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MRSA Killed by 1000-Year-Old Herbal Antibiotic: Hospital Superbug MRSA Subdued by British Folk Remedy!

  • MRSA Killed by 1000-Year-Old Herbal Antibiotic: Hospital Superbug MRSA Subdued by British Folk Remedy!
    by Talya Dagan,  
    (NaturalNews) An herbal remedy used to treat styes in the 9th Century has been used successfully to kill MRSA.

    MRSA or methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus 9, is an antibiotic resistant bacteria that kills tens of thousands of people every year. Researchers at the University of Nottingham and Texas Tech University experimented with a lost Anglo-Saxon remedy for eye infections that combined onions, wine, garlic and a cow’s stomach, left to stand in a brass vessel. The resulting mixture killed 90% of MRSA. The recipe was found in an Anglo-Saxon medical book, used over 1000 years ago to treat eye infections.

    Research with 1000-year old remedy for MRSA
    Researchers at the University of Nottingham, lead by researcher Freya Harrison, conducted the study. Anglo-Saxon expert, Christina Lee, translated the recipe text in Bald’s Leechbook, one of the oldest known books on medicine and healing in the British Library. The idea for the research began at an infectious disease meeting at the university, when Lee discussed the remedies in Bald’s book. The team had difficulty finding some of the ingredients. They used modern types of garlic and leeks, hoping they would have a similar medicinal effect. The wine they added was sourced from a historic English winery that had an organic vintage. Because brass vessels cannot be sterilized to modern standards, the researchers used glass bottles with small squares of brass inside. They purchased cow bile salt (bullocks gall) over-the-counter, as it is now used as a nutritional supplement to treat gall bladder disease and to replace gall bladder enzymes after the removal of gall bladders. The researchers discovered that the herbal mixture was “self-sterilizing” after nine days, when they found that the soil bacteria from the leeks and garlic was completely destroyed. Information about the findings were presented at the Society for General Microbiology in Birmingham, England and will be published in the journal Nature.

    Recipe for MRSA killing remedy
    The recipe says to take “cropleek and garlic, both of equal quantities, pound them well together.” The next step is to “take wine and bullocks gall, mix with the leek… and let it stand nine days in the brass vessel.” Brass contains copper, which is known to kill microbes. Individually, the ingredients each have a minimal effect on antibiotic activity. For instance, copper and bile salts are known to kill bacteria, and garlic can stop bacterial action on infected tissue. But researchers found that the ingredients together have a much more powerful effect than any of the ingredients singly. Harrison is quoted as saying, “…we were absolutely blown away by just how effective the combination of ingredients was.”

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PBS Cancer Doc Review: The Cure You’re Never Going To Get!


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UK: Medieval Concoction (Onion-Garlic) Kills Antibiotic Resistant Superbugs Like MRSA!

  • Published on Mar 31, 2015
    A 1,000-year-old Anglo Saxon cure for eye infections has been found to be effective against antibiotic-resistant superbugs, said scientists from the University of Nottingham, on Tuesday.

  • 1,000-year-old onion and garlic eye remedy kills MRSA! 
    A 1,000-year-old treatment for eye infections could hold the key to killing antibiotic-resistant superbugs, experts have said. Scientists recreated a 9th Century Anglo-Saxon remedy using onion, garlic and part of a cow’s stomach.

    They were “astonished” to find it almost completely wiped out methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus, otherwise known as MRSA. Their findings will be presented at a national microbiology conference.

    The remedy was found in Bald’s Leechbook – an old English manuscript containing instructions on various treatments held in the British Library.

    Anglo-Saxon expert Dr Christina Lee, from the University of Nottingham, translated the recipe for an “eye salve”, which includes garlic, onion or leeks, wine and cow bile. Experts from the university’s microbiology team recreated the remedy and then tested it on large cultures of MRSA.

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Prominent Heart Doctor Exposes the Myths About Cholesterol, Statins And Low Fat Diets!

  • Prominent heart doctor exposes the myths about cholesterol, statins and low fat diets! 
    by Tony Isaacs, 
    (The Best Years in Life) Renowned heart surgeon Dr. Dwight Lundell recently stepped forward to expose how embracing the high cholesterol myth has been wrong and the harm that has resulted, stating that the recommendations to lower cholesterol and severely restrict fat intake “are no longer scientifically or morally defensible.”

    Dr. Lundell explained that inflammation in our arterial walls is the real culprit for heart disease and stated that “the injury and inflammation in our blood vessels is caused by the low fat diet recommended for years by mainstream medicine.”

    “Simply stated,” said Dr. Lundell, “without inflammation being present in the body, there is no way that cholesterol would accumulate in the wall of the blood vessel.”

    In addition, said Dr. Lundell, “The long-established dietary recommendations have created epidemics of obesity and diabetes, the consequences of which dwarf any historical plague in terms of mortality, human suffering and dire economic consequences.”1

    Studies reveal the truth about statins, high cholesterol and inflammation
    For several decades, mainstream medicine has spent hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising and propaganda creating and perpetuating the high cholesterol myth. As a result, millions of Americans have followed the advice to severely restrict their intakes of fats and tens of millions have taken dangerous cholesterol-lowering statin drugs.

    As Dr. Lundell revealed, the emerging truth is that inflammation is the real culprit in heart disease and drugs and diets designed to lower cholesterol actually contribute to heart disease as well as other health problems. Recent year studies on statin drugs have backed up Dr. Lundell and demonstrated that what few benefits may be derived from dangerous statin drugs actually come from lowering inflammation levels.

    For example, researchers with the recent large-scale JUPITER study found that patients who had “healthy cholesterol profiles” but who also had high CRP levels (a marker for inflammation) dramatically reduced their risks of cardiovascular events and death when they took a statin drug which lowered measured CRP levels.2

    The conclusions of other recent year statin drug studies give further indications that lowering inflammation is a primary mechanism for cardiovascular benefits. Some excerpts:

    “Patients who have low CRP levels after statin therapy have better clinical outcomes than those with higher CRP levels, regardless of the resultant level of LDL cholesterol.”3

    “The reduced rate of progression of atherosclerosis associated with intensive statin treatment, as compared with moderate statin treatment, is significantly related to greater reductions in the levels of both atherogenic lipoproteins and CRP.”4

    “These results demonstrate that statins reduce IL-6-induced CRP production . . .These findings furnish new evidence for direct anti-inflammatory properties of statins . . .”5

    “initiation of statin therapy was associated with improved survival regardless of the lipid levels. The benefit of statin therapy occurred primarily in patients with elevated CRP.”6

    Indications are that mainstream medicine intends to continue espousing the high cholesterol myth while using the results of studies about inflammation-lowering to tout additional “benefits” for statin drugs.

    The inconvenient truth is that statin drugs are not needed to lower inflammation any more than they are needed to lower cholesterol. Natural items such as diet, lifestyle and natural foods and herbs such as turmeric, ginger and omega-3s can effectively lower inflammation far more safely than statin drugs.

    According to Dr. Lundell and other experts, the simple solution to quieting inflammation and preventing heart disease is to return to foods closer to their natural state, include colorful vegetables and fruits and some healthy fats in our diets, build muscle, eat more protein and cut down or eliminate foods with inflammation-causing omega-6 fats like corn and soybean oil.


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Olive Oil Antioxidant Naturally Kills All Cancer Cells Tested Within an Hour!

  • Olive oil antioxidant naturally kills all cancer cells tested within an hour! 
    by David Gutierrez, 
    (NaturalNews) The major antioxidant compound found in olive oil is capable of killing cancer cells in less than an hour while leaving healthy cells unharmed, according to a study conducted by researchers from Rutgers University and Hunter College and published in the journal Molecular & Cellular Oncology.

    The researchers hope that this may lead to a targeted cancer therapy based on this molecule.

    “The Mediterranean diet is known to be associated with a reduced risk of many different kinds of cancer,” researcher Paul Breslin said. “Whereas the entire diet likely has many benefits, this study points directly to the olive oil phenolic, oleocanthal, as playing an especially important role in these observations. As more people turn to the Mediterranean diet as a healthy life option, oleocanthal is growing in its significance as a key active component of this diet.”

    Makes “all hell break loose” for cancer
    Many healthful plant compounds are known to induce apoptosis, or programmed cell death, in cancer cells by targeting a specific protein that controls the process. Yet apoptosis typically takes between 16 and 24 hours to complete, and prior studies had shown that cancer cells exposed to oleocanthal died within 30 to 60 minutes of exposure. The oleocanthal was acting much too fast, suggesting some mechanism other than apoptosis.

    “We needed to determine if oleocanthal was targeting that protein and causing the cells to die,” Breslin said.

    In the new study, the researchers discovered that oleocanthal was indeed killing cancer cells by a different mechanism. Rather than targeting the apoptosis protein, oleocanthal was breaking apart the lysosomes of cancer cells. These organelles are responsible for processing cellular waste, and are much larger and more fragile in cancer cells than in healthy cells.

    “Once you open one of those things, all hell breaks loose,” Breslin said.

    The study showed that once the lysosomes burst apart, critical life-sustaining functions in the cancer cells began to break down.

    Significantly, oleocanthal did not harm nearby healthy cells. Instead, it put them into a kind of stasis or hibernation for about a day. After that time, the cells resumed normal, healthy functioning with no apparent lasting effects.

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‘Why NOT Vaccinating My Kids was the Best Decision I Ever Made’: Mother of EIGHT had Six of Her Babies Vaccinated But Refused to Immunise Her Two Youngest… And Says They’re the Only Ones Without Chronic Health Problems!

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Letter warning about vaccine and autism! Click on image to enlarge!




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Merck’s Mumps Vaccine Clinical Tests Were Totally Fabricated, Say Scientists!

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  • Merck’s mumps vaccine clinical tests were totally fabricated, say scientists! 
    by Daniel Barker, 
    (NaturalNews) The mainstream media have been tireless in their recent efforts to discredit and demonize those who dare question the safety or efficacy of vaccines, and particularly those who choose not to have their children vaccinated.

    What seems obvious now is that an honest dialogue on the subject seems nearly impossible in a climate of fear-mongering created by those who control the flow of information to the masses.

    The reports recently being circulated by the major media outlets are designed to lead people to believe that the entire anti-vaccine movement has grown out of response to a single (and allegedly spurious, according to the pro-vaccine camp) study linking mercury-containing vaccines with incidences of autism.
    At the same time, vaccines are being promoted as completely safe and effective — an assertion which is simply not true. There are mounds of evidence from dozens of studies indicating that many vaccines are neither efficacious nor harmless.

    A glaring example is the extremely compelling evidence that Merck & Co., one of the largest vaccine manufacturers on the planet, has provided false statements and faked clinical trials in connection with their mumps vaccine.

    This fraud and deception on the part of Merck has been occurring for at least the past decade, and might still be occurring if it weren’t for the actions of two whistleblowers from the company’s laboratories who initially filed a lawsuit in 2012 — a lawsuit which, despite Merck’s efforts to have it dismissed, has recently ballooned into a federal case: United States v. Merck & Co.

    The company now faces federal fraud charges. The whistleblowers’ court documents state that Merck:

    “…failed to disclose that its mumps vaccine was not as effective as Merck represented, (ii) used improper testing techniques, (iii) manipulated testing methodology, (iv) abandoned undesirable test results, (v) falsified test data, (vi) failed to adequately investigate and report the diminished efficacy of its mumps vaccine, (vii) falsely verified that each manufacturing lot of mumps vaccine would be as effective as identified in the labeling, (viii) falsely certified the accuracy of applications filed with the FDA, (ix) falsely certified compliance with the terms of the CDC purchase contract, (x) engaged in the fraud and concealment describe herein for the purpose of illegally monopolizing the U.S. market for mumps vaccine, (xi) mislabeled, misbranded, and falsely certified its mumps vaccine, and (xii) engaged in the other acts described herein to conceal the diminished efficacy of the vaccine the government was purchasing.”

    The fact that Merck, with hundreds of millions of dollars at its disposal to hire a high-powered legal team, was not able to have the lawsuit dismissed, is damning evidence that there is substance in the allegations.

    The court upheld all of the original complaints made by the whistle-blowers, and under the False Claims Act, Merck could be liable for hundreds of millions of dollars (possible even billions) in damages.

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“Settled” Science Was Totally Wrong Yet Again: Cholesterol in Foods Does Not Cause Heart Disease!

  • “Settled” science was totally wrong yet again: Cholesterol in foods does not cause heart disease! 
    by David Gutierrez, 
    (NaturalNews) Potentially reversing almost 40 years of government policy, the top nutrition advisory board for the United States has dropped its warning against dietary cholesterol. The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee concluded that no evidence supports a link between dietary cholesterol and heart disease.

    Even five years ago, the committee was still promoting the warning first popularized by the American Heart Association in 1961. But the new position has been a long time coming.

    “There’s been a shift of thinking,” said Walter Willett, chair of the nutrition department at the Harvard School of Public Health. He called the committee’s decision to drop the cholesterol warning a “reasonable move.”

    New scientific consensus
    The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee provides science-based recommendations to the federal government, in the form of a publication called “Dietary Guidelines.” The government uses that publication to make decisions about everything including dietary advice (such as the food pyramid), school lunch content and food labeling policy.

    In its new recommendations, the committee has embraced the emerging scientific consensus that consuming cholesterol in foods such as eggs, shrimp or lobster does not significantly increase blood levels of cholesterol in healthy adults, and does not increase the risk of heart disease. That’s because the body actually produces its own cholesterol, in levels much higher than those that can realistically come from food.

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US Gov’t Admits Vaccine Cause Brain Damage!

  • Published on Mar 10, 2015
    Alex Jones and David Knight discuss how the vaccine court recently was forced to pay over $2,000,000 to the victim of a vaccine injury.
Flu Vaccine: Side Effects! Photos are from the FLUVIRIN insert approved by FDA for the year 2009-2010. I checked it for the recent years. Pretty much same insert. Source:

Flu Vaccine: Side Effects! Photos are from the FLUVIRIN insert approved by FDA for the year 2009-2010. I checked it for the recent years. Pretty much same insert. Source:


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Italian Court Rules Mercury and Aluminum in Vaccines Cause Autism: US Media Continues Total Blackout of Medical Truth!

Confidential GSK report reveals that INFANRIX Hexa causes brain damage, anal leakage, autism and more





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US Government Openly Admits Vaccines Can Cause Polio, Seizures And Death in Published ‘Vaccine Injury Table’!

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  • US government openly admits vaccines can cause polio, seizures and death in published ‘Vaccine Injury Table’! 
    by Ethan A. Huff, 
    (NaturalNews) Those crazy anti-vaxxers, always listening to Jenny McCarthy, Google, “random anti-vaccine web commenters and .. the U.S. government? That’s right, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has a section on its National Vaccine Injury Compensation (NVIC) Program website entitled “Vaccine Injury Table” that openly lists all the severe injuries and conditions that can occur from vaccinations, including things like brain damage, paralytic polio and death!

    It must be the federal government pranking us with that pesky chain email we’re constantly hearing about in the mainstream media and on late-night “comedy” television — you know, that mythical piece of digital spam from which all anti-vaxxers decide not to vaccinate their children. Because there’s never existed one single shred of evidence showing that vaccines are in any way harmful, we’re constantly told, so this must be another one of Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s “discredited” studies, right?

    Not exactly. The NVIC’s Vaccine Injury Table is an open admission by the government that vaccines harm and kill children. It exists to placate parents of vaccine-injured children who, having no access to the actual legal system in pursuing justice against vaccine manufacturers, have to present any evidence they can gather on their own (often without the help of their doctors) to the kangaroo “vaccine court,” which was created to shield the drug and vaccine industries from liability when their products maim and kill children.

    The Vaccine Injury Table makes presenting this evidence a little bit easier by outlining injuries and conditions associated with vaccinations, and when they occur. In the prologue to the table, the NVIC admits that, when certain symptoms, illnesses or conditions emerge within a certain period of time following vaccination, “it is presumed that the vaccine was the cause of the injury or condition unless another cause is found.”

    But wait, aren’t vaccine injuries a fraud made up by people who believe the earth is flat? Only science deniers have any questions or concerns about vaccines, right? Take a look at the Vaccine Injury Table for yourself and decide whether or not the television and newspapers (which are mostly sponsored and controlled by drug and vaccine companies these days) are blatantly lying to you and bullying you into converting to the vaccine religion:

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Worried About Clogged Arteries? Drink This!

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  • Worried About Clogged Arteries? Drink This! 
    by Sayer Ji, Founder, 
    Millions take toxic cholesterol and blood pressure lowering drugs that may do nothing to reduce heart disease specific mortality. Pomegranate juice, on the other hand, actually reverses underlying pathologies of the cardiovascular system that lead to bypass surgeries and heart attacks.

    One of the most amazing clinical studies ever performed has been hidden away behind a pay wall for over a decade. When I first stumbled upon this clinical pearl two years ago, in the form of the publicly indexed abstract on, my jaw nearly dropped. I’ve finally acquired the full version of the study and am now excited to report on its implications in greater depth to help raise awareness about the power of pomegranate to heal the body, and I believe, save millions lives from premature death from heart disease. 

    The most eye-opening line in the abstract reveals why our original report on the study, How To Clean Your Arteries With One Simple Fruit, received over 500,000 social media shares: 

    “Pomegranate juice consumption resulted in a significant IMT [intima media thickness] reduction, by up to 30%, after 1 year.”

    We shouldn’t be that surprised at how great an interest there is among the masses in safe, delicious, and affordable drug alternatives that have the power to unclog arteries? Certainly the drugs aren’t working, with the most popular class — cholesterol-lowering statins — being linked to over 300 adverse health effects. But sometimes the technical language of medicine gets confusing: what does this pomegranate-induced reduction in the intima media thickness (IMT) of the arteries mean? 

    Reducing The Intima Media Thickness: Reversing Atherosclerosis
    The intima media is the middle portion of the arteries that become inflamed and fill up with plaque comprised of oxidized fats, immune cells, and their debris, in the condition known colloquially as “blocked arteries.” As the intima media grows thicker, less space is available for the blood contents to move through the opening (lumen) of the arteries. When the arteries eventually close or are blocked, catastrophic injury or death may follow. Therefore, anything that can safely reduce, or better, reverse intima media thickening is the holy grail as far as obtaining a root cause resolution of atherosclerosis, and by implication would profoundly reduce deaths linked to cardiovascular mortality. 

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If Vaccines Are Safe, Why Has The US Govt. Paid Out $3 BILLION To Vaccine-Injured Families?


  • If Vaccines Are Safe, Why Has The US Govt. Paid Out $3 BILLION To Vaccine-Injured Families? 
    by  L.J. Devon, 
    (NaturalNews) Vaccines are a very imperfect science, despite the good intentions of healthcare providers and parents seeking to protect their children from disease. Adverse, life-changing and deadly effects of vaccines are more common than ever. In fact, the US government has had to pay out over $3 billion to vaccine-injured families since 1986. Still think vaccines are safe?

    The Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) lists several negative outcomes of vaccines. Many of these side effects are worse than the diseases these vaccines are for! VAERS reports that the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine is “linked to febrile seizures, which are a type of seizure that occurs in infants and young children in association with fever.” While these seizures hold no long-term consequences, they can be a frightening experience.

    Worse yet, VAERS reports that a whole slew of vaccines, including MMR, varicella zoster, influenza, hepatitis B, meningococcal and tetanus “are linked to anaphylaxis.” Anaphylaxis shock can lead to sudden death. Many of these cases are under-reported, filed as SIDS, or sudden infant death syndrome.

    Injection, regardless of vaccine type, is associated with loss of shoulder motion and fainting
    The committee that studied these horrific vaccine effects “also found convincing evidence of a causal relationship between injection of vaccine, independent of the antigen involved, and
    two types of adverse events, including syncope, or fainting, and deltoid bursitis, or frozen shoulder, characterized by shoulder pain and loss of motion.”

    Just the mere act of injecting viruses and sterilizing agents poses severe risks, since the body is not designed receive these vaccine ingredients without first processing them through the normal route of body filters (including the skin, mucous membranes, gastrointestinal tract, kidneys and liver), or at all. It seems that putting these ingredients directly into the blood can easily create an adverse health event. The committee also found that the MMR vaccine often elicits joint pain in both children and adults.

    The flu, which can easily be overcome with a strong immune system, is mild compared to some of the adverse effects associated with the flu vaccine. These effects include conjunctivitis, facial swelling and upper respiratory symptoms, including coughing and wheezing.

    US Vaccine Court bypasses the true judicial process, protecting vaccine makers while paying off families affected by vaccine-induced autism

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Gardasil Vaccine: Spain Joins Growing List of Countries to File Criminal Complaints!

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  • Gardasil Vaccine: Spain Joins Growing List of Countries to File Criminal Complaints! 
    Health Impact News Editor Comments
    Spain now joins a growing list of countries where criminal lawsuits have been filed against manufacturers of the HPV vaccine, which includes France, India, Japan, and many more.

    In the United States, however, you cannot sue the manufacturers of vaccines, as they are protected from civil criminal prosecution. As a result, marketing efforts to increase the sale and distribution of the HPV vaccine are increasing. (See: Merck aims to boost HPV vaccination rates amid lagging numbers)

    Gardasil: Criminal complaint filed in Spain
    by Norma Erickson, SaneVax, Inc.
    June 19 2014, Logroño, Spain: Attorney Don Manuel Sáez Ochoa filed a criminal complaint against Merck-Sanofi Pasteur Laboratories, Spanish National Health authorities, and the regional health authorities of the La Rioja province on behalf of Zuriñe Jiménez Guereño and her mother Doña Maria del Carmen Jiménez Guereño for injuries and disabilities suffered by Zuriñe after the administration of Gardasil.

    The complaint states that Merck Laboratories failed to use an inert placebo during clinical trials, thereby manipulating data and marketing Gardasil under false pretences. Despite complaints of several young women with similar new medical conditions after Gardasil injections, the Spanish health authorities ignored calls for a moratorium on the use of Gardasil until the safety issues were resolved.

    Both regional and national health authorities made no attempt to verify the accuracy of the safety data Merck submitted to gain approval for the widespread administration of Gardasil as a cancer preventative; nor did they make any attempt to inform the public that an already proven safe and effective means of controlling cervical cancer was already in existence.

    The complaint goes on to say both national and local health authorities had adequate knowledge regarding the potential harmful effects of Gardasil and chose to recommend administration of the HPV vaccine anyway. The complaint alleges this showed an absolute disregard for the health and well-being of young Spanish girls.

    According to the complaint, the attitude of the Merck pharmaceutical company and Spanish health authorities (both national and regional) before, during and after the administration of Gardasil shows they care nothing about the risk to which medical consumers expose themselves whenever Gardasil is used.

    The complaint states, prior to administration, no one was concerned about possible adverse reactions to the vaccine. When adverse reactions did occur, those who experienced them were treated with contempt leaving them in a state of helplessness. There was allegedly not one single official inquiry about the girls’ post-Gardasil conditions even though they were healthy prior to being injected with Gardasil.

    An outcry from the public calling for a moratorium on the use of Gardasil until safety issues were resolved was ignored by Spanish health authorities. Injections of Gardasil continued despite the damage left behind.

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Measles/MMR Vaccine Can Cause Diabetes, Arthritis, Death!

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  • Measles/MMR Vaccine Can Cause Diabetes, Arthritis, Death! 
    by James F. Tracy, 
    Is the “Cure” Worse Than the Disease?
    As the “debate” ensues throughout the US concerning the recent measles outbreak among vaccinated children, some journalists and commentators are even suggesting that children be vaccinated against their parents’ will, or that parents reluctant to vaccinate their children be imprisoned.

    A careful look at the research pharmaceutical companies are legally compelled to provide with vaccines may give parents pause. According to the insert accompanying the 2014 version of Merck Inc.’s Measles Mumps Rubella (MMR II) vaccine, the live viruses are “propagated in chick embryo cell culture” and “WI-38 human diploid lung fibroblasts.” (See full listing of vaccine inserts.)

    Seldom do medical practitioners explain in sufficient detail the potential side effects of vaccines to parents, thus violating the simple and straightforward policy of informed consent. Nor do they remind parents that vaccine manufacturers have immunity from civil action in the event their infant or child is injured or killed from the vaccine.

    Merck’s own research states that its MMR vaccine can cause the following: diabetes, vasculitis, pancreatitis, thrombocytopenia (inability for blood to clot), angioneurotic edema (non-inflammatory swelling of the skin), pneumonia, bronchial spasm, arthritis, optic neuritis (inflammation of the optic nerve), Guillain-Barré Syndrome, and death.

    Merck’s MMR vaccine may also cancer and impact the child’s fertility in later years. “M-M-R II has not been evaluated for carcinogenic or mutagenic potential, or potential to impair fertility,” the vaccine’s insert reads. Limited research exists for most vaccines because longitudinal studies of vaccine recipients are difficult and costly to carry out.

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