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How Nutrition Influences Cancer

  • Don’t forget DCA as a cancer cure (see videos below). . See also:

    Metabolic Modulation of Glioblastoma with Dichloroacetate
  • How Nutrition Influences Cancer
    by Dr. Mercola,
    Is it possible that chromosomal damage is simply a marker for cancer and not the actual cause of the disease? Compelling evidence suggests this is the case, and in the featured lecture, orthopedic surgeon Dr. Gary Fettke reviews some of this evidence.

    Having battled cancer himself, Fettke came to realize the influence of nutrition on cancer, and the importance of eating a diet high in healthy fats and low in net carbohydrates (total carbs minus fiber, i.e. non-fiber carbs). Fettke is not the only one promoting the metabolic model of cancer.

    Earlier this year I interviewed Travis Christofferson, author of a phenomenal book called “Tripping Over the Truth: The Return of the Metabolic Theory of Cancer Illuminates a New and Hopeful Path to a Cure,” on this topic.

    The Metabolic Model of Cancer
    The Cancer Genome Atlas project that began in 2006 set out to sequence the genomes of cancer cells. It was the largest government project ever conceived, involving 10,000 times the amount of genetic sequencing done by the Human Genome Project. Alas, the results didn’t conform to their original expectations.

    The evidence clearly showed that something other than mere gene mutation was at play. The mutations found in cancer cells were simply too random. Some cancers didn’t even have any genetic mutations driving them. So what then could the driving factor be?

    In a nutshell, the nuclear genetic defects typically thought to be responsible for cancer actually occur further downstream. Mitochondrial damage happens first, which then triggers nuclear genetic mutations that may lead to cancer.

    Moreover, scientists are now finding that mitochondrial dysfunction is at the core of virtually ALL diseases, placing mitochondrial function at the very center of just about any wellness or disease prevention program.

    As Fettke notes, one of the primary considerations is glucose metabolism within your mitochondria — a theory initially brought forth by Dr. Otto Warburg in the 1920s. In 1931, Warburg won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his discovery that cancer cells have a fundamentally different energy metabolism compared to healthy cells. As it turns out, cancer cells do not have the same metabolic flexibility as healthy ones.

    Cancer Cells Are Metabolically Limited to Feed on Sugar
    A cell can produce energy either aerobically, in the mitochondria, or anaerobically, in the cytoplasm. Anaerobic metabolism generates excessive levels of lactic acid, which can be toxic.

    Warburg discovered that in the presence of oxygen, cancer cells overproduce lactic acid, and this became known as the Warburg Effect. So what does this tell us about the nutritional origins of cancer? In a nutshell, Warburg’s findings tell us that sugar “feeds” cancer while fats “starve” it.

    Healthy cells can use either glucose or ketone bodies from fat as an energy source, but cancer is metabolically restricted to using glucose only. Cancer cells for the most part lack metabolic flexibility and simply cannot metabolize ketones, and this is why nutritional ketosis appears to be so effective against cancer.

    read more.


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Court Awards Family Historic Settlement For Vaccine Injured Child

  • Published on Jun 10, 2016
    The Edgy Truth reports In Washington D.C. a baby received a routine dosage of the DTap vaccination at the care of their pediatrician. Hours after the injection, she started to have violent seizures, abnormal breathing, irregular heartbeats, and a short while later, the baby’s heart stopped all together. Read more:…

To all those who gave me a hard time for attacking vaccines: “Well done, useful idiots!’ Click on image for article.

Click on image for article.

Click on image for article.

Click on image for article.

Click on image for article.


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First Ever ‘Frankenstein’ Human Head Transplant to Happen in Germany in Dec 2017

  • First Ever ‘Frankenstein’ Human Head Transplant to Happen in Germany
    The world’s first ever human head transplant operation will take place in Germany, The Daily Star reported, citing Italian neurosurgeon Sergio Canavero, who said he planned to operate in December 2017.

    “Today, I am officially asking Germany to help me realize the first cephalosomatic anastomosis in human history on German soil and live up to what you are: a country that has set standards in medicine and technology for centuries,” Dr. Canavero said.

    “In fact, German technology is already part of this incredible project I codenamed HEAVEN!”

    Valery Spiridonov, a 30-year-old Russian computer programmer and wheelchair user who suffers from Werdnig-Hoffman disease, a debilitating and eventually fatal spinal muscular atrophy, has volunteered for the macabre operation.

    The operation to fit the head of a living human being the body of a recently deceased person, will be performed as part of Project HEAVEN (HEad Anatomosis VENture) and is expected to last about 36 hours.

    Dr. Canavero of the Turin Advanced Neuromodulation Group in Italy recently presented the results of his experiments on rats conducted in South Korea, which proved that spinal cord fusion is really possible.

    Canavero’s idea has caused controversial reaction among specialists, as some are convinced that the technology is disputable, but still vital and requires huge investments, while others believe it to be totally unsustainable.

    In an interview with Sputnik Dr. Canavero said that inability to reconnect a severed spinal cord had always been a major problem, but experiments with rats using technology to be employed during operations on humans resulted in rats with re-fused spinal cords able to move again.

    “What is really important here is that the fused spinal cords functioned again, which means that the door is now open to perform such operations also on humans,” he emphasized.


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NO TREATMENT NEEDED: The U.S. Population Could Cut Cancer Deaths in HALF Just by Adopting Healthier Lifestyles


  • NO TREATMENT NEEDED: The U.S. Population Could Cut Cancer Deaths in HALF Just by Adopting Healthier Lifestyles
    by Amy Goodrich,  
    (NaturalNews) Every year, cancer claims the lives of more than half a million Americans, making it the second leading cause of death in the United States. In 2015, a highly controversial paper was published that suggested that many cases of cancer are the result of random errors that cells make when they divide, or as they called it “bad luck.”

    However, many studies have produced strong evidence that we need to stop thinking that cancer is down to bad luck or a result of factors beyond our control. A new study published in the journal JAMA Oncology found that new cases of cancer could drop by 20 to 40 percent, and cancer-related deaths could drop by half if we start adopting a healthier lifestyle.

    Cancer deaths could be prevented
    Researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health analyzed extensive ongoing studies where they assessed the healthy lifestyle patterns and cancer incidence of 136,000 white American healthcare professionals.

    The participants were divided into two groups: a low-risk group, who lived a healthy lifestyle, and a high-risk group, who did not.

    The healthy lifestyle factors included moderate or no drinking, a BMI between 18.5 and 27.5, weekly physical activity and not smoking. The authors of the study claim that people who never smoked or stopped smoking, stayed fit, managed their weight, and had no more than a drink or two a day, dramatically slashed the risk of dying from cancer by half.

    While it was no surprise that lung cancer deaths could be reduced by up to 80 percent through living a healthy, smoke-free life, they also reported that more than a fifth of the cases of colon cancer, pancreatic cancer and kidney cancer could be prevented if we change the way we live.

    After extrapolation of the data to the U.S. population at large, the researchers found that for women, an estimated 41 percent of cancer cases and 59 percent of cancer deaths were preventable. For men, 63 percent of cancer cases were preventable, and a 67 percent reduced risk of death was recorded.

    read more.




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Dr. Malhotra (Cardiologist): Saturated Fat And Cholesterol Have Little to Do With The Development of Heart Disease

  • Great Britain’s Most Outspoken Cardiologist Sets the Record Straight on Saturated Fats
    by Dr. Mercola,
    Story at-a-glance
    * Saturated fat and cholesterol have little to do with the development of heart disease. Data shows two-thirds of people admitted to hospitals with acute myocardial infarction have completely normal cholesterol levels

    * Fats can be harmful, but it’s important to be specific. Fats that contribute to heart disease are primarily trans fats and highly refined and/or heated polyunsaturated vegetable oils (PUFAs), which are high in damaged omega-6
    * For optimal health, seek to get 75 to 85 percent of your total calories as healthy fat, primarily monosaturated and saturated. Limit PUFAs to 10 percent and omega-6 fats to 5 percent

    read more.

Click on image to goto Amazon.

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Click on image to goto Amazon.


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This Drug in Your Medicine Cabinet Shrinks Brains. Fast Track to Dementia

  • Published on Jun 3, 2016
    A common anticholinergic that’s probably in your medicine cabinet has been linked to the early onset of dementia. Oh, and it also shrinks brains.


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CDC Forced to Reveal Documents Proving Thimerosal(Mercury) Vaccine Preservative Causes Autism


  • CDC Forced to Reveal Documents Proving Thimerosal(Mercury) Vaccine Preservative Causes Autism
    by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger,  
    (NaturalNews) Factually speaking, the CDC is a malicious, criminally-run anti-science quackery front group for the vaccine industry. As part of its criminal activity, it has long insisted that the vaccine preservative thimerosal is not tied to autism. But once-secret documents, now forced to be revealed by the CDC, prove the agency knew that thimerosal causes autism but deliberately hid that evidence from the public in exactly the same way the EPA hid the truth about lead poisoning of the public water supply in Flint, Michigan.

    “A vaccine industry watchdog has now obtained CDC documents that show statistically significant risks of autism associated with the vaccine preservative,” reports Health Advice, which also reports:

    Dr. Hooker, a PhD scientist, worked with two members of Congress to craft the letter to the CDC that recently resulted in his obtaining long-awaited data from the CDC, the significance of which is historic. According to Hooker, the data on over 400,000 infants born between 1991 and 1997, which was analyzed by CDC epidemiologist Thomas Verstraeten, MD, “proves unequivocally that in 2000, CDC officials were informed internally of the very high risk of autism, non-organic sleep disorder and speech disorder associated with Thimerosal exposure.”

    While the mainstream media — largely funded by pharmaceutical corporations — ridiculously continues to claim any link between autism and vaccines is a “conspiracy theory,” the link actually turns out to be evidence-based FACT.

    From the Health Advice story linked above:

    When the results of the Verstraeten study were first reported outside the CDC in 2005, there was no evidence that anyone but Dr. Verstraeten within the CDC had known of the very high 7.6-fold elevated relative risk of autism from exposure to Thimerosal during infancy. But now, clear evidence exists. A newly-acquired abstract from 1999 titled, “Increased risk of developmental neurologic impairment after high exposure to Thimerosal containing vaccine in first month of life” required the approval of top CDC officials prior to its presentation at the Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) conference.

    Thimerosal, which is 50% mercury by weight, was used in most childhood vaccines and in the RhoGAM shot for pregnant women prior to the early 2000s.The CDC maintains there is “no relationship between Thimerosal-containing vaccines and autism rates in children,” even though the data from the CDC’s own Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD) database shows a very high risk. There are a number of public records to back this up, including this Congressional Record from May 1, 2003. The CDC’s refusal to acknowledge thimerosal’s risks is exemplified by a leaked statement from Dr. Marie McCormick, chair of the CDC/NIH-sponsored Immunization Safety Review at IOM. Regarding vaccination, she said in 2001, “…we are not ever going to come down that it [autism] is a true side effect…” Also of note, the former director of the CDC, which purchases $4 billion worth of vaccines annually, is now president of Merck’s vaccine division.

    Flu vaccines given to children found to contain over 50,000 ppb mercury
    As you read all this, remember that I personally acquired and tested flu shots for mercury in my laboratory — now called CWC Labs — via ICP-MS instrumentation.

    read more.

UK to give pertussis vaccine to newborns? Autism and SIDS are on the package insert. Click on image to goto FDA website for insert Page 11. See:



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Top Expert, Professor Boyle: Zika Virus Is A US Made Bio-Weapon

  • Published on May 25, 2016
    David Knight talks with bio-weapons expert Francis Boyle about who he believes created the Zika virus.


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New Vaccines Will Permanently Alter Human DNA

  • Published on May 24, 2016
    Consider this article in light of the accelerating push to mandate and enforce vaccination across the planet. The reference is the New York Times, 3/9/2015, “Protection Without a Vaccine.” It describes the frontier of research. Here are key quotes that illustrate the use of synthetic genes to “protect against disease,” while changing the genetic makeup of humans. This is not science fiction:

    “By delivering synthetic genes into the muscles of the [experimental] monkeys, the scientists are essentially re-engineering the animals to resist disease.” “’The sky’s the limit,’ said Michael Farzan, an immunologist at Scripps and lead author of the new study.” “The first human trial based on this strategy — called immunoprophylaxis by gene transfer, or I.G.T. — is underway, and several new ones are planned.”

    “I.G.T. is altogether different from traditional vaccination. It is instead a form of gene therapy. Scientists isolate the genes that produce powerful antibodies against certain diseases and then synthesize artificial versions. The genes are placed into viruses and injected into human tissue, usually muscle.”

    Here is the punchline: “The viruses invade human cells with their DNA payloads, and the synthetic gene is incorporated into the recipient’s own DNA. If all goes well, the new genes instruct the cells to begin manufacturing powerful antibodies.”

    Read that again: “the synthetic gene is incorporated into the recipient’s own DNA.” Alteration of the human genetic makeup. Permanent alteration. 

    The Times article taps Dr. David Baltimore for an opinion:
    “Still, Dr. Baltimore says that he envisions that some people might be leery of a vaccination strategy that means altering their own DNA, even if it prevents a potentially fatal disease.”

    Yes, some people might be leery. If they have two or three working brain cells. Let’s take this further. Under the cover of preventing disease (and all good covert ops float a laudatory goal to conceal their true intent), vaccines are ideal carriers for all sorts of genes that would be permanently incorporated into the human structure.

    The enormous tonnage of propaganda about vaccines, and the resultant mandatory laws that enforce vaccination, create a powerful channel along which re-engineering is eminently possible. Synthetic genes injected into billions of humans would form a grand experiment to create an altered species. Learn More:…


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The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest — Update on the Dr. Burzynski Trial – Austin, Texas – May 2016

  • Published on May 12, 2016
    If you remember from the series, “The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest,” we interviewed Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, who is healing people from cancer every day with his antineoplaston therapies. Well, as we’ve shared many times before, actually curing cancer would be detrimental to the pharmaceutical industry… So much so that they’re willing to do whatever it takes to silence the doctors and keep their poisons as the only solutions. They’re trying to do that now with Dr. Burzynski by revoking his medical license. We sent our film crew to the first part of the trial in November of last year (see video at and we just sent our crew again this week to capture more footage and get us a full report. This video is the most recent footage from the week of May 9, 2016.









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Cancer Screening Mostly a Psychological Terror Campaign Waged Against Women to Enrich Cancer Treatment Clinics, Warns Doctor


  • Cancer Screening Mostly a Psychological Terror Campaign Waged Against Women to Enrich Cancer Treatment Clinics, Warns Doctor
    by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, 
    (NaturalNews) Dr. H. Gilbert Welch is the author of Less Medicine More Health, one of the most fascinating and important books on medicine I’ve read all year.

    The book is extraordinary, and it’s authored by a doctor who is thoughtful and systematic in his analysis of seven false assumptions in modern medicine that enrich drug companies, hospitals and surgeons while actually harming the public.

    Below, I’m citing a short section from the book that explains how the cancer industry uses psychological terror to scare women and men into unnecessary cancer treatments.

    This is extremely relevant today for two reasons. First, we have the recent indictment and prosecution of Dr. Farid Fata, an oncologist from Detroit, working inside the Karmanos Cancer Center property, who used fear tactics to force thousands of innocent patients into cancer treatments they didn’t need. Dr. Fata is now serving 45 years in federal prison.

    Secondly, a colleague of Dr. Fata, a “science” info-terrorist who operated under a false pseudonym for several years but has now been exposed as Dr. David Gorski, is still practicing as a cancer surgeon with Karmanos. Dr. Gorski uses fear, intimidation, deception and other similar tactics to bully both patients and critics. He epitomizes the “psychological terrorism” focus of the entire cancer industry, which uses fear as a weapon against patients. (I have already submitted a detailed list of allegations about Dr. Gorski to the Federal Bureau of Investigations.)

    Everything you’re about to read below supports what I’ve already uncovered about the criminal cancer industry in my own investigations. I strongly recommend you get the book yourself and read what else he has to say. In my view, reading Dr. Welch’s book may very well save your life.

    read more.

Click on image for article.

Click on image for article.

Click on image for article.


Effectiveness_of_chemotheraphy_against_lymphoma_is_BOGUS cancer


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Johns Hopkins Psychiatrist Exposes Fraud of Transgenderism. It is a Mental, Psychological Illness.

  • Johns Hopkins Psychiatrist: ‘Transgendered Men Don’t Become Women,’ They Become ‘Feminized Men,’ ‘Impersonators’
    by Michael W. Chapman,  
    Dr. Paul R. McHugh, the Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University and former psychiatrist–in-chief for Johns Hopkins Hospital, who has studied transgendered people for 40 years, said it is a scientific fact that “transgendered men do not become women, nor do transgendered women become men.”

    All such people, he explained in an article for The Witherspoon Institute,  “become feminized men or masculinized women, counterfeits or impersonators of the sex with which they ‘identify.’”

    Dr. McHugh, who was psychiatrist-in-chief at Johns Hopkins Hospital for 26 years, the medical institute that had initially pioneered sex-change surgery – and later ceased the practice – stressed that the cultural meme, or idea that “one’s sex is fluid and a matter of choice” is extremely damaging, especially to young people.

    The idea that one’s sexuality is a feeling and not a biological fact “is doing much damage to families, adolescents, and children and should be confronted as an opinion without biological foundation wherever it emerges,” said Dr. McHugh in his article,Transgenderism: A Pathogenic Meme

    “I am ever trying to be the boy among the bystanders who points to what’s real,” said Dr. McHugh, who is also professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Johns Hopkins.  “I do so not only because truth matters, but also because overlooked amid the hoopla—enhanced now by Bruce Jenner’s celebrity and Annie Leibovitz’s photography—stand many victims.”

    “Think, for example, of the parents whom no one—not doctors, schools, nor even churches—will help to rescue their children from these strange notions of being transgendered and the problematic lives these notions herald,” warned McHugh.

    They rarely find therapists who are willing to help them “work out their conflicts and correct their assumptions,” said McHugh. “Rather, they and their families find only ‘gender counselors’ who encourage them in their sexual misassumptions.”

    In addition, he said, “both the state and federal governments are actively seeking to block any treatments that can be construed as challenging the assumptions and choices of transgendered youngsters.”

    “As part of our dedication to protecting America’s youth, this administration supports efforts to ban the use of conversion therapy for minors,” said Valerie Jarrett, a senior advisor to President Obama, as quoted by Dr. McHugh in his article.

    However, there is plenty of evidence showing that “transgendering” is a “psychological rather than a biological matter,” said Dr. McHugh. 

    “In fact, gender dysphoria—the official psychiatric term for feeling oneself to be of the opposite sex—belongs in the family of similarly disordered assumptions about the body, such as anorexia nervosa and body dysmorphic disorder,” said McHugh.

    read more.





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Another Teenage Girl Died Just Five Days After Having HPV Vaccine Jab

Click on image for article.

  • Teenage Girl Died Just Five Days After Having HPV Vaccine Jab
    by , 
    The family claim a doctor dismissed her condition was linked to the HPV vaccine jab and astonishingly even branded her a ‘lazy child’ before she was sent home.

    A teenage girl died just five days after having a cervical cancer jab. Shazel Zaman, 13, was suffering with a severe headache, vomiting and dizziness after having the jab. Her symptoms became so severe that her family took her to Bury’s Fairfield Hospital.

    But the family claim that a doctor dismissed her condition was linked to the HPV vaccine jab and astonishingly even branded her a ‘lazy child’ before she was sent home. She was found collapsed unconscious with no pulse an hour later at her home in Bury, and died in hospital about four hours later.

    Doctors had told her family they believed she might have a stomach bug and told them to bring her back to hospital if her condition worsened. Now Pennine Acute NHS Trust, which runs the hospital, has launched an investigation into the standard of care Shazel received at the hospital.

    read more.

Click on image for article.

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Click on image for article.


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LA Times: Feds Caught In Deadly Vaccine Trial

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Expensive & Deadly: Medical Errors 3rd Leading Cause of Death in US

  • Published on May 6, 2016
    Insurance companies across the country are struggling to offset the rising costs of healthcare, with some reporting significant losses since the Affordable Care Act came into law. Now they’re seeking to offset that dip in profits by raising premiums, even though Obamacare was supposed to lower costs for patients and insurers ‒ something that has yet to happen in the nation that leads the world in healthcare spending. Meanwhile, new research shows that errors in healthcare are the third leading cause of death in the United States. RT America’s Manuel Rapalo reports.

To all those who insist on being paranoid by the US Government’s TERRORISM psyop: Beware of doctors, hospitals! They kill at least 1000 times more people than terrorists! Be alert, watch them, report their suspicious activities! They are out to get you!,_Evidence_based_Estimate_of_Patient_Harms.2.aspx

Medical errors kill 1000x more than terrorism in the USA! Based on US government’s TERRORISM psyop: You must Be Afraid! Very Afraid of doctors, hospitals! They are out to get you!


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