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BRACE FOR IMPACT: How Gold and Silver Perform During Currency Resets by Lynette Zang [Part-4]

  • ITM Trading Streamed live on Jun 22, 2018
    Link to Slides and Sources:…
    What I would like everyone to understand is that fiat money is designed to reset via inflation. Bankers and governments know that nominal confusion hides this from the public. Hyperinflation is simply the final wealth transfer blow off. History clearly shows us that in the end, fiat money keeps the name, but loses all value. But gold and silver hold value because they are used all areas of the economy. Fiat money is only used as a wealth transfer tool. When hyperinflation rears its inevitable head, what do you want to hold? And if you want to know what to actually DO about all of this, that’s what we specialize in. How do you protect your wealth for the next collapse? Yes Gold and Silver, but what types? What strategy? And what long term plan? If you’re asking these questions you’re already ahead of the game. We’d love to assist you as it is our mission to safeguard you from the inevitable downfall of the dollar.


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Bill Holter: The System is Going to Go Down

  • Greg Hunter Published on Jun 23, 2018
    Financial writer and precious metals expert Bill Holter thinks a debt reset is coming soon, and the powers that be are planning it. Holter explains, “I think the discussion is about timing and how the system is going to come down. There are also discussions of what is going to be the next reserve currency. I think that’s the discussion that is going on behind the scenes for two or three years, or longer. The problem is too much debt, and we know from the past when debt bubbles grow and grow and get too big, they pop. This is the biggest debt bubble by many multiples of any bubble anytime in history. When the debt bubble blows up, everything runs on credit, and that means things are not going to run. It’s going to be somewhat dysfunctional. We are right on the cusp of the yield curve inverting, and history shows when that happens, we have a 100% chance of going into a recession. . . . I think this year the truth that we lived above our living standards is coming out, and we are going to have to pay the piper. I don’t know when . . . but the system is going to go down.”

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9 Jan 1988 cover, The Economist: Get Ready for a World Currency by 2018! The Rise of the Phoenix world currency from the ashes of national fiat currencies ie. destruction of fiat currencies via hyperinflation. “Phoenix” is of course an occult metaphor. Out of the destruction, the ashes of the old world order, the Luciferian New World Order will rise like a Phoenix!


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Jim Willie: The Death of the Petro Dollar

  • The Official Hagmann Report Published on Jun 19, 2018
    Jim Willie, contrarian economist, Purveyor of the Golden Jackass newsletter. Jim is a patriarch in the “Red Pill Movement.”


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HEADS UP: Banks Are Falling Out… by Lynette Zang

  • ITM Trading Streamed live on Jun 21, 2018
    Link to Slides and Sources:…
    TWO PATTERN SHIFTS! Last October we saw a major insider selling pattern emerge, as some insider sectors avoided buying stocks even as they continued heavy selling. Since the start of the year, after a major selling spike, there is a bit of a lull the following week. But the last two weeks has seen huge spikes in selling without the following lull. We look at this every week, so time will tell if this is a trend escalation. We may be fast approaching that time. In another PATTERN SHIFT ALERT, SIFIs have decoupled from the stock markets. In fact, Ian Harnett, managing director of global strategy at Absolute Strategy Research in London just sent out his first “Black Swan” alert since the crisis began, because of this pattern shift. Things certainly seem to be heating up. Got Gold?

    And if you want to know what to actually DO about all of this, that’s what we specialize in. How do you protect your wealth for the next collapse? Yes Gold and Silver, but what types? What strategy? And what long term plan? If you’re asking these questions you’re already ahead of the game. We’d love to assist you as it is our mission to safeguard you from the inevitable downfall of the dollar.


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DUTCH FURY: Macron and Merkel’s Eurozone Reforms Brutally Shot Down with ONE Question

  • DUTCH FURY: Macron and Merkel’s Eurozone Reforms Brutally Shot Down with ONE Question
    by CARLY READ,
    EMMANUEL Macron and Angela Merkel’s Franco-German campaign for a €25BILLLION Eurozone kitty to help finance crumbling member states has been brutally shot down by the Dutch Minister of Finance with one simple question.

    Wopke Hoestra laughed off France and Germany’s joint crusade for a multi-billion euro debt relief that would be paid for by the EU’s 28 member states by asking the rhetorical question “What do we need it for?”. He added: “For me this is a solution without a problem.”

    Mr Hoestra went on to say the EU had other issues it should devote itself to before adding “but that’s not part of it”, referring to Mr Macron’s budget proposal which after much pleading was given the nod by bosom buddy Ms Merkel.

    Poland joined the Netherlands in slamming the proposal, which has raised many questions about exactly how it would be funded, with Krzysztof Szczerski, who heads Poland’s President Andrzej Duda’s cabinet, issuing a chilling warning to the bloc.

    He said should the countries of the monetary union finance the budget themselves, it would not be an issue. “But if it is created at the expense of its contributions to the general budget, then this would be the end of the EU,” he added.

    Mr Macron is spearheading the campaign which he launched after a catalogue of crises with member states over the past few months that have put the Eurozone on the brink of collapse.

    First, there was Spain, which has been torn apart following Catalonia’s shock referendum that saw residents vote by a landslide to become their own independent state.

    Italy then plagued Brussels with a number of catastrophes when after months of political deadlock, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte was finally sworn in after elections dating as far back as early March were deemed inconclusive.

    read more.


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How the Financial Reset Will Impact You | Lynette Zang (2018-06-19)

  • Reluctant Preppers Published on Jun 20, 2018
    How will the coming financial reset impact your cash, savings, retirement accounts, stock, bonds, real estate, mortgage, student loans, gold, silver, and other assets? Will the collapse DESTROY WEALTH or TRANSFER IT from the unprepared to the those who have positioned themselves in advance? What facts do we have to go on from past financial resets, and what signals can we glean from current official documents and filings being released? Reluctant Preppers host Dunagun Kaiser engages Lynette Zang, chief Market Analyst at ITM Trading to field your viewer questions in this lively and pointed exploration of the issues of greatest concern to you!


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Craig Hemke: Parabolic Global Debt Will Collapse Bullion Bank System

  • Craig Hemke: Parabolic Global Debt Will Collapse Bullion Bank System
    by Greg Hunter’s
    Financial writer and precious metals expert Craig Hemke says nobody should be comfortable with unpayable global debt that has piled up since the 2008 financial meltdown. A debt reset is locked in, but nobody knows when it will come crashing down. Hemke says, “That’s probably the right way to put it. I would not want to say, hey, there is going to be a debt reset by August 29th. I don’t think that’s the way you want to go with it, but it’s pretty obvious to anyone that we are in this parabolic Ponzi scheme. The debt is now increasing globally at such an exponential rate that, at some point, it becomes unserviceable. Then, at that point, you get this reset they’ve been talking about.”

    Hemke points out the same game that was being played to inspire confidence in the banking system back before the 2008 financial meltdown is happening again. Hemke says, “You can see this today, actually, in the attempt to inspire confidence in Deutsche Bank. You can pull up a chart of Deutsche Bank now, and you can clearly see the heavy hand and the overt support of the Deutsche Bank share price. It is about $11. That is about the all-time low it came down to a few weeks ago. In the last few days, it has been clearly supported at $11. . . . Why would central banks be supporting Deutsche Bank? Because if Deutsche Bank began spiraling down through $10 to $9 to $8, you would get this crisis of confidence from the other banks that are all linked to Deutsche Bank and this daisy chain of counter-party risk, and we are right back to where we were in 2008. Yes, some type of reset is coming because, ultimately, the debt is unserviceable. The debt grows so fast you cannot print enough money to service all your existing obligations, especially when the economy starts to collapse and you get another recession.”

    Hemke warns that many people own the same ounce of gold held at big banks and don’t know it. Hemke explains, “It’s sort of like the people who show up at the Bailey Building and Loan on George’s wedding day (It’s a Wonderful Life). As long as nobody is making a run for it, and everybody knows your money is invested in Bob’s house and your money is invested in Mary’s house, as long as nobody wants their money right away, George Bailey can run a fractional reserve system like that. It’s only when somebody shows up and says I want my 1,000 ounces of gold, now. I want my metric ton, now. That’s when this whole bullion bank system collapses. Suddenly, we get a realization where land trades directly, dollars for the asset. Art trades directly, dollars for the asset. Gold and silver are going to trade that way as well.”

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China’s Economic Downward Spiral! China Declares U.S. Has Officially Launched TRADE WARRR!

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“The Global Bond Curve Just Inverted”: Why JPM Thinks A Market Crash May Be Imminent

  • “The Global Bond Curve Just Inverted”: Why JPM Thinks A Market Crash May Be Imminent
    by Tyler Durden,
    At the beginning of April, JPMorgan’s Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou pointed out something unexpected: in a time when everyone was stressing out over the upcoming inversion in the Treasury yield curve, the JPM analyst showed that the forward curve for the 1-month US OIS rate, a proxy for the Fed policy ratehad already inverted after the two-year forward point. In other words, while cash instruments had yet to officially invert, the market had already priced this move in.

    One way of visualizing this inversion was by charting the front end between the 2-year and 3-year forward points of the 1-month OIS. Here, as JPM showed two months ago, a curve inversion had arisen for the first time during the first week of January, but it only lasted for two days at the time and the curve re-steepened significantly in the beginning of April.

    Fast forward to today when in a follow up note, Panigirtzoglou highlights that this inversion has gotten worse over the past week following Wednesday’s hawkish FOMC meeting. As shown in the chart below which updates the 1-month OIS rate, the difference between the 3-year and the 2-year forward points has worsened, falling to a new low for the year of -5bp.

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Dave Janda: Donald Trump Will Preside Over Reset and Bankruptcy

  • Dave Janda: Donald Trump Will Preside Over Reset and Bankruptcy
    by Greg Hunter’s
    Radio host Dr. Dave Janda says Trump is bringing big changes to the world with tough talk on trade. At the end of the G-7 economic forum, Trump said America is “like the piggy bank that everyone is robbing, and that ends.” Trump is basically saying America has been cheated in trade deals for decades and countries like China, Canada and Mexico are ripping us off. Janda, who has deep political and Intel sources, says, “Yes, that is correct. Go back to 1992 and Ross Perot. He was demagogued by the media as a crazy man. He was marginalized. He was ridiculed. 110% of what Ross Perot said about NAFTA is correct. It was a great ‘sucking sound’ of jobs leaving and manufacturing jobs leaving. Who benefited by that? Multinational corporations that are run by the globalists and political leaders. . . . All these agreements that are created by the globalists are money laundering fronts. Whether it’s NAFTA or whether it’s the Iran deal, they are all money laundering fronts.”

    The success President Trump had this week with North Korea is tied to trade and China. Janda says, “So, you are going to see a positive development on the peace front. Then you are going to see some backing down of trade war talk with China. Then you are going to see another development with the North Korea peace process and more backing down. People need to realize the peace initiative and trade agreements are working hand in hand. I believe Trump is going to use that same model of negotiation and that same linkage, and Trump is going to take that model he developed in North Korea and China and he’s going to take it to Iran.”

    Also, this week, is the expected release of the Inspector General report on the DOJ and FBI handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation. The report examines how a decision was made months before the investigation was completed that Clinton would be exonerated of any crimes even though she clearly committed numerous crimes. Janda predicts, “I believe the Globalists are in the crosshairs, and when this report comes out, I believe it’s going to be heavily redacted. Understand something, that’s not where this is going to end.” Janda predicts President Trump will order the report to be unclassified and released un-redacted. Janda contends, “That Inspector General report is going to open the door and open people’s eyes. . . . A very high source has told me for months that both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have violated the Espionage Act on many occasions.”

    Janda says the debt based financial system is headed for a reset. Janda says the reset will not only reset the debt but clear out corruption and “restore the rule of law.” Janda also says, “I have political sources that have said a reset will occur. I do not have a time frame for the reset . . . . I believe Donald Trump will preside over the largest bankruptcy in history, and that is why he’s there. I also believe that this reset will involve an escalation in the price of gold and silver, and the manipulation will be terminated.”


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Government Lies About War…And The Economy Too!

  • RonPaulLibertyReport Published on Jun 14, 2018
    Over the last 100+ years, the U.S. has waged endless wars that have all been wrapped in extravagant lies. The lies were not only to get into the wars, but during the wars as well. How many times did the U.S. “turn the corner” in Vietnam? How many times, over the last 17 years in Afghanistan have we heard “we’ve turned the corner”? Do you think it’s possible for the government to lie about the economy too?


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The GLOBAL SYSTEM Weakens: Italy, Beyond the Pasta

  • ITM Trading Streamed live 4 hours ago
    Link to Slides and Sources:…
    As a Wall Street “Unicorn” it’s current market cap is $58.2 billion, even though there are losses as far as the eye can see. On June 12th the stock price surged 3.19% and is now up 40% from its April low, when Wall Street questioned its ability to sell more debt. Why? Because Tesla is cutting its work force by 9%. Last week I asked if the tax changes and repatriation had kicked into gear. The speech by SEC Commissioner Robert Jackson, Jr. confirms this. In the first quarter of 2018 American corporations “bought back a record $178 billion in stock” and CNBC points out that there is $2.5 trillion set to “pour into buybacks, dividends and M&A this year”. It seems the tax changes and repatriation has indeed, kicked into gear, pushing markets higher. Personally, I think you should always do what the smartest guys, on any given topic, do for themselves. Corporate insiders are selling stocks and central banks are buying gold. I think that says it all.


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The Eurozone’s Coming Debt Crisis

  • The Eurozone’s Coming Debt Crisis
    by Daniel Lacalle,
    The European Central bank has signaled the end of its asset purchase program and a possible rate hike before 2019. After more than 2 trillion euro of purchases and zero interest rate policy, it is overdue.

    The massive quantitative easing program has generated very significant imbalances and the risks outweigh the questionable benefits. The balance sheet of the ECB is now more than 40% of the Eurozone GDP. The governments of the Eurozone, however, have not prepared themselves at all for the end of stimuli.

    Rather the contrary.
    The Eurozone states often claim that deficits have been reduced and risks contained. However, closer scrutiny shows that the bulk of deficit reductions came from lower cost of debt. Eurozone government spending has barely fallen, despite lower unemployment and rising tax revenues. Structural deficits remain stubborn, and in some cases, unchanged from 2013 levels.

    The 19 eurozone countries have collectively saved 1.15 trillion euros in interest payments since 2008 due to ECB rate cuts and monetary policy interventions, according to Handelsblatt. A reduction in costs against the losses of pensioners and savers.

    However, that illusion of savings and budget stability can rapidly disappear as most Eurozone countries face massive maturities in the 2018-2020 period and wasted precious years of quantitative easing without implementing strong structural reforms. Tax wedge rose for families and SMEs, while current spending by governments barely fell, competitiveness remained poor and a massive one trillion euro in non-performing loans raised doubts about the health of the European financial system.

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Something Big Is About To Happen With Gold, And It’s Not What You Think: Jim Willie

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Nomi Prins: Central Bank-Inspired “Major Credit Squeeze” Will Trigger Next Crisis

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  • Nomi Prins: Central Bank-Inspired “Major Credit Squeeze” Will Trigger Next Crisis
    by Tyler Durden,
    For all the talk about tapering (in both the US and Europe), the Federal Reserve has actually done remarkably little to reduce its balance sheet. And in an interview with Macrovoices Erik Townsend, former Wall Street executive Nomi Prins expands upon some of the same themes she covered in her latest book, “Collu$ion: How Central Bankers Rigged the World”.

    As Prins reminds us early on, the Fed and other central banks have expanded their balance sheets by more than $20 trillion, and despite all the chatter about withdrawing stimulus and letting its balance sheet roll off, the Fed’s balance sheet has only shrunk from $4.5 trillion to $4.3 trillion.

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