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The West Begins To Panic Over China’s OBOR Trade System

  • X22Report Published on Sep 20, 2017
    Existing homes sales decline, this is the third month in a row. German gold expert reports that gold has been manipulated since 1993 by the central banks and the banking system. The West begins to panic over the One Belt One Road trade system. This new trading system is will be a vast network throughout Asia, Africa and Europe.


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7 Alarming Signs The U.S. Dollar Is Doomed – Jerry Robinson

  • Follow the Money Published on Sep 20, 2017
    Summary: With the value of the U.S. dollar tumbling by more than 10% YTD and the U.S. national debt officially topping $20 trillion for the first time in history, I’ll share 7 signs that reveal much more downside lies ahead for the world’s leading currency. And later, Tom Cloud shares why he believes silver could reach $19 by the end of this year, and, in response to a listener question, financial advisor Mike Mitchell reveals the best income stream that you can create for your retirement. In the end, no world power lasts forever. Kingdoms come and kingdoms go. Empires rise and empires fall.  Of course, you know what they say… The bigger they are, the harder they fall. So in America’s case, our fall will be great. Are you ready? 


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Blockchain to Merge with Physical Precious Metals | Rob Kirby

  • Reluctant Preppers Published on Sep 19, 2017
    Rob Kirby answers YOUR viewer questions in this rapid-fire interview, spanning: politics, the Chinese & global pivot away from the US Petrodollar, whether US Treasuries’ days are numbered, whether Gold & Silver price suppression is just a conspiracy theory or a proven fact, and whether Blockchain and crypto-currencies contain fatal flaws, or are ushering in a revolution of integrity for money in the world ahead!


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Ahead: Major Market Shock | Rob Kirby

  • Published on Sep 17, 2017
    The stock market is at all time highs and precious metals are slumping. But not for long. “One day, we’re going to wake up, and things will be fundamentally different,” Rob Kirby warns on this week’s SD Metals & Markets wrap. The market manipulation will end, and precious metals will skyrocket.


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Gold Oil Dollars Russia and China: The Death of the Petro-Dollar

  • Gold Oil Dollars Russia and China: The Death of the Petro-Dollar
    by F. William Engdahl,
    The 1944 Bretton Woods international monetary system as it has developed to the present is become, honestly said, the greatest hindrance to world peace and prosperity. Now China, increasingly backed by Russia—the two great Eurasian nations—are taking decisive steps to create a very viable alternative to the tyranny of the US dollar over the world trade and finance. Wall Street and Washington are not amused, but they are powerless to stop it.

    Shortly before the end of the Second World War, the US Government, advised by the major international banks of Wall Street, drafted what many mistakenly believe was a new gold standard. In truth, it was a dollar standard in which every other member currency of the International Monetary Fund countries fixed the value of their currency to the dollar. In turn, the US dollar was fixed then to gold at a value equal to 1/35th of an ounce of gold. At the time Washington and Wall Street could impose such a system as the Federal Reserve held some 75% of all world monetary gold as a consequence of the war and related developments. Bretton Woods established the dollar which then became the reserve currency of world trade held by central banks.

    Death Agony of a Defective Dollar Standard
    By the end of the 1960’s with soaring US Federal budget deficits from costs of the Vietnam War and other foolish spending, the dollar standard began to show its deep structural flaws. A recovered Western Europe and Japan no longer needed billions of US dollars for financing reconstruction. Germany and Japan had become world class export economies with higher efficiency than US manufacturing owing to a growing obsolescence of US basic industry from steel to autos and basic infrastructure. Washington should then have significantly devalued the dollar against gold in order to correct the growing world trade imbalance. Such a dollar devaluation would have boosted US manufacturing export earnings and reduced the trade imbalances. It would have been a huge pus for the real US economy. However for Wall Street banks it spelled huge losses. So instead, the Johnson and then Nixon administrations printed more dollars and in effect exported inflation to the world.

    The central banks of especially France and Germany reacted to the deafness in Washington by demanding US Federal Reserve gold for their US dollar reserves at $35 per unce s in the Bretton Woods 1944 agreement. By August 1971 the redemption of gold for inflated US dollars had reached a crisis point where Nixon was advised by a senior Treasury official, Paul Volcker, to rip up the Bretton Woods system.

    By 1973 gold was allowed by Washington to trade freely and was no longer the backing of a sound US dollar. Instead, an engineered oil price shock in October 1973 that sent the dollar price of oil higher by 400% in a matter of months, created what Henry Kissinger then called the petrodollar.

    read more.


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UN & IMF: New World Currency WILL NOT BE the US Dollar | Mike Rivero

  • Reluctant Preppers Published on Sep 17, 2017
    What happened to Trump who was elected on the platform of US not getting entangled in and paying for the world’s wars? Why are we now embroiled as much as ​ ​ever in saber rattling against Russia and China? What’s really behind all this escalation of tensions? With China already announcing Non-US Dollar oil contracts convertible to gold-backed Yuan, and the UN & IMF indicating a global pivot away form the US Dollar, what do you need to do to protect yourself? Investigative journalist, self-described rabble-rouser, and peace activist, Mike Rivero, founder and host of, returns to Reluctant Preppers to lay out the basics we need to know now to be aware and prepared! …

9 Jan 1988 cover, The Economist: Get Ready for a World Currency by 2018! The Rise of the Phoenix world currency from the ashes of national fiat currencies ie. destruction of fiat currencies via hyperinflation. “Phoenix” is of course an occult metaphor. Out of the destruction, the ashes of the old world order, the Luciferian New World Order will rise like a Phoenix!

Click on image for article.


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“We’re Going to Wake Up, and Things Will Be Fundamentally Different” | Rob Kirby

  • Rob Kirby: “We Are Going to Wake Up and Things Will Be Fundamentally DIFFERENT”
    by Elijah Johnson,
    Rob Kirby tells Silver Doctors on this week’s SD Metals & Markets that “we’re going to wake up, and things will be fundamentally different.” Gold & silver are about to skyrocket in price…  
    Rob Kirby of Kirby Analytics interviewed on SD Weekly Metals and Markets.

    The stock market is at all time highs and precious metals are slumping under the heavy handedness of market manipulation and gold & silver price suppression.

    But not for long. “One day, we’re going to wake up, and things will be fundamentally different,” Rob Kirby warns on this week’s SD Metals & Markets wrap.  The market manipulation will end, and precious metals will skyrocket. 

    In this must listen interview, Rob discusses the latest macro fundamental and technical analysis, including the rise of the cryptos, and while it looks like the ESF and Fed are winning the battle, they have already lost the war.


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Jim Willie: A New Monetary Horizon In View

  • A New Monetary Horizon In View, an Interview with Jim Willie
    He’s back – Will interviews Dr Jim Willie, editor of the Hat Trick Letter, found on the website 

    Join us for an epic 2 hour adventure with the Jackass himself, Jim Willie. Topics include global trade dynamics and new systems being implemented as we speak. Jim forecasts exactly what he thinks will be the final blow to the US dollar, involving China and gold and it’s not as simple as you may think. There is another angle here of the US military allowing non USD settlement in hopes that China’s Yuan falls flat.

    Jim’s analysis on international geo politics and currency trade is truly like none other. DO NOT miss part two as we dive fairly deep into crypto currency potential applications. We include our usual friendly tirades and rants. We hope you enjoy! Jim’s expertise, study, and connections make him invaluable to our community. Sign up for his Hat Trick Letter if you haven’t already. Please excuse a few minor audio glitches, we work through them as best we can.


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Financial War Imminent — 2008 Was 1st Act, Get Prepared: Lior Gantz

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Anti-Gold Puppet Now Predicts Gold Will Soar! — Kranzler

  • SGTreport Published on Sep 14, 2017
    CPM Group’s Jeffrey Christian has emerged from his Bankster paid-for hole once again, but this time he’s singing a different song. Instead of insisting that gold is overvalued for as far as the eye can see, he’s now saying $1700+ gold will soon be here, and that prudent folks should consider increasing their exposure to “real money” with an asset allocation of between 25-30% GOLD! What has caused this anti-gold puppet to finally change his tune?!


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China Dollar Dump Means Hyperinflation – Chris Martenson

  • China Dollar Dump Means Hyperinflation – Chris Martenson
    by Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)
    Resource analyst and futurist Chris Martenson says everyone should be taking notice of our “dangerous markets.” At the center of the danger zone is the declining U.S. dollar.  Martenson explains, “We are talking about a steady erosion of the dollar as a reserve currency.  I think that is most likely.  The only thing that could make that really go fast is some kind of war.  The United States and China, we got to keep our eye on this because Trump has been threatening a trade war with China.  China responded and said if you do that, we may dump the dollar. . . . So, there is all this trade and financial back and forth and maybe even actual war at some point. . . . China has the ability to really impact the dollar in a big way on the world stage.  We better hope it does not come to that because a slow erosion we can adjust to; a quick erosion is going to really roil the markets and maybe blow a few of them up.”

    Martenson contends the U.S. could see hyperinflation in a short time if China “dumps the dollar.” Martenson explains, “The way that works is let’s say they want to unload $500 billion on some Tuesday morning.  Who is going to buy that $500 billion?  Who is on the other side of that trade?  Well, if there are not enough people bidding for those dollars, the price has to fall until you find enough people to absorb those, and the dollar would fall in value against all other sorts of other things such as other currencies, oil, gold, silver and all those things. . . . We would be looking for a paired event.  What we would be looking for is interest rates starting to rise on Treasuries and the dollar starting to fall in value in value against a variety of things.  Once we see those two things, we know we have a financial war or a monetary war. . . . That’s what blows up the derivatives market.  That’s what makes difficulties for traders.  That’s what makes the high frequency computers say I don’t like this and bolt and instantly evaporate from the markets.”

    read more.


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BREAKING: UN Calls For WORLD CURRENCY! A Global “New Deal” Under The SDR!

  • World Alternative Media Published on Sep 15, 2017
    Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen regarding the recent but predictable call by Mukhisa Kituyi, chief of UNCTAD (the U.N. trade and development agency) to implement a global “New Deal” like that of FDR’s in order to give the global economy a “makeover for the 21st century.” Of course, under FDR’s “New Deal” in the 1990s, gold was seized in order to create the ESF as well as later the IMF and vast amounts of currency was printed. The IMF is desperately attempting to implement their global centrally planned cashless currency into the SDR (Special Drawing Rights) and the power shift is happening at a scale the world has never seen before.

    As China, India, Australia, Sweden among countless other countries push forward a cashless system, slowly but surely (except in the case of China and India), the IMF is looking at relocating to Beijing, China and the central planners are scrambling to enforce this agenda on the populace as soon as possible. The fiat system is crumbling at its foundation and it can only be sustained for a short time longer.

    Interest rates will have to go in the negative and the only way for this to be beneficial in the longer term is if the currency made up of localized currencies under one system is digital. This is why the disturbing push towards this system is so pertinent today. The global order is here and it will only take a few more maneuvers for it to be definitive. It is more important than ever for people to decentralize and insure their wealth. For people to be independent and self sustainable. To be financially responsible and educated. We will continue to cover this issue as we have. Stay tuned!
  • UN calls for global economic makeover to replace neoliberalism
    by with Reuters
    The world must ditch austerity and economic neoliberalism and undertake a global “New Deal” to rebalance the global economy and achieve prosperity for all, the UN trade and development agency UNCTAD said in a report on Thursday (14 September).

    UNCTAD chief Mukhisa Kituyi said the global economy was picking up but still not lifting off.

    “A combination of too much debt and too little demand at the global level has hampered sustained expansion of the world economy,” he said in a statement.

    Much of the blame was aimed at “neoliberalism”, a term used to refer to governments cutting back on their own role and leaving the private sector to lead economic and social development within a free-market capitalist system.

    After decades of such policies, the system was perceived to be unduly biased in favour of a handful of large corporations, financial institutions and wealthy individuals, the report said. The world now needed a “21st century makeover”, the document states.

    “The whole neoliberal mantra that ‘there is no alternative’ has begun to fall apart,” Richard Kozul-Wright, UNCTAD’s globalisation director, told a news conference. “There are plenty of alternatives out there and they are urgently needed given the kind of economic and social imbalances that we are currently facing.”

    read more.

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Game Changer! China to Buy Oil with Gold-Backed Yuan, Russia’s Backdoor Deals

  • DAHBOO777 Published on Sep 13, 2017
    The world’s top oil importer, China, is preparing to launch a crude oil futures contract denominated in Chinese yuan and convertible into gold, potentially creating the most important Asian oil benchmark and allowing oil exporters to bypass U.S.-dollar denominated benchmarks by trading in yuan, Nikkei Asian Review reports. The crude oil futures will be the first commodity contract in China open to foreign investment funds, trading houses, and oil firms. The circumvention of U.S. dollar trade could allow oil exporters such as Russia and Iran, for example, to bypass U.S. sanctions by trading in yuan, according to Nikkei Asian Review. To make the yuan-denominated contract more attractive, China plans the yuan to be fully convertible in gold on the Shanghai and Hong Kong exchanges. Learn More:……

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Rob Kirby: Dark Dollars Propping Up Failing System. Silver The Most Underpriced Asset on the Planet

  • Rob Kirby: Dark Dollars Propping Up Failing System. Silver The Most Underpriced Asset on the Planet
    by Greg Hunter’s 
    Forensic macroeconomic analyst Rob Kirby says few people have any idea how many “dark dollars” are out there. Kirby explains, “When you start talking about how many dollars there are in the world, nobody really knows.  I would suggest to you the real quantity of dollars in the world is much greater than anyone imagines.  A lot of these dollars are ‘dark,’ and they are held in the bowels of institutions like the Exchange Stabilization Fund (ESF).  So, the world may be cruising along thinking the total number of dollars in the world is ‘X,’ but the true amount in the world, if you count the dark ones, might be three or four times ‘X’.  This really means the money supply is much bigger than anyone understands or believes.”  Kirby contends that the so-called “dark dollars” are being used to prop up the Treasury bond market.  The ESF simply buys the debt and essentially hides it.

    Then there is the price rigging in the gold and silver markets. Kirby says, “To sell a Bitcoin, you must possess a Bitcoin.  If you have one Bitcoin, you cannot sell 500 of them.  That’s plain and simple.  This goes for JP Morgan or Citi Bank or Goldman Sachs, they can only sell Bitcoin that they own.  In the gold market, they can sell all the gold they want.  They can sell gold that doesn’t exist and will never be mined.”  Kirby points out this is how the big banks suppress the price of gold and silver.

    Kirby contends the U.S. dollar is a “rigged” game. Is it about to be knocked out by blockchain technology?  Kirby says, “Absolutely.  What the cryptos offer that the dollar doesn’t is decentralization.  It’s the centralized U.S. fiat dollar and the dollar standard that requires everybody in the world, who wants to buy commodities in international markets, must first purchase U.S. dollars.  Crypto currencies bypass the dollar and allow for transmission of ownership in a very rapid, cost effective manner.  They bypass the dollar completely.  What this really means is with the uptake and accelerated use of cryptos, countries will require less and less dollars in their reserve accounts to purchase the goods they want and need in the international marketplace.  What happens when people don’t need dollars anymore?  The dollars return home.  They come back to America . . . which ultimately means inflation will come to America.”

    read more.


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The Econonic System Is Moving From West To East, This Is The End Game: Bill Holter

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