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PAX AMERICANA, PetroDollar & the Coming CRISIS in the GULF


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Chinese Yuan-RMB to Threaten Dollar Dominance | Jim Willie (Part 2)

  • SilverDoctors Published on Nov 9, 2017
    The U.S. won’t be able to stop the Chinese Yuan from replacing the Dollar in trade payments the East.

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  • Published on Nov 8, 2017
    Dr. Jim Willie tells Silver Doctors it’s just a matter of time before the Dollar vanishes. Willie also discusses cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin isn’t the big winner though. He says asset-backed cryptocurrencies will be the big winners.


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Petro-Yuan vs. Petro-Dollar

  • Boom Bust Published on Oct 31, 2017
    Oil and energy expert Chris Martenson talks to host Lindsay France as we examine China’s move to create a new petro-currency and take on the petrodollar. Tourism in Mexico is dropping as drug cartels escalates and increases the violence; Bianca Facchinei goes in depth. Want to get rich quick? RT correspondent Alex Mihailovich takes us inside the Chinese property market.

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First The Petro-Yuan Now The Petro-Ruble, De-Dollarization In Full Force

  • X22Report Published on Nov 7, 2017
    Job openings are at an all time high while hiring hits a 6 month low.  Retail store closing are continuing and people are losing jobs. The yield curve is continually collapsing and this has happened before as we entered a recession. Student credit card debt, auto loan debt has skyrocketed. The people of the US are in so much debt that when this collapse hits, its going to be a disaster.De-Dollarization is accelerating, Russia makes deal with Iran to use the petro-ruble for oil trade.


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China Has Grand Ambitions to Dethrone the Dollar. It May Make a Powerful Move this Year

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“The Dollar is Finished” | Jim Willie (Part 1)

  • Jim Willie Says They Made It An Oil-For-Gold Contract For A Very Specific Reason
    Dr. Willie tells Silver Doctors that the West has no idea of the murders, fraud and theft committed by the U.S. to prevent the roll-out. Here’s more…

    Jim Willie of Golden Jackass joins Silver Doctors to discuss the latest happenings with the oil for gold-backed yuan contract.

    Dr Willie says he admires the likes of Hugo Salinas Price and doesn’t quite know what to make of it when Hugo says to think about the fact that China is not going to be the one supplying all of that gold. It’s quite possible the gold will come from the West in general, and London in specific.

    Jim Willie is not sure but he says there is much speculation about all of this and the details are only coming out bit by bit. Willie also discusses cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin isn’t the big winner though. He says asset-backed cryptocurrencies will be even more profitable than Bitcoin. This is Part I of the interview. Tune in for a timely update and stay tuned for Part II when it comes out.


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Global Crackdown Meets Crack Up Boom — Rob Kirby


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PBOC’s Zhou Warns Of “Sudden, Complex, Hidden, Contagious, Hazardous” Risks In Global Markets

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  • PBOC’s Zhou Warns Of “Sudden, Complex, Hidden, Contagious, Hazardous” Risks In Global Markets
    by Tyler Durden,
    Just two weeks after warning of the potential for an imminent ‘Minsky Moment’, Chinese central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan has penned a lengthy article on The PBOC’s website that warns ominously of latent risks accumulating, including some that are “hidden, complex, sudden, contagious and hazardous,” even as the overall health of the financial system appears good.

    The imminence of China’s Minksy Moment is something we have discussed numerous times this yearThe three credit bubbles shown in the chart below are connected. Canada and Australia export raw materials to China and have been part of China’s excessive housing and infrastructure expansion over the last two decades. In turn, these countries have been significant recipients of capital inflows from Chinese real estate speculators that have contributed to Canadian and Australian housing bubbles. In all three countries, domestic credit-to-GDP expansion financed by banks has created asset bubbles in self-reinforcing but unsustainable fashion.

    And then at the latest Communist Party Congress meeting in Beijing, the governor of the PBoC (People’s Bank of China) said the following;

    “If we are too optimistic when things go smoothly, tensions build up, which could lead to a sharp correction, what we call a ‘Minsky moment’. That’s what we should particularly defend against.”

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Cryptocurrency Is Going To Push The Fiat Money System Over A Cliff: Rob Kirby

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If All Goes As Planned, Everything Is About To Change 8 Weeks From Now. There Is A New Economic World Order Which Will Transform The World

  • X22Report Published on Nov 2, 2017
    Obamacare enrollments are here again and the entire system might be on the verge of collapsing. It has been revealed that Clinton’s lawyer paid over 1 million dollars for the dossier. Donna Brazile tells all on how Clinton took charge of the DNC even before she was nominated. Spain orders the President of Catalonia arrested. South Korea says the North is preparing another missile launch. NK and the US are having talks behind the scenes. Russia has said that in 8 weeks the IS will be removed from Syria, everything is about to change. Kaspersky detects a virus that manipulates the public address and sends cryptos some place else.

  • X22Report Published on Nov 2, 2017
    The US Government and Fed stats make no sense, a closer look shows how the information has been manipulated. US manufacturing productivity declines. There is a new world order that is emerging and it will transform the world and the US might be left out in the cold. The way of life for many people is about to change and many will have a hard problem dealing with it.


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Ruble-Yuan Trade Between Russia & China Makes Dollar Odd Man Out

  • Ruble-Yuan Trade Between Russia & China Makes Dollar Odd Man Out
    Moscow and Beijing are looking to extend the three-year $25 billion yuan-ruble swap deal and seek greater use of domestic currencies in trade. Experts have told RT this is likely to cut dependence on the US dollar.

    This week, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said “the financial regulators of the two countries are working on extending the bilateral currency swap agreement for the next three years.”

    “In 2016, the share of national currencies in payments for exports of Russian goods and services was 13 percent, imports 16 percent. In the first quarter of 2017, these figures rose to 16 percent and 18 percent, respectively,”
     said Russian Deputy Prime Minister Sergey Prikhodko.

    Both China and Russia are committed to promoting their own currencies, and this means the dollar share is likely to shrink.

    “That’s a fact, and it’s not just indicative of the volume of transactions in national currencies. Russia and China are already working together on several BRICS multilateral agreements. Trade in national currencies is just one aspect of the general trend that has emerged in the world over the past decade,”
     a Moscow-based analyst Mehdi Mehdiyev told RT’s German website, RT Deutsch.

    Trade in national currencies protects countries against “external influences,” helps to avoid risks of fluctuations in exchange rates; swap agreements also help reduce the budget deficit, Mehdiyev said.

    Chinese financial expert Andrew KP Leung told RT Deutsch that for Moscow, trading in national currencies is a way to bypass Western sanctions, and for Beijing to promote the yuan.

    “China is one of the largest buyers of Russian energy exports. The extension of the currency swap will reduce transaction costs for Russia and China. Trading in yuan will reduce Russia’s dependency on the US dollar,”
     said Leung.

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The Cabal And The Dollar Will Be Coming Down All At A Once: V & CJ

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New World Order: The Economic End Game Continues

  • The Economic End Game Continues
    by Brandon Smith,
    In November of 2014 I published an article titled ‘The Economic End Game Explained’. In it I outlined what I believed would be the process by which globalists would achieve what they call the “new world order” or what they sometimes call the “global economic reset.” As I have shown in great detail in the past, the globalist agenda includes a fiscal end game; a prize or trophy that they hope to obtain. This prize is a completely centralized global economic structure, rooted in a single central bank for the world, the removal of the U.S. dollar as world reserve currency, the institution of the SDR basket system which will act as a bridge for single a global currency supplanting all others and, ultimately, global governance of this system by a mere handful of “elites.”

    The timeline for this process is unclear, but there is some indication of when the “beginning of the end” would commence. As noted in the globalist owned magazine The Economist, in an article titled “Get Ready For The Phoenix,” the year of 2018 seems to be the launching point for the great reset. This timeline is supported by the numerous measures already taken to undermine dollar dominance in international trade as well as elevate the International Monetary Fund’s SDR basket. It is clear that the globalists have deadlines they intend to meet.

    That said, there have been some new developments since I wrote my initial analysis on the end-game strategy that I think merit serious attention. The end game continues, faster than ever before, and here are some of the indicators showing that the “predictions” of the globalists at The Economist in 1988 were more like self-fulfilling prophecies and 2018 remains a primary nexus point for a re-engineering of our economic environment.

    Using The East To Dismantle The Petrodollar
    As I mentioned in last week’s article, ‘Lies And Distractions Surrounding The Petrodollar,’ there has been silence and often disinformation in the mainstream when it comes to the quite open and obvious international pivot away from the dollar as the defacto purchasing mechanism for oil. This trend is only set to accelerate in two months as China begins fulfilling oil contracts in the Yuan instead of the dollar.

    The problem is that even in the alternative media there is a continuing myth that Eastern nations are angling to “break away” from the international order. I often see the argument presented that the loss of the petrodollar can only be a good thing for the world. I am not here to comment on whether the end of oil-denominated in dollars is a good or bad thing. I am here, though, to point out that there is absolutely no indication whatsoever that major eastern powers like Russia and China are acting to undermine the existing globalist system.

    On the contrary, China and Russia remain, as ever, heavily partnered with the IMF as well as the Bank for International Settlements, and their ties to international banking monoliths like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan are long established.

    read more.

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9 Jan 1988 cover, The Economist: Get Ready for a World Currency by 2018! The Rise of the Phoenix world currency from the ashes of national fiat currencies ie. destruction of fiat currencies via hyperinflation. “Phoenix” is of course an occult metaphor. Out of the destruction, the ashes of the old world order, the Luciferian New World Order will rise like a Phoenix!


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Deutsche Asks A Stunning Question: “Is This The Beginning Of The End Of Fiat Money?”

  • Deutsche Asks A Stunning Question: “Is This The Beginning Of The End Of Fiat Money?”
    by Tyler Durden,
    One month ago, Deutsche Bank’s unorthodox credit analyst, Jim Reid published a phenomenal report, one which just a few years ago would have been anathema, as it dealt with two formerly taboo topics: is a financial crisis coming (yes), and what are the catalysts that have led the world to its current pre-crisis state, to which Reid had three simple answers: central banks, financial bubbles and record amounts of debt.

    Just as striking was Reid’s nuanced observation that it was the modern fiat system itself that has encouraged and perpetuated the current boom-bust cycle, and was itself in jeopardy when the next crash hits:

    We think the final break with precious metal currency systems from the early 1970s (after centuries of adhering to such regimes) and to a fiat currency world has encouraged budget deficits, rising debts, huge credit creation, ultra loose monetary policy, global build-up of imbalances, financial deregulation and more unstable markets.

    The various breaks with gold based currencies over the last century or so has correlated well with our financial shocks/crises indicator. 
    It shows that you are more likely to see crises/shocks when we break from hard currency systems. Some of the devaluation to Gold has been mindboggling over the last 100 years.

    read more.


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