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The Entire Economic System Is One Big Illusion: Charles Hugh Smith

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Reich Economics: Jim Willie On End of Fascist Business Model and Return to the Gold Standard

Remember the Golden Rule: "He who has the gold Rules!"

Remember the Golden Rule: “He who has the gold Rules!”

  • Reich Economics: Jim Willie On End of Fascist Business Model and Return to the Gold Standard
    by Jim Willie, Golden Jackass,
    The Fascist Business Model incorporates all the worse elements of Keynesian economics, a broken fallacious school of thought. The model also integrates a vast system of economic heresy, put forth as public address dogma. All their messages are wrong. They are instead aligned with support of the power structure where big banks conduct self-dealing and print money for themselves.

    Consider many of the Fascist Business Model messages, laced within the endless din of propaganda. Their messages are all false, in support of the existing power structure in place. The Jackass privately calls it Reich Economics, a truly broken appendix to the demonstrably broken Keynesian chapters of heretical economics. The West has followed the methods of John Maynard Keynes, who also held disdain for the Gold Standard. In doing so, the West has destroyed the financial platforms, eroded the capital formation devices, polluted the business arenas, and put the entire USEconomy at risk of systemic failure.

    The only success of the model is preservation of power, which soon will come to an end.

    Consider the many primary tenets of what the Jackass disparagingly calls Reich Economics, the phony standards of destructive economic and financial practices. They are all embedded in heresy. The public and financial professionals are coerced to accept the heresies as dogma, passed on by the high priests at the USFed and Wall Street banks. They are all highly destructive, yet widely accepted as valid and firmly in place.

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Chart Shows DEATH CROSS in Monetary System! Guaranteed Collapse.

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Dollar Collapse Starts Sept 30? Gold Bull Will Rage | David Morgan

  • Published on Sep 18, 2016
    With major analysts predicting a convulsive impact to the US Dollar this fall, driven by a global rush into the new SDR basket of currencies once it becomes turbo-charged with the Chinese Yuan and gold, how will Gold and Silver react, and what can you do NOW even beyond holding gold & silver to position yourself ahead of the next surprise leg of the bull market?

    * Approaching Sep 30, 2016 Chinese Yuan addition to the SDR basket of currencies.
    * Jim Rickards has predicted a major upset to the global fiat currencies, including the US Dollar at the end of trading (4pm EDT Sept 30, 2016)
    * Most nation states know that there needs to be a reset – SDR will be funded by all the nation states, will the SDR be enacted as the new global currency? At least for state-to-state finances?
    * SDR may well be perceived as more desirable since “more stable”: a hedge against individual currency fluctuations. Will dollars be swapped out for SDRs by major holders all over the world?
    * SDR will only take hold if the populace is unaware of what it really means: just another paper fiat scheme.
    * Will SDR manage to extend the over-aged fiat system for a few more months or years?
    * Currency reset will cause a huge disruption in JIT (Just-in-Time) supply chains, but we may truly need to go through a reset to heal the unbacked unsound paper system.
    * Derivatives & swaps leverage are poised to collapse at a tipping point.
    *** True reset without pain is impossible.
    * SDR impact on the gold market? Gold should be included in the SDR, and IMF should reprice gold much higher (Rickards calls for $10,000/oz) to provide liquidity and appearance of stability.
    * SDR could take gold either way, even based on rhetoric – if gold is declared to be in or out.
    * What happens when the psychological tipping point is breached, and the masses of the population follow the 1% of leaders (gold & silver stackers) away from empty fiat currency to real money (gold & silver)? Rush to physical precious metals driven primarily by fear, not greed. Suddenly population panic that their pension plan, saving account, real estate portfolio value will implode.
    * We must recognize the inherent risks in the Keynesian fiat Ponzi scheme – Yes it fuels economic growth on steroids, but when you run out of followers, the pyramid collapses.


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Michael Pento: Catastrophic Bond Market Collapse Approaches! Gold Goes To All Time Highs If Fed Admits It Cannot Raise Rates

  • Michael Pento: Catastrophic Bond Market Collapse Approaches! Gold Goes To All Time Highs If Fed Admits It Cannot Raise Rates
    by Greg Hunter’s
    Money manager Michael Pento wrote a book a few years ago warning of “The Coming Bond Market Collapse.” All the signs say this calamity is very close. Pento explains, “Global central bank balance sheets have risen from $6 trillion in 2007 to $21 trillion today. That’s the increase in the size of central bank balance sheets. . . . I can prove to you when this bubble breaks,it’s going to be disastrous. . . . Just that they (European Central Bank-ECB) didn’t hint at expanding QE and look at what it has rendered us. That’s proof positive that everything that has happened since the 2008 collapse, that it’s just been artificial and ephemeral in nature. Once central banks even hint at pulling back from their QE programs and ZIRP and NERP go away, bonds will crash, and when those sovereign bonds crash on a global basis, it’s going to take everything else down with it concurrently.”

    What happens if the Fed raises interest rates, and what happens if it doesn’t? Pento contends, “If the Fed actually raises rates in this September meeting, I think what you saw last week and what you are experiencing this week is just the warm-up act. You are going to have a wipeout in bonds. Everybody is going to be rushing for the door at the same time, and there is no room but for one out of a thousand to get through. So, it’s going to be catastrophic.”

    How fast could interest rates rise, and how high could they go? Pento calculates, “What’s going to happen eventually is exponentially worse than what you saw last week and this week because eventually, they (central banks) are going to have to change their monetary policies. They (central banks) are going to have to, once their 2% inflation target is achieved, they are going to have to start unwinding their balance sheets. Otherwise, there is going to be no way to drain the money supply. They’re going to have to sell assets. Front runners that are front running the bids from central banks are going to have to get out. . . . So, yields are going to absolutely spike to at least where inflation is plus a percent or two. I am saying you can go from negative rates such as -.1% to 2% or 3% or to 4% in a matter of days. . . . When I say 2%, 3% or 4%, I am being generous. I think rates could spike dramatically, and the bond market is global in nature . . . . That’s going to spike all yields concurrently and in unison, and everything, Ferrari’s, diamonds, commodities, real estate investment trusts, municipal bonds, collateralized loan obligations, and I mean everything is priced off of that risk free rate of return. . . . If they are going to stop their repression of interest rates, everything is going to collapse concurrently.”

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Central Bankers Transition Into The Next Currency Is Almost Complete

  • Published on Sep 14, 2016
    CEO’s of Corporate America are saying the economy does not look that good, 36% says they will layoff employees and 37% say their will be no change. US import prices tumble for the 25th month in a row. Baltic Dry Index falls by 40 points. Wells Fargo is just the first bank, this is starting to look a lot like 2008. China says they will fight Obama’s claims for price setting. Venezuela is deteriorating very quickly, hyper inflation is setting in.Marc Faber is warning that the central banks will own everything. The US House of Representatives signals support for Block Chain Currency, setting the stage for the transition.

Click on image for article.

Click on image for article.


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Ron Paul: The Fiat Currency System May Be Coming to An End



  • Ron Paul: The Fiat Currency System May Be Coming to An End
    by Ron Paul,  
    In her recent address at the Jackson Hole monetary policy conference, Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen suggested that the Federal Reserve would raise interest rates by the end of the year. Markets reacted favorably to Yellen’s suggested rate increase. This is surprising, as, except for one small increase last year, the Federal Reserve has not followed through on the numerous suggestions of rate increases that Yellen and other Fed officials have made over the past several years.

    Much more significant than Yellen’s latest suggestion of a rate increase was her call for the Fed to think outside the box in developing responses to the next financial crisis. One of the outside the box ideas suggested by Yellen is increasing the Fed’s ability to intervene in markets by purchasing assets of private companies. Yellen also mentioned that the Fed could modify its inflation target.

    Increasing the Federal Reserve’s ability to purchase private assets will negatively impact economic growth and consumers’ well-being. This is because the Fed will use this power to keep failing companies alive, thus preventing the companies’ assets from being used to produce a good or service more highly valued by consumers.

    Investors may seek out companies whose assets have been purchased by the Federal Reserve, since it is likely that Congress and federal regulators would treat these companies as “too big to fail.” Federal Reserve ownership of private companies could also strengthen the movement to force businesses to base their decisions on political, rather than economic, considerations.

    Yellen’s suggestion of modifying the Fed’s inflation target means that the Fed would increase the inflation tax just when Americans are trying to cope with a major recession or even a depression. The inflation tax is the most insidious of all taxes because it is both hidden and regressive.

    The failure of the Federal Reserve’s eight-year spree of money creation via quantitative easing and historically low interest rates to reflate the bubble economy suggests that the fiat currency system may soon be coming to an end. Yellen’s outside the box proposals will only hasten that collapse.

    The collapse of the fiat system will not only cause a major economic crisis, but also the collapse of the welfare-warfare state. Yet, Congress not only refuses to consider meaningful spending cuts, it will not even pass legislation to audit the Fed.

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Turning to Tangible Asset Amidst MONETARY CHAOS

  • Published on Sep 11, 2016
    Max Porterfield, the CEO & President of Callinex Mines, Inc. is back to discuss the meteoric rise of zinc prices in 2016, the deteriorating global economic outlook and central banking lunacy and the reason to own tangibles like silver, gold and mining stocks amidst global monetary chaos. Thanks for joining us.
Weimar Germany

Weimar Germany


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The End of the World as We Know It | Rob Kirby

  • Published on Sep 9, 2016
    Proprietary analyst Rob Kirby returns to Reluctant Preppers to sound the alarm that unprecedented global events including breaking of ranks by world leaders combined with alignment between analysts indicate the high risk of a major economic crisis in the coming months. Listen in as Kirby explains why things may be disrupted even sooner, and what we must do now!

    We’re Living in A Dystopic World
    Major notable analysts a gathering flock warning of a foreboding collapse this fall.
    China G20 meeting events unprecedented in US history:
    Obama snubbed by Chinese on arrival, disdain for American leadership.
    Philippine president cussing out Obama,

    Foreign leaders are boldly displaying contempt of the US for mis-managing the world’s financial system, unsupportable lies, cooked data, corruption, overt denial of real economic plight (lowest ever labor participation rate, negative interest rates,

    Real change is occurring, events are foreshadowing a major reset is at our door. John William: US real unemployment rate = 24 percent !
    Official inflation data falsely claims low inflation, but common sense “burrito index” reveals the reality of inflation and loss of purchasing power for: food, health care, tuitions, rent, car.

    US Leaders persisting in complete disconnect with reality, data manipulated & people are getting sick of this. Even foreign leaders know they’ll be left with a huge painful disaster.

    Donald Trump – walking into a collapsing system – why would anyone in their right mind want to take the helm of a sinking ship? Can Trump really pull off a turnaround given how far off the rails we are right now? Will the powers that be torpedo a Trump presidency, economy, and America?

    Physical gold supply shortages for wholesale (large scale, immediate delivery) markets? Gold can move rapidly to $10,000 an ounce!

    We will soon see whether the American people still command the courage to stand up for right and reject corruption and abuses by the elite.


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Dr. Jim Willie: Global Currency Reset, New Scheisse Dollar, Gold $5000/oz …


    September 8th:  numerous topics that include the RESET issues, the Swiss assist on gold shipments to the US, the Tokyo commodity exchange with gold sales, the potential for $5000 gold price, the IMF inclusion of the Chinese RMB in the SDR basket, the refusal of USTBills in trade payment, update on the TPP/TTIP fascist trade deals, personal precious metals for individuals, potential for Texas and Hawaii exit from the union, the consequences of the New Scheiss Dollar toward Americans holding debt, the Western nations leaning eastward to defect from the King Dollar Court, and the lines for war drawn in Ukraine & Syria …


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Bill Holter: Economic World War III & $50,000 Gold

  • Published on Sep 9, 2016

    – Economic World War III ►0:49 
    – Will the “rigged” system survive the economic war? ►4:40 
    – Stock market crash before election ►7:24 
    – Can you thrive during the collapse? ►11:59 
    – Precious metal breakout ahead ►13:32 
    – Is it too late to buy gold? ►16:43 


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Switzerland And Norway Begin to Massively Accumulate Precious Metals Mining Shares – Nathan McDonald

Remember the Golden Rule: "He who has the gold Rules!"

Remember the Golden Rule: “He who has the gold Rules!”

  • Switzerland And Norway Begin to Massively Accumulate Precious Metals Mining Shares – Nathan McDonald
    by Nathan McDonald,  
    Events are moving behind the scenes. For decades, Western Central bankers have told the masses that gold is a barbarous relic. They have encouraged us to shed its protection and move into the sanctity of their highly corrupt and highly manipulated fiat assets.

    During this time period, our Western Central bankers have offloaded our countries’ hard earned wealth, shipping massive quantities of precious metals to far off lands in the East, never to be seen again – despite what they may think. Our wealth is being sold out from under our feet.

    Yet, as I have reported on recently, a shift is occurring. Call it what you will – I call it panic. Many Western Central bankers are trying to accumulate metals in stealthy ways, behind the scenes and unbeknownst to the masses, whom they wish to keep trapped in fiat money.

    The two most recent examples of Western Central Banks moving into precious metals in a serious way are the Swiss and Norwegian Central Banks.

    Both banks are being reported to have printed close to $1 billion dollars of fiat money as of recently. This should come as no shock to anyone, as this is all Central Banks know how to do – print money.

    What is more stunning, however, is where they immediately moved these funds. You guessed it right – into precious metals.

    They know that the physical precious metals market is limited, tight, and scarce. They also know that if they simply printed $1 billion worth of fiat money out of thin air and moved it into physical, then they would risk blowing the market apart, sending prices potentially catapulting higher.

    Since they are not yet willing to face the wrath of the other Central Bankers around the world, they did the next best thing. They bought shares in the gold mines themselves.

    Below, you will find two lists compiled by Smaulgold, which showcases the current gold mining stock holdings of both the Swiss and Norwegian Central Banks:

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‘Helicopter Money Coming’: Exclusive Interview with Top Hedge Fund Manager Tom Conrad

Yellen: "I need bigger and more helicopters!"

Yellen: “I need bigger and more helicopters!”


    by ,  
    Thomas D. Conrad, Ph.D. is a highly ranked hedge fund manager with World Opportunity Master Fund and president of Financial Management Corporation. His flagship World Opportunity Master Fund, LP, is an international hedge fund that operates globally as a fund-of-hedge-funds. Fund managers hold in aggregate well over US$2 billion in managed investments. The fund has been ranked number nine in the world in certain categories by BarklayHedge and recently reached a number three ranking. Dr. Conrad has held a seat on the Philadelphia-Baltimore-Washington Stock Exchange, and was Deputy Assistant Secretary of the United States Air Force for the Reagan Administration. Website:

    Hello, Tom, thanks for sitting down with us once again. We last talked to you more than a year ago. At the time you predicted a significant stock market crash and only a month later the Dow reflected your position with a huge intra-day crash. There was huge volatility throughout the fall.

    Tom Conrad:
    Yes, and then again in at the beginning of January of 2016.

    TDV: It’s not over yet, of course.
    Tom Conrad: Eventually, we’re going to see a crash of stupendous proportions. I’ve been at this 50 years and after a while you can get a sense of the market even above and beyond the statistics and what you read. It’s been bad and is getting worse despite the market averages.

     We agree. That’s why we were interested when we got your note regarding the prediction of “helicopter money.”

    Tom Conrad: I sent that out to all my clients.
    TDV: Let me read it out loud.
    I am predicting and expecting the United States will soon print and distribute $100 billion of free money to inhabitants of the United States (helicopter money). This is intended to create greater inflation. [ Our fund] will therefore be increasing our percentage of gold ownership as insurance in the fund.

    Tom Conrad: I wanted to provide a rationale for what we intend to do, which is substantially add to our portfolio of physical gold.

    read more.



We will all be trillionaires but can't afford breakfast !

We will all be trillionaires but can’t afford breakfast !




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China Challenges US Dollar Hegemony, Seeks New Global Financial Order

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9 Jan 1988 cover, The Economist: Get Ready for a World Currency by 2018! The Rise of the Phoenix world currency from the ashes of national fiat currencies ie. destruction of fiat currencies via hyperinflation. "Phoenix" is of course an occult metaphor. Out of the destruction, the ashes of the old world order, the Luciferian New World Order will rise like a Phoenix!

9 Jan 1988 cover, The Economist: Get Ready for a World Currency by 2018! The Rise of the Phoenix world currency from the ashes of national fiat currencies ie. destruction of fiat currencies via hyperinflation. “Phoenix” is of course an occult metaphor. Out of the destruction, the ashes of the old world order, the Luciferian New World Order will rise like a Phoenix!

  • China Challenges US Dollar Hegemony, Seeks New Global Financial Order
    by Ariel Noyola Rodríguez,  
    During the first Annual Summit organized by the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) in Beijing, China has shown her intention to take over the global leadership in infrastructure investment. By the end of this year, AIIB would have more than 100 members, making it the first lending institution in multilateral loans in history, under the control of the most important emerging countries. Yet, it is expected that she makes the decision of dropping off the Dollar, as it is the only way to break away from US hegemony in international finance.

    China is already ahead of the US in the race of financing infrastructure at the global level. International Finance is going through transformation, in spite of the strong resistance by the powerful American controlling power. Last year, high officials from Washington had tried to sabotage the launch of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank – AIIB, but failed to do so.

    In fact, countries that had formerly declared their allegiance to the US government, namely Germany, France, Italy, UK, had, at the end of the day, taken the decision to join the new multilateral lending institution promoted by Beijing. President Barack Obama could not imagine that the AIIB would have got the support of more than fifty countries within a few months.

    Without a doubt, China is accelerating US decline across the globe. In April 2015, Larry Summers, former Secretary of Treasury under Bill Clinton, declared that the successful call made by the AIIB represented the most dreadful blow to the US hegemony. « Last month will be remembered as the time where US have lost their role as gatekeeper of the World Economic System », he said.

    Beijing is delaying its major attack against the Dollar
    However, until now, China has been proceeding with the uttermost caution. As a result, the majority of G-7 countries – Germany, Canada, USA, France, Japan, Italy and UK – have hailed the launch of AIIB. Nonetheless, in spite of the extraordinary power of attraction of Beijing’s offer which reduced the influence of Washington over the Global Infrastructure Investment Finance, AIIB is holding itself back from rejecting the Dollar. And while many had speculated that AIIB loans would be issued in Yuan, or possibly in local currencies, to this date, all loans have been issued in USD currency.

    read more.


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Click on image for article.

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  • “They are planning through the IMF to come up with a World Currency to replace the dollar because the dollar will be replaced you just can’t keep printing them forever …. They wanna come up with another currency controlled and ruled by the United Nations and IMF ! “ – Quote: Ron Paul, 12 Jan 2012 at South Carolina.
  • “Are we going to go another step further into INTERNATIONAL MONEY … are we gonna go toward a U.N./IMF STANDARD where they are going to control with the USE OF FORCE another fiat standard. That’s what many people are working for and I CONSIDER THAT A VERY DANGEROUS MOVE!” – Ron Paul

Click on image for article!

Click on image to goto article!


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Bill Holter: Comparing This Gold Bull Market to Those of the Past Is Invalid

  • Published on Sep 1, 2016
    We are 7-8 years into a monetary experiment that has never been done before. In previous bull markets we weren’t looking at the potential end of the financial system as we know it. When central banks monetize, they destroy the currency. This is happening all over the world. 

    With world debt at least twice 2008 levels we are witnessing the dawn of a new system, and have been close to a collapse twice this year already. We now have central banks that are actually purchasing stocks. The monetization of stock markets is a factor in preventing the collapse.

    Central Banks have already printed the money, now it’s just a matter of when will the panic out of money and into real assets happen. Velocity is at it’s lowest ever, and once investors- or even the average public is afraid of holding currency and moves their currency into ‘stuff’, hyperinflation will begin. 

    When the stock market turns and control is lost, there may be a period of 1-4 weeks where gold goes down. After that we will see capital moving back into gold, and we should see a massive influx of capital into the mining shares which will take out the 2011 highs- perhaps by multiples.


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