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BASEL III…… Q&A with Lynette Zang

  • ITM Trading Streamed live 23 hours ago
    Link to the Slides and Sources:…
    1. JR: Have you had a chance to review Basel III? Doesn’t this mean that when you go to take money out of your depositor bank, the money won’t be there? Am I right in believing this is absolutely the end game?
    2. Jim D: Could you please comment on the Basel III changes scheduled for end of March? Assuming banks hold gold, does this not eliminate the incentive to manipulate the price of gold lower?
    3. Jeff L – BASEL III seems have effect on Gold & this is where much conversation. My question is how will it affect silver.
    4. Typo – debt clock shows ‘paper to gold ratio’ & ‘dollar to gold ratio’. Can you explain the difference? Ultimately I was looking at ratios to see what Basel 3 effect might be on March 31.
    5. Steve P: One of Basill III’s new requirements is that gold becomes a tier 1 asset. On the other side of the reset, how can I use my silver as collateral for a loan rather than cash in my silver?


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