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Nothing Has Changed, The Economy Continues It’s Deteriorating Trajectory: David Quinteiri

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A Central Banker Just Admitted On The Record: Currencies Are Worthless…

  • A Central Banker Just Admitted On The Record: Currencies Are Worthless…
    by Phoenix Capita…,
    If you want evidence of the Endgame for Central Bankers, you need to look no further than yesterday’s Bank of Japan (BoJ) announcement. In its simplest rendering, Haruhiko Kuroda, the head of the BoJ, stated that the Japanese Yen is effectively worthless to him.

    In his news conference, Kuroda reiterated that changes to the bond-buying operations don’t imply shifts to its policy stance, adding that the BOJ’s primary objective is the yield curve on Japanese government bonds, not the volume of its asset purchases. Kuroda also suggested the yen’s recent move may have resulted from broad dollar weakness, particularly against the euro.
    Source: Bloomberg

    Put another way, as far as the head of the BoJ is concerned… it doesn’t matter how much currency he prints: tens of billions of yen, hundreds of billions of yen, even trillions of yen… all that matters is where Japanese bond yields are trading.

    This is the literal textbook for Central Bankers around the world: devalue your currency in order to maintain the bond bubble. I outlined all of this in my best-selling book The Everything Bubble: the Endgame For Central Bank Policy... but I have to admit even I was stunned to see the head of a major Central Bank state this explicitly… and in public. But let’s be clear… shredding your currency will work for a while… but eventually doing this unleashes inflation.

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The Most Expensive Stock Market in History

  • ITM Trading Streamed live 3 hours ago
    Supporting Slides and Links:…
    We are now in our 14th week of all sector selling but not all sectors buying. In addition, last week there was a huge spike in insider selling with buy/sell ratios in the thousands in consumer services and technology! No worries though, we are now in the most expensive stock market in history and the expectation is a melt-up continuation. New corporate tax laws and repatriation should extend this bull market…until it doesn’t. Nothing goes up forever. Just look at Venezuela. In 2013 they had the best performing stock market in the world as hyper-inflation was taking over but in 2014 it crashed. Today, that inflation has crushed a once thriving economy with critically needed imported supplies withheld. Gold to the rescue. Not only are some vendors being offered payment in gold, but the government is promising a fiat digital currency backed by gold.


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Gregory Mannarino: Deficits and Debt Will Explode Higher

  • Gregory Mannarino: Deficits and Debt Will Explode Higher
    by Greg Hunter’s
    Analyst/trader Gregory Mannarino is not bullish on the US dollar, and that should worry the man on the street. Mannarino explains, “Inflation is going to be the theme of 2018.  How do we know this is going to be the case?  Let’s look at what happened to the dollar last year. . . . The dollar got melted down last year, and this trajectory has been going on for decades.  It’s just getting progressively worse, and it’s going to continue this year.  It’s amazing to me to think that anyone thinks the dollar is going to get stronger from here.  President Trump wants a weak dollar.  He wants to keep the dollar low in relation to other currencies. . . . The weaker dollar is stock market positive.”

    On the ever expanding debt, Mannarino says, “Central banks have to continue supporting the markets by printing more cash out of thin air and inflating bubbles even worse. The debt bubble and deficits are going to get worse, and there’s no way out.  So, this is stock market positive. Distortions are getting worse, and valuations are getting more distorted than they already are. . . .  The whole system is so twisted and so rigged, every aspect is fake. . . Everything is going to inflate.  That includes the market, that includes debt, that includes deficits, and that includes distortions that will inflate and get worse until we hit that moment this all smacks up against a wall.”

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Danielle DiMartino Booth: 2018 — Inflation and Deflation Simultaneously

  • Danielle DiMartino Booth: 2018 — Inflation and Deflation Simultaneously
    by Greg Hunter’s 
    Former Fed insider Danielle DiMartino Booth is not optimistic about a surging economy in 2018. Booth contends, “We have seen 24 consecutive back-to-back months when credit card spending has outpaced incomes.  That tells you households are struggling to get by.  This is not Eve Saint Laurent handbags and Jimmy Choo shoes.  These are families who are using their credit cards to take care of the necessities, to fill up the gas tank, to buy groceries and fill up their refrigerator. . . . We have seen month after month of subprime automobile delinquencies, and we are starting to see a big tic up in FHA mortgage delinquencies as well. . . . We are at almost 10% (delinquencies) of FHA mortgage loans.  Underlying this sugar high that we will see from all of these hurricanes and rebuilding efforts and wildfires, underneath that, still waters run deep and the economy is not doing well.  We are a consumption driven economy that is weakening underneath.  The sugar high will absolutely wear off in 2018.”

    What about the bond market in 2018? Booth says, “We have gone from $150 trillion (in global debt) in 2007 to $220 trillion and counting today.  If you delude yourself into thinking a rising rate environment can be good when we have tacked on $70 trillion of debt in the last decade, you are fooling yourself.  It is an accident waiting to happen, and anyone who doesn’t think that it will take the stock market down with it is more optimistic than I am by a country mile.”

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Rob Kirby: Bankers Will Send Gold and Silver Prices to the Moon. Dark Money Will Cause Hyperinflation

  • Rob Kirby: Bankers Will Send Gold and Silver Prices to the Moon. Dark Money Will Cause Hyperinflation
    by Greg Hunter’s  (Early Sunday Release)
    Macroeconomic analyst Rob Kirby says there is enough so-called “Dark Money” already out there to cause hyperinflation. Kirby explains, “The Saint Louis Fed keeps track of the monetary aggregates, and they tell us the money supply is “X.”   My view of reliability of that data reporting–I think it’s all bogus because they are not measuring or counting how many dollars would be contained in an entity like the Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF) where it’s “Dark Money.”  Instead of the money supply being “X,” maybe the real money supply is 4 or 5 or 10 times “X.”

    So, the money needed for hyperinflation does not need to be created, it’s already in existence. Kirby says, “Yes, it is in existence.  It’s hiding in dark pools where the monetary elites have it at their disposal anytime they want to do an intervention in the gold market and dump paper dollars or digital dollars into the COMEX to knock the price of gold down.  They have it at their fingertips whenever they want to use it.  When the U.S. government auctions bonds, and the foreign interest isn’t big enough to soak up all the bonds, they have this dark slush fund where they can pull money out of  . . . and they can effectively prop up and buy bonds whenever they want.  I find it truly amazing that the United States of America has never had a failed bond auction.”

    Kirby also points out, “If you accept that these “Dark Dollars” exist, I now pose this question. What happens if the people in control of those “Dark Dollars,” the trillions of “Dark Dollars” that are in existence, what happens if they get concerned that those “Dark Dollars” might soon turn into confetti and be worthless?  What do you think they’re going to do with those dollars then?  . . . . They would buy everything and anything, anything they perceive to be rising in value or tangible, anything they think would be accepted in commerce around the world.  Bitcoin would be one of the go-to things, but I would say expressly the real objects of that money would be the physical metals, gold and silver.  This could topple the debacle that goes on in paper markets in COMEX and London.   I have long predicted, and I do believe I will live to see a day, that you cannot buy an ounce of gold with fiat money.”

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ALERT: $21 Trillion Missing | Rob Kirby

  • SilverDoctors Published on Nov 13, 2017
    Rob Kirby tells Silver Doctors $21 trillion is missing from mainly the U.S. Department of Defense. Where has this money gone? No one knows. Kirby says this makes a “sham” out of the Federal Reserve’s reporting about monetary aggregates. Also in this interview: – Precious metal-backed cryptocurrencies could end gold and silver price manipulation. – China’s political power will increase as they accumulate more gold. – What could trigger hyperinflation in America? – How do you sleep at night?


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Gerald Celente: 2018 Predictions – Gold Will Hit a Bitcoin High

  • Gerald Celente: 2018 Predictions – Gold Will Hit a Bitcoin High
    by Greg Hunter’s
    Top trends researcher Gerald Celente says he sees strong trends shaping up for 2018. First up, the embattled President Trump.  Celente says, “There’s not been one shred of evidence, period, paragraph, that Russia had anything to do with tapping into or hacking the DNC information and going into their computers.  It has nothing to do with Trump, but what it does is it’s taking the people’s minds off the major issues.  It’s also building that military industrial complex even bigger. We’ve got to watch out for those Russians.  Russia’s GDP is about 7% of America’s.  Trump has increased our military budget $54 billion.  The entire Russian military budget is $48 billion.  You talk to the average person, and they hate the Russians.  It’s working perfectly . . . We don’t see Trump being impeached.”

    On the Clintons, Celente contends, “Going back to the Uranium One deal. Yes, it is going to fall back on the Clintons.  The hundreds of millions of dollars given to the Clinton Foundation by Russians as they did the uranium deal.  Those are facts.  We don’t see anything happening to Trump.

    On the economy, Celente says, “We are now going into almost a year going into the Trump rally. I was negative on the stock market until Trump got elected.  What happened?  We did a 180 (degree turn) a week after he got elected and said this rally is real. . . . Trump is pro-business . . . it’s good for the markets and that sector.”

    But what about the 2018 economic forecast? Celente says, “For the economy, we see a slowdown.  Interest rates are going up.  That’s the bet.  Interest rates are going to go up another 25 basis points in December.  So, we believe by the 2nd quarter of 2018, you are going to start to see a slowdown because the only thing that has pumped up the markets is the cheap money. . . .The fish rots from the head down, the markets are going to melt from the head down.  The head being the very rich.  The top 10% of the rich own 96% of the stock. . . . So, this thing rots down, and we are seeing it now on research.  It’s going to fall from the top.”

    Celente also predicts China will make big headlines in 2018. Celente points out, “China is not using petro-dollars.  They are buying Russian oil, their biggest supplier, with yuan.  You can cash in the yuan for gold.  It’s the same with Iran and with Saudi Arabia.  This is another reason that China is going to go further.  You can start bringing your dollars to Walmart in a wheelbarrow because that’s what they will be worth. . . . What kept the dollar alive as the world reserve currency is that all the oil being traded is being bought in dollars.  If you are paying for oil in other currencies . . . the Federal Reserve can’t keep printing up all the money that they want.  They won’t have it out there as a reserve currency.  You will see inflation skyrocket in this country, and gold will hit like a Bitcoin high.  We believe it’s starting to happen.


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Paul Craig Roberts: Markets Fall When Dollar Falls. Looming Catastrophe Hanging Over Our Heads

  • Paul Craig Roberts: Markets Fall When Dollar Falls. Looming Catastrophe Hanging Over Our Heads
    by Greg Hunter’s
    Former Assistant Treasury Secretary in the Reagan Administration, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, says the record highs you see in the stock markets are based on “phony profits” that come from global central banks “propping up” the financial system. Roberts says, “Any of these central banks are really only there for a handful of big banks. That’s all they are concerned with. All the Federal Reserve has been concerned with for the last decade is the welfare of a handful of mega banks. Of course, the banks are too large. They should have never been allowed to get that large. When you have a bank too big to fail, then your policy has failed. You’ve allowed too much concentration. Where is anti-trust? Where is the Sherman Act? Everything that was legislated in the past to prevent the kind of looming catastrophe that is hanging over our heads, this looming catastrophe is produced by central banks. They are perpetuating it because they don’t know how to get out of it.”

    The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has just warned on the profitability of nine huge global banks. Some say they equal nine possible Lehman Brothers, which was the financial institution that started the 2008 meltdown. Is the IMF terrified of the slightest correction in the markets? Dr. Roberts says, “I think so, yes, because it’s not based on reality. It’s based on massive liquidity. So, it’s full of all kinds of dangers.”

    The biggest danger to Dr. Roberts, who has a PhD in economics, is the U.S. dollar. Dr. Roberts contends, “It seems to me that the only thing that would cause the Federal Reserve to stop the liquidity would be if the U.S. dollar fell under attack. If for some reason people said, hey, we don’t want the dollar anymore, and they started moving out of dollars into other currencies or into something else, if they cease to hold assets in dollars, if that happened, the Fed would have to try to raise interest rates to support the dollar. Then you could see that everything could come apart. If the interest rates would go up, there would be all kinds of derivatives that would not be sustainable. The stock market would collapse. It would be a mess. It would be an utter mess. That’s what the IMF is worried about. It’s a messy situation. How do you get out of it?”

    How does Dr. Roberts say people should protect themselves? Dr. Roberts says, “I would not be in debt.”


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China Dollar Dump Means Hyperinflation – Chris Martenson

  • China Dollar Dump Means Hyperinflation – Chris Martenson
    by Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)
    Resource analyst and futurist Chris Martenson says everyone should be taking notice of our “dangerous markets.” At the center of the danger zone is the declining U.S. dollar.  Martenson explains, “We are talking about a steady erosion of the dollar as a reserve currency.  I think that is most likely.  The only thing that could make that really go fast is some kind of war.  The United States and China, we got to keep our eye on this because Trump has been threatening a trade war with China.  China responded and said if you do that, we may dump the dollar. . . . So, there is all this trade and financial back and forth and maybe even actual war at some point. . . . China has the ability to really impact the dollar in a big way on the world stage.  We better hope it does not come to that because a slow erosion we can adjust to; a quick erosion is going to really roil the markets and maybe blow a few of them up.”

    Martenson contends the U.S. could see hyperinflation in a short time if China “dumps the dollar.” Martenson explains, “The way that works is let’s say they want to unload $500 billion on some Tuesday morning.  Who is going to buy that $500 billion?  Who is on the other side of that trade?  Well, if there are not enough people bidding for those dollars, the price has to fall until you find enough people to absorb those, and the dollar would fall in value against all other sorts of other things such as other currencies, oil, gold, silver and all those things. . . . We would be looking for a paired event.  What we would be looking for is interest rates starting to rise on Treasuries and the dollar starting to fall in value in value against a variety of things.  Once we see those two things, we know we have a financial war or a monetary war. . . . That’s what blows up the derivatives market.  That’s what makes difficulties for traders.  That’s what makes the high frequency computers say I don’t like this and bolt and instantly evaporate from the markets.”

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The Petro-Dollar Is Dead, Dollar Devaluation, Pensions Lost, World Currency — James Rickards

  • Money Master Published on Sep 10, 2017
    The Petro Dollar Is Dead, Dollar Devaluation, Pensions Lost, World Currency


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Everyone Will Need To Insure Their Wealth As The Dollar Dies: Edward Karr

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Lynette Zang: Central Bankers & Insiders Want a Controlled Demolition System Reset?

  • Published on Jul 25, 2017
    Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St welcomes first time guest, former Wall St stock broker and Chief Market Strategist at ITM Trading, Lynette Zang. Lynette’s articles, videos and other interviews are available here:…

    During this 30+ minute interview, Jason starts off by asking Lynette if she thinks global central banks are in a currency war or if there’s a coordinated devaluation carousel going on? Lynette says there’s both a currency war and a coordinated devaluation happening.

    Jason and Lynette discuss how central banks like the Swiss National Bank run currency pegs and how they are buying up large amounts of assets like stocks and essentially turning themselves into hedge funds.

    Next, Jason asks Lynette about the velocity of money chart she shows on her other video interviews. What is the velocity of money? Why has it collapsed? Lynette thinks that asset prices have already had a hyperinflation and that eventually the velocity of money or as Art Cashin calls it “lending and spending” will pick up in the real economy and inflation will accelerate. This has been done to fight deflation. If the velocity of money doesn’t pick up, Lynette and Jason both expect stagflation in the real economy to get worse.

    Jason then asks Lynette what stagflation is? Jason and Lynette discuss how stagflation, or high inflation and high unemployment, are not supposed to occur simultaneously according to the Phillips curve in Keynesian Economics.

    To wrap up the interview, Jason asks Lynette why gold and silver prices haven’t risen despite everything crazy happening in the global economy and with geopolitics. Lynette says there’s clear paper price manipulation of gold and silver prices, but smart money insiders are buying up high value and high rarity gold and silver numismatic coins.

    Lynette thinks in a “race to debase” global central banks and other economic and political insiders are doing a controlled demolition until the next global financial system is implemented via some kind of a reset. 


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‘The Threat is Coming from Washington Not Venezuela’ – Analyst

  • Published on Jul 28, 2017
    Venezuela is preparing to go ahead with the election of a constituent assembly to update the country’s constitution. Four months of civil unrest have led to over 100 deaths. Mark Weisbrot, co-director at the Center for Economic and Policy Research, joins RT America’s Manila Chan to discuss Venezuela’s intensifying political crisis.


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Maduro: US Started Indirect Blockade Against Venezuela’s Financial System

  • I do not trust the Venezuela government also.
  • Published on Jul 27, 2017
    The US must abandon its interventionist policy towards Venezuela and steer clear of the internal affairs of other Latin American countries, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said in a message to Donald Trump while speaking to RT.

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