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This Is All A Game,It’s Meant To Divide Us,We Need To Come Together Before It’s To Late: G. Mannarino

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US, Europe, China, Russia & Others Prepare For The Transition, Tick Tock

  • X22Report Published on Dec 7, 2018
    Job growth slows, wage growth misses, the number of people out of the workforce is at 1976 lows. House flipping is at an all time low, this is an indicator that the housing market is slowing down. Trump indicates that the negotiations are going well with China. Manufacturing increases but we need about 5 million more manufacturing jobs to get us back to 1979 levels. The Fed is slowly raising rates to crash the economy, part of the plan. Countries are preparing to make a move away from the the central bank dollar.


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Alex Jones Full Show: The Planetary Deep State Is Engineering The Collapse Of All Life On Earth

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  • InfoWars – Alex Jones Channel Published: 6 Dec 2018
    Investors are on edge after the DOW fell over 1,400 points in just two days. Also, the arrest of a Chinese CFO has allegedly complicated U.S.-China trade relations. Furthermore, Dutch police arrested a local “yellow vests” leader ahead of the weekend’s populist protests against political correctness and open border policies. Joining today’s show is the producer of Next News Network Gary Franchi sharing his cutting-edge channel to thwart Big Tech censorship. Call and tune in now!


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US-China Trade War Truce & Will Dems Block NAFTA-Replacement?

  • RT America Published on Dec 3, 2018
    The leaders from the world’s two largest economies met for dinner in Buenos Aires at the G20 summit. Presidents Trump and Xi Jinping met for dinner at the G20 summit, over which they agreed to a 90-truce in the US-Chinese trade war. RT America’s Sara Montes de Oca reports. Then former USTR official George Gill and Manuel Alejandro Valerio of the Frontier Strategy Group join to discuss the halted trade war and what to expect from the US-Mexico-Canada agreement signed at G20 and which the US Congress has six months to ratify.


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Beijing Warns Washington Over Ship in South China Sea

  • PressTV Published on Nov 30, 2018
    China’s foreign ministry spokesman says Beijing has had stern words with Washington after a US Navy ship sailed through the contested South China Sea. Geng Shuang says the US warship, USS Chancellorsville, violated Chinese and international laws. The Chinese army also says it has sent ships and planes to watch the ship and to warn it to leave. According to the U-S navy, the vessel sailed near the Paracel Islands on Monday to challenge what it called China’s excessive maritime claims. China claims sovereignty over most of the South China Sea and accuses the United States of raising military tension with its presence in the region.


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Ukraine Provocations Staged to Cancel Trump-Putin Summit

  • Ukraine Provocations Staged to Cancel Trump-Putin Summit
    In this week’s webcast, Helga Zepp-LaRouche and Harley Schlanger discuss the causes and consequences of Trump’s cancellation of he and Putin’s summit at the upcoming G20 meeting in Argentina. Zepp-LaRouche reiterates Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov’s assessment that the provocation was conducted by the same forces out to destroy the Trump presidency.

    Zepp-LaRouche also discusses the so-called “Integrity Initiative” and how the “cluster groups” running anti-Russian propaganda from British embassies must be investigated, as British meddling, with dangerous consequences!

    Also discussed is the significance of Chinese diplomatic/economic initiatives and conferences in Europe. Helga has called for surrounding Germany with nations working with China—it is happening, e.g., with Xi in Spain.

    Whatever happens at the G20—and don’t expect much of anything from the G20, but the side meetings are important—we must keep our offensive going, for a Four Power agreement leading to a NBW, and LaRouche’s Four Laws.


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Within the Past 48 hrs the British Empire Have Attempted to Derail the Prospect of President Trump’s Collaboration with Russia and China to Rebuild the World

  • Who is behind the attacks on Trump and the Ukraine incident on 25 Nov 2018? The Satanic bloodlines, the Old Black (as in EVIL) Nobility of Europe headed by the British Queen Lizzie Lizard … Zzzerpent.
  • Within the Past 48 hrs the British Empire Have Attempted to Derail the Prospect of President Trump’s Collaboration with Russia and China to Rebuild the World
    LaRouchePAC Fireside Chat – Robert Mueller and the Queen Join Hands in Hissy Fit

    Within the past 48 hours the British have attempted to derail the prospect of President Trump’s collaboration with Russia and China to rebuild the world through a series of provocations against the American President, flooding him with staged crises in Ukraine, Syria, and elsewhere. All of these provocations are designed to halt any prospect of the Four Power arrangement now put squarely on the table by our forces. At the same time, they have escalated Robert Mueller’s attacks on the President to crazed proportions as the would be Grand Inquisitor pulls out all stops to prove the lie that Trump and Putin collaborated to elect the new American President. Mueller and his British consorts have also undertaken to prove that the rage of the British people and other members of the EU toward the British Empire, expressed in Brexit, was somehow all a fantastic creation of the Russians. The immediate aim of all these panicked operations is to derail scheduled meetings between Trump, Putin, and Xi Jinping at the G20 summit tomorrow which could set in motion further collaboration between these nations in righting this world.

    The British offensive is backfiring, hugely. The President, for example, retweeted a picture of all of the coup participants in jail and putting declassification of critical documents in the coup back on the agenda, a hack has exposed major British information warfare operations, and the MI6 mouthpiece, the Guardian, was forced to partially retract the unhinged allegation that Paul Manafort collaborated with Julian Assange in the Wikileaks release of the DNC and Podesta emails. We are finding that the population is in a Pearl Harbor type of moment, stunned at the ferocity of the present attack on the nation, but absolutely politically engaged and looking for direction. Join us for tonight’s discussion about this opportunity to change the course of human history.


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China Warns US that Trade War Could Escalate into ‘Great Depression & World War’

  • China Warns US that Trade War Could Escalate into ‘Great Depression & World War’
    An escalation of the Sino-American trade conflict could lead to a repeat of the great catastrophes of the 20th century, a Chinese envoy has warned, just as Donald Trump once again threatened to slap China with additional tariffs.

    Just days before Chinese and American leaders are set to meet on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Argentina, the Chinese envoy to the US issued an ominous warning against further escalation of the trade conflict that could potentially break the symbiosis of the two largest world economies, and entirely cripple global trade.

    “I don’t know if people really realize the possible consequences – the impact, the negative impact – if there is such a decoupling,”
     Ambassador Cui Tiankai told Reuters in an interview, stressing that further escalation could recreate the dire economic conditions that once led to World War II.

    “The lessons of history are still there. In the last century, we had two world wars, and in between them, the Great Depression,” the ambassador said. “I don’t think anybody should really try to have a repetition of history. These things should never happen again, so people have to act in a responsible way.”

    read more.


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China Warns Trade War With US Could Escalate Into ‘Great Depression & World War’

  • China Warns Trade War With US Could Escalate Into ‘Great Depression & World War’
    Washington is considering sanctions against companies and officials linked to China’s alleged crackdown on the country’s minority Muslims.

    Speaking to Reuters before heading to join Chinese President Xi Jinping’s delegation at this week’s G20 summit in Buenos Aires, Cui Tiankai said China was going to the Argentinean capital hoping for a deal to ease a damaging trade war with the United States.

    Mentioning the two countries’ shared responsibility to cooperate in the interests of the global economy, Cui warned about dire consequences if US hawks try to drive a wedge between the world’s two largest economies.

    He drew parallels to the tariff wars the industrial countries fought during the 1930s, resulting in a collapse of global trade and stoking tensions in the run-up to World War Two.

    ‘The lessons of history are still there. In the last century, we had two world wars, and in between them, the Great Depression. I don’t think anybody should really try to have a repetition of history’, he observed.

    Cui Tiankai said China wanted to avoid a trade war and hoped to resolve the impasse caused by US President Donald Trump’s demands for large-scale concessions from Beijing to correct a towering trade deficit with China.

    Cui said he did not believe Beijing was seriously considering using its massive US Treasury debt holdings as a trade war weapon, citing concerns that such a move would destabilize financial markets. China is the largest foreign holder of US Treasury debt, with about $15.97 trillion of total public Treasury debt outstanding.

    The US-Chinese trade war broke out in July when President Donald Trump imposed tariffs on some Chinese imports in order to fix the US-Chinese $500 billion trade deficit.

    Since then, the two sides have exchanged several rounds of import duties on each other in spite of numerous attempts to resolve the conflict via dialogue.

    read more.


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China Ambassador Warns Of “Dire Consequences” If No Deal, Hints At “All Out” War

  • China Ambassador Warns Of “Dire Consequences” If No Deal, Hints At “All Out” War
    by Tyler Durden,
    Earlier today, Trump’s chief economic advisor Larry Kudlow poured cold water on expectations for an imminent resolution of the US-China trade war when he said that negotiations in the run up to this week’s G-20 talks “haven’t yielded any progress”, and unless something changes, the “administration will move ahead with the next phase of tariffs.”

    “Things have been moving very slowly between the two countries,” Kudlow said, adding that it was up to Xi to come up with new ideas to break the deadlock. And, echoing a report from the US Trade Representative published earlier this month, Kudlow said there hasn’t been much of a change in China’s approach. “We can’t find much change in their approach,” Kudlow told reporters. “President Xi may have a lot more to say in the bilateral [with Mr Trump], I hope he does by the way, I think we all hope he does…but at the moment, we don‘t see it.”
    Just a few hours later, a report by Reuters confirmed that Kudlow won’t be “seeing it” for a long time, because according to China’s ambassador to the US, Cui Tiankai, China is going to this week’s G-20 summit hoping for a deal to ease a damaging trade war with the United States, even as he warned of “dire consequences if U.S. hardliners – read the trade hawks led by Peter Navarro – try to separate the world’s two largest economies.

    Asked whether he though hardliners in the White House were seeking to separate the closely linked U.S. and Chinese economies, Cui said he did not think it was possible or helpful to do so, but warned that “I don’t know if people really realize the possible consequences – the impact, the negative impact – if there is such a decoupling.

    He followed up the surprisingly strong statement with an even more shocking comment, in which Tiankai went so far as to tacitly hint that the “lessons of history” suggest that if there is no deal, what comes next could be another great depression… and conventional war.

    read more.


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Russia-Led Eurasian Union Notches Up Major Success in Dumping Dollar in Favor of National Currencies

  • Russia-Led Eurasian Union notches up Major Success in Dumping Dollar in Favor of National Currencies
    Member states of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) increased the share settlements in local currencies to 70 percent in the first half of 2018, First Deputy Chief of the Russian Government Staff Sergey Prikhodko said on Tuesday.

    “In the first six months of the current year, the share of settlements in national currencies between the members of the EEU exceeded 70 percent,”
     he said prior to a visit by Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

    “The further growth of the figure will be achieved via ensuring macroeconomic and financial stability, creating of a common financial market, and harmonization of legislative control over the financial sector,”
     Prikhodko added.

    According to the top official, the bulk of the settlements in local currencies accounts for trade with Russia and is implemented via rubles. Opportunities for increasing the share of such settlements mainly depend on developing trade ties between the member countries of the alliance, he said.

    The EEU is not the only alliance of countries willing to replace the US dollar with alternative currencies in trade. Earlier this year, the BRICS group (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) of emerging economies took steps towards increasing settlements in local currencies to avoid using the greenback.

    Countries like China, Russia, Iran, Iraq, Venezuela and others are also planning to substitute the US national currency in oil trade amid deliberate policy of sanctions implemented by Washington over recent years.

    The meeting of the Eurasian Intergovernmental Council is kicking off in the Belarusian capital of Minsk. The agenda of the meeting includes digital technology, cooperation in trade, industry and agriculture, energy, economic and financial policies. Participants are also set to discuss the formation of a common gas market for the union, the draft concept of the common financial market, along with other issues of supranational regulation.

    Officially launched in 2015, the EEU currently includes five member states – Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Moldova as an observer state. Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Turkmenistan, Iran, Turkey, Syria and Tunisia are reportedly planning to join the union.


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Gold To Reassert Itself As Money | Alasdair MacLeod

  • Published on Nov 23, 2018
    The coming credit crisis will be the catalyst for China to adopt gold into their monetary system, says Alasdair MacLeod of Gold Money. The coming credit crisis will hurt China’s economy the worst, MacLeod says. He proposes that China should issue a perpetual bond. The coupon on that bond would be payable in Yuan or gold at the users choice. If this were to happen, it would undermine the Dollar and send gold higher. Why does MacLeod believe China is headed toward a gold standard? He gives many reasons including: China has been acquiring gold, is the largest gold miner in the world, doesn’t allow gold to leave, and has the biggest physical gold delivery market.


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Russia and China Ditching Dollar for National Currencies Payment System to Avoid Sanctions

  • Russia and China Ditching Dollar for National Currencies Payment System to Avoid Sanctions
    Moscow and Beijing are drafting a pact to increase the use of the ruble and the yuan in bilateral and international trade. The countries aim to cut reliance on the US dollar to avoid sanctions targeting financial transactions.

    The plan is to launch a new cross-border system for direct payments in national currencies. Discussions are underway to allow the use of China’s UnionPay credit card in Russia and Russia’s Mir card in China, according to Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, who visited China this month.

    “No one currency should dominate the market, because this makes all of us dependent on the economic situation in the country that issues this reserve currency, even when we are talking about a strong economy such as the United States,”
     Medvedev said.

    He added that US sanctions have pushed Moscow and Beijing to think about the use of their domestic currencies in settlements, something that “we should have done ten years ago.”

    “Trading for rubles is our absolute priority, which, by the way, should eventually turn the ruble from a convertible currency into a reserve currency,”
    the Russian prime minister said.

    read more.


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Iran Wants Other JCPOA Signatories to Offset Negative Impact of U.S. Withdrawal

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A GLOBAL THREAT US & China Clash of the Titans

  • ITM Trading Streamed live 3 hours ago
    Link to Slides and Sources:… 
    The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit ended on November 17th. Vice President Pence was there, as was President Xi, it was not a pretty meeting. In fact, for the first time in the 21-member Pacific Rim groups history, they were unable to end with a joint statement, exposing deep divisions between the US and China and sending global markets deeper into bear market territory. Perhaps that explains the 28% surge in global gold coin and bar demand and the expansion of central banks buying gold at levels last seen in 2015, when the current currency peg system began to break down. It’s really quite simple, those that understand money, buy gold. In my opinion, those that understand gold, buy collectibles. And if you want to actually DO about all of this, that’s what we specialize in at ITM Trading. How do you protect your wealth for the next collapse and financial reset?


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