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Jamie Carrasco: A Monetary Shift is Underway that will Kill the Dollar

  • Palisade Radio Published on Mar 3, 2018
    Jamie has a financial background in Canada as a credit analyst; this gives him a good understanding of the credit cycle and economics. He likes looking at the finances of the world from a geopolitical perspective. He says, “The Chinese use two symbols for danger, one signifies danger and the other can indicate wealth. We are on the cusp of some massive changes and the birth of a new system.” The petrodollar is the glue of the current monetary system which goes back to 1971 when the dollar was unpegged from gold.

    There was a massive destabilization period that followed this change. The petrodollar is based on getting OPEC and the Saudis to price oil in dollars. It pegged the monetary system into a credit cycle which has built from that point forward. The world needed dollars, so they started to buy U.S. debt. China and other nations are increasingly moving away from the dollar. They are creating their own systems such as the Petro-Yuan.

    This credit cycle will become unwound as various countries stop using petrodollar debt. In essence, the mechanics of the change are already in place. At some point soon they will lose control of the interest rate cycle. Central banks have control the overnight rate, but the buyers ultimately control the longer-term bonds. Once power is lost there will be a rapid compounding effect of stagflation. The bottom line will be higher costs of living and there will be a transfer of assets to hard assets like commodities.

    Central banks are manipulating every market and inflation is showing up in the stock market. If gold was keeping up it should be much higher. As interest rates rise all markets will be forced to find their true value. He thinks that blockchain technology is a most disruptive invention which will adversely affect the financial industry.


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It’s Not A “Conspiracy Theory”: Here’s How Central Banks Actively Suppress The Price Of Gold

  • It’s Not A “Conspiracy Theory”: Here’s How Central Banks Actively Suppress The Price Of Gold
    by Tyler Durden,
    Alhambra Investment Partners CIO Jeffrey Snider returned to Erik Townsend’s MacroVoices podcast this week to discuss one of his favorite topics: How central banks’ use gold lending to manipulate their balance sheets, and also to manipulate the broader market for precious metals by sheer dint of their size, and willingness to buy and sell without any consideration for the price.

    Their conversation begins with Snider explaining the history of “gold swaps” between central banks that helped birth the concept of fractional reserve lending.

    The first “gold swap” conducted between the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England: The Fed handed the BOE $200 million in bullion through the New York Fed; in exchange, the BOE gave the Fed a “gold receivables” in the same amount. This is essentially an IOU that could (in theory, at least) be cashed in for gold, but allowed the Fed to keep the gold deep in its vaults. As Townsend explains, the gold is being taken out of the accounting for the balance sheet, but it’s not being removed from the accounting.

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Don’t you see the Illuminist pyramid and Satanic capstone on your dollar bill? The symbol of the Anti-Christ.

The Satanic capstone on your dollar bill ie. the Anti-Christ, the bringer of false peace, the white horseman of Revelation 6. The Luciferian New World Order will be complete with the arrival of the Satanic capstone, the Man of Sin who will conquer the world with ‘peace’ in a world wrecked by global wars. Revelation 6!


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Top Silver Expert Predicts $500 Silver

  • Published on Mar 4, 2018
    Precious metals expert David Morgan tells us based on the level of base money and the amount of gold held by the U.S. Treasury, gold is headed to $10,000/oz. If silver reverts to its historic price ratio to gold, that would mean over $500 silver. Morgan also points out how an economic crisis could impact the silver supply. 75 percent of silver is mined as a byproduct of base metal mines. If the economy slows, there will be less demand for base metals, reducing the production of silver. As for the short term, Morgan sees gold and silver moving higher within the next few months. Silver backed cryptocurrency mentioned in the interview:


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The Big Event Is On The Horizon Which Will Change The Country: Jim Willie

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Now, a Trade War — Is a Shooting War Next?

WW3 is near?

  • Now, a Trade War — Is a Shooting War Next?
    by ,
    A popular thesis since the 1930s is that a natural progression exists from currency wars to trade wars to shooting wars. Both history and analysis support this thesis.

    Currency wars do not exist all the time; they arise under certain conditions and persist until there is either systemic reform or systemic collapse. The conditions that give rise to currency wars are too much debt and too little growth. In those circumstances, countries try to steal growth from trading partners by cheapening their currencies to promote exports and create export-related jobs.

    The problem with currency wars is that they are zero-sum or negative-sum games. It is true that countries can obtain short-term relief by cheapening their currencies, but sooner than later, their trading partners also cheapen their currencies to regain the export advantage.

    This process of tit-for-tat devaluations feeds on itself with the pendulum of short-term trade advantage swinging back and forth and no one getting any further ahead. After a few years, the futility of currency wars becomes apparent, and countries resort to trade wars. This consists of punitive tariffs, export subsidies and nontariff barriers to trade.

    The dynamic is the same as in a currency war. The first country to impose tariffs gets a short-term advantage, but retaliation is not long in coming and the initial advantage is eliminated as trading partners impose tariffs in response. Despite the illusion of short-term advantage, in the long-run everyone is worse off. The original condition of too much debt and too little growth never goes away.

    Finally, tensions rise, rival blocs are formed and a shooting war begins. The shooting wars often have a not-so-hidden economic grievance or rationale behind them.

    The sequence in the early 20th century began with a currency war that started in Weimar Germany with a hyperinflation (1921–23) and then extended through a French devaluation (1925), a U.K. devaluation (1931), a U.S. devaluation (1933) and another French/U.K. devaluation (1936).

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What If China Sold Trillions In U.S. Debt? Bond Market Turmoil Sparks Fear of MASSIVE SELLOFF!

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The BIS Has Been Preparing for a Debt Jubilee and Gold Price Revaluation for Decades

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  • The BIS Has Been Preparing for a Debt Jubilee and Gold Price Revaluation for Decades
    by Turd Ferguson,
    Our old friend, The Golden Jackass, reached out last week and suggested that he had some information and analysis that couldn’t wait for the next, three-day weekend podcast. Thus this special audio for your weekend listening pleasure.

    So what did Jim want to discuss? Primarily the fracturing global bond and equity markets and how the BIS has been preparing for a “debt jubilee” and gold price revaluation for decades.

    I’ve learned that whenever The Jackass has a lot on his mind, it’s best to just sit back and let him pontificate with as few interruptions as possible…and that’s what we tried to do here. So, sit back and take it all in. There’s a lot of information in these 57 minutes and it will require your full consideration.


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Libor Surge is Nearing Danger Level for Debt-Drenched World

ZeroHedge: Meanwhile, we’ll just note that the same Libor-OIS (or its intraday updated cousin, the FRA-OIS) we highlighted less than a week ago when it was “only” 32.7bps, has blown out by 8 bps in just the past week, and is now over 40bps, the widest since October 2016 and blowing out, a huge move when one considers the hundreds of billions in TRS and other layered swaps levering even one basis point.

  • Libor Surge is Nearing Danger Level for Debt-Drenched World
    The stress signals of the global credit system are flashing amber. The offshore dollar funding markets that lubricate world finance are facing an incipient squeeze.

    The “Libor-OIS spread’ – watched carefully by traders – has risen to levels reached during the onset of the Chinese currency crisis in early 2016, and during the onset of the Italian and Spanish funding crisis in late 2011.

    The three-month rate for dollar Libor (London Interbank Offered Rate) used to price a vast nexus of financial contracts around the world has spiked to a 10-year high of 2pc this week. A third of all US business loans are linked to Libor, as are most student loans, and 90pc of the leverage loan market. The US can…

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The Economy Is Failing, Cryptocurrencies Are A Threat To The Central Banking System: Jeff Berwick

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It’s Official, Countries Talked About Dumping The Dollar & Now They Are Doing It

  • X22Report Published on Mar 1, 2018
    Best Buy is closing 250 of it’s mobile stores, there strategy just a couple years ago was to shrink the big stores and open these mobile stores. Jobless claims are back to the level of 1969, the Nixon administration, hmmmm. Real personal spending drops. The FED is going to raise rates and as rates increase the entire economy is going to come down just like it did in 2008. Iran just officially dumped the US dollar, China and Russia are dumping the dollar other countries are doing the same, these countries realize that the system is about to crash and it’s time to act.


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Iran to Dump U.S. Dollar! THESE 2 Countries Tried This Before and U.S. Destroyed Them!

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Iran Bans Using U.S. Dollar as Base Import Pricing Currency

  • PressTV Published on Mar 1, 2018
    Taking U.S. dollar down! Iran moved a step closer to a plan to ditch the dollar in its trade activities by announcing that purchase orders by merchants that are based on the greenback would no longer be allowed to go through import proceedings. Iran’s domestic media reported that the policy was in line with an official request by the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) and was specifically meant to address fluctuations in market rates of the dollar. IRNA news agency quoted Mehdi Kasraeipour, CBI’s director of Foreign Exchange Rules and Policies Affairs, as saying that the move had become effective from Wednesday by virtue of a letter sent to the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade.


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Banks, Debt, Gold and the Global Financial Reset. Q&A with Eric Griffin and Lynette Zang


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David Morgan: Silver Returning To Monetary System?

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Jim Willie: Global Financial Reset, Debt Jubilee, Gold Revaluation, Gold-Oil Ratio ….

  • ROGUE MONEY Streamed live on Feb 25, 2018
    Jim delivers a nearly 2 hour deep dive of his February Hat Trick Letter where he maps out the central banks move to gold as the massive holds of debt is not sustainable. Jim explains BIS Chairman Zijlstra announcement expecting to see gold prices rise in order to put the gold oil ratio back in order.


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