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US/NATO Using Turkey To Provoke Russia By Downing A Jet To Start The War

  • Published on Nov 24, 2015
    US Government wants everyone to talk about gun control over Thanksgiving, be prepared for a false flag. Crimea still in darkness, and the Ukraine is not rushing to repair the problem. Iran accepts delivery of S-300 missile system from Russia. Turkey shoots down a Russian plane to provoke Russia into a war. Turkey states that the plane was in Turkey airspace but the latest radar shows the plane in Syrian airspace. US instructed Turkey to use this provocation because the US and the coalition forces are losing the battle in Syria and they are becoming desperate.US bio-terrorism system does not work in the US. Many retailers are expecting a cyber attack this holiday season, why this would explain away why the economy is collapsing.


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US Goverment/Central Banks Are Preparing The Final Stages Of The Economic Collapse

  • Published on Nov 23, 2015
    The Recovery in the Euro zone is non existent and the talking heads are now blaming it on the Paris attack. The housing bubble is now ready to pop as prices and existing home sales collapse. US manufacturing PMI collapses to a 25 month low. National economic activity collapses in the last 3 months signalling a major collapse is on its way.






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The US Push For War Is Now Appearing On All Fronts

  • Published on Nov 23, 2015
    Europe is demanding all SWIFT data to fight terrorism.UK is deploying special undercover police to fight terrorism, but whats happening is the special police will be used to control the people. Venezuela accuses the US of spying on their oil companies. Power in Crimea was knocked out and the US begins training special ops military units in Ukraine for the upcoming offensive.US and Japan planning to sail ships near the Chinese islands to provoke China. PBS news hour shows Russian bombing video and claims its the US. US now warning the Islamic State with leaf lets before bombing the oil convoys. US might be switching to backing al-Qaeda instead of ISIS as Russia continuously destroys the Islamic State. Kerry now says the IS will attack the US, not a question of “if” but “when”.


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Catherine Austin Fitts: Real Danger Is Violence and World War. Before There is Another Big Financial Crash, There Will Be a Big War

  • Catherine Austin Fitts: Real Danger Is Violence and World War
    by Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)
    Financial expert Catherine Austin Fitts has long said before there is another big financial crash, there will be a big war.  Fitts explains, “If you look at how fragile the geopolitics are, the danger, as I have always said, is that we go to violence, and then things really come unhinged.  So, I’m worried about violence and war and kind of situation getting out of hand.  That’s when you get the really dangerous scenarios.”

    What is the biggest financial problem the world faces?  Fitts, who is an expert in the federal budget and a former Assistant Housing Secretary, says, “The reality is the big mother lode on the whole planet, whether you are talking about derivatives, the bond market or the stock market, is the U.S. federal budget.  What is slowly begging to happen is the dawning realization that we are not only going to have to reengineer and cut the federal budget, but we are talking about reinventing the U.S. economy.  There are going to be extraordinary choices, and this is why nobody wanted to be the Speaker of the House.  Paul Ryan did not want to be the Speaker because Paul Ryan knows this is coming.  They will probably be able to delay it until after the election (2016), but then after the election, we’re going to have to sit down and say we can’t keep doing this.  Why is this relevant?  All the markets globally work off the federal budget.  It is extraordinary the amount of cash flows and credit that work off the federal budget.  The credit and cash flows coming out of that budget are enormous.  The reality is it is going to have to be reengineered.  That’s going to be a very shocking experience for many people.”

    read more.


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Global Trade Just Snapped: Container Freight Rates Plummet 70% In 3 Weeks

Baltic_Dry_Index- 20151119

  • Global Trade Just Snapped: Container Freight Rates Plummet 70% In 3 Weeks
    by Tyler Durden,  
    This market is looking like a disaster and the rates are a reflection of that,” warns one of the world’s largest shipbrokers, but while The Baltic Dry Freight Index gets all the headlines – having collapsed to all-time record lows this week – it is the spefics below that headline that are truly terrifying. At a time of typical seasonal strength for freight and thus global trade around the world, Reuters reports that spot rates for transporting containers from Asia to Northern Europe have crashed a stunning 70% in the last 3 weeks alone. This almost unprecedented divergence from seasonality has only occurred at this scale once before… 2008! “It is looking scary for the market and it doesn’t look like there is going to be any life in the market in the near term.” Baltic Dry at record lows…

    read more.



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Rickards on China, SDR: “Next Panic Will Be Bigger Than the Central Banks”

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Infowars Nightly News – Battle Cry for War in Syria – 11/19/2015

  • The escalating war cries are a sign that the global economic, financial and currency collapse is getting very near.
  • Published on Nov 19, 2015
    Pundits and politicians call for boots on the ground in Syria. Meanwhile the right wing media joins the left in their effort to target the NRA as terrorists. Plus an interview with best selling author and historian Jim Marrs about the globalist plot to kill JFK.



Click on image for article.


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Is This How the Next Global Financial Meltdown Will Unfold?


  • The bone-dry half-dead forest awaiting an igniting lightning strike is the global mountain of debt–debt which is no longer supported by current valuations of commodities and risk.  … The sums in play are so staggering (an estimated $11 trillion in emerging market debts denominated in other currencies) that even the Fed won’t be able to stop the meltdown. – Quote
  • Is This How the Next Global Financial Meltdown Will Unfold?
    by Charles Hugh Smith, 
    In effect, a currency crisis is simply the abrupt revaluation of the currency to reflect new realities.

    I have long maintained that the structural imbalances of debt and risk that triggered the Global Financial Meltdown of 2008-2009 have effectively been transferred to the foreign exchange (FX) markets

    This creates a problem for the central banks that have orchestrated the “recovery” by goosing asset bubbles in stocks, real estate and bonds: unlike these markets, the currency-FX market is too big for even the Federal Reserve to manipulate for long. The FX market trades roughly the entire Fed balance sheet of $4.5 trillion every day or two. 

    Currencies are in the midst of multi-year revaluations that will destabilize the tottering towers of debt, leverage and risk that have propped up global growth since 2009.

    Though the relative value of currencies is discovered in the global FX market, there are four fundamental factors that influence the value of any currency:

    1. Capital flows into and out of the currency (and the nation that issues the currency). 
    2. Perceived risk, specifically, will this currency preserve my global purchasing power (i.e. capital) or erode it?
    3. The yield or interest rate paid on bonds denominated in this currency.
    4. The scarcity or over-abundance of the currency.

    If we dig even deeper, we find that currencies reflect the income streams and assets of the issuing nation.
    Consider the currency of an oil exporting nation that has seen both its income from selling oil and the underlying value of its oil in the ground fall by more than 50%.

    Why shouldn’t that nation’s currency decline in parallel with the erosion of income and asset valuation?
    As a nation’s income and asset base decline, there is less national income to pay interest on sovereign bonds, less private income to tax, and a reduced asset base for additional borrowing.

    This is especially true if the nation issued debt and/or currency profligately in good times.
    Recall that debt and currency are one in the same: if someone trades euros for a U.S. Treasury bond, they don’t just own a bit of sovereign debt–they own the currency of the nation that issued the bond (in this case, the U.S. dollar).

    This is equally true of corporate bonds–all the debt is denominated in a specific currency, and owners of the bonds are not just betting that the interest will be paid and the bond redeemed at maturity, but that the underlying currency will not lose much of its global purchasing power.

    read more.


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Peter Schiff: Coming Currency Crisis Worse Than 2008 Financial Crisis

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The Baltic Dry Shipping Index Just Collapsed To An All-Time Record Low


  • The Baltic Dry Shipping Index Just Collapsed To An All-Time Record Low
    by Michael Snyder,  
    I was absolutely stunned to learn that the Baltic Dry Shipping Index had plummeted to a new all-time record low of 504 at one point on Thursday.  I have written a number of articles lately about the dramatic slowdown in global trade, but I didn’t realize that things had gotten quite this bad already.  Not even during the darkest moments of the last financial crisis did the Baltic Dry Shipping Index drop this low.  Something doesn’t seem to be adding up, because the mainstream media keeps telling us that the global economy is doing just fine.  In fact, the Federal Reserve is so confident in our “economic recovery” that they are getting ready to raise interest rates.  Of course the truth is that there is no “economic recovery” on the horizon.  In fact, as I wrote about yesterday, there are signs all around us that are indicating that we are heading directly into another major economic crisis.  This staggering decline of the Baltic Dry Shipping Index is just another confirmation of what is directly ahead of us.

    Overall, the Baltic Dry Index is down more than 60 percent over the past 12 months.  Global demand for shipping is absolutely collapsing, and yet very few “experts” seem alarmed by this. 

    read more.



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Jim Willie: Emerging Market Default to Collapse Financial System?

  • Uploaded on Nov 14, 2015

    – The U.S. Dollar is a joke ►0:58
    – Capitalism is under attack by the Fed’s policies ►15:46
    – Can gold solve America’s financial problems? ►20:55
    – Corporate America has decade record leverage ►30:56
    – What makes America’s economy vulnerable to economic shocks? ►47:20
    – Why are bank profits declining? ►59:25
    – Silver market update ►1:12:57


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US Creates Atmosphere In Syria To Start The Next Global War

  • Published on Nov 19, 2015
    Russia bans food imports from Ukraine. US house of representatives passed a veto proof bill on refugees. France is calling on the UN to pass a bill to build forces to go into Syria and remove Assad. Russia is clearing out Syria and pushing the Islamic State out. US is in trouble and they are now prepping for another false flag event to get the war in Syria.


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Gold-Backed Chinese Yuan to Replace USD as Reserve Currency

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Jim Willie: Get Ready For Lehman COLLAPSE 2.0


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Russia Prepares For U.S. Gov ‘Operation War’ By Increasing Military Assets In Syria

  • Published on Nov 18, 2015
    Obama and the UN just passed Agenda 2030. FCC, NSA, CIA and FBI all pushing the agenda of stopping sites and communications with encryption. UK police want more guns. The EU just pushed legislation to make it difficult to get a weapon. New bill introduced to extend the NSA surveillance until 2017. France cancel all protests, especially the one for global warming. Russia brings out the big guns and goes all out on ISIS. Bombers are now destroying the Islamic State oil convoy. US preparing for the next phase and that is war with Russia. Turkey and US creating a safe zone for their proxy army ISIS. Grid ExIII drill is preparing for the next false flag event, a cyber attack on the power grid.


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