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The Female “Patsy” Who Has the Power to Start World War III

US Assistant Secretary of State “F*** the EU” Victoria Nuland together with Neo Nazi Svoboda leader Oleh Tyahnybok (left)

  • The Female “Patsy” Who Has the Power to Start World War III
    by Dave Hodges,
    I have been extensively writing about the Deep State threat coming out of Central America. However, there is a preliminary event which I believe must happen in advance of  the attack and it is World War III. Once the war starts the US will be attacked through its southern underbelly. We are very, very close to this happening. Presently, a woman who has been leveraged over the Steele Dossier, is doing the bidding of the globalists and her present mission is to start World War III. From the BBC:

    Russian President Vladimir Putin has accused Ukraine’s leader, Petro Poroshenko, of trying to boost his ratings ahead of 2019 elections with a naval confrontation off Crimea.

    This orchestrated conflict, was led by an American Diplomat who is now totally under the control of the Deep State. Ambassador Nuland, and President Trump needs to fire her immediately as well as the commanding US officer in NATO. Both are conspiring to start WW III on behalf of the Deep State.

    From former CIA officer, Robert David Steele who just emailed me the following: A senior retired officer wrote this:

    Vicky Nuland 
    ordered  [Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko] to start a war with Russian Federation and guaranteed that NATO and Pentagon would step in and defeat the Russians? NeoCons, PNACers and Zionists believe that unless Russian Federation is stopped using war on two fronts (Crimea and Syria/Iran, the US Petro Dollar and Israel/Saudi Arabia are finisimo?

    I am personally worried that Israel has a plan to lure Iran into a strike and is then relying on the US to bail it out (or the Israelis are over-confident of their own nuclear capabilities against Iran). I personally think Netanyahu is a criminally insane individual with a messianic complex, and that Iran is vastly more competent and able to hold its own.

    If I were President, apart from assigning Bill Binney full authority to harvest everything NSA has on Victoria Nuland and known associates including General Scaparrotti; I would also be making a very strong public statement of disengagement (as well as firing Scaparrotti and pulling all US forces back and announcing an intend to pull completely out of NATO).  This is out of control.

    It is clear that Robert David Steele has fingered Nuland as a catalyst in the plot for NATO to get WW III started on behalf of the bankers and globlalist leaders of Europe.

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When the U.S. Want to Sanction States, They Call Them « Terrorists »

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  • When the U.S. Want to Sanction States, They Call Them « Terrorists »
    by Thierry Meyssan,
    The new unilateral sanctions by the United States against Iran, Russia and Syria add to the previous actions concerning the same three targets. They now form the most unforgiving embargo in History. The way in which they have been organised is illegal according to the definition of the Charter of the United Nations – these are weapons of war, designed for killing.

    For his visit to Moscow on 8 November, ambassador James Jeffrey was tasked with explaining the current US obsession with the expansion of Persian influence in the Arab world (Saudi Arabia, Bahrein, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen). Washington now wishes to formulate this question in geo-strategic rather than religious terms (Chiites/Sunni), while Teheran is organising its national defence around forward posts composed of Chiite Arabs.

    Moscow then considered the possibility of negotiating on Teheran’s behalf for the easing of unilateral US sanctions, in exchange for its military withdrawal from Syria. President Vladimir Putin confirmed his proposition, not only for his US opposite number, but also for the Israëli Prime Minister, during their meeting in Paris on 11 November for the celebrations marking the centenary of the end of the First World War .

    He attempted to convince the Westerners that Russia alone in Syria was preferable to the Irano-Russian tandem. However, he could not guarantee that Iran would have sufficient authority over Hezbollah – as both Washington and Tel-Aviv pretend – to be able to order it to withdraw also.

    Washington’s only answer, nine days later, was to announce the eleventh series of unilateral sanctions against Russia since the beginning of August. This was accompanied by a ridiculous speech according to which Russia and Iran had together organised a vast plot aimed at maintaining President Assad in power and expanding Persian control in the Arab world.

    This rhetoric, which we believed had been abandoned, assimilates three states (the Russian Federation, the Syrian Arab Republic and the Islamic Republic of Iran) as machines in the service of three men (Bachar el-Assad, Ali Khamenei and Vladimir Putin) who are united by the same hatred of their respective peoples. It ignores the massive popular support they enjoy, while the United States are profoundly torn apart.

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US Switching to Ukraine as Location to Start World War III Against Russia

  • US Switching to Ukraine as Location to Start World War III Against Russia
    by ERIC ZUESSE | 02 Oct 2018,
    The United States Government is now treating Ukraine as if it were a NATO member, and on September 27th donated to Ukraine two warships for use against Russia. This is the latest indication that the US is switching to Ukraine as the locale to start World War III, and from which the nuclear war is to be sparked against Russia, which borders Ukraine.

    Here is why Syria is no longer the US alliance’s preferred choice as a place to start WW III:

    On September 4th, US President Donald Trump publicly threatened Syria, Iran and Russia that if they exterminated the jihadists in Syria’s only remaining jihadist-controlled province, Idlib, then the US might launch a full-scale invasion against Syria, Iran and Russia in Syria. Either the US or Russia would then quickly escalate to nuclear war so as not to lose in Syria — that would be the conventional-war start to World War III.

    The leaders of Russia, Iran, Turkey, and Syria (Putin, Rouhani, Erdogan, and Assad), agreed in two meetings, one on September 7th and the other on September 17th, to (as I had recommended on September 10th) transfer control of Syria’s only remaining jihadist-controlled province, Idlib, to NATO-member Turkey. This action effectively prevents the US alliance from going to war against Russia if Russia’s alliance (which includes Syria) obliterates all the jihadist groups in the Al-Qaeda-led Syrian province Idlib. For the US to war against Russia there would also be war against fellow-NATO-member Turkey — out of the question.

    The US has been using Al Qaeda in Syria to train and lead the jihadist groups which have been trying to overthrow Syria’s Government and to replace it with a government that has been selected by the Saud family who own Saudi Arabia. Ever since 1949 the US Government has been trying to do this (to place the Saud family in charge of Syria). That plan is now being placed on-hold if not blocked altogether, because of the Russia, Turkey, Iran, Syria, agreement. As I reported on September 25th, “Turkey Now Controls Syria’s Jihadists”. The US would no longer be able to save them, but Turkey would, if Erdogan wants to. “Turkey is thus now balanced on a knife’s edge, between the US and its allies (representing the Saud family) on the one side, versus Russia and its allies (representing the anti-Saud alliance) on the other.”

    During the same period in which the US Government was setting Syria up as the place to start WW III, it was also setting up Ukraine as an alternative possibility to do that. US President Obama, in a very bloody February 2014 coup which he had started planning by no later than 2011, overthrew Ukraine’s democratically elected President, and replaced him by a rabidly anti-Russian racist-fascist regime whose Ukrainian tradition went back to ideologically nazi Ukrainian organizations that had supported Hitler during World War II. Though communism is gone from Russia ever since 1991, the US aristocracy never ended its goal of conquering Russia; the Cold War was secretly continued on the US-NATO side. Ukraine’s nazis (meaning its racist-fascists) are now the US and UK aristocracies’ chief hope to achieve this ambition of a US-and-allied global conquest. Here are the recent steps toward WW III regarding the US alliance’s new (since 2014) prize, Ukraine:

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Israel with Illegal Nukes Present Real Danger to Peace: Analyst

  • PressTV Published on Nov 28, 2018
    Rogue regimes like Israel with their illegal stockpiles of nuclear weapons present the real danger to global peace, according to independent political analyst Adam Garrie.

Revelation 2:9 – …. and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.

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Who is threatening whom with nuclear destruction? Click on image for article.

Who is threatening who with nuclear annihilation? Click on image to go to article.

Who is threatening who with nuclear annihilation?!


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Putin: Russia With Major Partners Working on Financial Systems Independent From SWIFT

  • Putin: Russia With Major Partners Working on Financial Systems Independent From SWIFT
    Russian President Vladimir Putin is attending the ‘Building Partnerships, Bridging Differences’ plenary session at the 10th annual ‘Russia Calling’ Investment Forum in Moscow on 28 November.

    Vladimir Putin said at Russia Calling Investment Forum that Moscow was working with its major partners in order to create international systems that are not dependent on the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT).

    ‘We are actively working with some countries, with our partners on trade and economy, on setting up systems that would be independent of SWIFT’, he stated.

    The Russian president didn’t specify which countries he was referring to. However, Russian companies earlier signed a cooperation agreement on the issue with Iranian firms following the exclusion of Iran from SWIFT due to US sanctions.

    The annual ‘RUSSIA CALLING!’ Investment Forum brings together investors, businessmen and policymakers from all over the world and aims to promote strategic investment in the Russian economy. The forum’s plenary session is traditionally attended by the Russian president, who addresses the event’s participants in a keynote speech.

    Russian Companies Under External Pressure
    Addressing the economic restrictions, introduced by the West, Putin also noted that the business in the country managed to maintain the stability and even prosper.

    ‘Despite the pressure attempts from abroad and certain internal difficulties, Russia’s business is making long-term plans to increase investments in development’, Putin said at the forum.

    According to the president, Moscow is forced to move away from using the dollar but will do so gradually and without harming itself.

    ‘We do not have the goal to move away from the dollar, we are forced to do this. Let me assure you, we will do this… We just do not want to do anything sudden that would hurt us… We have no goal to leave the dollar, it is the dollar that is leaving us’, Putin stressed.

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Russia-Led Eurasian Union Notches Up Major Success in Dumping Dollar in Favor of National Currencies

  • Russia-Led Eurasian Union notches up Major Success in Dumping Dollar in Favor of National Currencies
    Member states of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) increased the share settlements in local currencies to 70 percent in the first half of 2018, First Deputy Chief of the Russian Government Staff Sergey Prikhodko said on Tuesday.

    “In the first six months of the current year, the share of settlements in national currencies between the members of the EEU exceeded 70 percent,”
     he said prior to a visit by Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

    “The further growth of the figure will be achieved via ensuring macroeconomic and financial stability, creating of a common financial market, and harmonization of legislative control over the financial sector,”
     Prikhodko added.

    According to the top official, the bulk of the settlements in local currencies accounts for trade with Russia and is implemented via rubles. Opportunities for increasing the share of such settlements mainly depend on developing trade ties between the member countries of the alliance, he said.

    The EEU is not the only alliance of countries willing to replace the US dollar with alternative currencies in trade. Earlier this year, the BRICS group (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) of emerging economies took steps towards increasing settlements in local currencies to avoid using the greenback.

    Countries like China, Russia, Iran, Iraq, Venezuela and others are also planning to substitute the US national currency in oil trade amid deliberate policy of sanctions implemented by Washington over recent years.

    The meeting of the Eurasian Intergovernmental Council is kicking off in the Belarusian capital of Minsk. The agenda of the meeting includes digital technology, cooperation in trade, industry and agriculture, energy, economic and financial policies. Participants are also set to discuss the formation of a common gas market for the union, the draft concept of the common financial market, along with other issues of supranational regulation.

    Officially launched in 2015, the EEU currently includes five member states – Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Moldova as an observer state. Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Turkmenistan, Iran, Turkey, Syria and Tunisia are reportedly planning to join the union.


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Research Finds 70% of Israeli Politicians’ Statements False; Netanyahu on Top

  • Research Finds 70% of Israeli Politicians’ Statements False; Netanyahu on Top
    A new study has revealed that more than 70 percent of statements by senior Israeli politicians are false, putting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on top of the list of those who uttered fake news.

    The study carried out by Yifat Media Check Ltd. and Hamashrokit – “The Whistle” fact-checking NGO – found that most statements made by top Israeli politicians in the past year were either totally or mostly wrong. 

    The study showed that representatives of coalition parties have a higher tendency to make false statements as 74 percent of their statements were found to be false, 12 percent were partially true and only 14 percent were true.

    The political lie that got the most press coverage (7 million exposures on regular and social media outlets) belongs to Netanyahu who has made numerous unsubstantiated allegations against Iran’s nuclear program.

    According to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Iran has continued to implement all its commitments under the 2015 nuclear deal even as the United States reimposed sanctions against Tehran.

    Israel’s Interior Minister Arye Deri was in the second place in the list of the speakers of fake news. According to the report, the main problem with false news is that when it is broadcast on established media, it is granted a higher degree of credibility. The research found that Netanyahu’s false remarks on Iran were considered as credible by 88 percent of readers and viewers in Israel.

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Pathological liar NUTanyahu! Click on image for article.

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Iran Opposed to Fake Deal of the Century — Trump’s Middle East Peace Plan

  • PressTV Published on Nov 26, 2018
    Iran’s parliament speaker says Tehran will foil the so-called deal of the century, the US initiative aimed at ending Palestinians’ resistance against Israel. Ali Larijani said the United States plans to make Israel a dominant force in the Middle East and Iran is determined to foil the plot. Larijani said the United States has a serious plan to plunder the region’s oil resources and it accuses Iran of misbehavior in order to only justify their presence in the Middle East and encourage regional countries to buy their weapons. The Iranian parliament speaker made the comments in the closing ceremony of the annual international conference on Islamic unity in Tehran.


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Trump: Israel Would Be in Big Trouble Without Saudi Arabia. The Debate – Arabs’ Normalization with Israel

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Iran Wants Other JCPOA Signatories to Offset Negative Impact of U.S. Withdrawal

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‘Ironic that US Sanctions Those Who Defeated ISIS While Claiming It’s Fighting Terrorism’ – Prof

  • RT Published on Nov 22, 2018
    The US has introduced sanctions against what it called a network of petroleum shipments to Syria, including Russian and Iranian companies and individuals. Washington says it wants to disrupt shipments to Syrian-owned ports.

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Leaflet: US warning to ISIS terrorists to run away as airstrikes coming, abandon oil trucks. Click on image to goto Department of Defense statement: “.. these are the leaflets that we dropped — about 45 minutes before the airstrikes actually began.”


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Iran Urges EU to Accelerate Efforts to Save Nuclear Deal

  • Iran Urges EU to Accelerate Efforts to Save Nuclear Deal
    by Shi Yinglun,
    TEHRAN, Nov. 20 (Xinhua) — Iran is “frustrated” with the slow pace of European Union (EU) to help the country to benefit under its international nuclear deal after U.S. pullout from the accord in May.

    Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif was quoted as saying by Tasnim news agency on Tuesday that he was confident that Iran would find markets for oil exports even though the U.S. measures have pushed down Iran’s crude exports sharply.

    “There are always markets for oil. It depends on the conditions and the price,” he said, adding that “I believe Iran will always sell oil.”

    The U.S. is not living up to its promises and all its sanctions against Iran are unlawful and against the UN Security Council resolutions, he said, adding that the U.S. is not even bound to the commitment it has made. Under these circumstances, EU is expected to speed up the moves to help European companies to continue trade with Iran, Zarif stressed. “What is important is that Europe has made the political commitment but, unfortunately, it has been very slow in practice,” Zarif said.

    A clearing house, known as a Special Purpose Vehicle, which designed to allow European companies to bypass the U.S. sanctions, is due to be set up by the EU within the next few months, according to the western media.


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European Countries Seek to Bypass US Sanctions Against Iran!

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US Uses Dollar to Bully Other Countries

  • PressTV Published on Nov 16, 2018
    Iran’s Deputy foreign minister says the US sanctions against Tehran primarily undermine Europe’s sovereignty, security and credibility, rather than target the Iranian economy. Seyyed Abbas Araqchi, who is in Madrid to meet high-ranking Spanish officials, said Tehran is waiting to see how Europe defends its sovereignty against U-S pressures. He stressed that the US uses its economic power and the dollar to impose its will on other countries. Araqchi said European companies seem to be taking US orders more seriously than their own governments’. The Iranian diplomat noted that Washington’s decision to re-impose sanctions on Iran is against UN Security Council Resolution 22-31 and a recent verdict by the International Criminal Court.


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EU Believes No Credible Peaceful Alternative to Iran Nuclear Deal Exists

  • There does not seem to be a new, revised Iran Nuclear deal. So can’t be a Covenant of 1 week.
  • EU Believes No Credible Peaceful Alternative to Iran Nuclear Deal Exists
    BRUSSELS (Sputnik) – The European Union believes that there is no credible peaceful alternative to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), commonly referred to as the Iran nuclear deal, Vera Jourova, the European Commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality, said.

    “There is no credible peaceful alternative to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. The deal with Iran is a key element of the global nuclear non-proliferation architecture,” Jourova said during a plenary session of the European Parliament on Wednesday.

    Jourova noted that preserving the Iran nuclear deal was a matter of security for the whole global community.

    The official added that the European Union did not recognize the US extra-terrestrial sanctions arising from Washington’s withdrawal from the JCPOA.

    “We, Europeans, cannot accept that a foreign power, not even our closest friend and ally, takes decisions over our legitimate trade with another country. The ongoing work, led by France, Germany and the United Kingdom, aims at preserving the full and effective implementation of the Plan of Action in all its aspects and in line with UN Security Council Resolution 2231,” Jourova pointed out. Her speech was broadcast by the European Commission video service.

    US President Donald Trump has for a long time been a critic of the Iran nuclear deal negotiated by his predecessor Barack Obama. In May, Trump announced the US withdrawal from the agreement, which ensures the re-imposition of Washington’s sanctions on Iran, over Tehran’s alleged failure to comply with the JCPOA, something denied by Tehran. Two rounds of sanctions have been reintroduced since then, with the large-scale restrictions covering oil exports being slapped on Iran on November 5.

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