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“The Dollar is Finished” | Jim Willie (Part 1)

  • Jim Willie Says They Made It An Oil-For-Gold Contract For A Very Specific Reason
    Dr. Willie tells Silver Doctors that the West has no idea of the murders, fraud and theft committed by the U.S. to prevent the roll-out. Here’s more…

    Jim Willie of Golden Jackass joins Silver Doctors to discuss the latest happenings with the oil for gold-backed yuan contract.

    Dr Willie says he admires the likes of Hugo Salinas Price and doesn’t quite know what to make of it when Hugo says to think about the fact that China is not going to be the one supplying all of that gold. It’s quite possible the gold will come from the West in general, and London in specific.

    Jim Willie is not sure but he says there is much speculation about all of this and the details are only coming out bit by bit. Willie also discusses cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin isn’t the big winner though. He says asset-backed cryptocurrencies will be even more profitable than Bitcoin. This is Part I of the interview. Tune in for a timely update and stay tuned for Part II when it comes out.


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Global Crackdown Meets Crack Up Boom — Rob Kirby


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Cryptocurrency Is Going To Push The Fiat Money System Over A Cliff: Rob Kirby

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The Cabal And The Dollar Will Be Coming Down All At A Once: V & CJ

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New World Order: The Economic End Game Continues

  • The Economic End Game Continues
    by Brandon Smith,
    In November of 2014 I published an article titled ‘The Economic End Game Explained’. In it I outlined what I believed would be the process by which globalists would achieve what they call the “new world order” or what they sometimes call the “global economic reset.” As I have shown in great detail in the past, the globalist agenda includes a fiscal end game; a prize or trophy that they hope to obtain. This prize is a completely centralized global economic structure, rooted in a single central bank for the world, the removal of the U.S. dollar as world reserve currency, the institution of the SDR basket system which will act as a bridge for single a global currency supplanting all others and, ultimately, global governance of this system by a mere handful of “elites.”

    The timeline for this process is unclear, but there is some indication of when the “beginning of the end” would commence. As noted in the globalist owned magazine The Economist, in an article titled “Get Ready For The Phoenix,” the year of 2018 seems to be the launching point for the great reset. This timeline is supported by the numerous measures already taken to undermine dollar dominance in international trade as well as elevate the International Monetary Fund’s SDR basket. It is clear that the globalists have deadlines they intend to meet.

    That said, there have been some new developments since I wrote my initial analysis on the end-game strategy that I think merit serious attention. The end game continues, faster than ever before, and here are some of the indicators showing that the “predictions” of the globalists at The Economist in 1988 were more like self-fulfilling prophecies and 2018 remains a primary nexus point for a re-engineering of our economic environment.

    Using The East To Dismantle The Petrodollar
    As I mentioned in last week’s article, ‘Lies And Distractions Surrounding The Petrodollar,’ there has been silence and often disinformation in the mainstream when it comes to the quite open and obvious international pivot away from the dollar as the defacto purchasing mechanism for oil. This trend is only set to accelerate in two months as China begins fulfilling oil contracts in the Yuan instead of the dollar.

    The problem is that even in the alternative media there is a continuing myth that Eastern nations are angling to “break away” from the international order. I often see the argument presented that the loss of the petrodollar can only be a good thing for the world. I am not here to comment on whether the end of oil-denominated in dollars is a good or bad thing. I am here, though, to point out that there is absolutely no indication whatsoever that major eastern powers like Russia and China are acting to undermine the existing globalist system.

    On the contrary, China and Russia remain, as ever, heavily partnered with the IMF as well as the Bank for International Settlements, and their ties to international banking monoliths like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan are long established.

    read more.

Click on image for article.

9 Jan 1988 cover, The Economist: Get Ready for a World Currency by 2018! The Rise of the Phoenix world currency from the ashes of national fiat currencies ie. destruction of fiat currencies via hyperinflation. “Phoenix” is of course an occult metaphor. Out of the destruction, the ashes of the old world order, the Luciferian New World Order will rise like a Phoenix!


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Dollar Should Not Dominate the World – Russian PM Medvedev

  • Dollar Should Not Dominate the World – Russian PM Medvedev
    The international financial system needs to balance which is why there is no place for a dominant currency, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said at a news conference on Wednesday.

    “The balanced system of financial relations should be based on the use of various reserve currencies, various forms of settlement. There should be no domination of any one currency,”
    said Medvedev, speaking at the regular Russia and China heads of government meeting.

    Medvedev said that no matter how strong the American economy, it also faces problems from time to time. “As a result, the entire financial world is shaken. A more balanced international financial system is better for everyone,” the prime minister said.

    According to Medvedev, Russia is pleased with the growing role of the Chinese yuan in global settlements, as it represents one of the world’s largest economies.

    In May, Russia and China established an investment fund worth 68 billion yuan ($10 billion).The countries also plan to extend the bilateral currency swap agreement for another three years. In 2014, Russia and China agreed on a 3-year ruble-yuan currency swap deal of up to $25 billion.

    China has been pushing for a greater use of the yuan in oil settlements. As the country has become the largest oil importer overtaking the United States, it can now dictate rules, experts note.

    The chief economist and managing director at High Frequency Economics Carl Weinberg has predicted that “Chinese [oil] demand will dwarf US demand,” and Beijing is likely to “compel” Saudi Arabia to sell crude oil in yuan, a move to be followed by others.


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Gerald Celente: 2018 Predictions – Gold Will Hit a Bitcoin High

  • Gerald Celente: 2018 Predictions – Gold Will Hit a Bitcoin High
    by Greg Hunter’s
    Top trends researcher Gerald Celente says he sees strong trends shaping up for 2018. First up, the embattled President Trump.  Celente says, “There’s not been one shred of evidence, period, paragraph, that Russia had anything to do with tapping into or hacking the DNC information and going into their computers.  It has nothing to do with Trump, but what it does is it’s taking the people’s minds off the major issues.  It’s also building that military industrial complex even bigger. We’ve got to watch out for those Russians.  Russia’s GDP is about 7% of America’s.  Trump has increased our military budget $54 billion.  The entire Russian military budget is $48 billion.  You talk to the average person, and they hate the Russians.  It’s working perfectly . . . We don’t see Trump being impeached.”

    On the Clintons, Celente contends, “Going back to the Uranium One deal. Yes, it is going to fall back on the Clintons.  The hundreds of millions of dollars given to the Clinton Foundation by Russians as they did the uranium deal.  Those are facts.  We don’t see anything happening to Trump.

    On the economy, Celente says, “We are now going into almost a year going into the Trump rally. I was negative on the stock market until Trump got elected.  What happened?  We did a 180 (degree turn) a week after he got elected and said this rally is real. . . . Trump is pro-business . . . it’s good for the markets and that sector.”

    But what about the 2018 economic forecast? Celente says, “For the economy, we see a slowdown.  Interest rates are going up.  That’s the bet.  Interest rates are going to go up another 25 basis points in December.  So, we believe by the 2nd quarter of 2018, you are going to start to see a slowdown because the only thing that has pumped up the markets is the cheap money. . . .The fish rots from the head down, the markets are going to melt from the head down.  The head being the very rich.  The top 10% of the rich own 96% of the stock. . . . So, this thing rots down, and we are seeing it now on research.  It’s going to fall from the top.”

    Celente also predicts China will make big headlines in 2018. Celente points out, “China is not using petro-dollars.  They are buying Russian oil, their biggest supplier, with yuan.  You can cash in the yuan for gold.  It’s the same with Iran and with Saudi Arabia.  This is another reason that China is going to go further.  You can start bringing your dollars to Walmart in a wheelbarrow because that’s what they will be worth. . . . What kept the dollar alive as the world reserve currency is that all the oil being traded is being bought in dollars.  If you are paying for oil in other currencies . . . the Federal Reserve can’t keep printing up all the money that they want.  They won’t have it out there as a reserve currency.  You will see inflation skyrocket in this country, and gold will hit like a Bitcoin high.  We believe it’s starting to happen.


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Deutsche Asks A Stunning Question: “Is This The Beginning Of The End Of Fiat Money?”

  • Deutsche Asks A Stunning Question: “Is This The Beginning Of The End Of Fiat Money?”
    by Tyler Durden,
    One month ago, Deutsche Bank’s unorthodox credit analyst, Jim Reid published a phenomenal report, one which just a few years ago would have been anathema, as it dealt with two formerly taboo topics: is a financial crisis coming (yes), and what are the catalysts that have led the world to its current pre-crisis state, to which Reid had three simple answers: central banks, financial bubbles and record amounts of debt.

    Just as striking was Reid’s nuanced observation that it was the modern fiat system itself that has encouraged and perpetuated the current boom-bust cycle, and was itself in jeopardy when the next crash hits:

    We think the final break with precious metal currency systems from the early 1970s (after centuries of adhering to such regimes) and to a fiat currency world has encouraged budget deficits, rising debts, huge credit creation, ultra loose monetary policy, global build-up of imbalances, financial deregulation and more unstable markets.

    The various breaks with gold based currencies over the last century or so has correlated well with our financial shocks/crises indicator. 
    It shows that you are more likely to see crises/shocks when we break from hard currency systems. Some of the devaluation to Gold has been mindboggling over the last 100 years.

    read more.


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Bombshell Analysis: Elites Killing US Dollar to Blame Trump

  • Bombshell Analysis: Elites Killing US Dollar to Blame Trump
    by  |
    China, global markets blocking demand for dollar, which will trigger US recession

    The globalists are planning to dump the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency, which would trigger an economic catastrophe they can then blame on President Trump.

    For the past several decades, the US was able to survive its trade deficit due to global demand for the dollar, especially in the energy sector, but now China, which has taken up the globalist mantle in the planned post-America world, is beginning to trade for oil in “petro-yuans.”

    “One of the world’s top energy importers, China, is set to roll out a yuan-denominated oil contract as early as this year,” reported RT. “Analysts call the plan, announced by Beijing in September, a huge move against the dollar’s global dominance.”

    “…The contract will enable the country’s trading partners to pay with gold or to convert yuan into gold without the necessity to keep money in Chinese assets or turn it into US dollars.”

    Historically, the US has been able to spend more than it earns – and survive economically despite a shrinking manufacturing base – because the dollar is the preferred medium of international trade, giving it greater value in global markets than it would have otherwise warranted.

    In fact, the US has actually benefitted from this trade deficit because foreign factories are forced to exchange their cars and TVs for “funny money.” “There is a dark side to the exchange, however,” wrote financial expert G. Edward Griffin. “As long as the dollar remains in high esteem as a trade currency, America can continue to spend more than it earns, but… when the dollar tumbles and foreigners no longer want it, the free ride will be over.”

    Mass inflation will ultimately result as the dollar loses value due to its loss in demand, and it’s certain the central bankers will blame President Trump for this catastrophe if it happens during his administration.

    However, this isn’t something the president has any real control over; it’s rather the residual effects of the Federal Reserve printing money out of practically nothing for years and of past administrations using “regime change” to temporarily prop up demand for the petrodollar.

    Remember, Muammar Gaddafi was overthrown in Libya not long after he proposed trading oil with a gold-back African currency instead of US dollars.

    read more.

The Satanic capstone on your dollar bill ie. the Anti-Christ, the bringer of false peace, the white horseman of Revelation 6. The Luciferian New World Order will be complete with the arrival of the Satanic capstone, the Man of Sin who will conquer the world with ‘peace’ in a world wrecked by global wars. Revelation 6!

From: Vintage ‘Trees’ music video. All humanity forming a pyramid worshipping, welcoming the Satanic capstone! The Anti-Christ, the bringer of false peace, the white horseman of Revelation 6 ! The completion of the New World Order project, in a world wrecked by global wars, collapse and chaos!


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The Rise of The Petro-Yuan

  • The Rise of The Petro-Yuan
    China is aiming to overthrow the US dollar as the currency of choice for the oil market, a move that could have far-reaching consequences.

    Since the 1970s, the oil trade has almost entirely been conducted in US dollars, even when buyers and producers are not American. The ramifications of the dollar-denominated oil trade are immense: Because oil is priced in dollars, there is huge demand for dollars, lending the US economic and strategic power. 

    Beijing hopes to challenge the dollar by setting up a futures market with its own currency, the yuan. To that end, reports indicate that China is set to introduce an oil benchmark priced in yuan in the coming months.

    For China, there are a lot of upsides to this gambit. An oil futures market based in yuan will stimulate demand for the Chinese currency, which China believes will lend it strategic clout. That money is also more likely to be recycled back into the Chinese economy. The US has been able to run huge budget deficits, borrowing money at extremely low rates because of the demand for its currency. Petrodollars continuously flow back into the US economy, creating investment and economic growth that might not otherwise occur. The dollar has also long been one of the premier safe havens for investors around the world.

    China hopes to replicate this dynamic. And as the largest oil importer in the world, there is a great deal of logic in having oil contracts trade in yuan.

    But it won’t be easy to unseat the greenback. The plan is to launch an oil futures contract on the Shanghai International Energy Exchange (INE), but there are obstacles in convincing large oil producers and consumers in using the yuan and investing in the Shanghai benchmark. Without some major countries participating, like, say, Saudi Arabia or Russia, it will be difficult to create a market that is deep and liquid enough to make a difference.

    read more.


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Putin’s Revenge May See Petro-Yuan Replace Petrodollar

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US ‘Empire of Debt’ Will Go To War To Stop Emergence of Petro-Yuan – Max Keiser

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Who owns the world reserve currency, the dollar, the global monetary hegemony? Look at the Satanic capstone on your dollar bill. The Luciferian New World Order will be complete with the arrival of the Satanic capstone: the Anti-Christ, fake messiah, bringer of false peace, the white horseman of Revelation 6!

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Gerald Celente: Where Is Gold Going?

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China Is Getting Ready To Unleash Its Plan For A Gold-Centric Monetary System

  • China Is Getting Ready To Unleash Its Plan For A Gold-Centric Monetary System
    One of the smartest policymakers in the world is getting ready to unleash China’s plan for a gold-centric monetary system.  This will be a game-changer for the global monetary system and it will also unleash the price of gold.

    One Of The World’s Smartest Policymakers
    Stephen Leeb:  “Zhou Xiaochuan, who has headed the People’s Bank of China for the past 15 years, is one of the world’s smartest policymakers and has been a key figure in the Middle Kingdom’s ascendancy this century. Zhou’s shrewdness and exceptional intellect have been on display during the 19th Communist Party congress now taking place in Beijing…

    China’s Plan: A Gold-Centric Monetary System
    A couple of days ago, Zhou showed the complexity of Chinese messaging. In a few words he warned his compatriots against complacency while subtly signaling to the West that major currency changes are necessary. As I see it, his remarks, while not saying so explicitly, set the scene for what I’ve long seen as China’s plan for a gold-centric monetary system, with the first step the launching of an Eastern oil benchmark denominated and traded in yuan, backed by gold. As I pointed out in a recent KWN interview, to a large extent the yuan already is backed by gold in that more than 90 percent of trades on the Shanghai Gold Exchange are settled in gold. I also have argued that the intense efforts by Russia and Saudi Arabia to export the most oil to China wasn’t an effort to shut down U.S. oil production from shale. Rather, I saw it as each country furiously competing to have as much of its own oil as possible represented in the forthcoming new Eastern benchmark.

    read more.


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“It’s A Huge Story”: China Launching “Petroyuan” In Two Months

  • “It’s A Huge Story”: China Launching “Petroyuan” In Two Months
    by Tyler Durden,
    … The World Bank’s former chief economist wants to replace the US dollar with a single global super-currency, saying it will create a more stable global financial system.

    “The dominance of the greenback is the root cause of global financial and economic crises,” Justin Yifu Lin told Bruegel, a Brussels-based policy-research think tank.

    “The solution to this is to replace the national currency with a global currency.”

    The writing is on the wall for dollar hegemony. As Russian President Vladimir Putin said almost two months ago during the BRICs summit in Xiamen,

    “Russia shares the BRICS countries’ concerns over the unfairness of the global financial and economic architecture, which does not give due regard to the growing weight of the emerging economies. We are ready to work together with our partners to promote international financial regulation reforms and to overcome the excessive domination of the limited number of reserve currencies.”

    As Pepe Escobar recently noted, ‘to overcome the excessive domination of the limited number of reserve currencies’ is the politest way of stating what the BRICS have been discussing for years now; how to bypass the US dollar, as well as the petrodollar.

    Beijing is ready to step up the game. Soon China will launch a crude oil futures contractpriced in yuan. This means that Russia – as well as Iran, the other key node of Eurasia integration – may bypass US sanctions by trading energy in their own currencies, or in yuan. Inbuilt in the move is a true Chinese win-win; the yuan – according to some – will be fully convertible into gold on both the Shanghai and Hong Kong exchanges.

    The new triad of oil, yuan and gold is actually a win-win-win. No problem at all if energy providers prefer to be paid in physical gold instead of yuan. The key message is the US dollar being bypassed.

    read more.


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