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Middle East: Israel’s Trump Recognition of the Golan as a Prelude to the Annexation of the Palestinian Territories

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Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing by Zionist ‘666’ Israel, the Satanic counterfeit .

  • Middle East: Israel’s Trump Recognition of the Golan as a Prelude to the Annexation of the Palestinian Territories
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    Original in Arabic here.
    The US government’s decision to drop the word “occupied” on the Golan Heights has serious implications for the situation in the region, an author of the Middle East A website, an extension of US policy under President Donald Trump, which fully endorses right-wing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s positions.

    “This decision flagrantly violates international law and UN resolutions, and gives the Israeli government an open space to expand its settlement project,” said Muhsin Ramadan, an article in the website.

    “This decision will also allow the confiscation of more land, the transfer of population and the elimination of any opportunity for a Palestinian state, paving the way for Israel’s official annexation of the Palestinian territories,” Ramadan said.

    He stressed that this decision not only undermines the foundations of international law with regard to the occupied territories, but also adopts the Zionist narrative that describes these lands as a “historical and religious right” for the Jews.

    The author stressed that the resolution promotes the deprivation of Palestinian and Syrian rights, aims to tear down the historical ties of the indigenous people to their land and gives legitimacy to the occupation by allowing him to do what he wants in these territories without accountability.

    Imposing new facts

    Ramadan goes on to say that this decision gives the lead to settlement frenzy and imposes new facts on the ground – in violation of UN Security Council Resolution 2334 condemning the settlements – and paves the way for a possible annexation of the land by Israel, saying it is under Israel’s control.

    The writer adds that the US decision is to prepare public opinion for Israel’s final takeover of the occupied territories, which is based on the management of the people without land, and the expropriation of Palestinians and the right of return of refugees.

    These developments, he says, are an integral part of the way the United States will deal with the Palestinian cause in the so-called “Deal of the Century”, which has not been announced yet, by removing political solutions based on the Palestinian people’s right to self-determination in accordance with international law. And UN resolutions.

    With this decision, the United States aims to activate and implement Netanyahu’s vision of the conflict, namely, finding humanitarian solutions based on the economic peace of the population.

    In this vision, the Gaza Strip is separated from the West Bank, and Palestinian communities are turned into scattered pockets, the goal of which is to destroy the foundations of the Palestinian national identity.

The Palestinians are the REAL Jews of the Bible!
Remember: Revelation 12:6 (CEV) 6 The woman ran into the desert to a place that God had prepared for her. There she would be taken care of for one thousand two hundred sixty days.”
The Sinai peninsula is a desert. Click on image for article!

The Palestinians are the REAL Jews of the Bible! The coming fulfilment of Revelation 12 is close at hand! Click on image for article.

The fulfillment of Revelation 12 is imminent. The Palestinians ie. REAL JEWs will be forced out of Gaza into Sinai. Click on image for article.


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