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Emerging Economies Stockpiling Gold in Expectation of US Dollar Banking System Collapse – Analysts

Remember the Golden Rule: “He who has the gold Rules!”

  • Emerging Economies Stockpiling Gold in Expectation of US Dollar Banking System Collapse – Analysts
    Countries around the world are turning to gold as uncertainty about the global economy rises. Trade wars and the aggressive policies of the United States are making emerging economies withdraw from dollar assets, analysts told RT.

    “In the near future we can witness a big change in the rules of the game. At the beginning of the year, developing countries were the first to feel investor panic. If a crisis in Latin America and South Asia doesn’t surprise anybody, now is the time to worry about the largest economies of the world,” Mikhail Mashchenko, an analyst at the social network for investors eToro in Russia and CIS told RT.

    “The aggressive US policy in recent years has forced some countries to look for an alternative to the dollar and replenish their gold reserves. Worries about the future growth of global economy are an additional incentive for purchases. Many question Donald Trump’s protectionism,”
     the analyst added.

    There are signs that the global financial system dominated by the US dollar could collapse, says financial institute FinIst analyst Denis Lisitsyn. These signs include the uncontrolled emission of money from different countries, an increase in US interest rates, trade wars, the rapid rise in energy prices, geopolitical tensions in Syria, Iraq, the war in Yemen, he says.

    “Many countries are buying gold in advance. They understand that paper money is constantly eaten up by inflation, equities will sharply fall in price in case of a crisis, and foreign deposits can be arrested, confiscated or frozen,”
     he said.

    Hungary, Poland, Russia, China, India, Turkey, Saudi Arabia are all hoarding gold, notes Vladimir Rozhankovsky, LIFA, expert at the International Financial Center.

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India Offloading US Treasuries to Support National Currency & Buy Gold

  • India Offloading US Treasuries to Support National Currency & Buy Gold
    The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is cutting down on its holding of US Treasuries, joining a number of countries which have been dumping US debt to bolster domestic economies.

    The country’s share of US sovereign debt saw a gradual decline from $157 billion in March to $140 billion as of the end of August, according to the latest US Treasury report. RBI needed US dollars to sell in the market to stop the steep slide of its currency, the rupee. The bank has sold foreign currencies worth $18.6 billion in the spot market since April to rein the value of the rupee.

    Foreign portfolio investors (FPI) have pulled out more than $10 billion of their investments in the Indian markets since April. That has resulted in rupee losing more than 10 percent in value against the dollar.

    “If FPI flows do not revive amid an US-China trade war, the RBI may need to sell another $10-15 billion by March,”
     said Bank of America Merrill Lynch. According to its report, there could be more pressure on India’s central bank to sell US bond holdings in order to meet the dollar demand.

    Experts say the RBI may be using part of the sales proceeds of the US bonds to buy gold. Statistics showed that the bank’s gold reserves grew to 18.64 million troy ounces in August from 18.01 million troy ounces in March 2018.

    Liquidating US sovereign bonds has recently become a trend among major holders. The latest data showed that Russia has dumped nearly all of its holdings of US debt, trimming 84 percent of them during 2018. Turkey’s share of US Treasuries fell by 42 percent in the first half of the current year.

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Italy’s Debt Crisis Will Crush the EU! Contagion Will Spread Fast Bringing MASSIVE Deflation!

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Dave Janda: Deep State Lashing Out Because it is Losing

  • Trump Blaming Fed for Next Market Crash – Dave Janda
    by Greg Hunter’s  (Earl Sunday Release)
    Radio host Dr. Dave Janda says everybody in Washington knows the next big crash is right around the corner. It’s been 10 years since the Fed reflated the last meltdown, and Dr. Janda says President Trump is already blaming the Federal Reserve for killing the economy that his policies revived. Dr. Janda explains, “President Trump has been pointing the finger at the Fed. He’s been pointing the finger at the Fed, and that is exactly where he should be pointing. The globalist syndicate’s tentacle is the central banking system, and, in particular, in the United States, the Federal Reserve.

    The Federal Reserve is one of the entities that is directly responsible for this financial mess our country is currently in. You would never see Obama or the Bushes, or Bill Clinton, point at the Fed and say what Trump has said. Trump said, ‘I think the Fed has gone crazy. I think the Fed is making a mistake. They’re so tight with interest rates. I think the Fed has gone crazy.’ Just the other day, Trump said, ‘My biggest threat is the Fed. . . . The Fed is raising rates too fast, and it’s too independent.’ Now, wait a minute, listen to that. It’s too independent. When was the last time a president of the United States said the Fed was too independent? . . . . Banking groups, that is their priority. So, when the President says the Fed is raising rates too fast, and it’s my biggest enemy, and too independent, what he is saying is they are looking out for their own interests. They are not looking out for the interests of our country or for you or for me or for any American, and he’s right. I don’t know of any other president that has had the guts to say this.”

    So, what happens next? Dr. Janda says, “Trump knew this thing was rigged to blow, the economy, the financial system, and when the right time came, he would start pointing the finger at the globalists, the Fed. I believe that’s where we are right now.”

    On the Democrats taking back control of the House, Janda says the blue wave will turn into a red tsunami. One Democrat after another, including Hillary Clinton, has threatened violence if Democrats do not take back the House of Representatives. Janda says, “These are not statements from people that are in positions of power or people that are riding a blue tsunami to victory in the midterm election. These are people that are potentially drowning in a red wave, and they know it because their internals are telling them that. This is why they are acting out.”

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Trump has already honored Jackson by hanging his portrait in the Oval Office just days after moving into the White House. But Trump and those around him have invoked the example of the man who served as president between 1829 and 1837 since before he even moved into the house Jackson once called home. Source: Newsweek


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Gold Reserves Surge 1,000% In Hungary As It Joins Poland, Russia, China and Other Central Banks Buying Gold

Remember the Golden Rule: “He who has the gold Rules!” © Reuters

  • Gold Reserves Surge 1,000% In Hungary As It Joins Poland, Russia, China and Other Central Banks Buying Gold
    … Here is our Friday digest of the important news, commentary, charts and videos we were informed by this week including our special podcast on Direct Access Gold.

    From our perspective, the most important developments were the IMF’s financial warnings and the escalation in central bank gold buying with Hungary increasing its gold reserves by a whopping 1,000% due to increasing “safety concerns.”

    For the first time since 1986, Hungary’s central bank is buying gold bullion – a lot of gold bullion. The Eastern-European country announced that it had boosted its gold reserves ten-fold, up to 31.5 tons. It not only dramatically increased its reserves but also repatriated the gold from the Bank of England to Budapest due to concerns about “financial stability”.

    Central banks in Europe are diversifying into gold or moving to repatriate and take “possession in country.” Hungary and Poland are the most recent central banks to do this but they follow in the footsteps of Austria, Netherlands and the powerful German Bundesbank all of which have been repatriating their gold from the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve in recent months and years.

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The European Financial Establishment Has Just Declared War on Italy

  • CNBC Life Published on Oct 19, 2018
    Jeroen Dijsselbloem, former president of Eurogroup, says there will likely be a “confrontation” between the European Commission and Italy.
  • The European Financial Establishment Has Just Declared War on Italy
    This week in a CNBC interview Jeroen Dijsselbloem, the former Dutch minister of finance who served as the President of the Eurogroup, declared war on the Italian government. The European financial establishment is prepared to destroy the banking system and cause the Italian economy to implode. Like a Mafia boss, Dijsselbloem warned that Italy could run into trouble if it does not comply with Brussels’ directives. Of course, his statement was cloaked in diplomatic language:

    “If the Italian crisis becomes a major crisis, it will mainly implode into the Italian economy … as opposed to spreading around Europe,” he said. “Because of the way that the Italian economy and the Italian banks are financed, it’s going to be an implosion rather than an explosion.”

    For a man of this format it is unusual to publicly expose Italy as a state in a weak negotiating position or try to act as a scaremonger. We have never seen anything remotely like that, so we think that the utterance could only serve the purpose of giving the green light to the financial markets to orchestrate an attack on Italian bonds so as to drive Italian yield up.

    “And there is gonna be a role for the markets, I mean if you look at what Italy needs in funding next year alone we are talking about over 250 billion Euro, refinancing part of the stock of their debt and also, of course, these new spending plans. So markets will really have to look at that very critically.”

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The FedRes’ Independence Questioned, Maybe Not Good For The Country, So Why Does It Exist: C Smith

Click on image for pdf E-book.

Who owns the world reserve currency, the dollar, the global monetary hegemony? Look at the Satanic capstone on your dollar bill. The Luciferian New World Order will be complete with the arrival of the Satanic capstone: the Anti-Christ, fake messiah, bringer of false peace, the white horseman of Revelation 6!

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Sweden’s Most Powerful Family Preparing For FINANCIAL CRISIS! Will Europe Collapse First?

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Who Will Fall First, Italy or Spain? EU Collapse Will Need Grand Scale MEGA BAILOUT!

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Bond and Stock Market Crashes Ahead | David Morgan

  • Published on Oct 19, 2018
    “We’re witnessing the beginning of the end, in my view,” David Morgan tells us. After a 40-year bull market in the bond market, we’re beginning to see a hint of a change. Rates are increasing. Now the ten-year Treasury yeild is at a five-year high. Morgan says this recent sell-off could be the beginning of a crash. If stock’s have another five-percent correction by the end of November, that would be a confirmation for Morgan the market could be headed for a major crash. Last week’s stock market sell-off moved money not into bonds, but into gold and silver. What will it look like when the precious metal bull market really takes off? Find out in this interview!


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Economy Signaling Warning, Illegal Alien Caravan, 2018 Midterm Update

  • Economy Signaling Warning, Illegal Alien Caravan, 2018 Midterm Update
    by Greg Hunter’s (WNW 357 10.19.18)
    The stock and bond markets look like they are wobbling and signaling a warning. One day the stock market is up 500 points, and the next it’s down 800 points. Gregory Mannarino of says, “Nothing is real and everything is fake.” The bond market is also gyrating up and down along with interest rates. With global debt at all-time record highs, even a small spike in interest rates could cause the whole financial system to come tumbling down without notice. The financial asset bubble blown to reflate the losses of 2008 could, once again, correct to fair value from a much higher high. Mannarino has long said everything will eventually correct to fair value, and that will look like a bigger disaster than the 2008 meltdown.

    The caravan of an estimated 4,000 illegal aliens from Central America is trying to make the long trip from southern Mexico to the southern border of the U.S. President Trump says it is yet another desperate stunt implemented by Democrats and the global elite.   Trump has threatened the Central American nations these folks are coming from with a cut off of U.S. foreign aid. This seems to be working to stop the caravan. Trump has also said if Mexico does not stop the caravan, then he will deploy the military and stop them from coming into America.

    Democrats think they are going to retake the House of Representatives in November. If they win, the Speaker of the House will, once again, be Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi has promised massive gun control and open borders. The Dems cannot win with this message. So, they will have to cheat, and Trump and the Republicans will try to stop the voter and election fraud that the mainstream media is reporting as GOP voter suppression.


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Countries Around The World Are Already Transitioning Their Economies


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EU Should Offer Italy ‘Leeway’ Over Budget Or Risk COLLAPSE – ‘Whole Project Will DIE!’

  • EU Should Offer Italy ‘Leeway’ Over Budget Or Risk COLLAPSE – ‘Whole Project Will DIE!’
    A FURIOUS row between Italy and European Union chiefs over Rome’s financial budget risks collapsing the entire EU project unless some “leeway” is given, according to a financial strategist. Italian officials have declared they are “proud” of their budget after being forced to come out fighting against Brussels in defence of the spending plans.

    The EU has taken several swipes at Italy as their war of words rumbles on, with claims Rome could be set to breach EU rules after the Rome cabinet signed off the budget on Monday. Italy has been at loggerheads with EU chiefs over proposals for a deficit goal of 2.4 percent of GDP for 2019 – a figure that is three times the previous administration’s target. The indebted nation has a nominal GDP of €1.89trillion in 2018, indicating a deficit goal of roughly €45billion.

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Russia And China Prepare To Ditch Dollar In Bilateral Trade

  • Russia And China Prepare To Ditch Dollar In Bilateral Trade
    by Tyler Durden,
    In a time when many nations have gone public with their intention to ditch the dollar in part or in whole, in bilateral trade with non-US counterparts, either to prevent the US from having “veto power” of commerce courtesy of SWIFT or simply in response to Trump’s “America First” doctrine, attention has long focused on Russia and China – the two natural adversaries to the US – to see if and when they would accelerate plans for de-dollarization.

    To be sure, the two nations wouldn’t be the first to reduce their reliance on the dollar, as we have discussed in recent months:

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EU Slams Italy’s “Unprecedented” Budget Deviation, Euro Tumbles

  • EU Slams Italy’s “Unprecedented” Budget Deviation, Euro Tumbles
    by Tyler Durden,
    If there was any doubt that the standoff between Italy and the EU would get worse before it gets even moar worse, moments ago any doubts were extinguished when Bloomberg reported that in the letter addressed to Italy’s Finance Minister Giovanni Tria, EU Commissioners Valdis Dombrovskis and Pierre Moscovici said that Italy’s Draft Budgetary Plan for 2019 constitutes an “obvious significant deviation” from EU rules.

    Specifically, the EU warned that Italy’s proposed 0.8% increase in its deficit is a significant deviation from the structural improvement of 0.6% of GDP recommended by the EU Council, and is “unprecedented in the history” of the Stability and Growth Pact.

    Additionally, Italy’s planned government spending growth of 2.7% is about 2.6% higher than the maximum allowed under EU rules, which cap this at 0.1%.

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