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RIGGING THE RATES; Libor, the Scandal That You Forgot

  • ITM Trading Streamed live 4 hours ago
    The first earning season after the tax changes is upon us. Earnings have not disappointed with many corporations posting the expected 20% earning surge YOY. But Insider selling more than doubled this past week. $370 Trillion in fiat money contracts are tied to LIBOR, which is set to die in 2021. The problem is all the contracts tied to that rate that come due AFTER 2021 and LIBOR is on the rise. Looking at the charts, Spot silver sits right on the upper trend line in a wedge formation. We may know today, if there was a breakout above the trend line. Spot gold continues to form a second cup formation inside the current long-term trend. Remember, a cup formation indicates that smart money is quietly building their position. Are you with the smart money?

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It’s Not Just Syria, Televison News Has Been Lying To You For Years

  • The Alex Jones Channel Published on Apr 19, 2018
    Owen Shroyer lays out how America’s television news programs have been brainwashing the population to accept their slow-rolling, globalist agenda for decades.

Revelation 2:9 – …. and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.

The original has been removed from the website. Click on image to goto the backup copy on the wayback machine archive.


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Despite Evidence To The Contrary, MSM Keeps Lying About Chemical Attacks In Syria

  • The Alex Jones Channel Published on Apr 19, 2018
    Owen Shroyer reveals how the television news, AKA the Project Mockingbird media, has been lying to the American public for years to gain support for aggressive foreign policy implementation.

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The US Is Being Prepared For An Economic Collapse Transition

  • X22Report Published on Apr 18, 2018
    Another dump was made in Bitcoin, this time it was 50 million worth of digital currency, this drop came one day after the third largest bicoin wallet unloaded 50 million. Trump opposes the TPP, looked at it and it will not fit into the new trade system that he is creating. IMF sounds the alarm on the global debt, if it continues this way the system will break apart. The yield curve continues to collapse. Certain shadow powers are using China to fund operations and sell secrets which manipulates the US currency. The Fed sees the writing on the wall, the tariffs will force them to raise interest rates which will push inflation.


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Staged Suffering? Interview with Boy in Douma Video Raises More Doubts Over ‘Chemical Attack’

  • Staged Suffering? Interview with Boy in Douma Video Raises More Doubts Over ‘Chemical Attack’
    The boy portrayed as a ‘victim’ in a video of the alleged chemical attack in Douma has told a Russian TV crew that he was asked to go to hospital, where people “grabbed” him and started “pouring water” over his head.

    Panic, fear, screaming adults and frightened children featured in the purported footage of the aftermath following the alleged chemical attack in the Eastern Ghouta city. The video has been circulated by mainstream media since April 7 after being posted by the so-called Douma Revolution group.

    The group is one of the organizations, along with the notorious rebel-linked White Helmets, that has claimed government troops were the culprits behind the reported chemical attack.

    One of the main ‘characters’ in the footage is a soaked boy, who is seen being sprayed with water by people who claim to be ‘rescue workers.’ It’s not clear whether they are doctors from the hospital, human rights activists, or White Helmets members. The latter usually make such videos and send them to news agencies, including Reuters.

    Russian broadcaster VGTRK said it found the boy in the video, who appeared to be 11-year-old Hassan Diab. His story differed from the one presented by the activists and later propagated by the mainstream media. He was in the basement with his mother, who said they ran out of food, when they heard some noise outside. 

    “Somebody was shouting that we had to go to the hospital, so we went there. When I came in, some people grabbed me and started pouring water over my head,” he told Evgeny Poddubny, a war correspondent from Russian broadcaster VGTRK. Hassan confirmed that he was the boy in the video, and was very scared when the whole situation unfolded. He is now fine and shows no symptoms of having experienced a chemical attack two weeks ago.

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Worldwide Debt Default | Michael Pento

  • SilverDoctors Published on Apr 19, 2018
    The yield curve will invert, leading to a shrinking of the money supply, and a recession later this year, Michael Pento of Pento Portfolio Strategy tells Silver Doctors. He says bonds currently are the “most mispriced assets in the history of the world.” He sees a world wide default on debt coming. The stock market is also in trouble. There is a confluence of events coming in the fall that will lead to a bear market like we haven’t seen in a decade.


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The Clock Is Ticking For The Dollar Devaluation And Subsequent Gold Revaluation Many Times Higher

  • The Clock Is Ticking For The Dollar Devaluation And Subsequent Gold Revaluation Many Times Higher
    Lynette Zang explains how there’s already been one currency devaluation with a gold revaluation two days later, and soon it will be America’s turn. Here’s why… Lynette Zang interviewed on Reluctant Preppers:

    Are the markets set to resume their record bull climb, restoring your nest egg, or is banking risk placing your earning, savings, pensions, and home value at great risk?

    Lynette Zang, chief market strategist at ITM trading aka “Data Gal,” uses the banks’ own charts and published figures to lay out the facts do you can decide what’s really going on, and take necessary measures to protect your family’s wealth and well being!


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No Data on Novichok’s Country Or Lab of Origin – UK Delegation at OPCW

  • RT Published on Apr 18, 2018
    OPCW representatives say they cannot identify the country or laboratory of origin of the nerve agent used in the Skripal poisoning. READ MORE:


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Rand Paul Talks Syrian False Flag

  • The Alex Jones Channel Published on Apr 18, 2018
    Alex Jones presents a video clip of Rand Paul on CNN pushing back against the narrative supported Wolf Blitzer, and he suggests that perhaps someone other than Assad committed the gas attack.


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The Bush Crime Family Has Skeletons In Their Closet. Roger Stone: Barbara Bush Is On Her Way To Hell

Gingrich’s photograph is featured in the Annals of the Bohemian Club, Volume 7, 1987-1996 alongside George W. Bush and his father.

Skull and Crossbones c1947, GHW Bush (41st president) left of clock.

Illuminati Skull & Bones snakes!

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BBC Presenter Declares ‘Info War Against Russia’ After Ex-Navy Chief Questions Syria ‘Evidence’

  • BBC Presenter Declares ‘Info War Against Russia’ After Ex-Navy Chief Questions Syria ‘Evidence’
    During a live interview, a BBC news presenter declared “we’re in an information war with Russia” after a former Royal Navy chief questioned the “extraordinary” claims surrounding an alleged chemical attack in Syria.

    Former Navy Admiral Lord West’s questioning of the mainstream narrative surrounding the alleged chemical weapons attack in the town of Douma led the BBC’s Annita McVeigh to suggest that truthfully stating his position and posing questions risked “muddying the waters” in an ongoing “information war with Russia.”

    Lord West had described how in his view the claim that Bashar Assad ordered the attack “doesn’t ring true,” asking “what benefit is there for his military?” He went on to say “we know that in the past some of the Islamic groups have used chemicals, and of course there would be huge benefit in them labelling an attack as coming from Assad.”

    West went on to question the ‘evidence’ provided by groups like the White Helmets and the World Health Organization, both of which he described as “not neutral.”

    The former First Sea Lord then described how in the past he had been put under pressure to support politically motivated narratives: “I had huge pressure put on me politically to try and say that our bombing campaign in Bosnia was achieving all sorts of things which it wasn’t. I was put under huge pressure, so I know the things that can happen.

    At that point the BBC’s McVeigh appeared to question whether he should actually be expressing his opinion truthfully, asking: “Given that we’re in an information war with Russia on so many fronts, do you think perhaps it’s inadvisable to be stating this so publicly given your position and profile, isn’t there a danger that you’re muddying the waters?

    West replied: “I think the answer is, if there’s a real concern, let’s face it, if [Assad] hasn’t done it then that is extremely bad news. If Assad hasn’t carried out the attack, I think it’s just worth making that clear. I think our government’s policy towards Assad has not been clever since 2013.

MSM: Weapons of Mass Deception for Wars without end !

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US Scholar: Bolton a ‘Terrorist-Minded’ Person Trying ‘to Get US Into Wars’

  • US Scholar: Bolton a ‘Terrorist-Minded’ Person Trying ‘to Get US Into Wars’
    Radio Sputnik discussed the current situation in Syria and US military operations abroad with Wayne Madsen, a US journalist specializing in international affairs, following reports that two F-15 jets belonging to Israeli Air Force carried out a strike on Syria’s T-4 air base.

    Sputnik: What can you say about what has happened in Syria now?
    Wayne Madsen: 
    Well, I would point to the fact that John Bolton, the only unconfirmed US ambassador to the UN who ever served at the United Nations, is now moving into the national security advisor’s office in the White House, and I think we can see more of this. We know that Bolton works very closely, as he did when he was at the UN, with the Israelis. Certainly, it seems like Israel may have been responsible for the attack on the airbase. We also know that Bolton specializes in putting out disinformation. He was one of the people who said that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. Even faced with facts today that Saddam didn’t, he still maintains that he did. Against, you know, all other facts, Bolton, who is now going to be the national security advisor, believes in this nonsense of Saddam Hussein having WMDs.

    So, we are going to see him do the same thing to the Assad government in Syria, it’s already begun. We are going to see the same footage and over again of these children, who were supposedly gassed with chlorine barrel bombs, get ready for the barrel bombs thing again, the kids. This is Bolton’s modus operandi, he wants to get the US into wars in many places, and, unfortunately, Donald Trump is using this war maniac, Bolton is now his top advisor on national security policy.

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Scientist Debunks US Claims — Releases Video Evidence US Bombed Syrian Cancer Research Facility

  • Scientist Debunks US Claims—Releases Video Evidence US Bombed Syrian Cancer Research Facility
    by Rachel Blevins,
    While the U.S. brags that it attacked a chemical weapons facility in Syria, witnesses claim that it actually destroyed a cancer research center.

    Damascus, Syria – The United States launched around 120 missiles targeting the Syrian government on Friday, and as reports of the damage surface, the evidence is showing that while the U.S. is bragging that the attack hit a chemical weapons facility, it actually destroyed a cancer research center.

    The attacked launched by the United States, the United Kingdom and France, has reduced the Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries Research Institute in Barzeh to rubble, according to a report from the Syrian Arab News Agency, which noted that the facility’s use centered on preparing the chemical compositions for cancer drugs, and conducting chemical analyses of the materials entering Syria, which are used in pharmaceutical and food industries.”

    Scientist Saeed Saeed, head of the Institution for the Development of Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries, told CCTV+ that while the facility was used by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons in 2013, it is now used as a research center for pharmaceutical products because sanctions from the Western countries that are bombing Syria have resulted in a shortage of medication.

    Since the Syria crisis broke out, the country has been short of all kinds of medicines due to the sanctions from western countries,” Saeed said. “Foreign companies stopped exporting high-quality medicines to Syria, especially anti-cancer medicines. So we have been conducting researches on anti-cancer medicines here, and three anti-cancer drugs have been developed.

    The shortage of medicine will be even greater now that the U.S. has aided in destroying the research center—but the Pentagon is proudly claiming that it destroyed a facility dedicated to producing chemical weapons.

    The U.S. military claimed that the facility was targeted because it was used by “the Syrian government agency responsible for developing and producing non-conventional weapons and the means to deliver them.” At least 76 missiles were launched in the direction of the research center, and the U.S. is boasting that it has set back Syrian chemical weapons capabilities “for years.”

    However, international weapons inspectors declared that the Syrian government has surrendered the last of its chemical weapons in June 2014, and each time there have been reports of a chemical attack in Syria, President Bashar al-Assad has vehemently denied responsibility.

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Syrian Conflict Is A Distraction From A Secret War

  • Syrian Conflict Is A Distraction From A Secret War
    by Brandon Smith,
    Back in March 2010 I published an article titled ‘Will Globalists Trigger Yet Another World War?’under the pen name Giordano Bruno describing what I felt would be the most effective triggers for a new global conflict. In that article I pointed to Syria as the primary powder keg, followed in close second by Iran and Yemen. This was written well before the Syrian civil war was engineered by establishment interests. I focused on potential false flags that could be used as a rationale by the U.S. or Israel to invade the region, thereby giving Russia and China reason to retaliate, for the most part economically. Ultimately, this scenario would play out perfectly as a cover for the deliberate collapse of the U.S. dollar as the world reserve currency.

    In August 2012 I reiterated my concerns in an article titled Syria And Iran Dominoes Lead To World War, right after the Syrian civil war began to gain momentum.

    Needless to say, I have not changed my general thesis since those days; however, I would like to touch upon certain factors now that the dangers I examined in those articles are mostly coming to pass in 2018.

    First, no hard evidence has been produced by western intelligence agencies to support the claim that Bashar Al Assad used chemical weapons against his own people. None. Therefore, there is no basis for the latest missile attacks on the regime. This same exact false flag tactic was attempted under the Obama administration to draw the U.S. people into open war in Syria, and it failed. Now the chemical weapon card is being played again, this time with a “conservative” president. The establishment must be hoping that Republicans will find excitement in becoming the war party so long after the Bush years.

    As I queried the last time a chemical false flag was attempted, what exactly does Assad have to gain by initiating a chemical attack against innocent civilians when he has the tactical momentum and upper hand in the civil war?  The answer is nothing.  The only people that have anything to gain by asserting such an attack, either real or fabricated, are people seeking to create chaos for their own benefit.

    The insinuation of neocon warmonger John Bolton into the Trump cabinet suggests that the neocons are very much back in charge and that ongoing war is guaranteed. At this late stage in the game, it is unlikely that our government or any other government involved in the Syrian theater even cares to explain its actions. When establishment criminals no longer care if their criminality is transparent to the public, THEN it is time for a large scale societal collapse.

    Second, each successive Trump involved theater, from the trade tariffs to international war tensions, has become progressively more dramatic, and I believe this is meant to hide the effects of the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet cuts and interest rate hikes. The real and secret war being waged is not against Syria or Syria’s allies, but against the American people and our economic stability.

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From: Vintage ‘Trees’ music video. All humanity forming a pyramid worshipping, welcoming the Satanic capstone! The Anti-Christ, the bringer of false peace, the white horseman of Revelation 6 ! The completion of the New World Order project, in a world wrecked by global wars, collapse and chaos!


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One America News Network (OAN) Broadcasts from Douma, Syria: “No Chemical Weapons Attack” Ever Took Place

  • One America News Network (OAN) Broadcasts from Douma, Syria: “No Chemical Weapons Attack” Ever Took Place
    by ,
    OAN Investigation Finds No Evidence of Chemical Weapon Attack in Syria

    Finally some real American journalism. One America’s Pearson Sharp visited the war-torn town of Douma outside the capital of Damascus, looking for evidence of a chemical attack. What did he discover?

    All the residents interviewed by OAN in Douma denied all the claims of any sort of chemical attack happening, and say it was staged to help jihadist rebels escape from an advancing Assad army.

    The OAN reporter interviewed random people to be 100% sure there were no plants or “Assad” agents…residents who “were living very close” (50 meters from the alleged site of the attack) all said they saw no chemical attack.

    Across the board, all residents interviewed at random by OAN said they saw no chemical weapons attack. OAN asked the people they interviewed, what they thought the chemical attack was.

    Residents said it was a hoax.
    Why did jihadists stage this attack?

    Residents told OAN that the jihadist terrorists staged the false flag so that western powers would attack Assad, and give them the cover they needed to escape from government forces advancing through the town. Residents also told OAN that “they love Assad” and that their are no such thing as “moderate rebels.”

    One America’s Pearson Sharp then went on (at the 7 minute mark) to 100% corroborate Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and the Russian Ministry of Defense’s explanation as to what happened at the hospital.

    Doctors he interviewed said that as they were treating people for war wounds and smoke inhalation..
    .suddenly a “bunch of strangers” burst into the hospital and said there was a chemical attack, hosing people down and video taping everything.


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