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Sanctions, Sanctions, Sanctions – the Final Demise of the Dollar Hegemony?

  • Sanctions, Sanctions, Sanctions – the Final Demise of the Dollar Hegemony?
    by Peter Koenig for The Saker Blog,
    Sanctions left and sanctions right. Financial mostly, taxes, tariffs, visas, travel bans – confiscation of foreign assets, import and export prohibitions and limitations; and also punishing those who do not respect sanctions dished out by Trump, alias the US of A, against friends of their enemies. The absurdity seems endless and escalating – exponentially, as if there was a deadline to collapse the world. Looks like a last-ditch effort to bring down international trade in favor of — what? – Make America Great Again? – Prepare for US mid-term elections? – Rally the people behind an illusion? – Or what?

    All looks arbitrary and destructive. All is of course totally illegal by any international law or, forget law, which is not respected anyway by the empire and its vassals, but not even by human moral standards. Sanctions are destructive. They are interfering in other countries sovereignty. They are made to punish countries, nations, that refuse to bend to a world dictatorship.

    Looks like everybody accepts this new economic warfare as the new normal. Nobody objects. And the United Nations, the body created to maintain Peace, to protect our globe from other wars, to uphold human rights – this very body is silent – out of fear? Out of fear that it might be ‘sanctioned’ into oblivion by the dying empire? – Why cannot the vast majority of countries – often it is a ratio of 191 to 2 (Israel and the US) – reign-in the criminals?

    Imagine Turkey – sudden massive tariffs on aluminum (20%) and steel (50%) imposed by Trump, plus central bank currency interference had the Turkish Lira drop by 40%, and that ‘only’ because Erdogan is not freeing US pastor Andrew Brunson, who faces in Turkey a jail sentence of 35 years for “terror and espionage”. An Izmir court has just turned down another US request for clemency, however, converting his jail sentence to house arrest for health reason. It is widely believed that Mr. Brunson’s alleged 23 years of ‘missionary work’ is but a smoke screen for spying.

    President Erdogan has just declared he would look out for new friends, including new trading partners in the east – Russia, China, Iran, Ukraine, even the unviable EU, and that his country is planning issuing Yuan-denominated bonds to diversify Turkey’s economy, foremost the country’s reserves and gradually moving away from the dollar hegemony.

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If Turkey Collapses, THIS Country Will Be Next!

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How Central Bankers Rigged the World Economy Following the 2008 Economic Crisis

  • The power of the Synagogue of Satan lies in their control of the Global Central Banking Cartel. With it, they create money out of thin air to buy up the world, foment wars, finance terrorism, attack nations, rigged the stock, commodity, pecious metals …. markets, bribed politicians …. They own/control what you eat, drink, read, watch … and even think … Most large MNCs are owned/controlled by them … Big Agri, Big Pharma, Big Oil, MSM, ….
  • If you have problem accepting what I say in the above paragraph, trust me on this: You are an IDIOT! I won’t trust you to lead me anywhere, not even to the toilet. This is an exaggeration but not by very much.
  • RT America Published on Aug 18, 2018
    Nomi Prins, journalist and author of Collusion: How Central Bankers Rigged the World, talks to journalist Chris Hedges about how central bankers “overstepped their traditional mandates by directing the flow of epic sums of fabricated money without any checks and balances.”

Who owns the world reserve currency, the dollar, the global monetary hegemony? Look at the Satanic capstone on your dollar bill. The Luciferian New World Order will be complete with the arrival of the Satanic capstone: the Anti-Christ, fake messiah, bringer of false peace, the white horseman of Revelation 6!

Click on image for pdf E-book.

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The Crime Syndicate Is Still Using The Same Economic Tricks: Jeff Nielson

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Greg Hunter’s Weekly Update: Brennan Loses Security Clearance, Big Tech Killing Free Speech, Dollar, Trade War And Global Reset

  • Greg Hunter’s Weekly Update: Brennan Loses Security Clearance, Big Tech Killing Free Speech, Dollar, Trade War And Global Reset
    by Greg Hunter’s (WNW 348, 8.17.18)
    Obama Administration CIA Director John Brennan had his security clearance revoked by President Trump. Brennan says it’s an attack on Trump’s critics. Others say it’s the beginning of punishment for being the “ringleader” of a soft coup to remove Donald Trump from office. Are indictments of Brennan and his co-conspirators coming soon?

    Say something that big tech companies do not like and you can be banned from social media platforms such at Twitter and Facebook. It’s not just people like Alex Jones getting banned, it is also GOP congressional candidates such as Elizabeth Heng whose family story about escaping brutal communist dictator Pol Pot in Cambodia is considered “obscene.”

    Lots of people are worried about the U.S. dollar. Is it going to continue to rise in value? Is the Fed going to keep raising interest rates on the short end of the curve? Can emerging markets like Turkey survive without an economic meltdown? All good questions, and we will try to give you the answers.


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Why Russia Will NOT Fall Victim to Emerging Markets Financial Crisis

  • The Duran Published on Aug 17, 2018
    The Duran – News in Review – Episode 81. The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris explain why, unlike the financial meltdown in Turkey, Russia is well equipped and properly prepared to weather the US sanctions storm… and may, in the end, come out of the latest emerging markets turmoil stronger and more independent from western petrodollar control than ever before.


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Trump Destroying ‘Old World Monetary Order’ By Signing Off on Tariffs, Sanctions

  • Trump Destroying ‘Old World Monetary Order’ By Signing Off on Tariffs, Sanctions
    US President Donald Trump’s love of using tariffs and sanctions to get back at foreign governments is a game changer that is ultimately destroying “the old world monetary order,” economist Mark Frost told Sputnik.

    US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin revealed during a Thursday meeting at the White House that the US was prepared to slap Turkey with additional sanctions if Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan refused to release American pastor Andrew Brunson. This would be in addition to the US’ sanctions on two top officials in the Turkish Cabinet last week and tariffs imposed on Turkish steel and aluminum, which sent the Turkish lira on a bit of a tumble.

    Turkey and the US landed in an “it’s complicated” relationship status after Ankara refused to release Brunson, who is accused of backing the failed 2016 coup. Citing failing health, Turkish authorities have released Brunson from prison and placed him on house arrest.

    ​Frost told Sputnik Radio’s Fault Lines on Thursday that Trump is changing the game on how officials view the power of tariffs and sanctions.

    “What Trump has done is, he’s changed the game. Used to [be], the game was: let’s predict what other people are going to do,” Frost told hosts Garland Nixon and Lee Stranahan. “Now, people are saying, ‘We don’t know what people are going to do, so we’re going to take a different way of looking at how we expect currency movements and things like that to happen.'”

    “[W]hether you like it or whether you don’t like it, Trump has basically destroyed the old world monetary order of how the world works,” he added.

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Will Trump Abolish the FedRes, Return to Gold Standard & Declare Debt Jubilee?

  • Reluctant Preppers Published on Aug 15, 2018
    Is President Trump a patsy succumbing to the powers that be, or is he enacting sweeping changes that will end the Federal Reserve, liberate us from over a century of foreign private banker occupation, and usher in an era of gold-backed stable money? Wayne Jett, author of “The Fruits of Graft, Great Depressions Then and Now,” returns to Reluctant Preppers to declare a blistering and mind expanding assessment of which way we are headed. You do not want to miss this one!


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The Economic Recovery Is Not What It Seems: Daniel Ameduri

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On The News Line – Dollar is Doomed

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Scarier More Dangerous Market Crisis Blowing Up Now – John Rubino

  • Scarier More Dangerous Market Crisis Blowing Up Now – John Rubino
    by Greg Hunter’s
    Financial writer John Rubino says the currency crisis happening in Turkey is a stark reason for owning something a government can’t print more of at will. Rubino points out, “The function of gold and silver is to protect you against government mismanagement of your currency.   The emerging market countries (including Turkey) have screwed up their money. They borrowed a lot of U.S. dollars at low interest rates when the dollar was falling. They expected the dollar to keep falling and pay back their loans in ever cheaper dollars, but the dollar went the other way. So, now their loans are unpayable. Their currencies are blowing up, and you are seeing gold and silver rise in local currency terms. In other words, precious metals are protecting the citizens of those countries against financial mismanagement.”

    Rubino warns, “The crisis eventually works its way all the way to the middle, which is what happened after the housing bubble burst in 2007. It was just sub-prime mortgagees to begin with, which was not really a big deal, but eventually it became a near death experience for the entire global banking system. Since that time, instead of getting our financial houses in order around the world, we basically kept on borrowing money. Now, we have almost twice as much debt globally as we had in that debt driven global financial crisis. So, you can expect the next one . . . to be bigger, scarier and more dangerous. There are a lot of reasons to believe we are getting close, and one of those reasons is the emerging markets are starting to blow up.”

    Rubino also points out, “The “Crack-Up Boom” is the point at which everybody figures out it is the explicit policy of their government to make their currency worth less year after year after year, and they don’t want to hold the currency anymore. So, as soon as they get paid, they turn that money into real stuff. You see the price of real things spike because everybody is buying real stuff at whatever price they have to pay. That manifests as accelerating inflation, but it is really a loss of faith in the currency. I think that is the end game of this system. The central banks are bailing out so many different players with so much new currency that people figure out that is a bad deal for the holders of that currency. They start front-running the process, and the system breaks down. This could be the time that it happens because the amount of debt that would have to be bailed out by the central banks is immense. It was much bigger than the bailouts . . . in 2008, and that was multi-trillions of dollars. . . . The numbers could be so immense this time people might see it for what it is. People will figure it out, and that is the systematic destruction of these fiat currencies, and then all hell breaks loose.”

    According to Rubino, the long predicted so-called “debt reset” is getting much closer. How’s that going to work? Rubino explains, “It’s not clear that a currency reset (devaluation) will work unless it is coordinated. It’s not just the U.S. It could also be the European Central Bank, Bank of Japan and The Peoples Bank of China all making the announcement about their currency at the same time. If that happened, it would be really disruptive for a short time, but we would come out of it in reasonably good shape. That’s what we should be hoping for because there is no pain free option when you borrow too much money.”


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Fund Manager: Gold & Silver Being Hit Like In 2008 To Cover-Up Impending Global Financial Crisis

  • Fund Manager: Gold & Silver Being Hit Like In 2008 To Cover-Up Impending Global Financial Crisis
    Dave Kranzler provides a very critical update today on what is going on with gold, silver, and the broader markets. Here are the details…

    by Dave Kranzler of Investment Research Dynamics 
    In 2008, gold was taken from $1020 to $700 and silver was pounded from $21 to  $7 during the period of time that Bear Stearns, Lehman and the U.S. financial system was collapsing.  The precious metals were behaving inversely to what would have been expected as the global financial system melted down.   Massive Central Bank intervention was at play.

    Currently the price of gold and silver are being dismantled by what appears to be massive hedge fund shorting of Comex paper gold.  As of last Tuesday, the “managed money” trader category as detailed in the Commitment of Traders report showed that the hedge funds were short a record amount of paper gold.

    As of yesterday the open interest in Comex paper gold was about 17,000 contracts higher than the open interest shown in last week’s COT report.  This represents another 1.7 million ozs – or 48 tonnes – of paper gold that has been dumped on the market.  It is highly probable, if not a certainty, that most of the increase in short interest is attributable to hedge fund algos chasing the paper price of gold lower.

    Meanwhile, behind the scenes, the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) has been actively intervening in the physical gold market during July, as detailed by Robert Lambourne, a consultant to GATA:

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CONTAGION: Why Turkey Could Gobble Up the World by Lynette Zang

  • ITM Trading Streamed live 5 hours ago
    Turkey boasts the fourteenth largest economy and they’ve had easy access to global debt markets. If that debt were issued in terms of lira, no problem, it could be paid off with cheaper lira. Unfortunately, roughly $450bn of that debt was issued in terms of other fiat currencies, with USD denominated bonds making up a full third of that debt! Therefore, as the lira dies, that debt becomes impossible to repay. In terms of the USDs, spot gold has been hammered. In terms of lira, gold is at all-time highs. In reality, physical gold is simply providing its most important function, protecting wealth. If you want to know what to actually DO about all of this, that’s what we specialize in at ITM Trading. How do you protect your wealth for the next collapse and financial reset? Yes Gold and Silver, but what types? How much of each? What strategy? And what long term plan? If you’re asking these questions you’re already ahead of the game… We’re here to assist you, as it is our mission to safeguard the public from the inevitable downfall of the dollar.


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CRISIS In Latin America As Currencies PLUMMET! The Next Domino To Fall?

  • World Alternative Media Published on Aug 15, 2018
    Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen as several Latin American currencies plummet! This is no surprise as all fiat currencies eventually revert to their true value of zero as they have since 1024 AD in China every single time. Still, it’s shocking a lot of people. We’ve recently reported on the massive inflation hitting Argentina for what seems like the millionth time in the past century which in reality isn’t too far off. The Argentinian Peso has seen a huge drop in purchasing power this past year. We’ve also been reporting on the hyperinflation hitting Venezuela for years. We can thank vast centralization and manipulation for these struggles.

    Well it appears the Brazilian Real, the Mexican and Columbian Pesos and largely all of Latin America is struggling right now. Argentina is trying to force its banking system to shift away from short term funding, has cancelled the daily dollar auction and has phased out its short term Lebacs program. The Peso saw a cliff dive following these moves. Then the Argentinian central bank stepped in and raised 7-day rates by 500bps to 45%! Emerging market investors are panicking for good reason. This is an obvious sign of the desperate sentiment of the central banking system. This has seen reactions in Brazil, Mexico, Chile and Columbia. But alas, this is expected. We cannot expect history’s greatest tricks of central planning to end any differently than it has over and over again for a thousand years. They are propping up that which does not live. It is getting heavier and heavier as the days roll on and eventually it will fall on top of the populace.

    The longer it is put off, the worse it will be. Individuals must branch out from under the watchful eye of the global complex. Individuals must be independent and self sustainable. Financially educated and responsible. We cannot continue to be dependent on an entity which benefits from our dependence.

We will all be trillionaires but can’t afford breakfast !

9 Jan 1988 cover, The Economist: Get Ready for a World Currency by 2018! The Rise of the Phoenix world currency from the ashes of national fiat currencies ie. destruction of fiat currencies via hyperinflation. “Phoenix” is of course an occult metaphor. Out of the destruction, the ashes of the old world order, the Luciferian New World Order will rise like a Phoenix!

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Dave Janda: Protect Yourself And Your Family Now Because Even Trump Says There Will Be A Reset

  • Dave Janda: Protect Yourself And Your Family Now Because Even Trump Says There Will Be A Reset
    Dave says we need to pay attention to what we’re being told because the reset is coming, and it’s going to occur on several fronts. Here are the details…

    by Dave Janda of Operation Freedom 
    Many people are talking about a reset. The reset is going to happen. It’s not just obscure financial pundits telling us the reset is coming, but very prominent people like new world order globalist Jacob Rothschild and even President Trump himself.

    * What will the reset be like, and what are the multiple fronts?
    * How long will the reset last, and will it be painful?
    * Who will bet the winners? The losers?
    * What about gold & silver during the reset?
    * How can we protect ourselves?

    Tune in to the broadcast in its entirety below for all of those topics and a whole lot more.


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