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EU Commission: Bloc Preparing for BREXIT No-Deal

  • PressTV Published on Oct 15, 2018
    The European Commission says the EU is preparing for a no-deal Brexit as an October 17 summit on Britain’s divorce is drawing closer. Schinas added, several key issues remain unresolved in bilateral talks. He noted, the EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier will brief the EU leaders about the progress in negotiations on October 17. Earlier, Northern Ireland’s Democratic Union Party said Britain’s withdrawal from the EU without an accord is inevitable. The DUP underlined, Brexit talks have turned into a battle for the union of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.


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The White Helmets: The Long Arm of British MI6 in Syria

  • The White Helmets: The Long Arm of British MI6 in Syria
    The White Helmet being widely promoted by the media as “first responders” are  in fact a propaganda arm of the British Intelligence MI6 in Syria, the Czech expert on Middle Eastern Affairs Dr. Peter Markvart asserted.

    In an interview with the Czech electronic website “Parliamentary Papers”, Markvart noted that this “group” has been  founded by the former British military intelligence officer James Le Mesurier, who has extensive relations with several Gulf regimes.

    There are also several  other intelligence  agents from many other  countries embedded in this group, the expert  said. This means that  the White Helmets are in fact a sort of a joint operation Co. set up to serve the agendas of Wahabi and Anglo-Saxon states, he added.

    Members of this group often appear in videos showing them as “first responders” rescuing people from the rubble, but in fact they are the “avant-garde” of  terrorists, especially the al-Nusra Front, he said.

    Many reports  have earlier debunked  the so-called “White Helmets” and showed that they are merely a war-propaganda front being used to promote false accusations and unfounded allegations against Syria and the  Syrian Arab Army. Editor-in-Chief of the Turkish “Takvim”  newspaper  said that the “White Helmets” funded by the British government and supported by the United States is in fact directly linked to the Al-Qaeda terror group and has been responsible for the chemical attack on the Syrian town of Khan Shaykhoun.

    The photos and the comments  posted by White Helmet  members  on social media reveal their true colors and clearly  show that they belong to terrorist  groups. They are not  a “humanitarian organization”, as they claim to be. To the contrary, they are a shill and a  front under the cover of which  aid is being supplied to terrorists. In other words, they act as a yet another arm for the terrorists founded by the West in Syria, he said.

People may think that they passed the girl from one guy to another. No, these are pictures from three different events.

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Backing up his claim that the attack did not contain sarin, Michael Savage made reference to photos showing first responders attending to bodies without gloves or protective gear. Had sarin been used in the attack, all of those men in white helmets would be dead.

In this ground-breaking book, Mark Curtis reveals the covert history of British collusion with radical Islamic and terrorist groups. Secret Affairs shows how governments since the 1940s have connived with militant forces to control oil resources and overthrow governments. The story of how Britain has helped nurture the rise of global terrorism has never been told.

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British Intelligence Now Officially a By-Word for Organized Crime

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Why did British Intelligence’s MI5 logo include an occult symbol, ‘the all seeing eye’, Satanic capstone, as part of her 1950’s to 1970’s official insignia? It is the symbol of the Anti-Christ!

  • Western Illuminist intelligence agencies: CIA, MI5/6, Israeli Mossad … serve the western Illuminati. At the upper echelons of power are Illuminist ie. Satanists. The roots of these agencies (of which British Intelligence is the grand daddy) are found in the occult intelligence network of the Satanic bloodlines via the corporations which the British empire / Satanic bloodlines control. They do not serve the public interests. (If you want a better understanding of them: read John Coleman’s, the Committee of 300 book, bottom of post)
  • British Intelligence Now Officially a By-Word for Organized Crime
    by John Wight,
    An intelligence service given free rein to commit ‘serious crimes’ in its own country is an intelligence service that is the enemy of its people.

    The quite astounding revelation that Britain’s domestic intelligence service, MI5, has enjoyed this very freedom for decades has only just been made public at a special tribunal in London, set up to investigate the country’s intelligence services at the behest of a coalition of human rights groups, alleging a pattern of illegality up to and including collusion in murder.

    The hitherto MI5 covert policy sanctioning its agents to commit and/or solicit serious crimes, as and when adjudged provident, is known as the Third Direction. This codename has been crafted, it would appear, by someone with a penchant for all things James Bond within an agency whose average operative is more likely to be 5’6” and balding with a paunch and bad teeth than any kind of lantern-jawed 007.  

    The Pat Finucane Centre, one of the aforementioned human rights groups involved in bringing about this tribunal investigation (Investigatory Powers Tribunal, to give it its Sunday name) into the nefarious activities of Britain’s domestic intelligence agency, issued a damning statement in response to the further revelation that former Prime Minister David Cameron introduced oversight guidelines with regard to the MI5 covert third direction policy back in 2012.

    Cameron’s decision to do so, the group claims, was far from nobly taken:

    “It can be no coincidence that Prime Minister David Cameron issued new guidelines, however flawed, on oversight of MI5 just two weeks before publication of the De Silva report into the murder of Pat Finucane. The PM was clearly alive to the alarming evidence which was about to emerge of the involvement of the Security Service in the murder. To date no-one within a state agency has been held accountable. The latest revelations make the case for an independent inquiry all the more compelling.”

    Pat Finucane, a Belfast Catholic, plied his trade as a human rights lawyer at a time when the right to be fully human was denied the minority Catholic community of the small and enduring outpost of British colonialism in the north east corner of Ireland, otherwise known as Northern Ireland. He was murdered by loyalist paramilitaries in 1989, back when the decades-long conflict euphemistically referred to as the Troubles still raged, claiming victims both innocent and not on all sides.

    Unlike the vast majority of those killed and murdered in the course of this brutal conflict, Finucane’s murder sparked a long and hard fought struggle for justice by surviving family members, friends and campaigners. They allege – rather convincingly, it should be said – that it was carried out with the active collusion of MI5.

    read more.
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West Against GRU: Countries Accuse Russia of Global Hacking Attack

  • RT Published on Oct 4, 2018
    The U.S., the Netherlands and the UK have accused Russia’s GRU military intelligence service of a string of cyber attacks, on everyone from the international chemical weapons watchdog. And it didn’t take long for the EU and NATO to join the chorus of claims. READ MORE:


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British Ex-Intelligence Officer on Russia’s Alleged Global Hacking Attacks

  • RT Published on Oct 4, 2018
    The UK and the Netherlands claim that they had foiled cyber attacks by Russian government hackers while the US indicted seven agents of Russian military intelligence for a series of alleged hacking attacks. READ MORE:


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BBC Publishes Video Showing 6-year-olds Being Made to Write Gay Love Letters to Promote Diversity

  • Morally corrupting young minds. Illuminist social engineers rule the world.
  • BBC Publishes Video Showing 6-year-olds Being Made to Write Gay Love Letters to Promote Diversity
    by Sarah Taylor,
    The BBC’s Radio Manchester shared a video on the organization’s Facebook page in September that’s making the rounds and going viral.

    What’s the video all about?
    The video features 6-year-olds writing letters from one male story character to another male story character, imploring him to marry the other. Featuring pupils from Bewsey Lodge Primary School — which is in Warrington, in England’s Cheshire region — the video shows children pen a note from “Prince Henry” to his servant “Thomas.” The students’ teacher, Sarah Hopson, told the BBC what was happening in the video — which, at the time of this writing, has been viewed more than 180,000 times.

    “This class of 6-year-olds is learning about gay marriage. In this fairy tale, the prince wants to marry his [male] servant. And the children are writing a love letter,” Hopson said.

    She noted that she believes it’s important for children to learn about gay marriage at such a young age because those same children would “go out into that world and find this diversity around them, and they’ll find that out at a young age as well.”

    “[T]he more [children] can be accepting at this age, you’re not going to face it further on, because the children will be accepting now and will be accepting this diversity around them,” she added.

    According to Bewsey Lodge Primary School’s website, the school teaches “PSHE,” which stands for “Personal, Social, and Health Education.” Under the PSHE umbrella, topics like transgenderism, sexuality, and relationships are discussed. PSHE is taught from nursery age to year 6. Additionally, the school has “non-gender-specific” uniforms. You can read more about the program here.

    read more.


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UK Prime Minister Theresa May Says She Disagrees with Trump, Iran is Honoring Nuke Deal

  • UK Prime Minister Theresa May Says She Disagrees with Trump, Iran is Honoring Nuke Deal
    by ,
    British Prime Minister Theresa May said Iran has honored the multilateral agreement to limit its nuclear weapons program and said the deal should remain in place, in sharp contrast with U.S. policy under President Donald Trump who has pulled America out of the deal.

    “From what we see, we believe that it is doing that,” May told “CBS This Morning” co-host John Dickerson in an interview Friday when asked if Iran has been abiding by the agreement. She said that the question of Iran’s adherence to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action is “an area where I do have a difference of opinion” with Trump.

    “We do agree with the United States that there are other aspects of Iran’s behavior that we need to be dealing with, too,” May said, citing as examples the country’s development of ballistic missiles and its actions that “destabilize the region.”

    “We need to address those issues, too. But we also want to ensure that we have a nuclear deal in place that prevents them from getting a nuclear weapon,” she said.

    The interview with Dickerson took place Friday and will air Monday morning.
    May said that Britain and the other nations that worked on the JPCOA believe “it should stay in place.” Keeping the deal in place will mean Britain and the other signatures will not adhere to some U.S. sanctions on Iran and that companies from those countries can conduct business with the theocratic regime.

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UK Begged Trump Not To Declassify Russia Docs; Cited “Grave Concerns” Over Steele Involvement

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  • The entire “Russia Collusion” psyop appears to be directed by MI6, British Intelligence.
  • UK Begged Trump Not To Declassify Russia Docs; Cited “Grave Concerns” Over Steele Involvement
    by Tyler Durden,
    The British government “expressed grave concerns” to the US government over the declassification and release of material related to the Trump-Russia investigation, according to the New York TimesPresident Trump ordered a wide swath of materials “immediately” declassified “without redaction” on Monday, only to change his mind later in the week by allowing the DOJ Inspector General to review the materials first. 

    The Times reports that the UK’s concern was over material which “includes direct references to conversations between American law enforcement officials and Christopher Steele,” the former MI6 agent who compiled the infamous “Steele Dossier.” The UK’s objection, according to former US and British officials, was over revealing Steele’s identity in an official document, “regardless of whether he had been named in press reports.” 

    We would note, however, that Steele’s name was contained within the Nunes Memo – the House Intelligence Committee’s majority opinion in the Trump-Russia case.

    Steele also had extensive contacts with DOJ official Bruce Ohr and his wife Nellie, who – along with Steele – was paid by opposition research firm Fusion GPS in the anti-Trump campaign. Trump called for the declassification of FBI notes of interviews with Ohr, which would ostensibly reveal more about his relationship with Steele. Ohr was demoted twice within the Department of Justice for lying about his contacts with Fusion GPS.

    Perhaps the Brits are also concerned since much of the espionage performed on the Trump campaign was conducted on UK soil throughout 2016. Recall that Trump aid George Papadopoulos was lured to London in March, 2016, where Maltese professor Joseph Mifsud fed him the rumor that Russia had dirt on Hillary Clinton. It was later at a London bar that Papadopoulos would drunkenly pass the rumor to Australian diplomat Alexander Downer (who Strzok flew to London to meet with). 

    read more.

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Iran Summons Envoys of UK, Netherlands & Denmark, After Military Parade Attack

  • Iran Summons Envoys of UK, Netherlands & Denmark, After Military Parade Attack
    Tehran has summoned the envoys of three European countries and is accusing them of harboring radical opposition groups, after an attack at a military parade in the city of Ahvaz claimed nearly 30 lives and left dozens injured.

    “It is not acceptable that these groups are not listed as terrorist organizations by the European Union as long as they have not carried out a terrorist attack in Europe,”
     Bahram Qasemi, Foreign Ministry spokesman, said, as cited by the IRNA news agency.

    The summoned diplomats were grilled over the whereabouts of some “members of the mercenary terrorist group,” that Tehran suspects their countries of sheltering. At the meetings with the ambassadors of the Netherlands and Denmark, the Islamic Republic of Iran emphasized that it had previously warned about the presence of people belonging to terrorist groups in their respective countries and stressing that it wanted to arrest and prosecute them.

    “It is not acceptable that these groups are not listed as terrorist organizations by the European Union as long as they have not carried out a terrorist attack in Europe,” Bahram Qasemi, Foreign Ministry spokesman, said, as cited by IRNA news agency. The same tone was also adopted with the British embassy’s temporary acting representative in Tehran, in the absence of the country’s ambassador.

    Iran emphasized that it wants the three European nations to issue a condemnation of the terrorist act, noting that “these terrorists are exactly the same as ISIS, and no difference should be made between citizens of a country and another country.”

    Up to 29 people were killed and more than 60 others injured after gunmen fired indiscriminately at the crowd during a military parade in the southwestern city of Ahvaz. All four attackers were neutralized in the 10-minute gunfight.

    Responsibility for the attack has been claimed by the ‘Patriotic Arab Democratic Movement in Ahwaz’ separatist group, which Tehran says is supported by Saudi Arabia. Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said that his country held “regional terror sponsors and their US masters accountable for such [an] attack.”

    read more.


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‘Freedom of Navigation Isn’t a Freedom to Invade & Infringe Upon Sovereignty’ – China’s UK Envoy

FILE PHOTO: HMS Albion © Toru Hanai / Reuters

  • ‘Freedom of Navigation’ or provoking WW3? See also:

    Japan’s largest warship trains with US naval strike group in contested South China Sea
  • ‘Freedom of Navigation Isn’t a Freedom to Invade & Infringe Upon Sovereignty’ – China’s UK Envoy
    Beijing “cherishes” the freedom of navigation principle but will not remain idle as Western powers use it as a pretext to show off their “military might” and “create trouble” in the South China Sea, China’s UK ambassador has said.

    “Some big countries outside the region did not seem to appreciate the peace and tranquility in the South China Sea. They sent warships and aircraft all the way to the South China Sea to create trouble,”
     Ambassador Liu Xiaoming told the annual Induction Programme for Commonwealth Diplomats, held in London.

    China, the Ambassador stressed, has no problem with freedom of navigation and actually “cherishes” the principle, which allows “hundreds of thousands” of ships to sail through the disputed waters of one of the world’s biggest trade arteries. Beijing is only concerned when the US vessels and those of their allies brazenly breach the territorial waters of the Paracel and the Spratly chain of islands, where China has been building up military infrastructure to protect its territorial claims.

    read more.


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The Message Has Been Sent, Globalism Is Over, Everything Is About To Change

  • X22Report Published on Sep 20, 2018
    The EU is making very difficult for the UK to break away, that is because the central banks does not want this to happen and the UK might make a hard break. Initial jobless claims hit an all time low and every-time this happened the country went into a recession. Existing home sales at there lowest in 30 years. 24 million people using their home equity as ATM again. The economy is breaking down and Trump just sent a message to the central banks and to the globalists, globalism is over.


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The Sun Retracts ‘Kremlin Poisoning Plot’ Blonde Model Story

  • RT UK Published on Sep 21, 2018
    RT’s Anastasia Churkina has more as The Sun retracts its story on ‘Kremlin poisoning plot’ of blonde model over speculation of a hoax. MORE:


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Tories Leak ‘Secret Plan’ to Ditch Theresa May as Leader & a List of Possible Successors

  • RT Published on Sep 20, 2018
    A Tory internal memo that suggests Theresa May will be forced to stand down as leader “soon after March 2019,” and which details a list of pros and cons of possible candidates to replace the PM, has been leaked to the Telegraph.


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Photos of Russian “Spies” Doctored in Skripal Novichok Case

  • Blackstone Intelligence Network Published on Sep 15, 2018
    Blackstone Intel Exclusive: Analysis shows that photos of alleged assassins Petrov and Boshirov were doctored by Scotland Yard as part of the falsification of a timeline of events in the Skipal poisoning.

Obviously doctored photo provided by Theresa May, Scotland Yard. Look at the time stamp for both. Exactly the same, down to the second.


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Britain Joins the US in Unwise Confrontation in the South China Sea

HMS Albion

  • Britain Joins the US in Unwise Confrontation in the South China Sea
    The US research agency Stratfor has forecast that “the United States will solidify its naval presence in the South China Sea and continue building up defence and economic ties along China’s periphery from Taiwan to Southeast Asia,” and given the all-embracing belligerence that seems to envelope Washington, its analysts are probably right. There are few countries or international accords that are not targeted by the malevolence of a president who declared at his inauguration that “it’s going to be only America first, America first” and whose disciples applaud his erratic lurches from truculent insults to maudlin self-pity.

    In November 2017 Trump visited Vietnam and “called for all South China Sea claimants to clarify and comport their maritime claims in accordance with the international law of the sea as reflected in the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea [UNCLOS] and to implement their international legal obligations in good faith in managing or resolving these disputes.”

    The main problem about this self-satisfied drivel is that, as Voice of America reported in 2016, “the US has not accepted UNCLOS because of opposition from Republicans in the Senate, where treaties must be approved by a two-thirds’ vote.” And in 2018 the Congress is still controlled by Republicans and they still haven’t agreed to ratify the Convention. Why should they? It goes against everything that Washington stands for in the way of America First, which sentiment excludes anything at all that might commit the US to international law.

    So the Pentagon continues to send nuclear-capable bombers and missile-equipped warships and electronic warfare aircraft around and over the South China Sea, to make it clear to China that the most important thing to Washington in the region is its military domination of China’s coast. The most recent confrontational activity was three months ago when the US Navy’s Antietam, a guided-missile cruiser, and the Higgins guided-missile destroyer were sent to try to provoke Chinese reaction by operating within 12 nautical miles of the Paracel Islands. They didn’t just pass through the Paracels : they conducted tactical manoeuvres among the islets, but this didn’t prevent a spokesman for the US Navy’s Seventh Fleet telling Time magazine, presumably without a smirk on his face, that the operations “are not about one country, nor are they about making political statements.”

    Britain, which is roughly the same distance from the South China Sea as America (10,000 km as against 12,000 km) decided to join Washington in making political statements by sending HMS Albion, an Amphibious Assault Ship of Britain’s Royal Navy to mimic US antics in the region.

    read more.


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