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Obliteration of FIAT CURRENCY Faith | Michael Pento

  • SilverDoctors Published on Jul 13, 2018
    On this week’s Metals & Markets Wrap we host money manager Michael Pento of Pento Portfolio Strategies. By late 2018, Michael believes we will see a watershed turn in the gold market. “One of the ramifications that is almost assured to happen (as a result of the next global financial crisis), is that the faith in fiat currencies will be obliterated.” This according to Michael is what will bring about heavy price inflations to come.


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The Central Banks Agenda To Bring Down The Economy Has Been Exposed

  • X22Report Published on Jul 11, 2018
    The Manhattan bubble is popping, foreign investment is being redirected, the real estate crisis has begun and it will spread. Global debt has hit an all time high and it is getting worse. The rate at which debt is rising is of great concern because there will be a time when it won’t be able to be paid back. The Fed has already decided to change the rules of the game, they are now removing data and manipulating data. Just a couple days ago the Fed said the yield curve is not accurate and flawed and now the Fed has replaced the yield curve with their new version which is based on what they think the future will bring. The collapse has been exposed, change and hide data to cover their tracks.


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There Has Been A Rebellion Against The International Banking Cartel And It’s Global

  • There Has Been A Rebellion Against The International Banking Cartel And It’s Global
    Harley Schlanger just conducted what may have been his most powerful interview ever with this update on the fight against the bankers… Harley Schlanger interviewed by Sean on SGTreport:

    This may be the most powerful interview with Harley Schlanger that you’ve ever heard. Harley says there has been a rebellion, and it’s global. From the #GreatAawkening in the United States with the election of Donald Trump to the turmoil in the EU as the unchecked power of the bureaucrats in Brussels is being challenged – and increasingly ignored. In Poland, Hungary, Italy, Spain, and even in Germany people are reaching their boiling point. It’s this grass roots revolution of ideas that the elite fear the most, a complete rejection of their Marxist new world order agenda.

Click on image for pdf E-book.


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Bond and Stock Markets a Bomb Waiting to Go Off – Gregory Mannarino

  • Bond and Stock Markets a Bomb Waiting to Go Off – Gregory Mannarino
    by Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)
    Trader/analyst Gregory Mannarino says the world is on the edge of big financial trouble, and he lays the blame at the feet of central bankers. Mannarino explains, “We have proof positive that the Federal Reserve and other central banks have, yet again, gotten it wrong. How many times have you heard me say the Fed will get it wrong–again? Well, they have gotten it wrong, and the proof is everything is going in the opposite direction they said it would go.”

    Mannarino says the Fed and other central bankers have “created enormous distortions in the financial markets.” Mannarino contends, “This environment we are in is not sustainable. All of these trade deficits and trade wars that are developing right now, all of them should have been addressed a long time ago. It’s too late, it’s too late for anything. . . . Right now, we’ve got nothing. We have unbacked liabilities being distributed by bankrupt governments around the world. That’s what we have. . . . They are forcing people to put their cash into an inflated stock market. It’s like a bomb that is waiting to go off.”

    When rates start to go up, look out below. Mannarino explains, “You are going to have central banks do whatever they can to attempt to stop the bleeding. That means they are going to be the buyer of last resort. They will get in there and try to buy everything, and that will melt the currency. As rates spike, what will that do? You are going to see a lot of pressure on the stock market. The only reason why the stock market is where it is today is rates are low. You will get an opposite effect. So, you have massive sell-off potential here, and I mean massive in the bond market followed by a massive sell-off in the stock market.”

    Mannarino expects war to come into play. Mannarino predicts, “This is going to lead to another world war. . . . I have said this many times, and that is this has the potential to be Biblical. It will be a worldwide event or a correction to fair value is really what it is. We might be seeing the opening salvos already. Governments around the world are building up their militaries just like the U.S. . . . We are unfortunately going to clear this out and lose a large percent of the world population through this financial correction and war. We will rebuild, but the world will not be what we are seeing now.”


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Jim Willie: This Is The Ninth Inning

    July 5th:  topics covered include the assured failure of Deutsche Bank and the guaranteed collapse of the Italian banking system with French falling dominoes in contagion (WHICH IS CERTAIN TO FINALLY RELEASE THE GOLD  PRICE), the coming Gold Trade Note alongside the Petro-Yuan launch with a potential gold backing (ALSO TO RELEASE GOLD AS SECOND TRIGGER), Russia’s recent history battling the Deep State, the Elite & JPMorgan large-scale active hoarding of Silver, the true high price inflation for the economy which means a multi-year recession, the new technology rollout with Silver at the core, unintended consequences of failed USGovt sanctions, the ongoing German defiance of US-led Russian sanctions, the new RMB Hub at the Frankfurt Exchange, the role of Blockchain Technology in the Tokenized Economy


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The FedRes Just Secretly Began To HIDE Its BALANCE SHEET! What Are They About To Do?

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Why Did Federal Reserve Suddenly Remove Balance Sheet Normalization Data from FRED Site?

  • DAHBOO77 Published on Jul 4, 2018
    In the interests of transparency at The ‘New’ Federal Reserve, The St.Louis Fed has decided, suddenly and without warning, to discontinue the production of The Fed’s balance sheet size from its FRED website. Learn More:…


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Something Bad Is Headed Our Way Central Bankers Are Ready To Control The Crash: L. Cammarosano

  • The key issue is: what is in it for the Illuminist banksters should they maintain the current system? If they maintain on their current path, who benefits? It definitely benefits Trump. The problem is, Trump is destroying their globalist institutions/agreements, namely: Global Warming Paris agreement, international trade order WTO, transatlantic NATO alliance, US withdrawal from UNHRC, fomenting the breakup of the EU, withdrawing from TPP/TTIP/NAFTA, encouraging nationalism, destroying the globalist MSM …..
  • The actions by Trump are setting back the Illuminati’s plan for a Luciferian New World Order, World Government led by the Anti-Christ. You cannot have a World Government where Trump-USA can just tell the Man of Sin to “Go jump into the lake! Take a hike!”.
  • At some point in time, the Illuminati banksters will pull the plug to thwart Trump. The only way to bring down America and make it subservient to a World Government (apart from Nuclear War) is to destroy the dollar. America as we know it must be destroyed and weakened tremendously so as to not pose a threat to the Luciferian plans.

Click on image for pdf E-book.


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Rob Kirby: Pro-Dollar Forces vs. Anti-Dollar Forces

  • Fed Waterboarding Deutsche Bank – Rob Kirby
    by Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)
    Macroeconomic analyst Rob Kirby says there is a lot you are not seeing with all the bad news coming from Deutsche Bank (DB). You’ve seen DB stock hit all-time lows, the Fed downgrading them and flunking the bank on a recent stress test. Rob Kirby says it’s much worse than you think and explains, “Basically, it is the German regulator telling DB you are going to get out of this pool, then the Americans realizing how hostile the Germans have become to the criminal activity of the U.S. monetary complex. They basically said you are getting out of our pool?  Well, we’re going to waterboard you first, and we’re going to bring public shame upon you.”

    Is Kirby worried about DB going under? Kirby says, “I think Deutsche Bank could go under. It might very well deserve to go under, but will they be permitted to go under? In my view, there is no doubt what-so-ever that Morgan Stanley was insolvent in the 2008 and 2009 time frame. Their stock was at $5, and it looked like it was going to $0. They pulled out the stops and papered over the shortcomings at Morgan Stanley.” Kirby thinks European central bankers will do the same for DB.

    Kirby goes on to say, “What we are really seeing here . . . is a trade war that has been going on for quite some time. This is a frictional description I am giving characterizing the regulatory relationship between American regulatory interests and German regulatory interests.”

    Kirby cites the example of Germany building an engine plant in Russia in 2015 against the wishes of the U.S.  Kirby says, “The U.S. wanted to put Russia in an economic penalty box. . . . As the date approached for the VW engine plant opening in Russia, so did the rhetoric between the U.S. EPA and VW regarding emissions on their diesel engines. They got a huge fine. . . . You could not have a closer measure of cause and reaction than this engine plant opening in Russia, and days later, this . . . very, very punitive fine on VW.”

    Kirby says what this all boils down to is pro-dollar dollar forces vs. anti-dollar forces. Kirby contends, “Three, four and five years ago, countries taking anti-dollar actions would have included only China, Russia and a few other smaller Asian players. Now, we are starting to see friction that is not just Asian players, now it’s Germany. Who’s next? Is it going to be the whole European Union . . . going to drift into the anti-dollar camp as well?  America is becoming isolated.”


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The Economic Storm Has Already Begun & The Brunt Of The Storm Might Hit By Year End: Lynette Zang

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John Williams: FedRes Flirting With Massive Sell-off in Dollar

  • John Williams: FedRes Flirting With Massive Sell-off in Dollar
    by Greg Hunter’s
    Economist John Williams says if Hillary would have won the 2016 election, we would “most likely be in a full blown depression.” The problems in the economy started long ago no matter who was elected. Williams says, “I would contend we were already in a recession at the end of the Obama Administration. That’s one reason why Donald Trump got elected.”

    Williams says another negative for the economy is resistance on both sides of the isle of swamp creatures who do not want to pass legislation so Trump can bring home better jobs. Williams says, “Their motivation is not to provide those jobs.” So, Congress is working against “We the People,” and Williams goes on to say, “Yes . . . Yes, let me put it this way. Mr. Trump was something of an anti-establishment candidate, and the establishment had been in place on both sides of the isle for a long time. . . . Now, you have someone who is going to change the approach, one that is needed to get the system back on stabile footing. As a result, you have extraordinary turmoil in the press and a lot of opposition in Congress on both sides of the isle. He also has some support, and that’s where this next mid-term election is going to be interesting. My bet is the same people that voted for Mr. Trump for President are sensitive to the fact he has run into a lot of trouble here. If he had a slate of Congressional candidates that were looking at the same thing (as Trump), this whole thing might have gotten off to a little faster footing. There is going to be more people running for Congress this time that are aware of what needs to be done. I think you are going to have some surprises that will help the President.”

    Williams sees a declining economy and says, “This is what I see happening. As the economy turns down, that’s a negative for the dollar. Most importantly here, if the Fed backs off its tightening and moves back towards quantitative easing, and their minutes allow for it . . . they’re going to do that. Right now, the dollar is being supported by expectations of a higher interest rate. As the fed moves back towards quantitative easing, you are very likely going to see a massive sell-off in the dollar. The massive sell-off in the dollar becomes very inflationary. This is a big problem right now for the Fed.”

    Williams says everyone should hold a core position of physical gold and silver because they will work well as financial protection from a dollar sell-off and inflation.


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Jim Willie: End of Petrodollar, Rise of Gold Standard

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BRACE FOR IMPACT: How Gold and Silver Perform During Currency Resets by Lynette Zang [Part-4]

  • ITM Trading Streamed live on Jun 22, 2018
    Link to Slides and Sources:…
    What I would like everyone to understand is that fiat money is designed to reset via inflation. Bankers and governments know that nominal confusion hides this from the public. Hyperinflation is simply the final wealth transfer blow off. History clearly shows us that in the end, fiat money keeps the name, but loses all value. But gold and silver hold value because they are used all areas of the economy. Fiat money is only used as a wealth transfer tool. When hyperinflation rears its inevitable head, what do you want to hold? And if you want to know what to actually DO about all of this, that’s what we specialize in. How do you protect your wealth for the next collapse? Yes Gold and Silver, but what types? What strategy? And what long term plan? If you’re asking these questions you’re already ahead of the game. We’d love to assist you as it is our mission to safeguard you from the inevitable downfall of the dollar.


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Removing The Private Central Bank Is A Challenge, Those Who Tried Were Stopped: Harley Schlanger

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Bill Holter: The System is Going to Go Down

  • Greg Hunter Published on Jun 23, 2018
    Financial writer and precious metals expert Bill Holter thinks a debt reset is coming soon, and the powers that be are planning it. Holter explains, “I think the discussion is about timing and how the system is going to come down. There are also discussions of what is going to be the next reserve currency. I think that’s the discussion that is going on behind the scenes for two or three years, or longer. The problem is too much debt, and we know from the past when debt bubbles grow and grow and get too big, they pop. This is the biggest debt bubble by many multiples of any bubble anytime in history. When the debt bubble blows up, everything runs on credit, and that means things are not going to run. It’s going to be somewhat dysfunctional. We are right on the cusp of the yield curve inverting, and history shows when that happens, we have a 100% chance of going into a recession. . . . I think this year the truth that we lived above our living standards is coming out, and we are going to have to pay the piper. I don’t know when . . . but the system is going to go down.”

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9 Jan 1988 cover, The Economist: Get Ready for a World Currency by 2018! The Rise of the Phoenix world currency from the ashes of national fiat currencies ie. destruction of fiat currencies via hyperinflation. “Phoenix” is of course an occult metaphor. Out of the destruction, the ashes of the old world order, the Luciferian New World Order will rise like a Phoenix!


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