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Following in US Footsteps? UK Ready to Use ‘Hard Power’ Against Russia & China

  • RT Published on Feb 11, 2019
    The UK must be ready to use ‘hard power’ against Russia and China, defense chief Gavin Williamson has said. The remark has raised eyebrows in Moscow, which calls it “irrelevant” to reality and aimed at securing a larger budget.


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Trump Signals The Economic Agenda, Gold Standard

  • X22Report Published on Jan 30, 2019
    The [CB] is now pushing the fear mongering to the extreme in the UK, they are now saying that if there is a no deal the country will turn into a mad max, post apocalyptic hellscape and the people would have to battle it out. What the [CB] is really saying is that the country will thrive and it will reflect on the EU and the ECB. ADP numbers show that manufacturing numbers have surged the most since 2012. Trump is finalizing the trade deal between Canada and Mexico. Trump tweets out a message about the gold standard, get ready for the transition.


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Political Unrest, Bank Accounts, BREXIT… Currency Reset — Q&A with Lynette Zang and Eric Griffin

  • ITM Trading Streamed live on Jan 29, 2019
    Link to the Slides and Sources:…
    Question 1. Lou Anne M: Does each currency reset include a war and political unrest? Is that what we can expect in Venezuela?
    Question 2. Greg L: Would you rather have your paper money in a credit Union or a regular FDIC insured bank account?
    Question 3. Bonny J: Brexit deadline is March 30. It appears that the UK is leaving the European Union. How does this affect worldwide currency markets and overall worldwide markets?
    Question 4. Paul S: We have heard from so many sources that Central Banks are buying massive amounts of gold. Can you speculate as to where the gold is coming from? Given the supply numbers, it cannot all be newly mined metal.


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New Integrity Initiative Leak: Make Muslims Love NATO, Target Anti-Frackers, Plan for Nuclear War

  • New Integrity Initiative Leak: Make Muslims Love NATO, Target Anti-Frackers, Plan for Nuclear War
    A new batch of leaked files from the covert influence network exposes how the Integrity Initiative recruits high-flying businessmen for intel ops, shows UK Muslims “why NATO matters” and prepares for nuclear conflict with Russia.

    With the UK Foreign Office and NATO-backed organization still reeling from previous leaks whose authenticity it has not attempted to disprove, the fifth tranche of internal communications was uploaded to a public server this week under the name of hacktivist group Anonymous.

    As before, it features the London-based group clandestinely meddling in various areas of civilian life for the benefit of its own undeclared objectives.

    Top business executives on ‘patriot’ list
    The Integrity Initiative’s network of loyal journalists and academics has already been uncovered, but “speaking notes” for an address given in Israel in the summer of 2018 by its director, Daniel Lafayeedney, show that its scope of intelligence asset recruitment is much broader.

    Additionally, his words blow apart the group’s half-hearted assertions that it is not a branch of military intelligence by another name, but simply a public organization fighting Russian disinformation.

    Straight-faced discussion of post-nuclear conflict with Russia
    It is not inherently morally dubious to analyze possible conflict scenarios. But leaked minutes from what appears to be a high-powered “joint workshop” for the Institute for Statecraft (the Integrity Initiative’s parent organization, and the Center for Naval Analyses – the top Pentagon-affiliated military think tank) show a readiness to contemplate a possible full-scale nuclear war with Russia that would be hair-raising even for Cold War veterans.

    One of the most alarming aspects is the apparent overstatement of Russia’s hostile intent within this bubble – believing that your enemy wants to destroy you justifies almost any action from your own side, and leads to a mutual escalation of mistrust.

    “The reality of the Russian nuclear doctrine is that it will not back down. Especially after the amount Russia has invested, how much core Russian capital is tied into nuclear capabilities,”reads the assessment of Moscow’s nuclear policy, formulated in the aftermath of the Russian Zapad exercises in 2017, which provoked an outburst of fearmongering in the West.

    “Where the West would eventually bring enough forces to push a Russian advance back [in case of a localized conflict], in that push. There would be an assessment, and the conclusion would be that regime change was in motion – It is widely believed, in that instance, they would resort to nuclear weapons.”

    The most chilling part of the assessment is not just the apparent readiness to deploy the West’s own weapons of mass destruction, but the logical jump to post-nuclear war combat.

    “War games usually start with Russia about to, or using a nuclear weapon. We need to think about, what is Russia’s response after using a nuclear weapon,”
     it continues.

    read more.


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Trump Is Hitting At The Heart Of The Central Bank, Deep State, One Piece At A Time

  • X22Report Published on Jan 28, 2019
    The [CB] is putting the fear into the people in the UK. If there is no deal they won’t be able to make trade deals with the WTO and they will be in a 30 year recession, think mirror, the economy will boom and it will reflect on [CB]. The new BREXIT date is set for Feb 14. Shoppers around the country applied for store credit cards, this was a 30% increase, other received higher credit limits because of the new FICO calculation. Trump tweets that because of the tariffs the steel industry is back.


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Bank of England Rejected Maduro’s Request to Withdraw Venezuelan Gold

  • If gold is such a ‘barbarous relic’ why are central banks storing it? Why is the BOE refusing to return it to Venezuela?
  • RT America Published on Jan 28, 2019
    The Bank of England blocked Venezuela’s attempts to retrieve $1.2 billion worth of gold stored as the nation’s foreign reserves in Britain. The self-declared and US-backed ‘president’ Juan Guaido, to supports the alleged move. Meanwhile, the US has announced sanctions against Venezuela’s largest oil company, PDVSA. RT America’s Sara Montes de Oca has the details. Then investigative journalist Ben Swann joins Scottie Nell Hughes to discuss, arguing that the US is trying to sway Venezuela’s military away from Nicolas Maduro by cutting his government off from the ability to pay them. He also decries the US’s ‘terrible track record’ of overthrowing governments and leaving nothing workable in their place.


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A British Intelligence Fraud Creates the Coup Against Donald Trump

Why did British Intelligence’s MI5 logo include an occult symbol, ‘the all seeing eye’, Satanic capstone, as part of her 1950’s to 1970’s official insignia? It is the symbol of the Anti-Christ!

  • A British Intelligence Fraud Creates the Coup Against Donald Trump
    The following article is part of a three part series, please see Part I: The British Role in the Coup Against the President Is Now Exposed. Will You Act Now to Save the Nation? and Part II: The Integrity Initiative’s Foreign Agents of Influence Invade the United States.

    by Barbara Boyd,
    Put now in the larger context of British information warfare and regime change operations directed at Russia and independent thinkers in the United States, Britain, and Western Europe—operations which were put on steroids as of 2014 (operations which we covered in Part II of this Report)—what are we to make of the Christopher Steele dossier on Donald Trump and its use to impact the 2016 elections and the Trump Presidency? As we shall show, the dossier itself is flat out, totally, and utterly false, a stinking hideous fraud. Christopher Steele himself, in subsequent testimony, has described it as “unverified raw intelligence” and will not vouch for its accuracy. Even its most fervent champions, such as Yahoo’s Michael Isikoff, who met personally with Steele in September of 2016, now doubt the document, which provided the central legends of Russiagate. And, as former House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes has repeatedly emphasized, the operations against the Trump Campaign, using the dossier as its investigative backbone, were not run through traditional U.S. channels. Rather, they were run through the traditional channels of British influence in the United States: the CIA and the State Department. All of these operations were coordinated from the Obama White House.

    Donald Trump was always the target of an extraordinary and illegal FBI investigation, despite the earlier pretense of a counterintelligence operation directed at Trump campaign volunteers and advisors. The President became an explicit target when he fired James Comey, according to the blaring headline of the January 12, 2018 New York Times.At that point, the New York Times reports, top levels of the FBI decided they had to go after the President of the United States as a covert Russian agent, accusing him, under the circumstances, of treason, since they viewed Russia as the ultimate foreign enemy of the United States. In this crazed atmosphere, having all the earmarks of a coup, an American putsch in legal garb, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein talked about wearing a wire to set the President up, while others talked about invoking the 25th Amendment.

    After the election, Tom Steyer, George Soros, and other Silicon Valley billionaires provided some $70 million in an attempt to put meat on Steele’s fact-free work product. A big part of this exercise is to create enough atmospherics and smoke to prevent the public from concluding that those who believe this crap are stark raving mad and belong in mental institutions rather than having any say in our government. That is also a large part of the function assigned to Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

    read more.

Click on image for article.

Click on image for article.


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Death Of Russiagate: Mueller Team Tied To (British) Mifsud’s Network

  • Death Of Russiagate: Mueller Team Tied To Mifsud’s Network
    In April last year, Disobedient Media broke coverage of the British involvement in the Trump-Russia collusion narrative, asking why All Russiagate Roads Lead To London, via the quasi-scholar Joseph Mifsud and others.

    The issue was also raised by WikiLeaks’s Julian Assange, just days before the Ecuadorian government silenced him last March. Assange’s Twitter thread cited research by Chris Blackburn, who spoke with Disobedient Media on multiple occasions covering Joseph Mifsud’s ties to British intelligence figures and organizations, as well as his links to Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign, the FBI, CIA and the private cyber-security firm Crowdstrike.

    We return, now, to this issue and specifically the research of Chris Blackburn, to place the final nail in the coffin of the Trump-Russia collusion charade. Blackburn’s insights are incredible not only because they return us to the earliest reporting on the role of British intelligence figures in manufacturing the Trump-Russia collusion narrative, but because they also implicate members of Mueller’s investigation. What we are left with is an indication of collusion between factions of the US and UK intelligence community in fabricating evidence of Trump-Russia collusion: a scandal that would have rocked the legacy press to its core, if Western establishment-backed media had a spine.

    In Disobedient Media’s previous coverage of Blackburn’s work, he described his experience in intelligence:

    “I’ve been involved in numerous investigations that involve counter-intelligence techniques in the past. I used to work for the 9/11 Families United to Bankrupt Terrorism, one of the biggest tort actions in American history. I helped build a profile of Osama bin Laden’s financial and political network, which was slightly different to the one that had been built by the CIA’s Alec Station, a dedicated task force which was focused on Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda. Alec Station designed its profile to hunt Osama bin Laden and disrupt his network. I thought it was flawed. It had failed to take into account Osama’s historical links to Pakistan’s main political parties or that he was the figurehead for a couple of organizations, not just Al-Qaeda.”

    “I also ran a few conferences for US intelligence leaders during the Bush administration. After the 9/11 Commission published its report into the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon it created a public outreach program. The US National Intelligence Conference and Exposition (Intelcon) was one of the avenues it used. I was responsible for creating the ‘View from Abroad’ track. We had guidance from former Senator Slade Gorton and Jamie Gorelick, who both sat on the 9/11 Commission. We got leaders such as Sir John Chilcot and Baroness Pauline Neville Jones to come and help share their experiences on how the US would be able to heal the rifts after 9/11.”

    read more.


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Buzzfeed’s Blunder Shows British Coup Against Trump Can Be Defeated

  • The head of western Illuminist intelligence agencies (CIA, MI5/6, Israeli Mossad …) is British Intelligence ie. MI5/6. The CIA, FBI … are not the top echelon brains. It is British Intelligence which takes orders directly from the Satanic bloodlines of Europe ie. the Old Black (as in EVIL, Satanic) Nobility of Europe headed by the British Monarchy.
  • Trump is hell-bent on destroying “Globalism“, “Globalist” Institutions … “Globalisim” is the process towards the Luciferian New World Order, Global Governance ie. World Government led by the Anti-Christ. So, for all those Trump haters: trust me on this — YOU ARE A USEFUL IDIOT!
  • Buzzfeed’s Blunder Shows British Coup Against Trump Can Be Defeated
    The Jan. 18 mistake by BuzzFeed, the notorious website which first brought us British MI6’s faked-up Steele dossier against President Donald Trump, lays open the ongoing British intelligence coup attempt against the President, for defeat. The failing British elite, in chaos themselves, have spent since late 2015 targeting Trump more and more intensely, to keep him away from the White House or then to remove him, because of his intended policy of cooperation for peace and economic progress with Russian President Putin and Chinese President Xi. Now the American people can destroy this coup with a mass public demand that all the intelligence community’s documents of 2016 and 2017 showing the sources of organized charges and attacks against the President, be declassified and made public. Some Congressional Democratic leaders will be exposed in the process, for having seen or been briefed on these still-secret documents, and lied about their contents.

    BuzzFeed’s claim that Special Counsel investigators had given it evidence that Trump ordered one of his attorneys to lie to Congress, had to be immediately repudiated by legal assassin Robert Mueller himself. But this, only after half a dozen knee-jerking Democrats in Congress had forecast Trump’s immediate impeachment or resignation because of it.

    Critically, EIR‘s Barbara Boyd has shown that BuzzFeed is an open U.S. component of British military intelligence’s so-called Integrity Initiative (II). This II was created for propaganda and disinformation attacks on collaborators of Russia all over Europe, including Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn in the U.K., and most particularly, Donald Trump in the United States.

    This is the third patently faked, British impeach-Trump news story in the past three months, beginning with the London Guardian‘s wild one, quickly shown to be a fabrication, that Paul Manafort repeatedly visited Julian Assange at the London Embassy of Ecuador in 2016.

    The plain lying shows the coup planners clearly got desperate as President Trump began moving to withdraw U.S. troops from the Syria and Afghanistan wars; to London, those American troops are their Gurkhas, and must remain in the chaos the wars have created, to help divide and conquer developing countries and keep the entire world divided by geopolitics.

    This desperation has further exposed the coup attempt as by British intelligence.

    read more.

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South China Sea, Strait of Taiwan Conflict

  • RT America Published on Jan 21, 2019
    Rick Sanchez discusses the rising military tensions in the South China Sea. Then RT America’s Dan Cohen reports on the joint US-UK military drills in the Taiwan Strait, much to the consternation of China. He explains the strategic importance of the South China Sea and how the possibility of military confrontation there is complicating global economics.


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British PM Rules Out Second Brexit Vote as May Rallies for Support

  • RT Published on Jan 21, 2019
    UK PM Theresa May reveals her Brexit ‘Plan B’ to parliament on Monday in a bid to garner the support of a majority of MPs to get an agreement through the House of Commons and avoid a no-deal withdrawal scenario. READ MORE:


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China Shows Off Weaponry Amid US-UK Drills in South China Sea

  • RT America Published on Jan 16, 2019
    US and UK completed joint drills on Wednesday in the disputed waters of the South China Sea. The drills lasted six days and marked the first US-UK joint operation in the area. RT America’s Sara Montes de Oca has the details.


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New Documents Reveal a Covert British Military-Intelligence Smear Machine Meddling in American Politics

Why did British Intelligence’s MI5 logo include an occult symbol, ‘the all seeing eye’, Satanic capstone, as part of her 1950’s to 1970’s official insignia? It is the symbol of the Anti-Christ!

  • New Documents Reveal a Covert British Military-Intelligence Smear Machine Meddling in American Politics
    by Max Blumenthal and Mark Ames, Grayzone Project via
    A bombshell domestic spy scandal has been unfolding in Britain, after hacked internal communications exposed a covert UK state military-intelligence psychological warfare operation targeting its own citizens and political figures in allied NATO countries under the cover of fighting “Russian disinformation.”

    The leaked documents revealed a secret network of spies, prominent journalists and think-tanks colluding under the umbrella of a group called “Integrity Initiative” to shape domestic opinion—and to smear political opponents of the right-wing Tory government, including the leader of the opposition Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn.

    To read complete article on the Grayzone Project, click here

    Until now, this Integrity Initiative domestic spy scandal has been ignored in the American media, perhaps because it has mostly involved British names. But it is clear that the influence operation has already been activated in the US. Hacked documents reveal that the Integrity Initiative is cultivating powerful allies inside the State Department, top DC think tanks, the FBI and the DHS.

    The Integrity Initiative has spelled out plans to expand its network across the US, meddling in American politics and recruiting “a new generation of Russia watchers” behind the false guise of a non-partisan charity. Moreover, the group has hired one of the most notorious American “perception management” specialists, John Rendon, to train its clusters of pundits and cultivate relationships with the media.

    Back in the UK, Member of Parliament Chris Williamson has clamored for an investigation into the Integrity Initiative’s abuse of public money.

    read more.


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Restructuring Of The World Begins, Get Ready Here It Comes

  • X22Report Published on Jan 15, 2019
    The BREXIT did not go very well for Theresa May, the parliament voted against the deal. May might be in trouble. Trump reports that Volkswagen will be spending millions in the US to create jobs. PG&E is filing for bankruptcy, Rothschilds vice chair resigns from the board. The shutdown is very different than previous shutdowns. Trump is getting ready to choose the head of the World Bank, everything is about to change.


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‘Elitist Globalists’ in Media Won’t Cover Brexit & Yellow Vests – Ben Swann

  • RT America Published on Jan 14, 2019
    Yellow Vest protests continue to rock France despite the government’s attempts at appeasing demonstrators. Investigative journalist Ben Swann joins News.Views.Hughes to discuss the protests and what’s behind the muted western media coverage thereof. They also discuss the looming Brexit vote in the UK House of Commons.


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