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John Rubino: Elite Terrified of 1930’s Depression or Weimar Hyperinflation

  • John Rubino: Elite Terrified of 1930’s Depression or Weimar Hyperinflation
    by Greg Hunter’s 
    Financial writer John Rubino says everywhere you look, debt is exponentially mounting. Nothing demonstrates the “imminent bankruptcy” problem better than the financial obligations of New York City. Rubino says, “They just announced that they have unfunded liabilities for retiree healthcare, just retiree healthcare and not the rest of their pensions, of $100 billion. That’s for a city, not a state or a country, and if you add their unfunded liabilities for their pensions, which is another $50 billion or so, and their official debt, which is $50 billion or so, you get $200 billion that New York City is on the hook for that they have not put money away for. If a private sector company had finances like that, they would be insolvent, and their accountants would force them to say that.”You can tell the same story for cities, states and countries around the world swimming in unrepayable debt. So, what will be done when bond defaults and financial failures begin? Will Trump let it go like the failed debt of Puerto Rico or have massive bailouts? Rubino says, “It’s possible that Trump will teach that lesson to the system, but I think the numbers are so big now the risk of a 1930’s style depression, or a Weimar Germany hyperinflation, is so great these guys are going to be terrified of anything that seems to be destabilizing. The pressure on whoever is in charge of the central bank or federal government is going to be to try to nip crises in the bud before they can really get going when you don’t know what is going to happen. For instance, New York City goes bankrupt, and that pulls down Chicago, and then that pulls down California. What does that mean? Nobody knows, and nobody wants to find out.”

    Rubino contends massive bailouts will explode in the next economic downturn, and they will have grave consequences for interest rates and the U.S. dollar. Rubino says, “They would say, hey, here’s $5 trillion to bail out states and localities across the country. People will see that and will worry about what that means for the value of the dollar. So, they sell dollars, and not just here, but all around the world. The dollar starts to fall, and interest rates start to go up. If the dollar is tanking, who wants to lend money to the federal government that is going to be paid back in a depreciating currency? So, our interest rates go up. That causes our interest costs to go through the roof and forces the government to borrow even more. . . . At some point, the whole thing blows up. There is a number out there when all this will happen. . . . So, the question is what is that number, and when do we hit it? . . . . The concept of fiat currencies will be called into question when all this happens. The dollar might lead this down or some other fiat currency might lead it down. . . .At some point, they will realize all the fiat currencies are basically in the same boat. . . . We can’t know the timing of this, but we can know what will do well when this happens, and that is gold and silver.”


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Let The Economic Collapse Proceed, Central Banks Begin To Panic

  • X22Report Published on Nov 12, 2018
    The housing market has hit the top, prices are starting to fall around the country, this was a slow process that many did not see happening, as soon as the Fed raised rates the housing markets started to implode and it is now accelerating. The central banks around the world are panicking, the ECB is stuck an cannot do what the Fed is doing, most likely the ECB will resort to stimulus while the Fed brings down the house. This is the plan to control the narrative, have the central banks panic and expose them.


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It’s Fraud & Theft, The Central Banks Get Special Set Of Laws To Steal Our Wealth: Mike Maloney

Who owns the world reserve currency, the dollar, the global monetary hegemony? Look at the Satanic capstone on your dollar bill. The Luciferian New World Order will be complete with the arrival of the Satanic capstone: the Anti-Christ, fake messiah, bringer of false peace, the white horseman of Revelation 6!

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Is Donald Trump Moving Us Toward A Gold Standard?

Trump has already honored Jackson by hanging his portrait in the Oval Office just days after moving into the White House. But Trump and those around him have invoked the example of the man who served as president between 1829 and 1837 since before he even moved into the house Jackson once called home. Source: Newsweek

  • “The Bank War was the name given to the campaign begun by President Andrew Jackson in 1833 to destroy the Second Bank of the United States.”
    – History Channel

  • Is Donald Trump Moving Us Toward A Gold Standard?
    by ,, 9 July 2018
    A few weeks back, an article by Hugo Salinas Price crossed my desk, discussing “Triffin’s Dilemma,” which I found of theoretical interest. But given time constraints I read it quickly and then put it on the back burner. But the concept of theoretical suddenly changed to extremely important when my friend David Jensen called me to suggest that there is a method to Donald Trump’s seemingly mad economic and geopolitical policies including tariffs and the reversal of the Iranian nuclear deal that Obama orchestrated. Moreover, David is convinced that Triffin’s Dilemma not only explains Trump’s political success and the reasons for his policies but that we may be nearing a massive tectonic shift in global markets as a result.

    Trump became President because he appealed to the forgotten middle class, most of who live in what elite snobs of both political parties refer to as “flyover country.” They happen to be mostly white and, whether Republican or Democrat, more conservative. Many of them used to vote Democrat but because Democrats have learned to rely on immigrants and a growing number of Marxist-indoctrinated college youths, they have largely forgotten about the interests of middle class white Midwesterners. That is a very large group of people hurt very badly by a massive loss of wealth-creating jobs in manufacturing and mining. The standard of living has plunged since the early to mid 1970s primarily for people in the Midwest. The question is, why?

    Triffin’s Dilemma provides the answer and David’s call made me aware of that. The article by Hugo is titled  Donald Trump’s “Madness,” which you can read here: Hugo explains Triffin’s Dilemma as follows: “If the dollar – such as it is – (or any currency) is going to be the basis of the world’s monetary system, and therefore required by all Central Banks (CBs) as Reserves, there is only one way that these CBs can obtain those Reserves: their countries are forced to undersell all US producers, in order to be able to sell more to the US, than they buy from the US. The difference between the dollars they get from sales, is more, than the dollars they spend to buy from the US. That difference – known as the US Trade Deficit – flows to the CBs of the world and swells their Reserves.”

    read more.


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Is This Beginning Of The End Of The Central Bank Currency System

  • X22Report Published on Nov 9, 2018
    UK retail apocalypse deepens, US retail follows, the retail industry is imploding. UMich sentiment is declining, people are starting to realize that the economy is not what it seems. The Federal Reserve is on track to raise the rates come this Dec, in 2019 they will be raising multiple times. Saudi Arabia is now thinking about getting rid of OPEC. Is this beginning of the end of the petrodollar.


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The Countdown To The Plan Has Begun, Phase II Coming Up

  • X22Report Published on Nov 6, 2018
    The entire plan is going into Phase II, right after the midterm elections everything will change, the push to remove the central bank will go into overdrive and the President will call out the Fed at every decision they make. Job openings tumble, there are still a million more job openings that unemployed workers, if you believe the government stats. The entire housing market is imploding, the cost of owning a home is impossible, with rates moving up and wages going nowhere it is a recipe for disaster.


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Nomi Prins Talks Central Banks & Rigged Markets on the Great Reset Opportunity Report

  • Neptune Global Published on Nov 5, 2018
    Author and former Wall Street insider Nomi Prins discusses the role of central banks in the rigging and manipulation of global markets on the Great Reset Opportunity Report.

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Who owns the world reserve currency, the dollar, the global monetary hegemony? Look at the Satanic capstone on your dollar bill. The Luciferian New World Order will be complete with the arrival of the Satanic capstone: the Anti-Christ, fake messiah, bringer of false peace, the white horseman of Revelation 6!


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THE GLOBAL SLOWDOWN: What Could Speed It Up?

  • ITM Trading Streamed live 3 hours ago
    Between May and October global markets had diverged, with most headed down as the US markets headed up. This is certainly not the first time this has happened. Then as now, the US market dropped to meet up with the rest of the world’s market. And main stream media has all the excuses; a China slowdown, Italy spending and tax cutting in opposition to the EU, Saudi Arabia crimes against a journalist and, of course, Fed Chair Powell raising interest rates. All of this supposedly pushed US stocks into correction territory. But what is the real underlying threat? The real threat is to the bond market and its interconnected linkages. The real threat to the stock market is the debt market and the real threat of the all of the above issues is an explosion of debt that is too big to bail.


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It Has Already Begun, We Knew This Day Would Come: Bill Ottman

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Stripping The Central Banks Power Is Easier Than You Think

  • X22Report Published on Oct 29, 2018
    The Congressional budget office already knows that this debt cannot be sustained. The entire economic system is about to implode and at this time it is time to get rid of the cause of the problem. The Federal Reserve Act can be canceled by the President or congress. At the right time when the President shows the American people how corrupt the Fed is this will be the time to strike, timing is everything.


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ROGUE NEWS Special Guest – Jim Willie

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Central Banks Are Frightened Right Now Of 1929 Narrative Shift: Bob Kudla

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Robert David Steele & Dustin Nemos on Khashoggi, Midterms, FedRes, Trump, Q & More!

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YOUR EARLY WARNING: Escalated Risk Transfer

  • ITM Trading Streamed live 4 hours ago
    Link to Slides and Sources:…
    In the current debt-based system, credit provides market liquidity. As long as governments, corporations and individuals can service a growing mountain of debt, today’s economies “appear” to thrive. That what makes inflation so important and deflation to be fought. But global economic growth is expected to decline and the weight of all this debt is now dependent on the public. YIKES!


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Did Trump Just Lay Out The Plan To Get Rid Of The FedRes?

  • X22Report Published on Oct 24, 2018
    Cars sales have imploded, dealerships are seeing a drop in traffic and its getting worse. New home sales implode and it doesn’t look good for real estate. The economy is deteriorating very rapidly and we are seeing a deterioration in all sectors. The statistical numbers do not tell the whole story if we go back in time we saw the same number and the economy was in a recession. Trump continues with his attacks on the Fed, this is part of the plan and the push to shape the narrative. Trump actually came out and said that the Fed is wrecking the economy.

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