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The FedRes Has Its Finger On The Button Of A Nuclear Debt Bomb

  • The Fed Has Its Finger On The Button Of A Nuclear Debt Bomb
    by Brandon Smith,
    I hear a lot of talk lately in the alternative media (and even the mainstream media) of the potential for World War III. The general assumption when one hears that term is that “nuclear conflict” is imminent. But a world war does not necessarily have to be fought with nukes. For example, we are perhaps already witnessing the first shots fired in a global economic war as the Trump administration gets ready to implement far-reaching trade tariffs. This action might provide cover (or justification) for destructive attacks on the U.S. fiscal system by China, Japan, Russia, the EU, OPEC nations, etc. The ultimate attack being a dumping of their U.S. debt holdings and the death of the dollar’s world reserve status.

    Of course, an economic “world war” between nations would in itself be a smokescreen for and an even more insidious internal war being waged against the global economy by central banks.

    There is a longstanding misconception that central banks always manipulate economic conditions to make them appear “healthy” and that the main concern of central bankers is to “defend the golden goose.” This is false. According to the evidence at hand as well as open admissions by central bankers, these private institutions have throughout history also deliberately created financial crises and collapses.

    The question I always get from people new to the field of alternative economics is — “Why would central bankers crash a system they benefit from?” This question is drawn from a flawed understanding of the situation.

    First, there is the assumption that economic systems are static rather than fluid. In reality, vast sums of wealth can be transferred into and out of any notion on a whim and at the speed of light. The collapse of one economy or multiple economies does not necessarily include the destruction of banker wealth. Even if wealth was their top goal (which it is not), global banks and central banks do not see any particular economy as a “cash cow” or a “golden goose.” From their behavior and tactics in the past, it is more likely that they see national economies as mere storage containers.

    Banks can pour their wealth, which they create from thin air, into one or more of these many available containers. They can circulate that wealth within the container for a time and then pour all their wealth out at a moment’s notice. One container is no more valuable to them than any other container, and sometimes sacrificing a container can be beneficial.

    The perceived destruction of a national economy can often be exploited as a means to a greater end. Usually this “greater end” means exploiting the crisis to justify centralization of power or the transfer of power from the public into the hands of an elitist class.

    read more.


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‘Looks Like Russians Were Behind Spy Poisoning’ – Trump

  • RT Published on Mar 15, 2018
    Speaking in the Oval Office, US President Donald Trump has said it appears that Russia was behind the attack on former double agent Sergei Skripal. READ MORE:
  • Has Trump sold out to the Illuminist MIC? I would tend to agree. Why all the escalating war drums? I believe the Chinese and Russians are about to formally announce the ‘Death of the Dollar’, ie Global Financial Reset, Revaluation of price of gold, Return to Gold Standard.
  • When they kill the dollar, Trump’s MAGA will go to hell. I believe Trump is willing to threaten, initiate wars… to protect the dollar and fulfill his promise of MAGA. It is very dangerous for the entire world.
  • Note: Trump’s initiation of trade war (particularly against China) will reduce America’s trade deficit. In the event of a return to gold standard, much less gold will flow out of USA to finance the trade deficit. Ie. much less gold is needed.


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Final Preparations Being Made Now For A Global Reset WITHIN MONTHS | Jim Willie

  • Final Preparations Being Made Now For A Global Reset WITHIN MONTHS | Jim Willie
    Jim Willie tells Silver Doctors China and Russia are making final preparations for the global reset. Here’s the details…
    by Jim Willie of Golden Jackass interviewed by Silver Doctors

    In this interview, Jim Willie answers viewer questions!
    – When the stock market crashes sufficiently do you think we’ll see panic buying of gold, silver, and cryptos?
    – I’m an american expat who’s made China his home. I own $150 K worth of gold and silver and have a decent holding of CNY. After the USD loses its global reserve status, how do you see China’s economy being affected?
    – How did Jim immigrate to Costa Rica and how hard was it? Does Jim feel safe there?
    – If Venezuela, Qatar, Iran, China, Russia…have decided not to use the dollar,how is it the dollar hasn’t crashed yet and the interest rate gone thru the roof?
    – How long before the interest rates catch up to the lag in the default of debt in the private sector, causing the cascade of defaults throughout the banking sector?
    – Who is buying the bonds? Is the U.S. financing their own debt?
    – How do you think it is going with the flipping of Germany to the east in a economic sense if not political. Do you still think this will happen?
    – Please ask Jim what he thinks about JP Morgan stashing so much physical silver. Are they doing it to profit from higher prices or to cover their naked shorts when they short the paper market?


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Lynette Zang Doubles Down: Listen To The IMF & Central Banks Because There WILL BE A Monetary Reset

  • Lynette Zang Doubles Down: Listen To The IMF & Central Banks Because There WILL BE A Monetary Reset
    Lynette Zang says if we just listen to and watch the central banks then we can understand what’s coming to the global financial system. Here’s more… Lynette Zang of ITM Trading. Eric sources questions from Lynette’s viewers and Lynette responds with organic and unrehearsed answers:

    Question 1. Dennis S: Can you give us what percentage of our assets we should hold in gold? It is costly to take money out of our IRA’s, are you saying we will lose it anyway and are you suggesting to take all of our retirement and convert to gold.  Or are there other ways to diversify retirement that would protect it during and after a crash or intense down turn?

    Question 2. 
    Boyd A: Dr. Stephen Leeb observes that the Chinese appear to have pegged the Chinese Yuan to Gold for the last 8-12 months ( Does this mean on March 26, 2018 when the petro yuan is launched that we can consider the yuan is pegged to oil, and oil pegged to gold?  Should we expect a drop in the US Dollar (and rise in gold) following the launch, or will this have no or little effect for years to come?

    Question 3. 
    Eric Mcvey3: You say not the best to own gold ETFs? I have moved most of my IRA into gold based positions? You can’t own physical gold through your IRA as far as I know.

    Question 4. 
    Ben L: I buy MS70 silver eagles. Are those considered numismatics and will they be protected from future confiscations?

    Question 5. 
    Walter B: My gut knows there will be a reset but my brain refuses to believe. Why?


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Russia & China Just Signalled The World That It’s Ready To Move Away From The Dollar: Bill Holter

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David Morgan: Deep State Could Pull Plug on Markets. Deep State Unpredictable Get Gold & Silver

  • David Morgan: Deep State Could Pull Plug on Markets. Deep State Unpredictable Get Gold & Silver
    by Greg Hunter’s
    Precious metals expert David Morgan says the prolonged sideways price of silver is what bottoms look like in the precious metals market. Morgan explains, “This market has not moved for a very long time . . . Silver bottomed in December of 2015, and, yes, we have gone up and down and up and down, but the overall lows have been higher lows, which is the definition of an uptrend.  Silver and gold have started a subtle uptrend from the bottom in 2015, but it certainly has been slow and tedious and back and forth.  I coined a phase, ‘silver will either scare you out or wear you out.’  We are in the wear-you-out phase.  A lot of people who were believers at one time have become non-believers.  The markets have worn them out, and they have moved on to something else.” In the bond market, Morgan fears low interest rates spell danger. Morgan says, “The most important commodity in the world is oil, but the most important financial asset is the U.S. Treasury market . . . this is key, and what is so unbelievable if you think about it, the one asset class that is supposed to be the safest is the  U.S. Treasury market, and it’s the least safest.  Something that is supposed to be unsafe like silver and gold are the safest.  The Treasury market does not have several thousand years of history of being money.  All fiat currencies have failed in the long run. . . . The dollar has lost 98% of its buying power since 1913, and the Fed is supposed to have a stable currency policy.  Well, they have failed miserably.”

    On the success of President Trump and the ongoing war with the so-called “Deep State,” Morgan contends, “If the “Deep State” gets pushed into a corner much further, they can basically pull the plug. That means the stock market could come tumbling down, and then they could blame the Trump Administration. . . . If you are losing the chess game, you just get up and turn the table over and the pieces go flying everywhere.  That is a metaphor for a war.  That’s a metaphor for crashing the stock market.  That’s a metaphor for crashing the bond market, and it’s a metaphor for it happening on its own.  I am concerned that if you win, you lose.  This is why the unraveling is being done extremely carefully. . . . I am not saying it is going to happen.  I am saying it could happen.  These people are so used to winning a rigged game, if they start being caught, and they have been caught, then they are going to do things that are not necessarily predictable.  They are not going to act in a rational manner.  They are going to do anything possible to protect themselves.  You cannot rule out the possibility that they will turn the table over and that’s it.”

    This, along with many other reasons, is why Morgan says, “You have to have physical gold and silver in your portfolio to be truly diversified and protected.”


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Jim Willie: A Default Is Coming Because They Are OUT OF GOLD In London

  • Jim Willie: A Default Is Coming Because They Are OUT OF GOLD In London
    Jim says London is importing gold because they have none, and soon, the ‘Oil-Yuan-Gold Triangle’ will cause a major default. Here’s more…

    Editor’s Note: Our gold trade notedeath of the petro-dollarUS dollar collapse, and petroyuan pages are just a few of our pages with more information about the unfolding rise of the petroyuan and death of King Dollar. Be sure to explore those pages for more information related to the current global debt-based fiat currency system.
    Jim Willie interviewed on Future Money Trends :
    Jim Willie of shares his predictions for 2018, Jim’s predictions cover what we can expect for bonds, gold and the US Dollar and much more. TOPICS IN THIS INTERVIEW:

    * Jim Willie’s predictions for 2018
    * Death blow of the US Dollar
    * What happens to Gold and Silver
    * The transition and adjustment of world reserve currencies
    * Gold suppression and rise in the Swiss currency
    * Is Bitcoin a solution to the economic problems?


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Pan-European Bank to ENRAGE Italy, Germany & France: Nations FORCED to Rescue Failing Banks

  • Pan-European Bank to ENRAGE Italy, Germany & France: Nations FORCED to Rescue Failing Banks
    BRUSSELS chiefs are piling pressure on EU members to back plans for a banking union, which will see nations forced to cover bank failures anywhere in the bloc, as it ramps up efforts to reform the Union.

    The European Commission wants to plough ahead with the creation of a bloc-wide banking union, which was first proposed in 2012 by the end of 2018, in a bid to prevent a repeat of the 2008/09 financial crisis.

    But the plans have repeatedly stalled as neither the EU Council, member states nor the European Parliament have managed to reach an agreement despite two years of talks. Germany and Denmark are thought to be tough critics of the controverisal plans to reform the eurozone. EU commission vice-president Valdis Dombrovski is keen to push the debate in a bid to build momentum for reforms to the currency bloc in the next coming months. 

    However he is set to face strong resistance from Germany, whose banking lobby are opposed to taking on responsibility for non-performing loans held by financial institutions in other countries. The bloc’s largest economy is demanding clarity on risk sharing and risk reduction.

    Angela Merkel’s Germany warns that sharing risk means German banks will inevitably end up supporting weaker banks elsewhere in the bloc. The European Commission late last year offered a watered-down plan to decrease risks in the banking sector, in a bid to break years of stalemate over the plan that was fiercely opposed by Germany’s former finance minister, Wolfgang Schaeuble.

    But with Mr Schaeuble gone after an election in September that weakened Mrs Merkel’s conservatives, new momentum for eurozone reforms is building, especially as the German chancellor ploughs ahead with her coalition with the anti-austerity Social Democrats (SPD).

    read more.


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Trade War Fears And A Weak Dollar – Bill Holter Interview

  • Crush The Street Published on Mar 8, 2018
    Bill Holter from is on the line to help us analyse the trade war fears and the importance of a gold standard. We also discuss the new FED Chairman and the ‘flushing’ of the markets we can potentially witness. TOPICS IN THIS INTERVIEW:

    01:45 Trade war fears
    04:40 The Deficit highlights the need for a Gold standard
    08:40 The new FED Chairman Powell – what can we expect?
    12:50 A ‘complete flushing’ of the markets
    14:30 Where to find out more information


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Is A Dollar Funding Crisis Imminent: Libor-OIS Blows Out The Most Since 2012

  • Is A Dollar Funding Crisis Imminent: Libor-OIS Blows Out The Most Since 2012
    by Tyler Durden,
    Call it the latest paradox of bizarro centrally-planned markets.
    On the same day when the Nasdaq hit a new all time high, when the Dow soared and when the payrolls report reincarnated the Goldilocks narrative with one flashing red average hourly earnings headline (“surging jobs + subdued wage growth = an economy that can handle 10Y yields at or above 3.0%”), one of the most closely followed leading indicators of an imminent funding crisis and global credit crunch finally broke above its 6 year range, when the USD Libor-OIS spread jumped 2bps on Friday, rising to 44.23bps.

    read more.


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The Threat & Movement Are Real, The BIS, IMF, ECB, FedRes Are Scrambling: Dan Reitzik

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Hugo Salinas Price: Trump’s Trade War Will Only Speed Up The Arrival Of The Gold Standard

Remember the Golden Rule: “He who has the gold Rules!” © Reuters

  • Hugo Salinas Price: Trump’s Trade War Will Only Speed Up The Arrival Of The Gold Standard
    by Hugo Salinas Price of, via
    There is a lot of commentary going around the world, regarding Trump’s initiation of a “Trade War” to rebuild America’s industries. Trump thinks that tariffs will do the trick, and stop the rest of the world from taking unfair advantage of the US by selling their goods to the US in exchange for lots of US dollars. According to Trump, this nefarious behavior on the part of the rest of the world is causing a h-u-u-u-ge Trade Deficit, sending hundreds of billions of dollars out of the country. Trump’s view is that this is just plain “unfair”.

    I guess Trump is not familiar with what happened at Bretton Woods, back in 1945, when the US, as victor in WW II, forced the rest of the world to accept the US proposition: gold would be the world’s money, supplemented by dollars, which were to be regarded as good as gold – and perhaps they were, at the time, as good as gold, for the US had a stock of some 22,000 tons of gold at that time.

    But as time went on, US trading partners began to ask for gold instead of dollars, a thing of which the US disapproved – and General Charles de Gaulle was a prominent recipient of US disapproval, for after asking for France´s gold (to which France had a rightful claim) in 1968,  the General was faced with a timely revolutionary situation which very nearly overthrew him.

    Finally 1971 came around, the US stock of gold was severely diminished, and Nixon had to revoke Bretton Woods by declaring that the US would no longer redeem dollars held by foreign governments, for gold. The gold window was closed. The world was compelled to work on a Dollar Standard – the irredeemable dollar became the essential currency required for Central Bank reserves, a situation which prevails at the present time.

    So since the world revolves around the US dollar, it is essential for the Central Banks of countries to hold dollar reserves.

    read more.

Click on image for article.


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The Fed And The Government Clash On Policy, This Won’t End Well: Lior Gantz

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Lynette Zang: Trade Wars and Tax Cuts

  • ITM Trading Streamed live 3 hours ago
    Slides and Links:…
    The stock market roller coaster continues into March. In January cash repatriation and corporate tax cuts sent the stock markets to all time highs. So Why is the Stock Market Roiling Now? The threat of tariffs. Wall Street and globalists lost an important White House voice in Gary Cohn, (Chief Economic Advisor and Director of the National Economic Council) a former Gold Sachs executive and investment banker who specialized in debt. Wall Street was not happy to lose this connection. Let the Trade Wars Begin If the US puts on tariffs, the most likely outcome would be a global trade war because everyone is fighting the deflation brought on by globalization. What About Gold? The smart money has recognized an undervalued situation in gold. We see that a cup formation (accumulation pattern) is building. This may well be the last opportunity to convert fiat money into honest money at these severely undervalued levels. I’m taking advantage of it, so are the central bankers. Shouldn’t you?


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Imminent Collapse of US Dollar & Other Major Currencies Will Push Gold to $10,000 – Bullion Analyst

Remember the Golden Rule: “He who has the gold Rules!”

  • Imminent Collapse of US Dollar & Other Major Currencies Will Push Gold to $10,000 – Bullion Analyst
    An ounce of gold will cost $10,000 as soon as global currencies crash and central banks have to appeal to a gold-backed monetary system, according to Byron King, editor of Jim Rickards’ Gold Speculator.

    “If you take the global money supply, back it with 40 percent gold, you need $10,000 gold to make the math work, and that’s just using a 40 percent backing,” he said in an interview with Kitco News on the sidelines of the annual event set by Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC). “And it has to do with the eventual demise of modern currencies.”

    The analyst didn’t specify the timeframe for the gold price surge from the current $1,325 per ounce, but stressed that it would have to happen, as the current cash bubble, consisting of dozens of trillions in USD, cannot exist forever.

    “It’s kind of like a story about the man who went bankrupt, slowly at first and then all of a sudden. It’s the same thing with the US dollar, with the euro, with the yen. We’ve created trillions and trillions, dozens of trillions, almost hundreds of trillions of dollars, of obligations that simply can never be repaid. It will have to happen,”
     the analyst said.

    King noted that gold stocks at current valuations are rather more attractive at the moment than they were two years ago. The expert also said that today’s miners are backed by “better numbers” and “smarter geologists.”

    read more.


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