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Jim Willie: We Are At War!

  • Jim Willie: We Are At War!
    Will Lehr of Perpetual Assets Interviews Dr. Jim Willie, editor of the Hat Trick Letter on 

    Jim is back, fired up and full of information. We cover the below topics for an hour and a half session. 

    Has the Financial & Trade War Turned into a Hot War?
    Jim says, definitely yes. Tianjin, China is the most strategic business, tech, info and database center in the nation. The explosion was certainly the result of an attack, among other connections between currency devaluation events and violent explosions (see Bangkok). One item of intrigue is that the devaluation of currency means USD lifted higher, and much like a balloon pops if it rises too much (from pressure differential). The devaluation trend will catch fire, and accelerate the USDollar death spiral. RMB devaluation started a trend, sure to result in Competing Currency War. USGovt and USFed masters do not want USD to be given an accelerant booster rocket.

    What is the Interpretation of the Stock Market Nose Dives?
    It begins with the USEconomy stuck in deep recession for six years (now depression). In fact, calling a depression a recovery is the ultimate in Third World propaganda. Yellen is the American version of Mugabe from Zimbabwe (unclear why took Fed post). The Wiley Coyote moment is here. Fed rate hike talk might be more like “HIKE OR DIE” moment or “DIE EVEN IF HIKE.” It is game over for sovereign debt foundation for USDollar. The initial damage from bond fracture realization is with equities (stocks). Could be USFed & Wall St have arranged 1000-pt down opens so as to create USTBond demand during the Chinese dumping exercise (act of financial war)? And the irony: US Langley attacked Chinese stocks, but China dumps USTBonds to shore up financial market. Stocks are the first major casualty, but energy sector losses are with corporate bonds. A 50% correction is appropriate for the USEconomy in depression and PE ratios double the norm. US Stocks no longer a forward indicator of economic performance. ZIRP has had no effect on USEconomy or housing market in kickstart (CAPEX in EmgMkt)

    Is It Crunch Time with US Treasuries & China Dumping $100BN per Week?
    We are now in QE to Infinity Squared mode. At this rate, China would dump all its holdings in ten weeks. Gulf Emirates have $2.2 trillion in toilet paper assets (mostly in USTreasurys), add in another couple loose $trillion out there and the numbers are big. Games like BLICS doubling the New York QE volume will no longer work. QE has ruined the integrity of USTreasury Bonds. USFed must cover the global dumping of USTBonds (confidence to go next). QE to Infinity Squared precedes rejection of USTBills in trade. RMB to be demanded/required/norm in trade settlement with Eastern export nations.

    What The Heck is Happening with the Silver Market Disconnect?
    Default will occur in silver market first, not gold. Physical supplies are the tightest we’ve ever seen. The supply side has not caught up since the US Mint suspension of sales in early July, in fact, it has gotten worse. Premiums and delays have increased on all silver products. Acute shortages have gone worse, with the official mints announcing suspended sales. Jim says gold fights the political battles, but silver will take away the majority of the spoils (2x VS 3x). JPMorgan is on list of Authorized Purchasers to steal supply, just like GLD/SLV funds. The third largest US wholesaler & distributor with 21 warehouses has been cleaned out of ALL silver. Live product dealers are all sold out, coin dealer shows are empty of silver coins and Johnson Matthey & Engelhard went No Offer on 100-oz bars. German gold demand is twice that of the US, and Eastern gold demand is twice the West. Shanghai gold demand is over 73 tons per week (steadily over 50 tons/wk). India gold demand is up 61% in April & May 2015 (versus same months 2014).

    read more.


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China Warns US, It Has Begun Dumping Treasuries

  • Published on Aug 27, 2015
    Tspiras said he underestimated the power of money. The power of the central bank. Greek pension funds are in danger the central bankers are getting ready to tap the funds. Canada is heading into a recession as new vehicles sales collapse. China begins dumping the treasury bonds to pump of the economy and market. If the emerging countries started to dump the treasuries the FED would have to print like crazy. China comes out and says they are not responsible for the crash. Baltic dry index falls again, 100% lower than in 2008. Pending home sales miss, the housing market is heading to a complete collapse. The US Government / Central bankers just manipulated the GDP number by using double seasonally adjusted calculations. CBO confirms debt cannot be sustained.


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China Exclaims “We Were Wronged” – Demands Fed Delay Rate Hike, Reiterates Blame For Market Rout


  • China Exclaims “We Were Wronged” – Demands Fed Delay Rate Hike, Reiterates Blame For Market Rout
    by Tyler Durden,  
    With all mainstream media blame fingers pointing at China – because a market crash could never be America’s fault – Chinese authorities are not best pleased with the rhetoric.As we noted earlier in the week, China’s central bank blames The Fed for the market rout, and now, as Reuters reports, The PBOC has reiterated that a Fed rate hike will push EM into crisis and Yuan devaluation is not responsible for global market turmoil.

    As Reuters reports,


    “China’s exchange rate reform had nothing to do with the global stock market volatility, it was mainly due to the upcoming U.S. Federal Reserve monetary policy move,” Yao said. “We were wronged.”

    read more.


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“Hot Money” Flees Latin America, Triggers Currency Bloodbath, Risk of Mega Debt Crisis


  • “Hot Money” Flees Latin America, Triggers Currency Bloodbath, Risk of Mega Debt Crisis
    by ,  
    The script of the current dramas besieging the global economy was written seven years ago. It was written when the world’s biggest central banks, with the Federal Reserve leading the way, decided to combat (or at least postpone) an endemic banking crisis by flooding the globe with countless trillions of dirt-cheap dollars, euros, yen, pounds, Swiss francs, and yuan.

    With most developed economies stalled and their engines flooded, part of this “hot money” went elsewhere, and much of it poured into the fast-growing developing and emerging markets of Latin America, where it chased high-yield risks that would have been unthinkable, were it not for the newfound abundance of cheap money.

    Coinciding with China’s seemingly insatiable thirst for commodities, this sudden glut of global liquidity helped transform Latin America into one of the world’s fastest growing regions. Western corporations, banks and investors also benefited along their way, as their high-yield emerging market investments more than compensated for the lackluster opportunities offered by the stagnating economies of Europe, North America and Japan. For many Spanish multinationals, the region is now the most important source of revenues and profits [read: Downturn in Latin America Mauls Spanish Companies, Threatens Spain’s “Recovery”].

    However, seven years after the world’s central banks embarked on the biggest money printing spree in recorded history, the movement of funds has begun reversing — and at a vicious rate!

    Blood on the Bourse
    With the exception of sub-Saharan Africa – it accounts for half of the 10 worst-performing currencies this year, and its foreign exchange reserves are a 10th or less of the emerging market average –  no region is more vulnerable to this reversal than Latin America.

    The region’s currencies have just registered their largest cumulative drop in 22 years, as El Financieroreports, a worse performance than during the Financial Crisis or even amidst the region-wide chaos triggered by the collapse of the banking sector of Latin America’s second largest economy, Mexico, during the 1994 Tequila Crisis.

    read more.


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Gerald Celente Just Warned This Is Not A Correction, It’s The Beginning Of A Total Market Meltdown And Global Collapse



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World Trade Drops to Lowest Level in Six Years


  • World Trade Drops to Lowest Level in Six Years
    by  , 26 Aug 2015
    Global trade has contracted to the lowest levels seen since the 2008 financial crisis, according to a report released Aug. 26 by the World Trade Monitor.

    Trade momentum was minus 0.5 percent in June, and minus 1.6 percent in May. Import momentum was negative or zero in all major regions. Export momentum was positive in advanced economies, but negative in emerging economies, though rising fast from the previous month, the report said.

    Momentum is the preferred index of trade levels, according to the research. This puts global trade at the lowest levels seen in six years. “It’s a bloodbath,” commented the Center for Research on Globalization in a note published on Aug. 24.

    The poor trade performance was confirmed by a plunge in the Baltic Dry Index, the benchmark for global freight carriage. The index dropped to 994 points in August, about 100 percent lower than its reading in May 2008.

    The Bloomberg Commodity Index dropped to a 16-year low on Aug. 24, down 17.7 percent so far this year. Crude oil has seen an eight-week decline, the longest in 29 years. West Texas Intermediate dropped to below $40 per barrel on Aug. 21 for the first time since 2009.

    Overcapacity in freight has pushed rates for carriage down almost 60 percent in three weeks, the center said. “It’s the worst drop in global trade since Lehman,” the note added, referring to the global financial rout that hit world markets after investment bank Lehman Brothers went bankrupt in 2008.


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How To Deal With The Global Financial Meltdown and Why It Happened

  • Published on Aug 24, 2015
    In this video Luke Rudkowski breaks down the breaking news of the global financial meltdown that started in China and is affecting the rest of the world. Luke goes over how this new financial crisis started and what you need to do to prepare yourself for it.


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Peter Schiff: The Imminent Death of the Dollar. Prepare Yourself Accordingly.

  • Published on Aug 25, 2015
    MP3 Download:… 

    As the financial markets plunge, many are desperately waiting to see if the Federal Reserve and Janet Yellen will decline to raise the Federal Funds Interest Rate from its current 0-0.25%. In light of the volatility shown by the Dow Jones Industrial Average and other economic indicators, Wall Street yearns for more quantitative easing in the form of QE4.

    Peter Schiff and Stefan Molyneux discuss the latest news in the United States and global economy, including: the Chinese currency devaluation, fall of the Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite Index, mountains of debt, the Dollar compared to the Euro, the plunge in the price of Oil, Bernie Sanders popularity, Gold, Jon Stewart formerly of The Daily Show, minimum wage absurdity, the hatred of the rich and the economic future of the United States.


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It’s Official: China Confirms It Has Begun Liquidating Treasuries, Warns Washington


  • China has activated the financial ‘nuclear’ option. The petrodollar is beating its last few heartbeats. Chinese selling of US treasuries will cause interest rates to rise. If it doesn’t, you know someone is buying behind the scenes on the orders of the US govt – FedRes. Who has the money to buy US$1+ trillion of treasuries the Chinese are holding? How will the US government finance its trillion dollar annual deficit? Collapse is imminent.
  • The war drums will get even louder. Watch for explosions, ‘accidents’ … in China.
  • It’s Official: China Confirms It Has Begun Liquidating Treasuries, Warns Washington
    by Tyler Durden,  
    On Tuesday evening, we asked what would happen if emerging markets joined China in dumping US Treasurys. For months we’ve documented the PBoC’s liquidation of its vast stack of US paper. Back in July for instance, we noted that China had dumped a record $143 billion in US Treasurys in three months via Belgium,leaving Goldman speechless for once. 

    We followed all of this up this week by noting that thanks to the new FX regime (which, in theory anyway, should have required less intervention), China has likely sold somewhere on the order of $100 billion in US Treasurys in the past two weeks alone in open FX ops to steady the yuan. Put simply, as part of China’s devaluation and subsequent attempts to contain said devaluation, China has been purging an epic amount of Treasurys. 

    But even as the cat was out of the bag for Zero Hedge readers and even as, to mix colorful escape metaphors, the genie has been out of the bottle since mid-August for China which, thanks to a steadfast refusal to just float the yuan and be done with it, will have to continue selling USTs by the hundreds of billions, the world at large was slow to wake up to what China’s FX interventions actually implied until Wednesday when two things happened: i) Bloomberg, citing fixed income desks in New York, noted “substantial selling pressure” in long-term USTs emanating from somebody in the “Far East”, and ii) Bill Gross asked, in a tweet, if China was selling Treasurys.

    Sure enough, on Thursday we got confirmation of what we’ve been detailing exhaustively for months. Here’s Bloomberg:

    read more.


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LaRouche: We Are Now Facing a Global Systemic Meltdown! The Trans-Atlantic System Is Over; Replace it Now


  • Emphasis mine:
  • The Trans-Atlantic System Is Over; Replace it Now
    As of Monday, Aug. 24, the entire trans-Atlantic system is over, Lyndon LaRouche stated yesterday. We are now facing a global, systemic meltdown of the system, which is going to produce wild, unpredictable effects across the planet in the days and weeks ahead. We will see a new pattern emerge by the end of this week, and outside of LaRouche and his associates, no one is able to cope with what is coming.

    No one at this point knows the depth of the crisis, LaRouche said, but what is clear is that we are facing an unstoppable, general collapse of the global system. That means that we have to foreclose on all of Wall Street’s phoney assets, put them entirely out of business, and quickly proceed to build the physical economy in the United States and internationally.

    LaRouche ridiculed the idea that the so-called “Black Monday” stock market meltdown of Aug. 24 was the cause of the crisis; the crash was only a display of the fact that the markets are starting to catch up with the reality of the system’s total bankruptcy. It is also wrong to blame China for the crisis. They have been put through the wringer, because of the global trade collapse which affects their economy significantly, but they are not the cause, LaRouche emphasized.

    The epicenter is the trans-Atlantic financial system: that is where the real crash is underway. Countries like China, India, and other BRICS nations, and those associated with them, have better chances of surviving the maelstrom. The United States has no chance of survival, LaRouche said, unless we quickly implement the policies that I have specified: an immediate return to FDR’s Glass-Steagall reorganization of the financial system, replacing it with a Hamiltonian credit system that will provide credit for projects that productively employ our population, and enhance their scientific and cultural capabilities. The physical economy can rebound with this change in policy.

    To launch that, we must immediately replace the Obama Presidency with one capable of addressing the crisis. Obama is still out to launch thermonuclear war against Russia and China, driven by the financial crisis, and his removal from office is therefore doubly urgent. A Presidential team to replace him is critical, LaRouche emphasized, not a single individual. As of this week, Hillary Clinton is a hopeless consideration, because she has aligned herself fully with Wall Street, through her terror-driven compact with Obama. You have the same mess on the Republican side; “and don’t be a Trump for Wall Street,” LaRouche added.

    read more.


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Start Prepping Now, Stock Market Crash Is Just The Beginning

  • Published on Aug 26, 2015
    Just remember what happened back in 2008. That crisis took most people totally by surprise. Millions of Americans lost their jobs, and because most of them were living paycheck to paycheck, all of a sudden most of them couldn’t pay the rent or the mortgage either. The only difference is, this time around the country is in a much worse position.


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The Economic Crash Is Just The Beginning – Infowars Nightly News – 08/25/2015

  • Published on Aug 26, 2015
    On this Tuesday, August 25th Lee Ann McAdoo covers the stock market crash and how some experts are warning that it is only the beginning, then comedian Bill Burr tore into Hillary Clinton and how WiFi is harming you and your family, then the Food Babe joins the news to talk about her latest movement and how you can help her fight back against the toxic environment we live in and finally, David Knight joins Lee Ann McAdoo to break down another shocking Planned Parenthood video.


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Chris Martenson: At This Point The Stock Market Is Meaningless, The Economy Is Headed For A Collapse

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What If The “Crash” Is as Rigged as Everything Else?

From: Vintage 'Trees' music video. All humanity forming a pyramid worshipping, welcoming the Satanic capstone! The Anti-Christ, the bringer of false peace, the white horseman of Revelation 6 ! The completion of the New World Order project, in a world wrecked by global wars, collapse and chaos!

From: Vintage ‘Trees’ music video. All humanity forming a pyramid worshipping, welcoming the Satanic capstone! The Anti-Christ, the bringer of false peace, the white horseman of Revelation 6 ! The completion of the New World Order project, in a world wrecked by global wars, collapse and chaos!

  • This imminent global economic, financial and currency collapse; and WW3 are engineered events. It is the ‘Plan for a New World Order’. It is Satanic and probably initiated as far back as 4000-5000 years when Nimrod was defeated at the Tower of Babel. The endgame is a Luciferian New World Order, World Government led by the Anti-Christ, Global Supra-National Central Bank — ‘666’!
  • What If The “Crash” Is as Rigged as Everything Else? 
    Take your pick–here’s three good reasons to engineer a “crash” that benefits the few at the expense of the many.

    There is an almost touching faith that markets are rigged when they loft higher, but unrigged when they crash. Who’s to say this crash isn’t rigged?
     A few things about this “crash” (11% decline from all time highs now qualifies as a “crash”) don’t pass the sniff test.

    Why would “somebody” engineer a mini-crash and send volatility to “the world is ending” levels? There are a couple of possibilities.

    1. The Shock Doctrine.
     Naomi Klein’s landmark study of how manufactured crises are used to justify further consolidation of power, The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism, provides a blueprint for how financial crises set the stage for policies that extend the power of central and private banks and various state-private sector players.

    A soaring VIX and sudden crash certainly softens up the system for the next policy squeeze.

    2. A “crash” engineered to set up a buying opportunity for insiders.
     When easy gains get scarce, what better way to skim a quick 10% than engineer a “crash,” scoop up shares dumped by panicked punters and momo-following HFT bots spooked by “the world is ending” VIX spike, and then reverse the “crash” with another round of happy talk?

    3. Settling conflicts within the Deep State.
     I have covered the Deep State for years, in a variety of contexts–for example:

    read more.





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Jeff Berwick: Global Market Meltdown – Shemitah Comes Early?

  • Published on Aug 25, 2015
    Jeff Berwick is interviewed by Kerry Lutz for the Financial Survival Network Podcast, topics include: the recent market crash and the Shemitah cycles, comparisons with previous market collapses, seven year cycles, an amazing number of events occurring around the 15th of September, the United Nations, jade helm, the explosions in China and US ammo dump in Japan, market turmoil, front running the market crash, interest rate hike, we are entering the end of the monetary system as we know it with or without the Shemitah dates so getting prepared as soon as possible is highly recommended.
  • The stock market meltdown is NOT the main event. Shemitah has not come early. The main event is a global financial and currency meltdown. It is still to come: Sep – Dec 2015.

Click on image for article.


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