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Jim Willie on Economy, Gold, Dollar, China, Truth Bombs …

  • Jim Willie on Economy, Gold, Dollar, China, Truth Bombs …
    April 8th:  topics covered include the global rebellion against the USDollar for its monopoly in trade payment as well as bank reserves, the non-USD platforms in global finance, the dead OPEC cartel, the new Russian Rosneft Oil Consortium (based not in USD), the direct backfire with failure in every single USGovt foreign policy since 2001, the bank heist at the World Trade Center, the trade war with China which began in 2005, the sequence of events since 1999 with China on the Hong Kong regional conversion with USGovt gold lease reneged upon followed by massive dumping for Fannie Mae bonds which resulted in the Lehman failure and Chinese confiscation of the JPMorgan HQ property with mixed USFed monetary policy like Operation Twist, the absent gold reserves for the USGovt all stolen by Bush & Clinton & Rubin, the non-starter of a gold-backed new USDollar which requires US re-industrialization, the wise strategy to sell stocks & bonds followed by buying Gold & Silver coins & bars (as in sell high, buy low), the fast growth in the Belt & Oil Initiative based in $8 trillion of projects all outside the USDollar, the vengeance in trade tariffs where the US corporations lose out on canceled large deals, ending with international disgust for the USGovt uncontrollable debt and improper trade deficit funded by printed USDollars


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DOLLAR Will Be REPLACED, “It’s Been Bloodshed” | David Moadel

  • Published on Apr 7, 2018
    David Moadel from explains that demand for cryptocurrencies and the Yuan are causing the Dollar to decline. It won’t take long for the Dollar to lose its world reserve currency status.


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The Hammer Is About To Fall, The Central Banks Are Obsolete

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MASSIVE U.S. Store Closures in 2018! Can You Guess the Only Company Opening Stores?

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There Is A Silent War Being Waged Behind The Scenes

  • X22Report Published on Apr 6, 2018
    Facebook had plans to take people’s private medical records and correlate with their information on Facebook. Zuckerberg’s messages have been deleted which include messages from the executive staff. Russia demolishes the poisoning hoax. The UK might not get out of this one. Nikki Haley threatens Russia. Erdogan tells France to choose sides, deep state or not. Q drops some major intel, there is a silent war happening right now, the internet might be paused or shutdown temporarily. The war between the deep state and Trump is now heating up.


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Lynette Zang: Gold Still Rises In Price Even AFTER The Reset

  • Lynette Zang: Gold Still Rises In Price Even AFTER The Reset
    Lynette has new information on the coming reset based on happenings in Venezuela and the proposed legislation in the U.S. Congress. Here’s the details… from Lynette Zang of ITM Trading:

    Question 1: Venezuela has done the reset of its currency to gold. Does this means that the reset is dependent on each country’s government and only those facing a crisis like Venezuela? Will there be an eventual reset on a global level such that all countries will reset their currency to the true fundamental gold value?

    Question 2: Should I sell my gold/silver bullion for junk silver coins or silver eagles?

    Question 3: I was waiting on Lynette’s response about what would happen to a TD Ameritrade account upon a systemic failure, hopefully you can squeeze this in.

    Question 4: House bill 5404 on gold standard. Your thoughts?


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China Mentions The ‘Nuclear Option’ We Could Dump Treasuries

  • X22Report Published on Apr 5, 2018
    India bans bitcoin wallets and trading cryptocurrencies. Venezuela is doing the opposite, they want to pay for goods using their cryptocurrency. The US has the largest trade deficit since the financial crisis. Trump pushes trade wars with China, tries to get other countries involved. China says they might use the nuclear option, sell treasury bonds. This is what Trump is pushing for, the dumping of Treasuries to put the central bank in a bind to show they are purchasing them all.


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The FedRes Is Lying, Raising Rates Will Send The Economy Into An Insane Recession: David Moadel

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The ‘Debt Jubilee’: The Solution For Governments To Avoid The Next Economic Disaster

  • The world is burdened by an unpayable amount of debt that is crippling economic growth. There is going to be a DEBT Jubilee, ie debt forgiveness, to extinguish debt.
  • The process by which this is done is called a Global Currency/Financial Reset. It is a euphemism for the Return to the Gold Standard. The price of gold will be revalued upwards many folds to enable governments to extinguish debt.
  • Governments around the world cannot just say to banks: All debts owed to you is now invalid. The entire banking/financial system will go BUST. Everyone’s savings will disappear overnight. Governments will revalue gold price upwards 10x, 50x … and then use the overnight increase in asset to buy debts from the banks. Thus, debt is forgiven.
  • By implication: fiat currencies will suffer a massive devaluation against gold/silver.
  • The ‘Debt Jubilee’: The Solution For Governments To Avoid The Next Economic Disaster
    Rooted in the Bible and based on debt forgiveness, wiping the slate clean with a debt jubilee may stave off the next financial crisis. Here’s why… Richard Vague on interviewed by New Economic Thinking:

    How do you know a major financial crisis is coming? Look for a spike in privately held debt, by households and corporations.

    That’s the argument of Richard Vague, author of The Next Economic Disaster: Why It’s Coming and How to Avoid It. Having worked for more than 30 years in consumer banking, Vague describes how he saw the build-up of private debt in the mortgage and credit card industries first hand–even though it’s an issue that neoclassical economists like Milton Friedman barely acknowledge. To avoid another crisis, Vague says firms and governments need to take debt forgiveness–the biblical “jubilee”–seriously. As he says, after the financial crisis “We helped the banks, we didn’t help the households.”


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Michael Pento: Financial Crescendo in October of 2018?

  • Michael Pento: Financial Crescendo in October of 2018?
    by Greg Hunter’s
    Money manager and financial writer Michael Pento says the federal government is “burning the furniture to heat the house.” Pento contends, “If you are burning the furniture in your house to heat your house, guess what, you are not too far away from freezing to death.  The government is now selling its assets to try to make the fiscal situation look better.  We have so much red ink in the government today.  Our debt to GDP ratio is now way above 100%.  The budget deficits are way over $1 trillion and going much higher.  The government is forced now to sell assets to try to make it look better. . . . They’re so desperate for money that they are draining the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.  They are selling 100 million barrels and draining the Reserve down 45%. . . . That comes to $6 billion.  We are so desperate for money from any place.”

    So, what does the Federal Reserve think about the U.S. economy? Pento says, “The Fed is worried about intractable inflation.  They are panic stricken. . . . What you have to understand, and these people will never understand it at the Federal Reserve, is that inflation is about a market psychology about the purchasing power of its currency.  When the market loses faith in a currency’s purchasing power, you get inflation, and it could go hyperinflation.  That’s coming down the road I believe.  It’s not coming because people are becoming prosperous and working and finding employment.”

    Pento says the biggest unreported story is the skyrocketing interest rate of LIBOR. What’s that?  Pento explains, “LIBOR, and people don’t understand or talk about it, is the London Inter-Bank Offered Rate.  This rate has gone from 0.3% at the end of 2015 to 2.3% today.  The London Inter-Bank Offered Rate is the rate that is applied to $370 trillion of loans and derivatives.  I did not say “B” billion or “M” million, I said “T”.  $370 trillion worth of derivatives and loans, from credit cards, to student loans, to auto loans are priced off of LIBOR. . . .  That is the biggest reason why the stock market is rolling over because the cost of borrowing money . . . is going up very, very sharply. . . . All of this is going to hit a crescendo in October of 2018.”

    read more.


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The Move To Remove The Central Bank And Reset The Economic System Is A Go

  • X22Report Published on Apr 2, 2018
    Subprime auto market has run its course, the traffic to the dealerships is now drying up. Homeowners are tapping their equity in their home refis, we are now seeing the same pattern as we saw back in 2008. The first quarter of this year was a disaster, the US had to borrow an extreme amount just to make the economy look half decent. Wyoming is in the process of passing a law that will allow gold to be counted as money, the same goes for cryptocurrency. There is now a bill in government that the dollar should be pegged to gold.


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CURRENCY WAR: China Will Pay For Oil in Yuan in 2018! DEVASTATING BLOW To the Petrodollar!

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On Contact: The Coming Collapse of the American Economic System with Richard Wolff

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Rob Kirby: Global Financial Reset, Hyperinflation, Gold & Silver Will Rise Like BitCoin…

  • Rob Kirby: Global Financial Reset, Hyperinflation, Gold & Silver Will Rise Like BitCoin…
    by Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)  
    Forensic macroeconomic analyst Rob Kirby says big money knows “gold supplies are tight” and getting tighter by the day.  Kirby, who also arranges gold sales by the ton on a global scale, explains, “There are reports of people trying to buy institutional amounts of physical gold bullion in the Asian market, and there is none available even if they are paying a premium.  I’m not talking about availability at the coin shop where you would buy two American Gold Eagles or a Gold Panda.  I am talking about institutions wanting to buy serious amounts of physical gold bullion in bar form.”

    Kirby says the global financial system is packed with unpayable debt, and the insiders know many might wake up someday to find they are living in their very own Mad Max movie. Kirby says, “If the financial world is turned on its head, we could very likely see some social unrest.  Things could get very, very unpalatable, and we could see a complete breakdown. . . . This leads naturally to the question if the system is this precarious, why hasn’t anybody with a whole lot of money done anything to tip it over?  The reason is that virtually nobody benefits from a situation where anarchy happens, and there aren’t many people who want to be the person that pulls the pin on the grenade.”

    How long can this go on for? Kirby says, “Not much longer because the amounts and volumes of delivering physical gold are growing with time at a geometric rate.  The demand for physical is growing too fast for the paper to be able to justify the false price discovery.  There are fraudulently concocted prices of precious metals on the COMEX exchange . . . to keep these fraudulent prices on metal believable, COMEX has had to give up at least some metal to make their fraudulent price believable.  At some point, this whole system is going to be exposed for the massive fraud that it has been for a very long time. . . .  What does this mean to the average guy in the street?  We could see physical gold and silver prices go Bitcoin.  We could see the price of silver go up 5, 10, 20 or 30 times just like Bitcoin did in a very short space of time.  I feel this is ultimately what is in store for precious metals prices.”

    read more.


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Jim Willie: There’s 30,000 Tons Of Gold Under The Kremlin (And The Russian Silver Rouble Is Real)

Click on image to download MP3 interview.

  • Jim Willie: There’s 30,000 Tons Of Gold Under The Kremlin (And The Russian Silver Rouble Is Real)
    Jim says the 30,000 tons of gold are spread out in 18 rooms, and the Silver Rouble will launch with some unanticipated surprises. Here’s more…

    Jim Willie interviewed by Craig Hemke on TF Metals Report 
    For your holiday weekend listening pleasure, here’s 75 minutes of fresh Jackass, recorded yesterday in our A2A webinar format. Among the items discussed over the course of the event:

    * the long-term significance of yuan-denominated crude oil futures
    * Fed policy and long-term interest rates
    * the US trade deficit and its impact
    * the possibility/likelihood of a Russian “silver ruble”
    * what impact de-dollarization may have upon US expats living abroad
    * the definition of the term “global reset”
    * and much, much more!

    Thanks again to The Jackass for volunteering his time and sharing his wisdom.


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