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Global Fraud Propping up System, Middle East Fighting, No Economic Recovery …

  • Published on May 21, 2015
    UBS is a whistleblower in a new case coming up, and this time, it involves some of the same big banks that just plead guilty to Forex and LIBOR market rigging. Now, new allegations of price rigging in the precious metals market looks like they will be coming to some more big banks. That’s right, gold and silver prices are being rigged and the Justice Department is probably going to fine more bankers. Lets’ see, interest rates have been rigged, currency markets have been rigged and precious metals markets are being rigged. Are you getting the picture of how dire it must be that all markets are rigged in some way? This past week Rob Kirby said, “The markets are a crime scene.” This is not an exaggeration.

    It looks like a crisis has been averted off the coast of Yemen. Iran has agreed to UN inspections of a cargo ship carrying humanitarian aid to Yemen. Iraq is not that lucky. Ramadi has fallen to ISIS. So has the ancient city of Palmyra in Syria. With these defeats, ISIS gets new equipment and tanks as they are abandoned by retreating Iraq forces. 

    In the latest “there is no recovery” news, look no further than the Federal Reserve. In last month’s Fed meeting, policymakers said they would not raise interest rates in June. According to USA Today it is because of “the economy’s recent sluggish performance.” There is NO RECOVERY and the Fed knows it.


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Dr. Jim Willie: Wreckage of the Global Bond Markets, China’s Physical Gold Accumulation …

Click on image to download MP3 interview.

Click on image to download MP3 interview.

  • Dr. Jim Willie: Wreckage of the Global Bond Markets, China’s Physical Gold Accumulation …
    by Turd Ferguson,  
    Our holiday tradition continues. Please be sure to note that this extremely valuable interview is, of course, a free public thread. Over the course of this hour-long discussion, The Golden Jackass addresses two main points:

    * The wreckage of the global bond markets and the damage wrought by the never-ending quantitative easing of the global central banks.

    * China’s intentions behind their massive buildup of physical gold. You’ll find Jim’s rationale to be more comprehensive than that recently put forth by Jim Rickards. His reasoning is laid out in a straight-forward manner and would seem to be the best, most reasoned explanation yet of China’s motives and goals.

    For those Vault subscribers that have already listened to Part One of this interview, please fast forward to the 25:00 mark to continue with Part Two. Have a great weekend and enjoy your fresh Jackass!


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The Economic Indicators Are Now Showing Signs Of A Collapse

  • Published on May 21, 2015
    Existing homes sales decline once again. Manufacturing implodes along with the Baltic Dry Index. IMF upgrade outlook for Russia. China’s gold standard would push gold up by 50 times. US people don’t believe the government can keep their private information private. US wants to permanently put the THAAD missile system in South Korea. The IS now controls half of Syria. The U.S. is getting ready to make a move to take out Assad. US using propaganda to have Assad removed. US loses control over the middle east get ready for an event to push the Authorization for War through congress.


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WW3 May Start Soon, Soros Warns, Unless US Loosens Up on China

  • Published on May 22, 2015
    There’s a warning that World War 3 will erupt in just a few years – unless the US financial system loosens up on China. Billionaire investor George Soros says America needs to let Beijing join the global currency basket, or the consequences could prove catastrophic.
WW3 is near?

WW3 is near?

Click on image for article.

Click on image for article.

Click on image for article.

Click on image for article.

Click on image for article.


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Jim Willie: Gold & Silver Backed Currencies, Dollar Collapse …

    May 21st: covers the Gold Trade structures (central banks, corporate, retail), the Intl Monetary Fund with Chinese RMB currency acceptance and inclusion, the introduction of Gold & Silver backed currencies within the BRICS Alliance framework, some background of the IMF control elements with loan grants, the construction of the new Gold platforms that replace those USD-based, the impossible coexistence between paper money with Gold money, the credibility of conspiracy theories (a few cited), the Greek situation with open door to Russia & China for asset grabs, the building of new banking infrastructure, official surveillance threat to liberty and currency, goals of fair trade with legitimate banking, the great risk to the Average American with life savings, the great risk for United States falling into Third World, the many sources for hope personally, all through the discussion to bring in the angles with crypto-currency …


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Bo Polny: A Gold & Silver Spike Before June 21, 2015


  • Bo Polny: A Gold & Silver Spike Before June 21, 2015
    Are Gold and Silver set to SPIKE before summer? A 15-minute must listen for all Gold and Silver investors.
    The slide from March 19 & 24, 2015 states three points: 

    1. Gold
    & Silver Bull Market Breakouts starting now (end of March 2015) and before summer!

    2. US Dollar top arrived March 16, 2015, continued weakness into end of April with a ‘breathtaking’ CRASH before summer!
    3. Devastating World Stock Market CRASH starting in 2015 & ending in 2016!

    read more.


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U.S. Control Over The Middle East Is Fading Which Will Push War Forward

  • Published on May 21, 2015
    Greece is going to tax deposits and withdrawals and the money collected will not go to the creditors. Greece might implement capital controls if no deals are reached. Eurozone economy has not improved since 2008. Caterpillar signal we are in a recession. BofA is now encouraging people to hold gold and cash. TPP has now been read and it does not benefit the people.Europe’s watchdog has concerns over the TPP. Ukraine is pushing a bill where they do not have to pay off creditors, Russia holds 3 billion of Ukraine’s bonds. US training of the Ukraine arm forces will continue into 2016. No more red lines for Syria, US pushing chemical weapons probe to UN, get ready for an offensive in Syria.


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Alasdair Macleod: The Coming Panic Into Physical Gold And Silver

  • Alasdair Macleod: The Coming Panic Into Physical Gold And Silver
    Many of us are now predicting another round of QE, quite possibly before the leaves are finished falling off the trees this fall around the country.

    The one thing the Fed really is frightened of is contracting bank credit.  And this idea of collateral liquidation leading to more selling of collateral by the banks to cover loans is sort of self-feeding into nasty collapse if you like in asset prices.

    Now that’s not going to happen because they are going to print money to insure it doesn’t happen.

    We are very very close to that sort of tipping point and I think that people who have 
    an understanding of this are not going to hang around and wait for the Fed to print money. They are going to go quite quickly against the dollar…

    Anybody who doesn’t own physical silver or gold could miss out.  I think there’s a big change coming.

    Submitted by Fund Manager Dave Kranzler, Investment Research Dynamics:

    The strategic reasons for are now about to change in the next six months. Anybody who doesn’t own physical silver or gold could miss out. I think there’s a big change coming on.  – Alasdair Macleod,Shadow of Truth

    The Shadow of Truth interviewed Alasdair Macleod to get his take on the economic reports which show an economic contraction in the U.S., the recent move higher in precious metals prices and his thoughts on what China’s next move is with respect to their obvious hoarding of physical gold.

    read more.


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Rob Kirby: Extreme Reduction in Standard of Living Guaranteed. China Gold Could Cause Tsunami of Dollars in US.

  • Rob Kirby: China Gold Could Cause Tsunami of Dollars in US
    by Greg Hunter’s 
    Gold expert Rob Kirby arranges deliveries of the yellow metal to his clients measured by the ton.  Kirby says news that China may disclose it has 30,000 tons of gold will be devastating for the West.  Kirby contends, “We could be fast approaching the moment when the tide is going to turn and go out, and we are going to find out who’s wearing a bathing suit.  I think that time is fast approaching, if it is not here already.”  Kirby also says, “I think the implied message is we are going to show you how much we have, and then you are going to have to show us how much you have. . . . America, very likely doesn’t have, in my view, doesn’t have the gold they claim to have.  They also probably spent a lot of other people’s gold in safe keeping.”

    What would happen to the U.S. dollar if China revealed a vast holding of physical gold?  Kirby contends, “If this would destabilize the dollar enough . . . it could cause a sudden drop in the U.S. dollar, which could signal a tsunami of dollars coming back to America and could set off a very, very ugly, ugly bout of inflation, which could build into a hyperinflation in America.  This would bring social unrest in America.  This is the social unrest the U.S. military and the Pentagon have been saying is inevitable and is coming to America.  This is exactly the kind of backdrop you would expect to have before this would occur.”

    Kirby points out, “The problem is our global capital markets have become criminal cesspools.  Our global capital markets right now are crime scenes.  The regulatory regime installed by the leadership of America to prevent this all from happening has been vacant.  They are derelict, and they are part of the problem.  It starts with the repeal of the Glass Steagall Act back in the late 1990’s.  You got to look back to see the context of where this train left the tracks.  This is not a derailment.  The derailment occurred a long time ago.  Right now, the engine of the train is in the middle of a corn field, and it’s still moving.”

    read more.


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We’re in a Financial “Twilight Zone” Says Bank of America

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Bo Polny: It’s All Down from Here, Except Gold and Silver

Click on image to download MP3 interview.

Click on image to download MP3 interview.

  • Bo Polny: It’s All Down from Here, Except Gold and Silver
    by Financial Survival Network  
    Bo Polny joined us today for an update on major markets. He’s calling for a major sell-off on the dollar and treasuries. He also sees a major sell-off on world stock markets as well. It’s going to occur before summer and this will lead to a major increase in gold and silver prices. He believes that you need to be long gold and silver and short the dollar and bonds. Will he be right this time, we’ll know shortly.


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This Is Central Planning: A “World Of Activist Central Banks” Who “Manage Price Levels In Markets”


  • This Is Central Planning: A “World Of Activist Central Banks” Who “Manage Price Levels In Markets”
    by Tyler Durden,  
    Remember when news, fundamentals, ungoalseeked “data”, and even math, mattered? Since it is becoming increasingly hazy, here is Bloomberg’s Richard Breslow waxing nostalgic over the good old days.

    Cui Bono, by Richard Breslow
    The bad news is that we are investing in a world where Graham and Dodd’s “Security Analysis” has become a quaint relic of simpler times, when the nuts and bolts of a company’s fundamental were meant to motivate how analysts viewed its prospects. Now we have QE and buybacks.

    We live in a world where good Keynesians Tobin and Brainard’s work on valuation (which led to Tobin’s q test) was meant to remind investors that markets needed to be grounded in some form of reality. (Interestingly, as an aside, William Brainard was strongly in favor of Janet Yellen being appointed to the Fed Chair). Today we read that equities are at all-time highs because weak economic numbers may keep the Fed on hold longer. The good news is that investing is a lot easier if you have central banks on your side.

    Central bankers admit they follow the markets, as they should. What has evolved in this world of activist central banks as proxy sovereign wealth funds are policy makers who watch, care and try to manage price levels in markets, rather than managing liquidity and continuous pricing.

    read more.






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This October The World Will Change: “China Is Preparing For Something Big”

“China… across the board… is preparing for something big in currency markets.”

  • This October The World Will Change: “China Is Preparing For Something Big”
    by Mac Slavo, May 18th, 2015,  
    This October may see the beginning of the end for the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency. Twice every decade the International Monetary Fund meets to discuss their Special Drawing Rights (SDR) currency basket. Currently comprised of the dollar, Japanese Yen, British Pound and Euro, if China has their way a few months from now, we may well see the Chinese Yuan take its place among the world’s most trusted currencies.

    U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew says, “China isn’t ready for currency reserve status,” and would certainly like to see the Chinese blocked from entry, preserving the dollar’s status as the world’s go-to currency and primary mechanism of exchange for global international trade.

    But while Lew and his predecessors have presided over the largest growth in national debt in world history, the Chinese have been strategically positioning, much like the United States did in the early 1900’s, to not just become the world’s largest economy, but to be the super power of the 21st century.

    Forget for a moment what’s being touted by analysts, forecasters, politicians, and financial officials who say China is not ready. Focus instead on the actions being undertaken by China and you’ll understand why Chinese President Hu Jintao says that the dollar is a product of the past.

    read more.



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The War on Cash is Here!

All scams are based on deception and mis-direction! ‘666’ is coming! Click on image to goto article!



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China Could Crash US Dollar with 30,000 Tons of Gold


Remember the Golden Rule: “He who has the Gold Rules!”

  • China Could Crash US Dollar with 30,000 Tons of Gold
    China has the ability to crash the unstable US dollar with 30,000 tons of gold reserves, says Chinese economic observer Jin Zihou.

    In a commentary posted online, Jin noted that former US Federal Reserve chair Alan Greenspan once said that the renminbi could become unexpectedly powerful in today’s financial system if Beijing would convert its US$4 trillion in foreign reserves into gold.

    With the US dollar growing more unstable and China being America’s largest creditor, Beijing could potentially crash the US dollar with 30,000 tons of gold, Jin said.

    The US dollar still accounts for 60% of global foreign reserves, though there are many countries hoping to become less reliant on the US dollar. If China really wants to challenge America’s place in the global trade and finance markets, it will have to do so via a significant amount of gold, Jin said.

    Bloomberg estimates that since the last official announcement in April 2009, gold reserves held by China’s central bank may have doubled to 3,510 tons. This would make China the second largest keeper of gold in the world behind the United States’ 8,133.5 tons.

    However, Alasdair Macleod, head of research for GoldMoney, states that China could have easily piled up 25,000 tons of gold between 1982 and 2003, meaning its gold reserves could have exceeded 30,000 tons by now.

    It is suspected that China could be preparing the release an update of its gold reserves because the country’s decision-makers appear to be trying to push the yuan into the International Monetary Fund’s special drawing rights basket along with the US dollar, the euro, the Japanese yen and the pound sterling.

    Beijing’s attempts to internationalize the renminbi have been relatively successful, having already signed currency swap agreements with around 28 countries and establishing a yuan trading center in Zurich, Switzerland. China has also encouraged Hong Kong and London to develop into renminbi offshore markets and pushed for the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation to promote non-US-dollar trade settlements across Asian countries.

    read more.


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