig Roberts (former US Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy) returns to the programme for an extended interview on the ongoing tensions between Washington and Moscow. Drawing upon his extensive experience in government, academia and journalism, Dr. Roberts explains how Washington’s current hostility towards Russia, with its demonisation of Vladimir Putin, is a bitter fruit of the neoconservative ideology of world hegemony that came to dominate US centres of power from the early 1990s onwards. Assessing the geopolitical landscape with an eye to historical, economic and political realities, Dr. Roberts judges there to be only two hopes for the world to avert nuclear Armageddon: a Europe decisively resistant to Washington diktat, or economic collapse of the US empire itself. We also discuss the murder of Boris Nemtsov, prospects for Washington-agitated colour revolutions in Central Asia/Caucasus, MH17 and the growth of the police state in the US.


oops key

  • Will Washington Kill Us All?
    by Paul Craig Roberts,  
    Did you know that Washington keeps 450 nuclear ICBMs on “hair-trigger alert”? Washington thinks that this makes us “safe.” The reasoning, if it can be called reason, is that by being able to launch in a few minutes, no one will try to attack the US with nuclear weapons. US missiles are able to get on their way before the enemy’s missiles can reach the US to destroy ours.

    If this makes you feel safe, you need to read Eric Schlosser’s book, Command and Control.

    The trouble with hair-triggers is that they make mistaken, accidental, and unauthorized launch more likely. Schlosser provides a history of almost launches that would have brought armageddon to the world.

    In Catalyst, a publication of the Union of Concerned Scientists, Elliott Negin tells the story of Soviet Lt. Col. Stanislav Petrov. Just after midnight in 1983 the Soviet Union’s early warning satellite system set off the alarm that 5 US ICBMs were headed for the Soviet Union.

    Col. Petrov was supposed to inform the Soviet leader, who would have 8 to 10 minutes to decide whether to launch in retaliation. Who knows what he would have decided. Instead Col. Petrov used his judgment. There was no reason for the US to be attacking the Soviet Union. Moreover, Petrov reasoned that an American attack would involve hundreds of ICBMs, possibly thousands. He checked whether Soviet ground-based radar had detected incoming ICBMs, and it had not. Petrov decided it was a false alarm, and sat on it.

    It turned out that the early warning system had mistaken a pattern of sunlight reflection on clouds as missiles. This was a close call, but Negin reports that “a failed computer chip, and an improperly installed circuit card are some of the culprits” that could initiate nuclear war. In other words, the sources of false alarms are numerous.

    Fast forward to today. Imagine an American officer monitoring the US early warning system. This officer has been listening to 15 years of war propaganda accompanied by US invasions and bombings of 8 countries. Terrorist warnings and security alerts abound, as do calls from American and Israeli politicians for nuking Iran. The media has convinced him that Russia has invaded Ukraine and is on the verge of invading the Baltics and Poland. American troops and tanks have been rushed to the Russian border. There is talk of arming Ukraine. Putin is dangerous and is threatening nuclear war, running his strategic bombers close to our borders and holding nuclear drills. The American officer has just heard a Fox News general again call for “killing Russians.” The Republicans have convinced him that Obama is selling out America to Iran, with Senator Tom Cotton warning of nuclear war as a consequence. We will all be killed because there is a Muslim in the White House.

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WW3 is near?

WW3 is near?


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Top Hollywood Executive was CIA Agent – Motion Picture Association of America President



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U.S. Propaganda 101: Illegally Invade Countries, Fund the Media, Call it “Independent”!


  • U.S. Propaganda 101: Illegally Invade Countries, Fund the Media, Call it “Independent”!
    by Julie Lévesque,  
    Foreign Policy Magazine recently had a column called Cranks, Trolls, and Useful Idiots, in which the author, Dalibor Rohac, hunts down “Russia’s information warriors” who, he claims, have infested the web with their lies and propaganda on websites potentially paid for by the Russian government.

    Rohac writes:
    “Throughout the conflict in eastern Ukraine, these sites have systematically regurgitated Russian propaganda, spreading lies, half-truths, and conspiracy theories, often directly translated from Russian sources…

    The Czech weekly Respekt published a feature article about the mysterious “news” site Aeronet (also known as AENews). Started in 2001 by aviation fans, the domain has changed ownership several times.  Since the summer of 2014 it has regularly published articles accusing the new Ukrainian government of fascism and claiming that American and British mercenaries were fighting in eastern Ukraine.  (Dalibor Rohac, Cranks, Trolls, and Useful Idiots, Foreign Policy, March 12, 2015)

    First let’s look at the weakness of the claims in the article.
    The author accuses news outlets of doing exactly what he himself and the U.S. mainstream media in general does when reporting about foreign policy issues such as Ukraine: they “systematically [regurgitate U.S. propaganda, spread] lies, half-truths, and conspiracy theories.” The advantage they have is that they don’t need to translate anything. Apparently for Rohac an article written in Russian has to be Russian propaganda. It’s that simple: Russians are just not producing any honest journalistic content. This argument about texts being “directly translated from Russian sources” is not only weak, it is xenophobic.

    In addition the author’s examples to prove his points are unsound. Aeronet is not the only website to have not only accused but also proven the fascistic nature of the Ukrainian government. Numerous independent media outlets have published countless articles to that effect, demonstrating that several key figures within the unelected government were neo-Nazis and that the Azov Battalion was filled with members linked to neo-Nazi groups:

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CIA Director: Iran Deal Good for America!

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  • CIA Director: Iran Deal Good for America!
    by WashingtonsBlog 
    “Those That Say This Deal Provides a Pathway to Iran Developing a Nuclear Bomb Are Being Wholly Disingenuous”

    CIA director John Brennan is a hawk … As we noted in 2013, Brennan endorsed torture, assassination of unidentified strangers without due process, and spying on all Americans. But even Brennan thinks the Iran deal is good for the United States:

    This is not surprising, given:

    * Contrary to widespread claims, there is that Iran is building a nuclear weapon.  Even Israel that Iran has not decided to build a nuclear bomb.

    * Top American defense officials say that – despite its heated rhetoric (often mistranslated in the U.S.) – Iran is a “rational actor” 

    that Iran poses very little threat to the West or Israel . Top American and Israeli military and intelligence officials say that – even if Iran did build a nuclear bomb – it would not be that dangerous, because Israel and America have so many more nukes. And see this 

    * Conversely, American military and intelligence chiefs say that attacking Iran would only speed up its development of nuclear weapons, empower its hardliners, and undermine the chance for democratic reform 

    * Iran has not started a war for at least 188 years (in the Iran-Iraq war, Iraq was the initial aggressor

    * The people pushing for war against Iran are the same people who pushed for war against Iraq, and said it would be a “cakewalk”. See this and this  

    * They’ve been pushing for another round of regime change in Iran for decades  

    * The CIA admits that the U.S. overthrew the moderate, suit-and-tie-wearing, Democratically-elected prime minister of Iran in 1953. He was overthrown because he had nationalized Iran’s oil, which had previously been controlled by BP and other Western oil companies. As part of that action, the CIA admits that it hired Iranians to pose as Communists and stage bombings in Iran in order to turn the country against its prime minister 

    * If the U.S. hadn’t overthrown the moderate Iranian government, the fundamentalist Mullahs would have never taken over. (Moreover, the U.S. has had a large hand in strengthening radical Islam in the Middle East by supporting radicals to fight the Soviets and others

    * On the other hand, the most violent Muslims are Sunnis. America backs the Sunnis in their fight against the Shias. Iran is a Shia country, and 89% of Iranian people are Shia

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What is all the BS about Iran being a nuclear threat? It is pure propaganda and outright lies by the Zionists!

Zionists-NeoCons have been lying about Iran for the better part of 25 years!

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Why is genocidal madman Netanyahu screaming for war with Iran? It is all about the global petrodollar hegemony all about the coming Luciferian New World Order!


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In America: 94% of Terrorism Cases and Terrorists Were Not Related to Arabs, Muslims Or Islam!

Terrorist Attacks on U.S. Soil by Group, From 1980 to 2005, According to FBI Database. Jewish and Latino terrorism are far more than Muslim terrorism. Why all the Islamophobia? The Global War on Terror against the Muslim people is an Illuminist psyop HOAX! Click on image to goto article!

  • Imagery and Empire: Understanding the Western Fear of Arab and Muslim Terrorists!
    by Mahdi Darius NazemroayaStrategic Culture Foundation, via  
    It has been claimed that if all terrorists are not Arabs or Muslims, that most terrorists are Arabs or Muslims. Is this true or another myth? An empirical look at data compiled in the US and Europe will help answer this question.

    The notion that the majority of terrorist attacks are committed by Arabs or Muslims not only lacks a historical perspective, but is an unempirical argument that is tied to modern Orientalism that is alive and kicking. Orientalism, itself is heavily tied to US views of exceptionalism. It is an area of thinking where exceptionalist and racist views coincide profoundly. In fact, there is a thin line between all three.
    The Relationship between Terrorism and Arabs and Muslims
    Arabs and Muslims are major quarries of US Orientalism. Either tacitly or openly, both Arabs and Muslims are portrayed as uncivilized subjects. Terrorism is deeply tied to images of Arabs and Muslims in the minds of many US citizens and this is why it is falsely believed that most terrorists are Arabs or Muslims.

    To varying degrees whenever individuals that are Muslims or ethnically Arabs commit crimes in so-called Western societies, such as Canada or the US, the assessments made have either tacitly or openly passed judgment on all Muslims or Arabs collectively. The Arab and Muslim backgrounds of these individuals is used to explain their crimes. The crimes of Arab or Muslim individuals are not presented exclusively as the crimes of individuals, but as a collective crime. These notions ignore the facts that Muslims are the biggest victims of terrorism.

    Seven out of the top ten countries afflicted by terrorist attacks are predominately Muslim, according to the Australia-headquartered Institute for Economics and Peace’s Global Terrorism Index for 2014, which is based on the University of Maryland’s meta-analytic Global Terrorism Database. 

    Not all Arabs/Muslims are Terrorists, But Most Terrorists are Arabs/Muslims?
    It has been claimed that if all terrorists are not Arabs or Muslims, that most terrorists are Arabs or Muslims. Is this true or another myth? An empirical look at data compiled in the US and Europe will help answer this question.

    In the US, which is ranked thirtieth in the Global Terrorism Index for 2014, the majority of terrorists are not Muslims and are non-Muslims according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Inside the US, 6% of terrorist cases from 1980 to 2005 were committed by Muslim terrorists. [1] The other 94% of terrorism cases and terrorists — in other words, the vast majority — were not related to Arabs, Muslims, or Islam. [2]

    While the FBI’s methodology on what is a terrorist attack and what is not a terrorist attack is questionable, it will be accepted herein for arguments sake. According to the same FBI report, there were actually more terrorist attacks launched by Jews from 1980 to 2005 on US soil. The same FBI data was compiled by the Princeton University-linked webpage in a chart that describes the breakdown of cases of terrorist attacks on US soil from 1980 to 2005 as follows: 42% Hispanic terrorism; 24% extreme left-wing group terrorism; 16% other types of terrorists that do not fit into the other main categories; 7% Jewish terrorists; 6% Muslim terrorists; and 5% communist terrorists. [3]

    While Muslim terrorists comprised 6% of the attacks on US soil from 1980 to 2005, Jewish terrorists and Hispanic terrorists respectively comprised 7% and 42% of the terrorist attacks in the US during the same period. There, however, is no fear mongering about Jews or Hispanic people. The same media and government focus is not given to them as is given to ethnic Arabs and Muslims.

    The same pattern repeats itself in the European Union. also compiles data on terrorism in the European Union from the reports of the European Union’s European Police Office (Europol) from 2007, 2008, and 2009 in its annual EU Terrorism Situation and Trend Reports. [4] The data further distances Muslims from terrorist acts. 99.6% of the terrorist attacks in the European Union were committed by non-Muslims. [5] The number of failed, foiled, or successful terrorist attacks by Muslims in the EU from 2007 to 2009 was simply five attacks whereas the number of terrorist attacks by separatist groups was 1,352 attacks, which equates to approximately 85% of all terrorist incidents in the European Union. [6]

    According to Europol, the number of failed, foiled, or successful terrorist attacks by so-called left-wing groups was 104 while another 52 attacks were categorized as non-specific. [7] In the same period, two attacks were attributed to so-called right-wing groups by Europol. [8]

    There is a huge disparity in who is causing and committing terrorism and who is being victimized and blamed for it. Despite the overwhelming facts, whenever Arabs or Muslims commit crimes and acts of terrorism, they are the individuals that are focused on whereas non-Arabs and non-Muslims are ignored.

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All Praise To The Iranian Nuclear Framework – It Finally Exposes The War Party’s Big Lie!


  • All Praise To The Iranian Nuclear Framework – It Finally Exposes The War Party’s Big Lie!
    by , 
    The Iranian framework agreement is an astonishingly good deal, and has the potential to become a historic game-changer. As Robert Parry astutely observed, its about much more than sheaving the threat that Iran will get the bomb:

    The April 2 framework agreement with Iran represents more than just a diplomatic deal to prevent nuclear proliferation in the Middle East. It marks a crossroad that offers a possible path for the American Republic to regain its footing and turn away from endless war.

    The saliency of that observation lies in the fact that there is virtually nothing in the substance of the deal for the War Party to attack. So what they are doing is desperately hurtling the Iranian axis-of-evil narrative at the agreement, claiming that the regime is so untrustworthy, diabolical and existentially dangerous that no product of mere diplomacy is valid. The Iranians are by axiom hell-bent on evil and no mere “scrap of paper” will stop them.

    But therein dwells the game-changing opportunity. To defeat the deal, the War Party will have to defend its three-decade long campaign of exaggerations, distortions and bellicose animosity toward the Iranian state. But that is impossible because the axis-of-evil narrative was never remotely true. Indeed, if the truth be told the War Party has never been required to defend its spurious propaganda thanks in large part to a lazy, gullible mainstream press that has been as negligent on the Iranian evil meme as they were on Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction.

    As will be demonstrated below, the evil Iran narrative rests on repetition and political bombast, not historical fact. Iran was turned into a pariah state not owing to its own deeds and actions, but because it served the domestic political needs of the War Party. That is, Bibi Netanyahu’s Israeli branch used it to win elections by mobilizing the right-wing and religious extremists against a purported external peril; and Washington’s neo-cons used it to rescue the Pentagon’s war machine and the military industrial complex after the cold war ended its reason for being.

    So while the whole axis-of-evil narrative is bogus, the War Party is repairing to it in flat-out hysterical tones because it has nowhere else to go. Indeed, it did not take long for a shrill demagogue like GOP Senator Mark Kirk to play the Hitler card:

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Beware of all the Zionist NeoCons pathological lying in the MSM! Click on image for article!

Beware of all the lies and propaganda of the Zionist Illuminist western MSM !

This Satanic symbol has nothing to do with King David, the greatest king of Israel. It is the Satanic Hexagram from which we get the word ‘Hex’ ie. to curse or cast a spell ! Revelation 2:9 – …. and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.


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US Seeking to Destabilize Russia!

  • Published on Apr 6, 2015
    The United States has created the constant conflict in Ukraine in order to destabilize Russia, according to political commentator Joaquin Flores. “For almost a year now, the US is waging aggressive proxy war against Ukrainians and ethnic Russians in Ukraine, which the US hopes it will ultimately destabilize Russia and create a failed state in Ukraine in the process,” Flores, Director at Center for Syncretic Studies, told Press TV on Sunday. He made the comments after Moscow expressed outrage over an extreme and “frenzied anti-Russian campaign” by US media and political analysts amid ongoing tensions between the two powers over the Ukraine crisis.

    In a statement on Friday, the Russian Foreign Ministry said “propagandists” working on Washington’s orders were continuing an extreme anti-Russian campaign that is unfolding in the United States. “[They] spit out Russophobic lampoons as a team, attempting to mold an enemy out of Russia and inspiring their residents to hate all that is Russian,” the ministry said. Russia also slammed US news organizations and leading political centers for demonizing Russia.

    Flores also said the US government should be prosecuted for crimes against humanity by waging the war in Ukraine. He said the US is not an “exceptional power,” but it is an “abuser of power.” The relations between Washington and Moscow have been strained over the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. Ukraine’s mainly Russian-speaking regions of Donetsk and Lugansk in the east have witnessed deadly clashes between pro-Russian forces and the Ukrainian army since Kiev launched military operations to silence pro-Moscow protests in mid-April 2014. The United States accuses Russia of sending troops into eastern Ukraine in support of the pro-Russian forces. Moscow, however, denies any involvement.

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WW3 is near?

WW3 is near?


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Environmentalists Lose More Credibility With Global-Warming Claims!

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  • Environmentalists Lose More Credibility With Global-warming Claims!
    by ,  
    … little was said about two Gallup polls and a study out of Germany showing those concerns about global warming to be greatly overblown.

    The paper out of Germany’s Max Plank Institute for Meteorology concluded that gases blamed for the earth’s allegedly continuing climb in temperature have far less impact on that climb than previously estimated. Those estimates have, as a result, been thrown into serious doubt, according to two climatologists from the Cato Institute who reviewed the study:

    This [study] basically eliminates the possibility of catastrophic climate change.… Such a result will also necessarily drive down estimates of the social cost of carbon, thereby undermining a key argument used by federal agencies to support increasingly burdensome regulations which seek to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. If this result holds up, it is the death blow to global warming hysteria.

    The first poll on the environment conducted in early March and released by Gallup last week showed that half of those polled rate “the quality of the environment more positively than they have in the 14 years Gallup has been tracking it.” On the flip side, only 40 percent rate the environment as “fair,” “the lowest percentage found since 2001,” according to Gallup.

    Gallup’s second poll on threats to the environment was also conducted in early March and concluded that concerns over global warming or climate change ranked last among those threats. Americans’ greatest concern, according to Gallup, is the threat of polluted drinking water. Said Gallup, since the early 2000s, “Americans’ worry has fallen, with concern dipping to record lows on most issues.… The current level of worry on each issue remains at or near those record lows.”

    This has occurred despite decades of warnings by various entities about global warming (initially) and then, when the weather didn’t cooperate, “climate change.” Noted Gallup, “Even as global warming has received greater attention as an environmental problem from politicians and the media in recent years, Americans’ worry about it is no higher now than when Gallup first asked about it in 1989.”

    This bodes ill, according to Gallup, for those proposing more environmental regulations to cure a problem that increasingly isn’t perceived to be worrisome: “Because Americans are less concerned about environmental matters in general, they may be less willing to support policy changes to make those regulations even tougher.”

    Despite the barrage of propaganda emanating from the media, the EPA, and the United Nations, more and more Americans simply aren’t buying it. More and more Americans are not only becoming more skeptical about the whole global-warming charade, many are becoming “climate change deniers,” which is having the happy effect of beginning to slow the juggernaut of mandates and regulations designed to solve a problem fewer and fewer Americans think exists.

    In an attempt to neutralize the growing resistance against those mandates and regulations so favored by the Obama administration, the website has issued a “call out” of some of the most prominent and vociferous ones. Its attempt fails, however, when the list of those “deniers” in just the House and Senate is more than 150 names long!

    All the latest from Germany’s Max Plank Institute and from Gallup does is to confirm that the global climate-change movement continues to lose credibility. As Aesop told the story: “There once was a shepherd boy who was bored as he sat on the hillside watching the village sheep. To amuse himself he took a great breath and sang out, ‘Wolf!'”

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How to Build a Nuclear Bomb Scare! The Zionist Propaganda War Against Iran!

Beware of all the Zionist NeoCons pathological lying in the MSM! Click on image for article!,7340,L-4517536,00.html

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Revelation 2:9 – …. and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.

Beware of all the lying Zionist serpents and their propaganda against Iran! They are pathological liars!

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6 Charts Show U.S. Economic Recovery a HUGE Lie as Debt in ALL Sectors Expands!

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The FBI Busts Up Another of its Own Terrorist Plots and Politicians Rush to Blame the First Amendment!

A groundbreaking work of investigative journalism, The Terror Factory: Inside the FBI’s Manufactured War on Terrorism exposes how the FBI has, under the guise of engaging in counterterrorism since 9/11, built a network of more than 15,000 informants whose primary purpose is to infiltrate Muslim communities to create and facilitate phony terrorist plots so that the Bureau can then claim it is winning the war on terror.


  • The FBI Busts Up Another of its Own Terrorist Plots and Politicians Rush to Blame the First Amendment!
    by Michael Krieger, 3 April 2015,
    Like other recent sensational “terror plots,” however, the criminal complaint unsealed yesterday demonstrates the key role of an undercover law enforcement informant in both formulating and facilitating the alleged plot. It doesn’t appear that Velentzas or Siddiqui actually planned or attempted to bomb any target, nor is there any evidence of discussions about how to create a bomb before the introduction of the informant into their lives.

    While Velentzas appeared to have latent sympathy with the Islamic State, contrary to sensational media reports she is not alleged in the criminal complaint to have had any contact with the group.

    Their discussions allegedly progressed, with the informant and Velentzas meeting to talk in greater detail about how to create a bomb, using information gleaned from The Anarchist Cookbook, and discussing whether it would be appropriate to target a gathering of police officers with such a device. At several points in the complaint, Velentzas indicates her reticence about doing anything that might harm “regular people,” even criticizing the Boston Marathon bombers for killing and injuring civilians. During this time, the informant also provided both Velentzas and Siddiqui with printed copies of Inspire, including selected passages about how to create explosives.
    – From the Intercept article: Informant Provided Bomb-Making Manual to Alleged “ISIS-Inspired” Plotters 

    What does a government wanting its population to remain in fear so as to justify a total surveillance state, and a military-intelligence industrial complex hooked on billions in wasteful corporate welfare do in the absence of genuine terrorist plots? Create artificial plots, naturally.

    This disturbing trend has been covered here atLiberty Blitzkrieg and elsewhere in recent years. Read the following articles for a couple of recent examples:

    Manufactured Terrorism – U.S. Officials Claim Credit for Stopping Another Terror Attack Created by the FBI 

    read more!

Click on image for article!

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If Terrorism is so rampant and there are Muslim terrorists out to get you all the time, why does the FBI manufacture these fake terrorism plots? Shouldn’t they be arresting real terrorists? The Global War on Terror (GWOT) is an Illuminist HOAX, Psyop! Click on image to goto article!

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As The Economic Collapse Accelerates, War Is On The Horizon!

  • Published on Apr 2, 2015
    Greece running out of money, looking towards Russia to help. Beppe Grillo says EU has already collapsed. Factory orders plummet, Baltic Dry Index falls again. Central bankers looking to give loans to anyone now to pump up the bubble. Many states moving to make gold and silver legal currency. US now pushing their agenda to stop yuan from becoming a reserve currency. Iceland will create their own money instead of the private central bank. Venezuela purchasing more weapons from Russia. Iran frame work agreed upon. US/Israel make threats of bombing Iran after a deal was made. Jade Helm could be used to push martial law, suspend the constitution and take the weapons away from the people.
  • Published on Apr 3, 2015
    Greece is preparing to leave the Euro zone and will nationalize its banks. Jobs reports shows the economy is no recovery but headed for a major collapse. Full time hard to come by, the US is pushing a part-time recovery. Younger people in US cannot find jobs, many retiree’s are not receiving interest on their retirement and they need to get jobs. IMF planning to tax every ones savings, retirement to bailout the bankers. Ukraine introduces martial law bill. Saudi Arabia drops weapons to pro-Hadi forces. US getting involved in Yemen by refueling planes, firing missiles and giving Intel to Saudi Arabia.


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