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Pro-Israel Billionaires Dictate Trump’s Aggressive Iran Policy

  • RT America Published on Oct 16, 2017
    President Donald Trump has disavowed the Iran nuclear deal, but won’t pull out of it – yet. The same neocons who pushed for the 2003 invasion of Iraq are now arguing that the US needs to abandon the multi-party international agreement. Investigative reporter Max Blumenthal says that the end goal for decertifying the Iran deal is the same as the Iraq invasion, even though members of the Trump administration say pulling out would empower Iranian hardliners.

Genocidally insane Zionist-Illuminist, Synagogue of Satan! Who is threatening who with nuclear annihilation? Click on image for article!

Jews do run America! Don’t take my word for it. Read what they say themselves. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is Satanic ie. of the Synagogue of Satan. Click on image for article.

This Satanic symbol has nothing to do with King David, the greatest king of Israel. It is the Satanic Hexagram from which we get the word ‘Hex’ ie. to curse or cast a spell ! Revelation 2:9 – …. and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.


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Is War Between Israel And Hezbollah Imminent?

  • Is War Between Israel And Hezbollah Imminent?
    by Elijah Magnier, Middle East based chief international war correspondent for Al Rai Media , via
    The US has raised the level of tension with Iran without taking any concrete steps to pull out of the Iranian nuclear deal. The reason why Trump is expected to limit himself to verbal abuse and continue threatening hostile measures against Tehran without executing them is fundamentally to avoid a breach between the US and the EU. The Nuclear deal is not bilateral, so the withdrawal of the US theoretically cannot scupper it. Nevertheless Iran is likely to consider the deal totally void if the US pulls out, with all that that implies. So the US continues its aggressive verbal campaigns against Iran, confusing the Europeans, who rightly fail to predict what decisions this US President is capable of adopting in the medium to long term.

    However, the target is not only Iran but also its main ally and military arm in the Middle East: the Lebanese Hezbollah.
     The US posted bounties on two Hezbollah members of the military council (the highest military authority within the organisation), Haj Fuad Shukr and Haj Talal Hamiyeh, allocating “$12 million to whomsoever is able to offer information” that brings these two to justice. The US bounty purposely showed old photos of the two men to avoid revealing the intelligence sources which have provided the most recent ones. The main question remains: which country is going to take advantage of such an offer, and how?

    Tel Aviv – like Washington – is limiting itself to adopting a threatening rhetoric, talking about “a nearby war” against Hezbollah but without taking the narrative further or adopting any belligerent steps besides the rumbling of its drums.

    In the unlikely event of war between Israel and Hezbollah, there is no doubt that Israel has the destructive military capability to bring back Lebanon to the “Stone Age,” as it claims. However, this is a situation that the Lebanese have already experience of since the civil war in1975 and the two (1982 and 2006) Israeli wars. In these wars, Israel launched attacks and destroyed the Lebanese infrastructure, killing thousands of civilians and hundreds of Hezbollah militants.

    However, there is also no doubt that Hezbollah would give Israel a taste of a similar “Stone Age” scenario, with its tens of thousands of rockets and missiles, among them some of the very highest accuracy. The Israeli population however is not accustomed to such a harsh possible scenario: Hezbollah missiles will hit the infrastructure (bridges, concentration locations, markets, water, electricity, chemical plants and more), harbours, airports, military barracks and institutions, and civilian homes.

    read more.


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Berlin: Possible Unification of Europe and Russia Against the US

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  • All these events are setting up the stage for the war in Revelation 17: the 10 Horn Beast Revived Roman Empire (EU 2.0) vs the Mystery Babylon Whore (America 2.0). Washington DC, the City of 7 Hills, is the endtimes Babylon city IMO.

    Revelation 17:16-17 New King James Version (NKJV)
    16 And the ten horns which you saw on[a] the beast, these will hate the harlot, make her desolate and naked, eat her flesh and burn her with fire. 17 For God has put it into their hearts to fulfill His purpose, to be of one mind, and to give their kingdom to the beast, until the words of God are fulfilled.

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US Sanctioning of IRGC (Iran Military) ‘Beyond Insanity’: Duff

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  • US Sanctioning of IRGC (Iran Military) ‘Beyond Insanity’: Duff
    It is “beyond insanity” for the United States to accuse the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps of wrongdoing despite its record in fighting terror, says an American analyst, noting that Washington is in no place to criticize others given its long list of “criminal activities.”

    Gordon Duff, a senior analyst with Veterans Today, told Press TV on Sunday that the elite force had done “exceptionally well” in fighting terrorist groups in Iraq and Syria. He made the remarks in reaction to reports that the US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin was planning to introduce new sanctions against the elite force.

    Speaking to Fox News on Sunday, Mnuchin said he had already discussed the matter with his counterparts in other countries at the latest meetings of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

    “The idea of sanctioning these people is pure insanity,” Duff said, before going on to criticize Washington’s policy of slapping sanctions against other nations, which he described as a declaration of war. A Vietnam veteran himself, Duff drew an analogy between Trump’s claims against the IRGC and thousands of US soldiers taking part the wars in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan, saying they had to be blacklisted as well.

    “Any American military that has fought in Iraq… the 2003 invasion is universally seen as a criminal act,” he argued. “Everyone involved, 500,000 Americans could easily be put under some kind of sanction or blacklist.”

    The analyst noted that American military contractors had even helped accelerate the production of drugs and narcotics in Afghanistan but “nobody questions that.” “So for the US to talk about blacklisting, for the US to talk about sanctions, the US that have been involved in so many criminal activities, it is beyond insanity,” he concluded.

    The sanctions are part of US President Donald Trump’s new strategy against Tehran, which he unveiled on Friday by refusing to certify the 2015 nuclear deal between Iran and the P5+1 group of countries—the US, the UK, France, China, Russia and Germany. The Republican president also said in his speech that his administration was going to place “tough sanctions” on the IRGC.

Click on image to goto E-book.


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US Deep State Concocts Bogus ‘Iranian Threat’: Ex-Top US Official

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  • US Deep State Concocts Bogus ‘Iranian Threat’: Ex-Top US Official
    The US Deep State is peddling a plethora of untruths to build a false narrative that Iran presents a national security threat to the United States, according to an American writer and former Republican politician.

    David A. Stockman, the director of the Office of Management and Budget under former President Ronald Reagan, made the remarks in an article, headlined Another Step Toward Fiscal Collapse — The Deep State’s Bogus ‘Iranian Threat’, published on Thursday.

    Stockman, who also served as a US Representative from the state of Michigan (1977–1981), wrote that US President Donald Trump “is on the cusp of making” the financial crisis dramatically worse by decertifying the Iranian nuclear deal.

    Trump will unveil on Friday Washington’s strategy with regard to the international nuclear agreement with Iran, the White House announced on Thursday. Trump, who has described the Iran accord as “the worst deal ever,” has until October 15 to decide whether to certify that Iran is in compliance with the agreement known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

    The Republican president is expected to declare to Congress that retaining the 2015 nuclear deal is no longer in the US national interest. He has desperately sought a pretext to scrap or weaken the JCPOA and get rid of the limits it imposes on the US ability to pursue more hostile policies against Iran.

    “In a word, the whole notion that Iran is a national security threat and state sponsor of terrorism is just as bogus as the Russian meddling story or the claim that the chain of events resulting from the coup d’ etat fostered by Washington on the streets of Kiev in February 2014 is evidence of Russian expansionism and aggression,” Stockman wrote.

    “Likewise, it’s part of the same tissue of lies which led to Washington’s massive, destructive and counterproductive interventions in Syria and Libya — when neither regime posed an iota of threat to the safety and security of the American homeland,” he added.

    The analyst said that “all of these false narratives are the cover stories which justify the Warfare State’s massive draw on the nation’s broken finances.” He pointed out that “Iran has actually never attacked a single foreign nation in modern history whereas Washington has chosen to unilaterally intervene in or arm virtually every surrounding country in the region.”

    “In the case of both Syria and Iraq, their respective governments invited Iranian help, which is also their prerogative as sovereign nations,” Stockman noted. The writer also observed that the coalition of Iran, the Syrian government and the Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah “bears much of the credit for defeating ISIS [Daesh] on the ground in Mosul, Aleppo, Raqqa, Deir ez-Zor and elsewhere” in the Middle East.


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Trump’s Iran Claims Have Nothing to Do with Reality: Pundit

  • PressTV News Videos Published on Oct 13, 2017
    An academic believes US President Donald Trump’s speech shows the way by which American leaders use all sorts of different “incoherent arguments” and “make claims that have nothing to do with reality.” “What Trump has said may seem outrageous now for some people, but the fact is that this is what the United States has been saying in their media on CNN, The New York Times or The Washington Post for decades. This is the sort of nonsense that I am sure many Americans when they hear it, they believe it because it falls within the narrative. So this is important for people to remember that this is nothing new,” Mohammad Marandi, a professor at the University of Tehran, told Press TV in an interview on Friday.


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War with Iran Was Planned Decades Ago

  • War with Iran Was Planned Decades Ago
    by Michael Krieger,, 13 Oct 2017
    Last night, as I reflected on my recent three-part series filled with bold predictions, I began to question whether or not I was being too negative. Upon hearing Trump’s Iran speech today, I became convinced that everything I wrote had merit.

    The speech was downright terrifying, serving to confirm all my worst fears about what he’s up to in the Middle East. There’s no way you can listen to that disingenuous rant and not recognize that he’s already made up his mind about war with Iran. What comes next will be a series of U.S. imposed redlines and demands, which Iran will eventually be said to violate, at which point the U.S. will escalate bigly.

    I expect the most wretched cretins in America to rally behind the coming war push, including much of the corporate media. We already saw evidence of this earlier today.

    Many of you will accuse me of exhibiting unwarranted confidence about where all this is headed, but it’s not that. The reason I feel so strongly about this forecast is because war with Iran has been planned for decades. For proof, take a watch of this classic video of General Wesley Clark explaining the foreign policy establishment’s post 9/11 plans. (top of post)

    read more.

Who is the aggressor?


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EU, Russia, China Rally Behind Iran Deal Ahead of Trump Speech

  • EU, Russia, China Rally Behind Iran Deal Ahead of Trump Speech
    The EU, Russia and China have called on the US to maintain its commitment to the Iranian nuclear deal, which President Donald Trump is expected to declare no longer in America’s interest.

    “We believe this deal is important to ensuring the international nuclear nonproliferation regime and regional peace and stability. We hope all parties can continue to preserve and implement this deal,” China’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said Friday.

    EU foreign policy director Federica Mogherini and German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel held phone talks with Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, saying Europe will respect its side of the deal as long as Tehran honors its obligations.

    Both Mogherini and Gabriel acknowledged that Iran had fully lived up to its commitments under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) as the nuclear accord is called, the state news agency IRNA reported.

    They also said Iran should be allowed to benefit from the economic dividends of the deal reached with the US, the UK, France, Russia, China and Germany under which sanctions were lifted against Tehran.

    Gabriel said on Thursday Trump’s reported plans to “decertify” the nuclear deal was alienating Washington’s European allies and pushing them towards Russia and China.

    read more.


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IAEA, World Leaders Confirm Iran Complying with Nuclear Deal

  • PressTV News Videos Published on Oct 9, 2017
    The International Atomic Energy Agency has once more confirmed Iran’s compliance with the 2015 nuclear deal with the P5+1 group of countries. IAEA chief Yukiya Amano told a nuclear conference in the Italian capital Rome that Iran is following through on its commitments under the accord. The EU Foreign Policy Chief also spoke at the same event via video conference. Federica Mogherini criticized the United States’ policy on the nuclear deal, saying signatories have an interest and a duty to preserve the agreement.


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Saudi Arabia, Israel to Push Congress to End JCPOA — Iran Nuclear Deal

  • PressTV News Videos Published on Oct 13, 2017
    Former US diplomat in Saudi Arabia, Michael Springmann believes the Saudi and Israeli regimes are seeking to pressure the US Congress to scrap the Iran nuclear deal.

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The Best Deal-Breaker: Trump De-Certifies Iran Agreement, Announces New Sanctions

  • RT America Published on Oct 13, 2017
    US President Donald Trump has announced that his administration will not certify Iran’s compliance with the 2015 nuclear pact and asked Congress to establish new conditions on the deal. He also announced new sanctions against Tehran.

Pentagon: “Those damned Iranians! Let’s nuke them before they pee on us!”


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Trump Just Made War With Iran And North Korea More Likely Than Ever, Retired Army General Says

  • Trump Just Made War With Iran And North Korea More Likely Than Ever, Retired Army General Says
    by ,
    The U.S. and Iran have both taken defensive measures to prepare for a potential conflict following President Donald Trump’s controversial decision Friday to not certify a landmark nuclear treaty between both countries and four other leading powers.

    Despite recommendations from his security and defense advisers, Trump decertified the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), a 2015 deal negotiated by the U.S., Iran, China France, Germany, Russia and the U.K., and designated Iran’s elite Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) a terrorist organization. Trump’s remarks, in which he accused Iran of being a “fanatical regime” that sponsors terrorism abroad, had immediate repercussions in the region, with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani quickly condemning the speech during a televised address.

    Related: In Trump’s War With Iran, U.S. Allies Are Siding With Russia and China

    “Mr. Trump’s remarks on Iran…contained nothing but expletives and a pile of delusional allegations against the Iranian nation,” Rouhani said, according to Press TV, the English-language affiliate of the semiofficial Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting agency.

    read more.


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Trump “Fabricates Alternate Facts” to Justify Going Back on Iran Deal – Professor

  • It appears Donald Trump has sold out to the Zionists ‘666’ agenda of war with Iran.
  • RT America Published on Oct 13, 2017
    President Trump has decertified the Iran nuclear agreement and announced new sanctions on Tehran. Professor Michael Schwartz of Stony Brook State University joins RT America’s Manila Chan to discuss.


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‘Immediate Danger of War’ if US Quits Iran Nuclear Deal – German FM

  • ‘Immediate Danger of War’ if US Quits Iran Nuclear Deal – German FM
    There is “an immediate threat” of war in the region if the landmark 2015 Iran nuclear deal collapses due to a US decision to pull out, the German foreign minister warned. He said US conduct on the Iran issue would make Europe side with Russia and China.

    The alarming remarks come amid reports the Trump administration is preparing to withdraw from the nuclear deal the US signed in 2015 along with other five world powers plus Iran.

    “A termination of the Iran agreement would turn the Middle East into a region of hot crises,”
     Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel told German newspaper group RND on Thursday, as cited by Die Welt.

    If Iran were to work on development of nuclear weapons following the collapse of the deal, “an immediate threat of a new war” would be considered by Israel, according to Gabriel. He said that Tehran adheres to the 2015 deal which was also confirmed by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), a principal nuclear watchdog.

    The US pulling out from the deal “would send a devastating signal for nuclear disarmament,”Gabriel continued. “Some states could understand a failure of the Iran agreement as a signal to provide themselves with nuclear weapons as fast as possible,” he said, apparently referring to North Korea.

    If the nuclear deal fails, it would be “a complete illusion to encourage North Korea to enter a security-related treaty if the Iran agreement were to blow up.”

    “The great drama is that the Iran agreement could become the plaything of the American domestic policy,”
     Gabriel stated. Those in the EU “also have to tell the Americans that their behavior on the Iran issue will drive us Europeans into a common position with Russia and China against the USA,” the politician said.

    read more.


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Deal or No Deal: Fears Rise Trump to Ditch Iran Nuclear Deal in New Strategy

  • It appears Donald Trump is a Zionist puppet.
  • RT Published on Oct 13, 2017
    Donald Trump’s expected to announce a new strategy on Iran this Friday, and all bets are on the President ripping up the ‘historic’ nuclear deal. The deal was hammered out by the US, Russia, France, the UK, China, Germany and Iran back in 2015. It followed nine years of talks. Political scientist, Kaveh Afrasiabi, believes the nuclear deal was always at risk because Trump doesn’t understand Iran as a country. RT’s Ilya Petrenko reports.


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