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Jim Willie: Trump Shocked The U.S. Has NO GOLD That We Desperately Need For The Global Reset

  • Jim Willie: Trump Shocked The U.S. Has NO GOLD That We Desperately Need For The Global Reset
    Jim says we need gold to join the global reset, but the U.S. only has 8,000 tons Of gold-plated tungsten, and China isn’t selling. Here’s more… Jim Willie interviewed on Rogue Money. Jim Willie returns to Rogue Money for an important update on all the latest economic and geo-political happenings around the world. Topics in Jim’s latest interview include:

    * Fall of the U.S. Dollar / De-dollarization
    * The economic trade zone of China, Iran and Russia
    * CIPS – The competitor to SWIFT
    * Gold and the importance of gold in global trade
    * Oil and the Middle East
    * The launch of the Petroyuan and the inability of the West to control it
    * The Gold Trade Note to be used in international trade
    * A gold backed Chinese yuan
    * The geo-political importance of what is going on with Iran
    * Fort Knox gold theft by Bush, Clinton and Ruben
    * The importance of gold in the coming global reset


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The Creation Of A New International Trade Currency Will Damage The Dollar

  • X22Report Published on Apr 24, 2018
    Home prices are now surging, the central bankers have succeeded in creating the bubble of all bubbles. When looking at the data, unemployment is at its lowest point but home buyers are no where to be found. The data shows housing sales are down except out west. Russia purchases more gold and passes China. The BRICS are developing a new international trade currency this will collapse the dollar.


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Banks Will Modify Your Contracts During The Reset: Hyperinflation Part 2 of 4

  • ITM Trading Streamed live 2 hours ago
    Slides and Links:…
    The Most Important Number in the World What I’m going to show you today is the most likely trigger to blow the financial system up where it is NOT repairable and how the banks have the legal right to change YOUR contracts; mortgages, auto loans etc., without your permission. The old financial system has been on life support since 2008. It is dying, frail and rigid and the central banks have used up their fiat money bazooka. Central banks are accumulating gold to protect their power… me too.


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The Clock Is Ticking For The Dollar Devaluation And Subsequent Gold Revaluation Many Times Higher

  • The Clock Is Ticking For The Dollar Devaluation And Subsequent Gold Revaluation Many Times Higher
    Lynette Zang explains how there’s already been one currency devaluation with a gold revaluation two days later, and soon it will be America’s turn. Here’s why… Lynette Zang interviewed on Reluctant Preppers:

    Are the markets set to resume their record bull climb, restoring your nest egg, or is banking risk placing your earning, savings, pensions, and home value at great risk?

    Lynette Zang, chief market strategist at ITM trading aka “Data Gal,” uses the banks’ own charts and published figures to lay out the facts do you can decide what’s really going on, and take necessary measures to protect your family’s wealth and well being!


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The Hammer Is About To Fall, The Central Banks Are Obsolete

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Are We About To Get Another Plaza Accord Style Devaluation Of The Dollar?

  • Are We About To Get Another Plaza Accord Style Devaluation Of The Dollar?
    “trade tensions with the U.S. are one factor behind the strengthening of the yuan, and “there are similarities” between China now and Japan in 1985…”

    by Wendy Chu via GATA
    China’s forex regulator has warned residents and companies not to “gamble” on the yuan’s exchange rate, as the currency’s rapid appreciation raises concerns about its impact on Chinese exports.

    The warning from Wang Chunying, head of the international payments department at the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, came after the yuan has gained about 9 percent against the U.S. dollar in the last 12 months.

    That has fueled talk that China is on a similar trajectory to Japan after Japan signed the Plaza Accord in 1985 — to weaken the U.S. dollar against the yen, resulting in a sharp rise in the Japanese currency — when it was under pressure from Washington to cut its trade surplus.

    In an interview with state news agency Xinhua over the weekend, Wang did not touch on trade tensions with the U.S., but said “the yuan has entered a stage of two-way fluctuation.” She said foreign exchange purchases should be based on real demand rather than speculation on the yuan’s movement. “Especially for companies, they should not use financial derivatives as a tool to make money,” Wang said. “Companies should have the awareness.”

    read more.


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Lynette Zang: Gold Still Rises In Price Even AFTER The Reset

  • Lynette Zang: Gold Still Rises In Price Even AFTER The Reset
    Lynette has new information on the coming reset based on happenings in Venezuela and the proposed legislation in the U.S. Congress. Here’s the details… from Lynette Zang of ITM Trading:

    Question 1: Venezuela has done the reset of its currency to gold. Does this means that the reset is dependent on each country’s government and only those facing a crisis like Venezuela? Will there be an eventual reset on a global level such that all countries will reset their currency to the true fundamental gold value?

    Question 2: Should I sell my gold/silver bullion for junk silver coins or silver eagles?

    Question 3: I was waiting on Lynette’s response about what would happen to a TD Ameritrade account upon a systemic failure, hopefully you can squeeze this in.

    Question 4: House bill 5404 on gold standard. Your thoughts?


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The ‘Debt Jubilee’: The Solution For Governments To Avoid The Next Economic Disaster

  • The world is burdened by an unpayable amount of debt that is crippling economic growth. There is going to be a DEBT Jubilee, ie debt forgiveness, to extinguish debt.
  • The process by which this is done is called a Global Currency/Financial Reset. It is a euphemism for the Return to the Gold Standard. The price of gold will be revalued upwards many folds to enable governments to extinguish debt.
  • Governments around the world cannot just say to banks: All debts owed to you is now invalid. The entire banking/financial system will go BUST. Everyone’s savings will disappear overnight. Governments will revalue gold price upwards 10x, 50x … and then use the overnight increase in asset to buy debts from the banks. Thus, debt is forgiven.
  • By implication: fiat currencies will suffer a massive devaluation against gold/silver.
  • The ‘Debt Jubilee’: The Solution For Governments To Avoid The Next Economic Disaster
    Rooted in the Bible and based on debt forgiveness, wiping the slate clean with a debt jubilee may stave off the next financial crisis. Here’s why… Richard Vague on interviewed by New Economic Thinking:

    How do you know a major financial crisis is coming? Look for a spike in privately held debt, by households and corporations.

    That’s the argument of Richard Vague, author of The Next Economic Disaster: Why It’s Coming and How to Avoid It. Having worked for more than 30 years in consumer banking, Vague describes how he saw the build-up of private debt in the mortgage and credit card industries first hand–even though it’s an issue that neoclassical economists like Milton Friedman barely acknowledge. To avoid another crisis, Vague says firms and governments need to take debt forgiveness–the biblical “jubilee”–seriously. As he says, after the financial crisis “We helped the banks, we didn’t help the households.”


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Global Monetary Reset Ahead, Bullion to Infinity! | Derrick Michael Reid

  • SilverDoctors Published on Mar 27, 2018
    “There are now numerous triggers to a monetary reset and fiat devaluation in place that could send bullion to infinity in terms of price,” California Libertarian Senate Candidate Derrick Michael Reid tells Silver Doctors. The U.S., China, and Russia are emerging as strong nationalistic forces. Reid says each country is preparing for a fiat currency meltdown. China and Russia has been accumulating gold. And Reid believes the U.S. has the gold it says it has. Also, Reid sees Trump teaming up with China and Russia to take down the global bankers. Reid says the monetary rest will wipe out all people’s savings. How can people prepare? He suggests investing in physical gold or silver.


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Top Silver Expert Predicts $500 Silver

  • Published on Mar 4, 2018
    Precious metals expert David Morgan tells us based on the level of base money and the amount of gold held by the U.S. Treasury, gold is headed to $10,000/oz. If silver reverts to its historic price ratio to gold, that would mean over $500 silver. Morgan also points out how an economic crisis could impact the silver supply. 75 percent of silver is mined as a byproduct of base metal mines. If the economy slows, there will be less demand for base metals, reducing the production of silver. As for the short term, Morgan sees gold and silver moving higher within the next few months. Silver backed cryptocurrency mentioned in the interview:


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The Big Event Is On The Horizon Which Will Change The Country: Jim Willie

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Now, a Trade War — Is a Shooting War Next?

WW3 is near?

  • Now, a Trade War — Is a Shooting War Next?
    by ,
    A popular thesis since the 1930s is that a natural progression exists from currency wars to trade wars to shooting wars. Both history and analysis support this thesis.

    Currency wars do not exist all the time; they arise under certain conditions and persist until there is either systemic reform or systemic collapse. The conditions that give rise to currency wars are too much debt and too little growth. In those circumstances, countries try to steal growth from trading partners by cheapening their currencies to promote exports and create export-related jobs.

    The problem with currency wars is that they are zero-sum or negative-sum games. It is true that countries can obtain short-term relief by cheapening their currencies, but sooner than later, their trading partners also cheapen their currencies to regain the export advantage.

    This process of tit-for-tat devaluations feeds on itself with the pendulum of short-term trade advantage swinging back and forth and no one getting any further ahead. After a few years, the futility of currency wars becomes apparent, and countries resort to trade wars. This consists of punitive tariffs, export subsidies and nontariff barriers to trade.

    The dynamic is the same as in a currency war. The first country to impose tariffs gets a short-term advantage, but retaliation is not long in coming and the initial advantage is eliminated as trading partners impose tariffs in response. Despite the illusion of short-term advantage, in the long-run everyone is worse off. The original condition of too much debt and too little growth never goes away.

    Finally, tensions rise, rival blocs are formed and a shooting war begins. The shooting wars often have a not-so-hidden economic grievance or rationale behind them.

    The sequence in the early 20th century began with a currency war that started in Weimar Germany with a hyperinflation (1921–23) and then extended through a French devaluation (1925), a U.K. devaluation (1931), a U.S. devaluation (1933) and another French/U.K. devaluation (1936).

    read more.


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The BIS Has Been Preparing for a Debt Jubilee and Gold Price Revaluation for Decades

Click on image to play interview MP3 file.

  • The BIS Has Been Preparing for a Debt Jubilee and Gold Price Revaluation for Decades
    by Turd Ferguson,
    Our old friend, The Golden Jackass, reached out last week and suggested that he had some information and analysis that couldn’t wait for the next, three-day weekend podcast. Thus this special audio for your weekend listening pleasure.

    So what did Jim want to discuss? Primarily the fracturing global bond and equity markets and how the BIS has been preparing for a “debt jubilee” and gold price revaluation for decades.

    I’ve learned that whenever The Jackass has a lot on his mind, it’s best to just sit back and let him pontificate with as few interruptions as possible…and that’s what we tried to do here. So, sit back and take it all in. There’s a lot of information in these 57 minutes and it will require your full consideration.


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Banks, Debt, Gold and the Global Financial Reset. Q&A with Eric Griffin and Lynette Zang


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Gerald Celente: I am Betting On a Weaker Dollar in 2018

  • Gerald Celente: I am Betting On a Weaker Dollar in 2018
    by Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)
    Top trends forecaster Gerald Celente predicted a 10% correction in the stock market for 2018. It already happened.  What are his updated predictions for the rest of the year?  Celente says, “What brought the markets down was the fear of interest rates going up.  Now, as you mentioned, we had forecast a 10% correction.  Here’s our forecast now.  We believe the Trump rally is near its peak.  It may go up more, and here is why it will.  Trump is allowing companies to bring back money from overseas.  All that dough they have stashed over there that they haven’t been paying taxes on, they’re going to bring it back and get a great tax break. . . . George Bush did that back in 2003 and 2004.  Do you know where the money went?  96% went into stock buybacks, not capital improvements.  Again, Trump gave them a 21% tax rate from the 35% rate, and that money, we believe, won’t go into capital improvements because when you look at S&P 500 earnings, they are doing really great.  They are expected to have a 19% increase this year.”

    So, is Celente expecting another 10% correction in the stock market? Celente says, “Possible, yes.  The possible why is a black swan event and, in particular, war.  Do you see what is going on in the Middle East? . . . One of my sayings, and it goes for any country anytime and in any place, when all else fails, they take you to war.  They are ratcheting up war in the Middle East with Saudi Arabia and other countries against Iran. . . . If there is a war against Iran . . . If there is war in the Middle East, you will see oil prices spike to above $100 per barrel.  If that happens–bam, not only the U.S. equity markets, but you will see the global equity markets go into bear territory. . . .The markets are overvalued, the price/earnings (PE) ratios are in the 26 range, and 14 is usually the average.  They are near historic highs by many measurements.”

    Celente also points out another big headwind for the markets. Celente says, “Rising interest rates.  Look at the numbers that came out last week on housing.  Boom!  Mortgage applications down, and purchases down on all different levels.  Interest rates are going up.”

    Celente likes gold but predicts nothing is going to happen until “it hits $1,450 per ounce and stabilizes around that price.” Celente also predicts, “The United States wants a weaker dollar so we can increase our exports. . .  I am betting on a weaker dollar.”


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