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This Is All A Game,It’s Meant To Divide Us,We Need To Come Together Before It’s To Late: G. Mannarino

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US, Europe, China, Russia & Others Prepare For The Transition, Tick Tock

  • X22Report Published on Dec 7, 2018
    Job growth slows, wage growth misses, the number of people out of the workforce is at 1976 lows. House flipping is at an all time low, this is an indicator that the housing market is slowing down. Trump indicates that the negotiations are going well with China. Manufacturing increases but we need about 5 million more manufacturing jobs to get us back to 1979 levels. The Fed is slowly raising rates to crash the economy, part of the plan. Countries are preparing to make a move away from the the central bank dollar.


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230 Indictments Aimed at Congress, Deep State Take Down: Robert David Steele

  • Sarah Westall Published on Dec 5, 2018
    Robert David Steele rejoins the program to discuss the latest on the fight against the deep state. He shares his views on President Donald Trump’s progress in cleaning the swamp and how the deep state is destroying our country. He also shares his views on the coup that is currently being forged in France and why it reflects the ongoing rage that is swelling in Europe. You can see more of Robert David Steele on his multiple websites:


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EU Superstate Fears Yellow Vest Overthrow

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  • InfoWars – Alex Jones Channel Published: 7 Dec 2018
    The “yellow vest movement” has gained tremendous support as the policies pushed by Emmanuel Macron have been exposed to be negative for the middle-class. Paul Joseph Watson joins Alex to discuss the rebuke of globalism by the French people.


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Alex Jones Full Show: The Planetary Deep State Is Engineering The Collapse Of All Life On Earth

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  • InfoWars – Alex Jones Channel Published: 6 Dec 2018
    Investors are on edge after the DOW fell over 1,400 points in just two days. Also, the arrest of a Chinese CFO has allegedly complicated U.S.-China trade relations. Furthermore, Dutch police arrested a local “yellow vests” leader ahead of the weekend’s populist protests against political correctness and open border policies. Joining today’s show is the producer of Next News Network Gary Franchi sharing his cutting-edge channel to thwart Big Tech censorship. Call and tune in now!


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Who Benefits from the Chaos of the Global Financial System?

  • Who Benefits from the Chaos of the Global Financial System?
    Ever wonder what happened to the stable system of fixed exchange rates FDR created after the war? Who dismantled it, and why? What would it take to rebuild a system of stable monetary agreements that would foster economic growth worldwide?

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Massive Drawdown of Physical Metal | Rob Kirby

  • Reluctant Preppers Published on Dec 6, 2018
    When proprietary ​analyst of precious metals and former credit derivatives trader Rob Kirby informs us that an epic amount of physical precious metals was just withdrawn and memory-holed using off-market transactions, we sit up and take notice. The adage to “ignore their words and follow the money” leads us into a piercing expose of the Comex as an “operational crime scene,” the G20 summit as a sign of the breakup of nationalists vs. globalists, the government imposed hikes on oil & gas in France and the leading edge of hyperinflation contagion, and the Deutchebank investigation as a wedge between the US and the EU.


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ALERT: Yield Curve Inverted. Crisis Highly Likely | David Morgan

  • SilverDoctors Published on Dec 5, 2018
    The yield curve has inverted. The U.S. stock market was down 3% Tuesday. We’re headed for another crisis, says top silver expert David Morgan. There’s a shift out of stocks, he says. And as for precious metals, they are likely to go higher in the long term.


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Cracks Appearing…Next Crisis Will Be Worse | Chris Martenson

  • SilverDoctors Published on Dec 4, 2018
    Bubbles burst from the “outside in,” Chris Martenson says. And that’s what we’re seeing right now. Cracks are appearing on the outside. Many junk rated debt and periphery country’s stock markets are in bear markets. Watch out for the crisis to seek into the bigger sectors. The economy cannot grow exponentially in a finite world. An infinite model cannot run on a finite sphere. By 2020 – 2022, a major energy crisis will hit in oil, Martenson says. How can we move out of the current infinite growth financial paradigm? Stay tuned to find out!


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EMERGENCY PATTERN SHIFT: Yield Curve Just Inverted

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France Revolts Against Emmanuel Macron and the ‘Elite’

  • France Revolts Against Emmanuel Macron and the ‘Elite’
    by Andreas Noll,
    Representatives of the “yellow vest” demonstrators have called off talks with the French government, though it was doubtful they would’ve ended the protests. The gap between the people and their government is deepening.

    Still under the impression of Saturday’s dramatic events, the prefect chose his words to the public with care. “There was the will of the protesters to kill people,” said Yves Rousset, who represents the French state in the department of Haute-Loire.

    This past weekend, angry “yellow vest” protesters burned down his workplace, the prefecture in the tranquil town of Le Puy-en-Velay. Demonstrators hurled bricks through the windows and lobbed Molotov cocktails into the building. People were shocked at the unbridled protests in a pilgrimage town that is seen as the heart of Catholic France. Usually, political shockwaves from the capital are not noticeable that far away, more than 500 kilometers (310 miles) south of Paris.

    Schools next?
    Things are different these days. A largely uncoordinated wave of protest has spread across the country, and quickly. From Brest to Strasbourg, from Lille to Marseille, demonstrators have blocked tollbooths, roads and fuel depots and gathered for protest marches, clad in yellow safety vests. The movement could continue to pick up speed. On Monday morning, protesters supported by demonstrators wearing yellow vests blocked about 100 schools nationwide in protest to the government’s education policy.

    read more.

A new world leader appears, declares himself Jupiter the Roman god of gods. Will the real white horseman please stand up?

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EU Proposes Widespread ‘De-Dollarization’ Initiatives

  • EU Proposes Widespread ‘De-Dollarization’ Initiatives
    by Tyler Durden,
    In the most blatant and transparent reaction to Washington’s continued vassal-ization, the European Commission has reportedly formulated a plan to reduce the role of the dollar in international trade.

    Amid increasing tensions between Trump and various European leaders (cough Macron cough) and the ongoing threats of sanctions and tariffs, the European Commission plans to outline initiatives to develop the international role of the euroaccording to a draft document obtained by Bloomberg.

    read more.


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William Black: Deutsche Bank Crime Weakens Global Financial System Can Cause Next Global Crisis

  • William Black: Deutsche Bank Crime Weakens Global Financial System Can Cause Next Global Crisis
    by Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)
    The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has deemed Deutsche Bank as the most systemically dangerous bank in the world. Professor of Economics and Law, William Black, knows why and contends, “Deutsche Bank (DB) poses as what is called a ‘National Champion’ bank and the largest bank by far in Germany, but it’s actually the largest criminal enterprise in Germany. This is quite a statement because VW is such a massive fraud. . . .It is insane that we allow Deutsche Bank to go from fraud to fraud to fraud. . . .They cheat on everything else you can possibly imagine and, typically, they are getting caught, which is also not a very good sign in terms of their competence even as thieves. Even in the United States, there has been reluctance to crack down on Deutsche Bank. . . . When the New York Commissioner tried to crack down, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, the premier banking regulator, actually sought to impede that. He disparaged the New York folks and said there really wasn’t that big of problems and such, and all of that proved to be lies.”

    Deutsche Bank was raided by German regulators last week on more allegations of fraud and money laundering.

    DB is the epitome of “Too Big To Fail.” So, it will never be allowed to fail, and regulators will not be allowed to regulate them properly. Professor Black says, “Why you should care is Deutsche Bank impedes effective regulation everywhere and because God only knows the next thing they are going to do. This is going to continue until something dramatic changes. Eventually, they can cause the next crisis. . . .There will be a bailout in these circumstances, but that could help trigger another economic crisis. When the largest bank in the third largest economy in the world is completely dysfunctional, then the German economy is more likely to go into recession as well. That is one of the potential sources of the next recession, and you can see lots of people warning that there are signs that a serious recession is pretty likely relatively soon. Relatively could be two years.”

    read more.


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  • ITM Trading Streamed live on Nov 28, 2018
    As the derivative triggered financial crisis unfolded, in 2008 all IBORs failed as market liquidity evaporated and banks stopped lending to each other. In addition, global governments and central bankers now knew that banks, unwilling to assume that risk, would stop providing the markets which this benchmark rate during the next crisis, jeopardizing the valuations of over $300 trillion in fiat market contracts. This is why new interest rate benchmarks are required. There is no choice. This is why it’s so important to have a plan. Those in the know do, they buy physical gold. That’s part of my plan too.


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Bill Holter: Mad Max World Possible as Unpayable Debt Bubble Pops — There is Going to be a Reset

  • Bill Holter: Mad Max World Possible as Unpayable Debt Bubble Pops
    by Greg Hunter’s
    Financial writer and precious metals expert Bill Holter has been asking the same question many others have been asking. How long can the heavily indebted and manipulated global economy go before it blows or can it go on indefinitely? Holter says, “It can’t keep going because it’s already stopped. The inflection point has already been hit. If you look at credit growth, it’s not credit growth. It’s either credit stagnation or credit contraction. The global financial system is a Ponzi scheme. In order to continue to reflate it, you have to have . . . exponentially more debt. That’s where we’ve been, and now we are at the point of debt saturation. There is really no ability to add more debt. Look at the U.S. for example. The U.S. pays $300 billion to $400 billion a year going all the way back to the 1990’s. That number never went higher, even though the amount of debt doubled and then doubled again. The reason it didn’t go higher is they pushed interest rates from 7% down to basically zero percent. So, the debt service amount never grew, and now it’s growing, and it’s growing at a time when the U.S. has basically already crossed the banana republic threshold of 100% debt to GDP. In the past 12 months, we spent $550 billion in interest, and it’s on its way to the moon.”

    So, what are people going to do in a world of “exponential debt”? Holter says, “Gold and silver have no liability. They have no liability whatsoever. They are pure monetary assets. There is no currency anywhere in the world that is backed directly by anything except the full faith and credit of the central banks. That’s the key. The world is awash in credit and awash in liabilities, and as this thing bursts, and it’s bursting right now right before your very eyes, and you are seeing it in the stock markets and bigger in the credit markets, when this thing bursts, people are going to scramble to get out from under liability. There’s only one way to do that . . . when credit begins to evaporate, then the cover over gold and silver is going to be lifted.”

    There is going to be a reset of this unpayable debt, and Holter says, “It’s going to happen, and I hope for not a very long period of time. I am hoping it’s just a two week or four week event where the system goes down and goes back up. If I am wrong, then you are looking at a Mad Max world. . . . Basically, nothing works. Your electricity doesn’t work. Your car may or may not work. We may have an EMP or it will work until you run out of gas. When credit breaks down, then distribution breaks down. If credit doesn’t come back up, then distribution is gone. That means every Walmart, every grocery store is empty. Basically, you are on your own.”

    In closing, Holter warns, “The balloon has already been popped. The pin has popped the bubble, and now we are just going to work its way out. The workout, by the way, is going to be a complete and utter financial collapse. It is a house of cards, and it is all going to end up flat.”


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