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The Western Financial System Teeters on the Brink — Only a New Bretton Woods Agreement Among the Four Powers Can Prevent Chaos

  • The Western Financial System Teeters on the Brink — Only a New Bretton Woods Agreement Among the Four Powers Can Prevent Chaos
    The Western monetary system is hanging by a thread. The immediate panic in Turkey, Argentina and elsewhere eased slightly today, but the problem is not localized to one or more crisis points — it is systemic, the result of the past ten years’ refusal to change the policies which caused the 2008 breakdown. When Wall Street exploded in 2008, Bush and Obama showed their colors — the red, white and blue of the Union Jack, not the U.S. flag — refusing to implement Lyndon LaRouche’s call for restoring FDR’s Glass Steagall Act, while enacting laws which encouraged a full return of the derivative speculation at the expense of the real economy. This led to the revolt of the population expressed in the election of Donald Trump, who pledged to restore the US industrial economy and end the perpetual imperial warfare.

    Now, however, as LaRouche insisted after the 2008 crash, Glass Steagall alone will not do the job. Nothing short of an entirely new world financial order can succeed in replacing the “Casino Mondial” of floating exchange rates and unbridled speculation, which has taken the place of investment into the real economy, with the IMF and the ECB as the “enforcement” mechanism. Such a New Bretton Woods approach is required, restoring fixed exchange rates in a gold reserve system, while “New Silk Road” projects based on national credit expand the productivity and well being of the entire human race.

    Achieving such a new paradigm requires that Donald Trump sit down with the leaders of the other three great powers in the world — Russia, China and India — to formulate such a new Bretton Woods agreement. This was LaRouche’s insight in 2009, that only these four powers acting in tandem would have the power to replace the British Empire with a new financial system among sovereign nations based on real development. This vision was confirmed at the historic BRICS Summit in South Africa last month, where Russia, China and India dedicated themselves to extending the spirit and function of the New Silk Road to all of Africa and the so-called developing sector.

    Trump has declared, repeatedly, that Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin and Narendra Modi are friends, despite the massive effort by the British and their assets in the U.S. to turn the nation against both Russia and China. Now, the Russiagate scam is exposed and could soon be ended, with the accusers becoming the accused. Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani declared that it is time for Obama’s CIA chief John Brennan to be brought before a Grand Jury for his criminal connivance with British intelligence operative Christopher Steele, who orchestrated the ongoing coup attempt against the government of the United states. Leading Congressmen are now focused on the British intelligence role in the Russiagate coup attempt. This cleansing of the British imperial filth within the U.S. establishment must be successfully completed, immediately, freeing Trump to do what he must, through the Four Power alignment: to create the New Bretton Woods.


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Greg Hunter’s Weekly Update: Brennan Loses Security Clearance, Big Tech Killing Free Speech, Dollar, Trade War And Global Reset

  • Greg Hunter’s Weekly Update: Brennan Loses Security Clearance, Big Tech Killing Free Speech, Dollar, Trade War And Global Reset
    by Greg Hunter’s (WNW 348, 8.17.18)
    Obama Administration CIA Director John Brennan had his security clearance revoked by President Trump. Brennan says it’s an attack on Trump’s critics. Others say it’s the beginning of punishment for being the “ringleader” of a soft coup to remove Donald Trump from office. Are indictments of Brennan and his co-conspirators coming soon?

    Say something that big tech companies do not like and you can be banned from social media platforms such at Twitter and Facebook. It’s not just people like Alex Jones getting banned, it is also GOP congressional candidates such as Elizabeth Heng whose family story about escaping brutal communist dictator Pol Pot in Cambodia is considered “obscene.”

    Lots of people are worried about the U.S. dollar. Is it going to continue to rise in value? Is the Fed going to keep raising interest rates on the short end of the curve? Can emerging markets like Turkey survive without an economic meltdown? All good questions, and we will try to give you the answers.


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US Seeks NAFTA Deal with Mexico Without Canada

  • RT America Published on Aug 16, 2018
    Mexico’s Economy Secretary has visited Washington every week for the past month as part of a push to renegotiate terms of NAFTA. US trade officials say a preliminary agreement could be announced by the end of August, but Canada remains outside of the current talks. RT America’s Anya Parampil reports.


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What’s Really Behind US-Turkey Crisis?

  • RT America Published on Aug 17, 2018
    The crisis between the US and Turkey is worsening. Washington is threatening to impose further rounds of sanctions if Ankara does not release an American evangelical pastor held on suspicions of partaking in a failed 2016 coup attempt. But some are questioning if this fight between NATO allies is really about religious freedom as president trump claims. RT America’s Dan Cohen reports. For analysis, former Pentagon official Michael Maloof.


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Why Russia Will NOT Fall Victim to Emerging Markets Financial Crisis

  • The Duran Published on Aug 17, 2018
    The Duran – News in Review – Episode 81. The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris explain why, unlike the financial meltdown in Turkey, Russia is well equipped and properly prepared to weather the US sanctions storm… and may, in the end, come out of the latest emerging markets turmoil stronger and more independent from western petrodollar control than ever before.


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Palestinian President: US Lying about Efforts to Improve Gaza Situation

  • Palestinian President: US Lying about Efforts to Improve Gaza Situation
    Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has lashed out at the US for its dishonesty regarding the humanitarian situation in Gaza, saying American statesmen are lying when they talk of plans to address the crisis in the Israeli-blockaded territory.

    In a televised speech at the start of a Palestinian Central Council meeting in Ramallah on Wednesday, Abbas denounced as mere lies the recent claims by officials in US President Donald Trump’ administration that they want to improve the living conditions of Gazans.

    The suffering of the Palestinian people in Gaza “started ever since there was an occupation and Israeli blockade,” he said. “The US has now woken up to defend and support our people. They are liars,” he added.

    He said the American officials’ plan to promote “humanitarian aid and relief projects” in Gaza is in line with their own interests. Back in June, the Israeli Haaretz newspaper reported that the Trump administration is trying to persuade the Persian Gulf Arab monarchies to invest in Gaza economic projects in a bid to calm the situation before Washington unveils its so-called Middle East peace plan.

    The Palestinian Authority said back then that the so-called aid plan is a scheme meant to sow discord among Palestinians and get concessions on occupied Jerusalem al-Quds.

    The Gaza Strip has been under an inhumane Israeli siege since 2007 and witnessed three wars since 2008. The Tel Aviv regime carries out regular attacks on Gaza under the pretext of hitting positions belonging to the Hamas resistance movement.

    read more.

Revelation 2:9 – …. and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.

Jews do run America! Don’t take my word for it. Read what they say themselves. The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is Satanic ie. of the Synagogue of Satan. Click on image for article.

Book by Rabbi Joel David Bakst, teaching of the Jews’ belief in the Sacred Serpent. This is a well-known rabbinical doctrine of the Jews. It is also a core secret revealed in the controversial book, The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

Netanyahu in 2001. Click on image for article.


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US Creates Iran Action Group to ‘Change Regime’s Behavior’

  • RT Published on Aug 17, 2018
    US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has formed a special group that will co-ordinate Washington’s policy on Iran, that’s as it continues to pressure the country with sanctions. The head of the new group, Brian Hook, says the US is prepared to punish any country trading with Iran. READ MORE:

Click on image for article.

Click on image for article.

Click on image for article.


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Foreign Minister Wang: Beijing Opposes US Anti-Iran Sanctions

  • PressTV Published on Aug 17, 2018
    The Chinese government has once again put its weight behind the 20-15 Iran nuclear deal as an important achievement in terms of multilateralism. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, in a phone call with his Iranian counterpart Mohammd Javad Zarif, said Beijing values its relations with Tehran and seeks closer mutually-beneficial cooperation. The top Chinese diplomat also rejected the extra-territorial sanctions the U-S imposed on Iran after Washington’s withdrawal from the nuclear deal. Wang said Beijing opposes the wrong practices of unilateral sanctions and long-arm jurisdiction. Zarif, in turn, called for stronger coordination with the remaining parties to the nuclear deal, including China, to properly tackle the new situation concerning the accord.


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Trump Destroying ‘Old World Monetary Order’ By Signing Off on Tariffs, Sanctions

  • Trump Destroying ‘Old World Monetary Order’ By Signing Off on Tariffs, Sanctions
    US President Donald Trump’s love of using tariffs and sanctions to get back at foreign governments is a game changer that is ultimately destroying “the old world monetary order,” economist Mark Frost told Sputnik.

    US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin revealed during a Thursday meeting at the White House that the US was prepared to slap Turkey with additional sanctions if Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan refused to release American pastor Andrew Brunson. This would be in addition to the US’ sanctions on two top officials in the Turkish Cabinet last week and tariffs imposed on Turkish steel and aluminum, which sent the Turkish lira on a bit of a tumble.

    Turkey and the US landed in an “it’s complicated” relationship status after Ankara refused to release Brunson, who is accused of backing the failed 2016 coup. Citing failing health, Turkish authorities have released Brunson from prison and placed him on house arrest.

    ​Frost told Sputnik Radio’s Fault Lines on Thursday that Trump is changing the game on how officials view the power of tariffs and sanctions.

    “What Trump has done is, he’s changed the game. Used to [be], the game was: let’s predict what other people are going to do,” Frost told hosts Garland Nixon and Lee Stranahan. “Now, people are saying, ‘We don’t know what people are going to do, so we’re going to take a different way of looking at how we expect currency movements and things like that to happen.'”

    “[W]hether you like it or whether you don’t like it, Trump has basically destroyed the old world monetary order of how the world works,” he added.

    read more.


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Will Trump Abolish the FedRes, Return to Gold Standard & Declare Debt Jubilee?

  • Reluctant Preppers Published on Aug 15, 2018
    Is President Trump a patsy succumbing to the powers that be, or is he enacting sweeping changes that will end the Federal Reserve, liberate us from over a century of foreign private banker occupation, and usher in an era of gold-backed stable money? Wayne Jett, author of “The Fruits of Graft, Great Depressions Then and Now,” returns to Reluctant Preppers to declare a blistering and mind expanding assessment of which way we are headed. You do not want to miss this one!


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The Economic Recovery Is Not What It Seems: Daniel Ameduri

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Tariff War: China Willing to Resume Trade Talks with US. China’s 25% Tariff on US Fuel to go into Effect Late August

  • RT America Published on Aug 16, 2018
    Beijing has agreed to lower-level trade talks with Washington later this month in an effort to end the worsening tariff dispute. The last round of formal trade negotiations between US and China took place in early June, and was followed by a tariff war. RT America’s Manila Chan is following the story.

  • Fox Business Published on Aug 16, 2018
    Suburban Propane CEO Michael Stivala on how China’s 25 percent tariff on U.S. fuel will impact his propane business and why the tariff is causing volatility to the energy sector.


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Washington Forms New Group to Pressure Tehran

  • PressTV Published on Aug 16, 2018
    The US secretary of state says a special task force has been set up as part of Washington’s agenda to maximize economic and political pressure on Iran. Mike Pompeo accused Tehran of having a destabilizing behavior and said the IRAN ACTION GROUP will closely monitor the Islamic Republic’s activities. Pompeo named Brian Hook as the new special representative for the group. Hook has been leading the state department’s talks with US allies to persuade them to cut off Iran’s oil exports to their countries. The move came following Washington’s withdrawal from the 2015 nuclear agreement in May. The US has pledged to increase economic pressure on Iran to force it to re-negotiate the agreement. However, the Islamic Republic has repeatedly rejected any talks with the White House.


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World Financial Markets Suffer as US-Turkey Ties Decline, Washington Vows to Keep Sanctions. Turkey Raises Tariffs on US as Court Rejects Pastor’s Appeal for Release

  • RT Published on Aug 16, 2018
    The US says economic sanctions against Turkey will remain in place even if Ankara releases an American pastor, whom it arrested on suspicion of terrorism offences. That’s after both sides imposed further tariffs on each other. Concerns over whether the situation has escalated too much, were raised at the US State Department. READ MORE:

  • Fox Business Published on Aug 15, 2018
    Kadina Group President Gary B. Smith and Investmark Advisory Group principal Mike Lee on how Turkey raised tariffs on U.S. imports and how a Turkish court rejected American pastor Andrew Brunson’s appeal for release.


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On The News Line – Dollar is Doomed

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