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Al Qaeda, ISIS, Militants May Plot Chemical Attack to Set Stage for Joint Offensive in Syria

Fighters from Al-Qaeda’s Syrian affiliate Al-Nusra Front drive in armed vehicles in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo as they head to a frontline. (File)

  • Militants May Plot Chemical Attack to Set Stage for Joint Offensive in Syria
    A military diplomatic source reported on Thursday that Militants in south Syria are planning to launch simultaneous chemical attacks against government forces.

    Militants may plot a chemical attack against civilians to set stage for joint offensive, according to the military diplomatic source. The source said that militants are going to launch attacks on government forces in Daraa, al-Baath and suburbs.

    Al-Nusra Front* terror group has been advocating joint offensive against government troops on claims of violations of de-escalation regime, the source said. “Nusra’s joint operation headquarters invited other groups in early April… to stage a simultaneous offensive against government troops,” the source claimed. The groups seek to create an autonomous state in areas under their control with US support, the military diplomatic source said.

    “Tensions have escalated in southern Syria in the past few weeks. Despite US claims, the Islamic State terror group* [Daesh] continues to play a major role in the Yarmouk valley, alongside the Free Syrian Army and the Nusra Front,” the source said.

    “The end goal of the planned operation is to seize land and create a US-backed autonomy outside of Damascus’s control with the capital in Daraa, similar to what we see in northeastern Syria where the DFNS is in control,” the source added.

    The source also reported that Free Syrian Army (FSA) group as well as the al-Nusra Front terrorists, main militant forces in southern Syria, have some 12.000 fighters and hundreds of units of military equipment, supplied by Israel and Jordan.

    A US-Russia-Jordan coordination center in Amman has informed US and Jordanian authorities of recurring attacks by militants against Syrian government forces in the country’s south, but no action has been taken to thwart them.

    Moreover, US convoys loaded with what is claimed to be relief aid have been streaming into militant-held territories. “No one knows what these convoys carry because the Americans are in full control of these alleged humanitarian deliveries,” the source stressed.

    *Terror organisation, banned in Russia and many other countries.


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Pentagon Insider: Neocons Planning War Against Syria And Russia — Trump In Danger

  • The Alex Jones Channel Published on Apr 18, 2018
    Zaq joins Alex Jones live over the phone to break down his Pentagon, insider intelligence about the war planned against Syria and Russia by the Neocons burrowed into Trump’s administration.


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US Scholar: Bolton a ‘Terrorist-Minded’ Person Trying ‘to Get US Into Wars’

  • US Scholar: Bolton a ‘Terrorist-Minded’ Person Trying ‘to Get US Into Wars’
    Radio Sputnik discussed the current situation in Syria and US military operations abroad with Wayne Madsen, a US journalist specializing in international affairs, following reports that two F-15 jets belonging to Israeli Air Force carried out a strike on Syria’s T-4 air base.

    Sputnik: What can you say about what has happened in Syria now?
    Wayne Madsen: 
    Well, I would point to the fact that John Bolton, the only unconfirmed US ambassador to the UN who ever served at the United Nations, is now moving into the national security advisor’s office in the White House, and I think we can see more of this. We know that Bolton works very closely, as he did when he was at the UN, with the Israelis. Certainly, it seems like Israel may have been responsible for the attack on the airbase. We also know that Bolton specializes in putting out disinformation. He was one of the people who said that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. Even faced with facts today that Saddam didn’t, he still maintains that he did. Against, you know, all other facts, Bolton, who is now going to be the national security advisor, believes in this nonsense of Saddam Hussein having WMDs.

    So, we are going to see him do the same thing to the Assad government in Syria, it’s already begun. We are going to see the same footage and over again of these children, who were supposedly gassed with chlorine barrel bombs, get ready for the barrel bombs thing again, the kids. This is Bolton’s modus operandi, he wants to get the US into wars in many places, and, unfortunately, Donald Trump is using this war maniac, Bolton is now his top advisor on national security policy.

    read more.


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Secretary of Defense Mattis: No Evidence on Syria Chemical Attack But I Believe There Was One …

  • RT Published on Apr 12, 2018
    US Secretary of Defense James Mattis reiterated that the Pentagon still has no independent evidence to confirm that there was a chemical weapons attack in Syria last week… but said he personally believes there was one. READ MORE:


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What Should The US Role Be in An Iran-Israel War?

If you believe that this coming war is to protect Israel: I have a bungalow house on Jupiter I would like to sell you! It is about Albert Pike’s Satanic World War 3 plan!

  • What Should The US Role Be in An Iran-Israel War?
    by EHUD EILAM,
    Israel must weigh carefully any request for direct US military assistance, which should be viewed as an option of last resort.

    On March 20, 2018, Israel admitted that it bombed Syrian President Bashar Assad’s nuclear reactor in 2007. If Israel attacks Iran’s nuclear sites the latter will respond. Two weeks ago a large-scale joint US-Israeli military exercise took place in Israel, focused on the scenario of an Iranian attack on Israel. Should the United States defend Israel from such a threat? 

    Particularly since the late 1960s there have been close relations between Israel and the US, including at the military level. Yet there is no official military pact between them. The US has given Israel, since 1949, more than $124 billion in military aid. The Israeli military, mostly its air force, has been based on American weapon systems. The concept was that the US provides Israel with weapons but not troops, since Israel relies on its own. American weapons, Israeli blood.

    read more.

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Who is threatening whom with nuclear destruction? Click on image for article.

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U.S. Sends First Air Defense Brigade to Europe Since Cold War as Russia Tensions Grow

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Deployment for WW3. Click on image for article.

Will the WW3 meme never end? It will end when the Man of Sin comes bringing false peace. As long as the Illuminati don’t ignite real physical war, it is just psychological ops. Click on image for article.

No let up in the WW3 drive. Click on image for article.

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NATO is provoking Russia into WW3. Click on image for article.

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U.S. Military Presence in Syria Illegal

  • PressTV Published on Apr 4, 2018
    The presidents of Russia, Iran and Turkey have stressed the need for more fertile ground and efforts to help Syrian refugees return to their country.


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France to Launch ‘EUROPEAN ARMY’ by June – And the UK is Invited to Join Even AFTER Brexit

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  • France to Launch ‘EUROPEAN ARMY’ by June – And the UK is Invited to Join Even AFTER Brexit
    FRANCE will launch a deployable European military crisis force in June, French Defence Ministry sources have revealed, as they confirmed the army would work outside of existing European Union efforts.

    Paris has been in touch with a dozen countries, including Germany, the Netherlands, the UK and Denmark, over the proposed military crisis force, and held a working group to outline the idea in March.

    The idea aims to bring together European countries with a military capacity and political desire to collaborate on planning, carry out joint analyses of emerging crises and to react to them quickly. One insider said: ”It would not be within the European Union and would allow countries outside it, like Britain, to be part of it.”

    A French military source added: ”The EU’s second-biggest army is leaving the union so this multilateral project makes sense when everything is being broken up.”

    French President Emmanuel Macron broadly outlined the idea to have a rapid European intervention force by the end of the decade during a landmark speech on Europe last September. While some EU tactical interventional groups exist in principle, so far they have never been used.

    The sources declined to name the countries that would be at a launch ceremony in Paris in June but added it did not mean nations could not join it a later stage. A second French defence source said: “It’s creating a smaller group of countries that have common analysis and procedures.” Meanwhile another insider also: “It would plug in the different military planning and operations centres.”

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US Possibly Setting Up New Military Bases in Syria, Despite Trump’s ‘Withdrawal’ Promise

  • US Possibly Setting Up New Military Bases in Syria, Despite Trump’s ‘Withdrawal’ Promise
    While President Trump has reiterated his intention to withdraw troops from Syria, the US military is reportedly working on plans to send an additional contingent to secure a foothold in the north of the war-torn country.

    “I want to get out, I want to bring the troops back home, I want to start rebuilding our nation,”
     US President Donald Trump said Tuesday during a news conference at the White House with leaders of the Baltic nations, noting that the “primary mission” of defeating the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) terrorists in Syria is “almost completed.”

    Promising to make a decision on the pullout “very quickly,” the president noted that the US gained “nothing out of $7 trillion” spent in the Middle East over the last 17 years. “It’s very costly for our country and it helps other countries a hell of a lot more than it helps us.”

    While reiterating his resolve to withdraw 2,000 US soldiers from Syria, first mentioned in Ohio last week, Trump hinted that the US might be willing to stay in Syria if its Middle Eastern ally, Saudi Arabia, pays for US troop deployment.

    A continued US presence in Syria was reportedly discussed between Trump and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who is wrapping up a three-week US tour which began last month. The Gulf kingdom sees the US presence in Syria as the main bulwark against Iranian influence in the region.

    “Saudi Arabia is very interested in our decision,”
     Trump said Tuesday. “And I said, well, you know, you want us to stay? Maybe you’re going to have to pay.”

    Trump’s assessment of the US presence in Syria does not seem to line up with with the Pentagon’s analysis. “A lot of very good military progress has been made over the last couple of years, but the hard part, I think, is in front of us,” General Joseph L. Votel, head of US Central Command, noted Tuesday at the US Institute of Peace.

    General Votel explained that the US presence in the northern part of the country will play a crucial role in “stabilizing” Syria, while “consolidating gains” and “addressing long-term issues of reconstruction.”

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Pentagon At Odds with Trump Over Troop Withdrawal from Syria

  • Pentagon At Odds with Trump Over Troop Withdrawal from Syria
    Top Pentagon and US State Department officials have adopted a totally different policy than that of President Donald Trump regarding the withdrawal of American troops from Syria, saying that the United States will not be leaving the war-torn Arab country anytime soon as the “mission is not over.”

    Addressing a forum in Washington, DC, on Tuesday, US Central Command Chief General Joseph Votel said “well over 90 percent” of land once held by the Daesh (ISIL) Takfiri terrorist group in Iraq and Syria had been recaptured, particularly in the north and eastern parts of the country, but added that the military must maintain its presence there.

    “There still are some areas where they are present and that we will have to continue to operate on,” Votel said. Speaking alongside Votel, the State Department’s senior envoy to the so-called anti-Daesh coalition, Brett McGurk, agreed that “ISIL is not finished.” “We are in Syria to fight ISIL. That is our mission and our mission isn’t over, and we’re going to complete that mission,” McGurk said.

    The comments were made shortly after Trump said the US would withdraw troops from Syria “very soon,” and that he intended to “bring our troops back home.”

    read more.


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US National Security Advisor John Bolton Backs Terrorists

Image: MKO/MEK is just one of many terrorist organizations, that despite being listed by the US State Department as such, still receives weapons, training, cash, and political support from the US government. This is a pattern seen repeated in Libya and most recently in Syria – each case spun and excused with a myriad of lies wrapped in false, constantly shifting narratives.

  • US National Security Advisor John Bolton Backs Terrorists
    by Tony Cartalucci,
    Talk surrounding US President Donald Trump’s move to appoint John Bolton as his new National Security Advisor has focused on Bolton’s role in promoting the 2003 US-led invasion of Iraq and the profound contrast his appointment signifies in light of President Trump’s 2016 campaign promises to “drain the swamp.”

    However, Bolton’s appointment carries with it greater implications both to those apparently criticizing him as well as those attempting to promote him. Bolton has – for years – lobbied for a terrorist organization guilty of kidnapping and killing both US service members as well as US civilian contractors, along with an untold number of Iranian civilians and politicians in a campaign of terror that has stretched over several decades and continues today.

    Worst of all, the terrorist organization Bolton lobbied for was literally listed on the US State Department’s Foreign Terrorist Organizations list during his lobbying activities – in direct violation of US counter-terrorism laws.

    That organization – Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK) and its political front, the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) – has since been delisted as of 2012. However, the organization was delisted not because it has fully given up armed terrorism, but because the US has planned since at least as early as 2009 – according to Washington’s own policy papers – to use MEK as armed proxies against the nation of Iran.

    MEK are Terrorists, Even According to Their US Sponsors
    Despite claims by a growing army of MEK advocates spanning various social media platforms, MEK is without doubt a dangerous terrorist organization. Even those seeking to sponsor MEK as a militant proxy against Iran have admitted as much.

    In the 2009 Brookings Institution policy paper, “Which Path to Persia? Options for a New American Strategy Toward Iran,” US policymakers openly admitted MEK’s candidacy as a US proxy (emphasis added):

    Perhaps the most prominent (and certainly the most controversial) opposition group that has attracted attention as a potential U.S. proxy is the NCRI (National Council of Resistance of Iran), the political movement established by the MEK (Mujahedin-e Khalq). Critics believe the group to be undemocratic and unpopular, and indeed anti-American.

    In contrast, the group’s champions contend that the movement’s long-standing opposition to the Iranian regime and record of successful attacks on and intelligence-gathering operations against the regime make it worthy of U.S. support. They also argue that the group is no longer anti-American and question the merit of earlier accusations. Raymond Tanter, one of the group’s supporters in the United States, contends that the MEK and the NCRI are allies for regime change in Tehran and also act as a useful proxy for gathering intelligence. The MEK’s greatest intelligence coup was the provision of intelligence in 2002 that led to the discovery of a secret site in Iran for enriching uranium.

    Brookings policymakers also openly acknowledged that MEK was without doubt a terrorist organization (emphasis added):

    read more.

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Bolton & Pompeo: Deciphering Trump’s Neocon Shift

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  • Bolton & Pompeo: Deciphering Trump’s Neocon Shift
    Trump’s appointment of well-known neocons Mike Pompeo and John Bolton as the next Secretary of State and National Security Advisor respectively proves that he’s decisively embraced the neoconservative faction of the “deep state”.

    The President used to rail against people like Pompeo and Bolton, especially the latter because of his hawkish views towards Iraq, but now he’s depending on both of them for policymaking advice. This supposedly sudden turnaround has shocked his base, many of whom voted for him because they expected the populist billionaire to “drain the swamp”, though now they’re coming to conclude that the swamp has drained the President of his will to resist the “deep state”.

    While that’s the first impression that many people are getting after these two leadership announcements, the argument can also be made that Trump realized that he just doesn’t have the time to build up a “third force” on his own to take on both the neoconservatives and the liberal-globalists, having come to the decision that it’s better to side with one of them against the other at this moment in a “deep state” version of divide and rule than to have to fend off both at the same time. Whatever the true reason may be, Trump’s neoconservative shift is bound to have serious geopolitical implications for the rest of the world, particularly the four countries that are pushing back against it and trying to restore balance to International Relations.

    This past week saw Trump preside over the world’s largest-ever expulsion of Russian diplomats in history, which comes on the tail of his trade war declaration against China. Tensions are simmering between the US and Iran over the Obama-era nuclear deal, and while Trump’s open to taking part in unprecedented talks with North Korea, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov earlier warned that members of his government might stage various provocations to sabotage this forthcoming summit. At such a sensitive geopolitical moment as this one, Pompeo and Bolton appear to be the men least-suited for taking on the tasks at hand given their aggressive neoconservative tendencies, but then again, they might be exactly the figures that Trump wanted to place into power this entire time.

    Andrew Korybko is joined by Eric Schwing, anti-war, anti-capitalist, and anti-fascist social activist, and Gabriel Benton, an Orthodox Christian, Father, and American Russophile.


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$700Bn that is All Going into Our Military this Year – Trump

Let’s cut food stamps but not the war budget! There are still a lot of people the US government wants to kill !

US ‘defence’ (war really) budget.

Click on image to goto the free pdf book.

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‘Hysteria About China in Africa to Grow as US Always Needs an Enemy’ – Professor

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The Pentagon & CIA Has Influenced Over 1800 Movies and TV Shows

  • RT America Published on Mar 28, 2018
    A report from last year by investigative historian Tom Secker, supported by other investigations, found that US military intelligence agencies have influenced over 1800 movies and TV shows over the years. He combed through thousands of documents from the Pentagon and the CIA that he obtained through a FOIA request, which show how our military and spy agencies interact with Hollywood people to make sure the TV shows and movies we see convey the messages that they want.

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Revelation 2:9 – …. and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.

The original has been removed from the website. Click on image to goto the backup copy on the wayback machine archive.


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