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The Kagans Are Back; Wars to Follow

JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT Jews would cease and desist from their warmongering, along comes Victoria Nuland’s husband clamoring for more war.
“Raw force remains a key element in international politics,” writes neocon Jew Robert Kagan in a feature piece for the Wall Street Journal. Click on image for article! Source:

  • The Kagans Are Back; Wars to Follow
    by Robert PARRY,
    The Kagan family, America’s neoconservative aristocracy, has reemerged having recovered from the letdown over not gaining its expected influence from the election of Hillary Clinton and from its loss of official power at the start of the Trump presidency.

    Back pontificating on prominent op-ed pages, the Family Kagan now is pushing for an expanded U.S. military invasion of Syria and baiting Republicans for not joining more enthusiastically in the anti-Russian witch hunt over Moscow’s alleged help in electing Donald Trump.

    In a Washington Post op-ed on March 7, Robert Kagan, a co-founder of the Project for the New American Century and a key architect of the Iraq War, jabbed at Republicans for serving as “Russia’s accomplices after the fact” by not investigating more aggressively.

    Then, Frederick Kagan, director of the Critical Threats Project at the neocon American Enterprise Institute, and his wife, Kimberly Kagan, president of her own think tank, Institute for the Study of War, touted the idea of a bigger U.S. invasion of Syria in a Wall Street Journal op-ed on March 15.

    Yet, as much standing as the Kagans retain in Official Washington’s world of think tanks and op-ed placements, they remain mostly outside the new Trump-era power centers looking in, although they seem to have detected a door being forced open.

    Still, a year ago, their prospects looked much brighter. They could pick from a large field of neocon-oriented Republican presidential contenders or – like Robert Kagan – they could support the establishment Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, whose “liberal interventionism” matched closely with neoconservatism, differing only slightly in the rationalizations used for justifying wars and more wars.

    There was also hope that a President Hillary Clinton would recognize how sympatico the liberal hawks and the neocons were by promoting Robert Kagan’s neocon wife, Victoria Nuland, from Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs to Secretary of State.

    Then, there would have been a powerful momentum for both increasing the U.S. military intervention in Syria and escalating the New Cold War with Russia, putting “regime change” back on the agenda for those two countries. So, early last year, the possibilities seemed endless for the Family Kagan to flex their muscles and make lots of money.

    A Family Business
    As I noted two years ago in an article entitled “A Family Business of Perpetual War: “Neoconservative pundit Robert Kagan and his wife, Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, run a remarkable family business: she has sparked a hot war in Ukraine and helped launch Cold War II with Russia and he steps in to demand that Congress jack up military spending so America can meet these new security threats.

    read more.

Click on image for article.

Revelation 2:9 – …. and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.

US Assistant Secretary of State “F*** the EU” Victoria Nuland together with Neo Nazi Svoboda leader Oleh Tyahnybok (left)

Senator McCain and Ukraine neo-Nazis. Click on image for article.

Click on image for article.


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Paul Craig Roberts: “It’s OVER For Trump. Anti-Russian Neocons Are In Charge. Business As Usual.”

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Has Russia Become the World’s New Moral Leader? Yes!

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  • Has Russia Become the World’s New Moral Leader? Yes!
    The Russian bear has become the big bad wolf to the American left, blamed for everything from winning the election for Donald Trump to “penetrating” the U.S. electric grid to birthing “fake news.” But is their real problem that Russia has become the new national equivalent of the Moral Majority?

    An ideological component was integral to the Cold War, with a then more traditionalist West opposing the Marxist Red Menace of the Soviet Union. As Eastern Europe’s communism collapsed, however, relations thawed. But the post-bipolar world has seen an ideological pole shift, with a secularizing, increasingly statist, sexual-agenda-spawning West opposed by an explicitly traditionalist Russia.

    While some U.S. state governments punish Christian businessmen for not servicing same-sex “weddings,” Russia outlawed pro-homosexual propaganda in 2013. Our left was apoplectic, and the Obama administration condemned the law.  

    Obama famously declared, “We are no longer just a Christian nation.” Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed with Obama’s assessment in a 2013 keynote speech, criticizing Western countries for having “moved away from their roots, including Christian values.” Where Obama is trying to force churches to provide employees prenatal-infanticide drugs, Putin prohibited prenatal infanticide after 12 weeks and has stood side-by-side with the Orthodox Church’s Patriarch Kirill I, a staunch Kremlin ally.

    In the same speech, Putin targeted the West’s woolly-headed relativism, saying, “Policies are being pursued that place on the same level a multi-child family and a same-sex partnership, a faith in God and a belief in Satan. This is the path to degradation.”

    The Kremlin also skewered two other Western sacred cows, writing in a 2014 document titled “Foundations of the State Cultural Policy” that it rejects “such principles as multiculturalism and tolerance” and those “imposing alien values on society.”

    Putin is making the bold claim “that Moscow is the Godly City of today and command post of the counter-reformation against the new paganism,” Pat Buchanan opined in 2014. “Putin is plugging into some of the modern world’s most powerful currents.”

    Liberals are shocked enough to be put off their caffè lattes and veggie burgers. Their reaction is visceral. When hearing sentiments such as Putin’s, liberals would normally shout, “Racist!” “Bigot!” “Homophobe!” “Hater!”

    That’s when hearing opinions expressed by their own traditionalist countrymen. Can you imagine how they feel about a powerful foreign leader going the full Falwell? Russia is now the sum of all their fears: the Christian Coalition with nukes.

    Where Democratic icon Sen. Ted Kennedy secretly and shamefully appealed to the USSR for help defeating Ronald Reagan in 1984, liberals now really do view Russia as the Evil Empire. Putin is Emperor Palpatine, considered what any traditionalist would be: a fundamentally wicked person.

    This helps explain liberal hysteria over Russia that’s so intense it has resulted in mainstream-media fake news. An example is the story about electric grid penetration peddled by The Washington Post, after which the paper was forced to admit the report was basically fiction. It also explains liberal insistence that Russia hacked the DNC, even though other culprits seem more likely (i.e., a leaker). It also, explains why, as Glenn Greenwald put it, “[a]ny story that bolsters the prevailing D.C. orthodoxy on the Russia Threat, no matter how dubious, is spread far and wide.”

    More than liberals consciously framing Russia, however, this is often just old-fashioned human prejudice (something liberals, an emotionalistic lot, are prone to). Like a divorcée so soured on her ex-husband that she views him through tinted lenses and reads negative motivations into even innocent missteps, liberals see Putin, see red, and then think, “Why, that’s just the kind of thing he would do!”

    read more.

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The Conspiracy Against President Trump

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  • The Conspiracy Against President Trump
    March 20, 2017: Listening today to the broadcast of testimony by FBI Director Comey and National Security Agency Director Admiral Michael Rogers before the House Intelligence Committee (an oxymoron) made it clear that the Democrats, Comey, and Rogers intend conflict with Russia.

    The Republicans, for the most part, were interested to know how security leaks targeted at Trump Republicans came from meetings at which only the CIA Director, NSA Director, and FBI director were present. Of course, they did not get an answer, which shows how powerless congressional oversight committees are. Comey repeatedly said that he could not tell the committee anything, because it would confirm that a press leak was true. But, he said, speaking generally and of no specific leak, most leaks come from “someone who heard something” and passes it on to the media, which also explains the inaccuracy of some leaks. In other words, don’t blame us.

    The Democrats were out in force to demonize Russia, Putin, and everyone, especially Trump Republicans, who speaks to a Russian even if the person is still a private citizen, as was Gen. Flynn when he recommended to the Russian ambassador that Russia not respond in kind to President Obama’s expulsion of Russian diplomats over Christmas. The Democrats bestowed yet another demonic title on Putin. In addition to being “the new Hitler,” a “thug,” and a “Mafia don,” today Putin became a “tarantula in the center of the spy web.”

    The Democrats’ position was that Flynn, by discouraging a Russian tit for tat, had interfered with the Obama regime’s policy of worsening relations between the US and Russia. Some Democrats saw this as treason. Others saw it as proof that Flynn and Trump are in Putin’s pocket, and still others see it as even worse.

    The Democrats were also very concerned about lobbyists, if they be Republican, working for Russian interests, including Tillerson, the Secretary of State. The fact that every country employs lobbyists and that the lobbyists don’t always register as foreign agents, such as Israel’s lobbyists, or if news reports at the time were correct, neocon Richard Perle who represented Turkey in Washington. 

    Democrats were also after Gen. Flynn for saying that he had not received money from the Russian government. Flynn received a fee for attending the 10th Anniversary celebration of RT in Moscow. Is RT, a news organization, the Russian government? Its budget is supported by the Russian government, but how does this differ from the US government’s support of the budgets of National Public Radio, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Voice of America? Does this mean that everyone who gives an interview to NPR, Radio Liberty, and VOA is an American agent in the pocket of the US president? If you attend a function of one of these organizations, does it make you an “American agent/dupe”? Will there be a list of these people?

    What the Democrats tried to do today was to criminalize everyone who works for better relations between the US and Russia. To be for peace between the nuclear powers is to be a Russian agent and to be put on a list. The Democrats insisted that Russia was an enemy out to get us, and the Democrats had no difficulty getting Comey and Rogers, both Obama appointees, to agree.

    Comey and Rogers said that Russia was the main threat to the US, was working against our interests, and intends to harm us. Harming us includes opposing US hegemony and unilateralism. In other words, if the Russian government acts in the interests of Russia, the Russian government is harming the US. From the testimony it clearly emerged that any kind of opposition to anything Washington does is against American interests.

    Both Comey and Rogers declared, falsely, that Russia had invaded Ukraine and seized Crimea by force. If Comey and Rogers are so poorly informed that they believe this, they are unfit for office. Crimea has been a part of Russia for 300 years. The population is almost entirely Russian. When the Soviet Union collapsed and Washington broke it apart, the Ukraine became independent for the first time in history. Crimea, which had been transferred by Khrushchev in 1954 from the Russian Soviet Socialist Republic to the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, was included in the transfer on the condition that Russia had a long term lease on the naval base in Crimea.

    When Washington’s coup overthrew the democratically elected government in Ukraine, the Russian populations in Crimea, and in the new republics of Luhansk and Donetsk, were attacked and threatened by the neo-nazi elements in eastern Ukraine that had fought for Hitler against the Soviet Union. The populations of these areas voted overwhelmingly to reunite with Russia, from whence they had come. The votes were fair and open. As Crimea is the Russian Navy’s Black Sea base, Crimea was already occupied by Russian forces. For Comey and Rogers to call this an “invasion” displays either ignorance or a lack of integrity.

    Indeed, the lack of integrity of the FBI, NSA, CIA, and Obama regime is evidenced by the sustained campaign of lies, distortions, and targeted “news leaks,” that is, stories planted on the presstitutes by the intelligence services about Russian interference in the presidential election. It is all about protecting the massive military/security budget and powers. Trump threatened both the budget and the power when he declared that his policy would be to normalize relations with Russia. If relations are normalized, the carefully orchestrated “Russian threat” disappears. The intelligence services are not willing for this to happen. The US intelligence services prefer the risk of nuclear Armageddon to a budget cut.

    read more.


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Why Does The Beast In ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Look Eerily Similar To Baphomet?

  • Why Does The Beast In ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Look Eerily Similar To Baphomet?
    by Michael Snyder,
    Does it upset anyone else that the “beast” in Disney’s new remake of “Beauty and the Beast” is a goat-man with very long horns that bears quite a resemblance to Baphomet? In Disney’s 1991 animated version of “Beauty and the Beast”, the “beast” looked very much like a gentle lion. There were a couple of small horns poking out of his head, but those could have easily been mistaken as tufts of hair. But this time around, the “beast” has been depicted as a hybrid goat-man that has enormous goat horns sticking out of his head. And of course anyone that is familiar with the occult knows that the most famous goat-man in the entire world is Baphomet – the official symbol of the Church of Satan. Could it be possible that the similarity between this “beast” and Baphomet is more than just a coincidence?

    In 1856, Eliphas Levi drew his infamous picture of a goat-man which came to be known as “Baphomet”. Since that time, his drawing came to be very closely associated with the devil, and eventually it was even adopted by the Church of Satan as their official symbol. The following comes from Wikipedia

    Lévi’s Baphomet is the source of the later Tarot image of the Devil in the Rider-Waite design.[3]The concept of a downward-pointing pentagram on its forehead was enlarged upon by Lévi in his discussion (without illustration) of the Goat of Mendes arranged within such a pentagram, which he contrasted with the microcosmic man arranged within a similar but upright pentagram.[59] The actual image of a goat in a downward-pointing pentagram first appeared in the 1897 book La Clef de la Magie Noire by Stanislas de Guaita.[60] It was this image that was later adopted as the official symbol—called the Sigil of Baphomet—of the Church of Satan, and continues to be used among Satanists.[61]

    Over time, the symbol of Baphomet has become increasingly prominent in the occult world. In recent years, the Satanic Temple has made national headlines by attempting to erect statues of Baphomet in several major cities… 

    read more.

This Satanic symbol has nothing to do with King David, the greatest king of Israel. It is the Satanic Hexagram from which we get the word ‘Hex’ ie. to curse or cast a spell ! Revelation 2:9 – …. and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.,0,4676183.column

Click on image for article.

The original has been removed from the website. Click on image to goto the backup copy on the wayback machine archive.


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Judge Pirro: ‘I Have Lost All Respect for the FBI Director, Comey Disgraced & Politicized the FBI!

  • Am I in love with Fox News? No. Fox News is playing the role of controlled opposition. In the war between Good vs Evil, God vs Satan, Truth vs Lies ; the truth must always be revealed. The sheeple are allowed to decide either to believe in the Lie or Truth. If the truth is hidden and the sheeple is unaware of it, is it defeated? Can it be defeated? Of course not. It is only when both Truth and Lie is revealed and the sheeple chooses the Lie, then clearly Truth is defeated.
  • This is what happened to Adam and Even, they chose to believe in the Lie of Satan despite knowing the Truth of God. Thus, effectively calling God a liar. Truth and God was defeated.
  • The Illuminist MSM do tell you the Truth but in their own perverse way. Every time they tell you the truth, they repeat the LIE 10x. Every station that tells you the Truth, 10x more stations will repeat the LIE. Remember: when you choose to believe in the LIEs of Satan, Truth and God is defeated. Your fate is sealed by your own choice because of your own freewill you chose the LIEs.


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FBI Admits Trump Has No Russian Ties

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‘Bias’ & ‘Pessimistic’: 70 MPs Slam BBC for ‘Anti-Brexit’ Coverage

  • Practically all the western MSM are Illuminist owned/controlled.
  • Published on Mar 21, 2017
    More than 70 British MPs are accusing the BBC of anti-Brexit bias, in its coverage of the country’s decision to quit the EU. They’ve signed an open letter saying ‘Leave’ supporters didn’t get as much airtime in the aftermath of the referendum. READ MORE:

Image:Before (left) and after: a BBC headline was changed to obscure the fact Israeli killed a Palestinian in cold blood. (Screenshots by Media Lens). Courtesy E.I.

War propaganda. Click on image for article.

War propaganda. Click on image for article.

War propaganda – Syria crisis: Incendiary bomb victims ‘like the walking dead’ – Ten O’Clock News, BBC One, 29 August 2013 (03:02 – 03:19)

Click on image for article.

Click on image to goto London Evening Standard article!

BBC Syria Massacre Hoax! Click on image to enlarge.

Revelation 2:9 – …. and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.

Click on image for article.

Click on image for article.

Click on image for article.

Click on image for article!


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Assad: White Helmets Are Al-Qaeda And that’s Proven – But They Are Treated as ‘Humanitarian Heroes’

  • Published on Mar 20, 2017
    Syrian President Bashar Assad has hit out at the controversial nonprofit White Helmets, calling it a front for Islamic terrorism, and saying they are an example of Western narratives grotesquely distorting the truth about the conflict in the country.

” … the (Syrian) people support their Army (and) government is absolutely true! Whatever you hear in the corporate media is the complete opposite. And … what you hear in the corporate media and I will name them: BBC, Guardian, New York Times etc on Aleppo is also opposite of reality!” – Quote from start of video

  • Published on Dec 13, 2016
    Infowars Nightly News Director Rob Dew ( @DewsNewz ) covers the Syrian Army’s liberation of Aleppo and how the reports of them executing civilians in the streets is just another in long list of lies being promoted by western media. You can find the full video of Eva Bartlett’s press conference:…


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First Democrat Official Tied To Elite Pedophile Ring Pleads Guilty (Video)

  • First Democrat Official Tied To Elite Pedophile Ring Pleads Guilty (Video)
    While the mainstream media has been trying to keep the public distracted with yet more stories about Russian conspiracies, the crackdown against high level pedophiles has begun. We have previously reported that many pedophiles are far from the image of a stereotypical loser; in fact they are often placed in the highest rungs of society, and are extremely well connected. Case in point – Democrat and former mayor of Hubbard, Ohio Richard Keenan.

    In the following video, Right Wing News looks at the recent guilty admission by the former mayor of 20 counts of sex crimes, including 8 counts of rape. The victim was 4 years old when the abuse started. President Trump is intensifying his efforts against the embedded pedophile rings, and this is only the beginning.

    Now that they know the President himself is after them, what desperate tactics will Democrats and the mainstream media resort to in order to keep themselves out of jail?


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The Number One Way Fake News Controls The Narrative

  • Published on Mar 19, 2017
    In this video, Luke Rudkowski decides to share a very personal story with Arianna Huffington that relates to how CNN’s Brian Stelter was just called out on his show for controlling the narrative. Larry Johnson was on Brian Stelter’s CNN talking about Trump wiretapping allegations and exposed how the network along with other mainstream media outlets do pre-interviews with guests to control what they say.


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Homosexual Director of ‘Beauty and Beast’ Wants to Rip the Bible to Pieces

  • Homosexual Director of ‘Beauty and Beast’ Wants to Rip the Bible to Pieces
    by ,
    I have published two posts warning about Disney’s new flick, Beauty and the Beast, that:

    The Beast is Baphomet, i.e., the devil.
    * Disney inserted homosexual propaganda into the movie by making Gaston’s manservant LeFou homosexual and featuring the studio’s first “exclusively gay scene”.

    Now we know why. Beauty and the Beast‘s director Bill Condon, 61, born in New York City and raised in an Irish Catholic family, is openly homosexual and has a visceral hatred for Christianity.

    Pete Baklinski reports for LifeSiteNews, March 17, 2017, that in a 2007 interview with Passport Magazine, Bill Condon said he wishes he could “rip pages out of the Bible” when he stays in hotel rooms.

    When asked what the first thing he does when he gets into a hotel room, Condon replied:

    “I wish I could say I’m like [homosexual actor] Ian McKellen and immediately go rip pages out of the Bible, but there don’t seem to be bibles in the hotel rooms I stay in these days.”

    According to a report by The Charlotte Observer’s Lawrence Toppman, there are two homosexual moments in the film:

    1. The first comes when “a young man whirls into the surprised Le Fou’s arms, and they dance happily away together”.
    2. Later in the dance, Le Fou “spins across the room and lands on the reclining Gaston’s lap, wrapping Gaston’s arms around him.”

    Neither scene is found in the original Beauty and the Beast story, nor are they essential or add to the plot. Which makes Disney’s new movie a FAKE Beauty and the Beast!

    read more.

The Synagogue of Satan and their Illuminist social engineers fomenting moral corruption. Click on image for article.

Revelation 2:9 – …. and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.

The original has been removed from the website. Click on image to goto the backup copy on the wayback machine archive.

Click on image for article.

Click on image for article.

Click on image for article.

Click on image for article.,0,4676183.column

Click on image for article.

Click on image for article.

In August 1996, the Jewish magazine Moment (which describes itself as “North America’s premier Jewish magazine, founded in 1975 by Nobel Prize laureate Elie Wiesel”) ran a front page article titled “Jews Run Hollywood—So What?” written by Jewish journalist Michael Medved.


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No Trump-Russia Collusion Evidence: Head of US House Intelligence Committee

  • How long will Trump last? I don’t think it will be for very long. The entire Deep State, almost all the MSM (except Fox), Democrats and even Republicans, CIA, George Soros ….  are out to get him.
  • Published on Mar 20, 2017
    Accusations of the Trump administration having had contact with Russia have been dominating headlines recently. But the head of the U.S. House Intelligence Committee says he’s found no evidence of collusion between President Trump’s election campaign and the Kremlin. READ MORE:


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Trey Gowdy Finds Out FBI Director James Comey Won’t Obey The Law & He’s Pissed

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Revelations of No Links Between “The Russians” and The Trump Campaign Is Not News

  • Revelations of No Links Between “The Russians” and The Trump Campaign Is Not News
    by The Real Fly,
    Ahead of the FBI director’s testimony in front of Congress this week,  House Intelligence Committee Chairman, Devin Nunes, confirmed that there weren’t any links between “The Russians” and The Trump campaign. But that isn’t news and many on the right are applauding this ‘revelation’ as if it somehow vindicates Trump from a crime he never even committed.

    More to that end, Nunes is suggesting there was Russian meddling in the elections — a fact that has never, ever, been confirmed. Moreover, there are no links that can be proven between Wikileaks and Russia.

    “I’ll give you a very simple answer: ‘no,’ ” Nunes said. “Up to speed on everything I have up to this morning. No evidence of collusion.” “The one crime we know that’s been committed is that one: the leaking of someone’s name …,”

    “That’s what we’re trying to get to the bottom of: were there any other names that were unmasked, leaked and leaked out?”

    What exactly are the establishment shills mad about? What is the nexus of their anger?


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