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Germany’s Merkel & France’s Macron Plan for EU Naval Air Power

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  • Germany’s Merkel & France’s Macron Plan for EU Naval Air Power
    by Phil Butler,
    German Chancellor Angela Merkel has taken the next step in consolidating the power of Germany’s Fourth Reich alongside Rothschild lackey Emmanuel Macron. Please excuse the strong accusatory tone here, but plans for an “EU Aircraft Carrier” make German-French aggression abundantly clear. With a goose-stepping EU Army led by Germany already in the works, these naval plans should remind us of the dark days of Hitler and World War II. Pay attention here.

    Europe’s “Hard Power” to Come
    ABC News reported on March 11th German Chancellor Angela Merkel is endorsing the development of a joint European aircraft carrier, as suggested by her party’s leader, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer. The news came as heightened plans for an EU Army go forward, and as France and Germany work on European combat aircraft for EU Air Force. Merkel said, “the next step could be to start on the symbolic project of building a common European aircraft carrier” to supposedly underline the EU’s global security role. But any naval historian or expert will tell you, aircraft carriers are offensive systems, weapons intended to project power. Let me illustrate by citing from the definitive resource on naval power, Jane’s Information Group (PDF) on the role of aircraft carriers today:

    “The carrier and its embarked air group continue to offer a uniquely mobile, flexible, reconfigurable, and truly independent platform for sustained operations at reach. These advocates further claim that the carrier, through its ability to enable the projection of tactical air power independent of access, basing, and overflight rights endures as a ‘platform of necessity’ in an era of expeditionary operations where host-nation support may be unavailable or comes with significant political and/or military constraints and risks attached.”

    The world’s definitive authority on weapons systems, Jane’s goes on to define the role of aircraft carriers as “political instruments by which to demonstrate diplomatic posture and military resolve.” But in a worst-case scenario, the carrier group is the key instrument of military conquest. So, Chancellors Merkel’s latest sorte into militarism is further assurance that the European block is embarking on a strategy of “hard power” to achieve EU goals. This POLITICO report supports my contention, so:

    “Policymakers across the Continent finally agree that hard power — long viewed as antithetical to the EU’s raison d’être — is now essential to the bloc’s survival.”

    Expansion as the Solution
    But why is hard power essential to the EU’s survival? This is the question the average person will ask when confronted with this bizarre aggressive reality. The answers, though convoluted and obscured by media and think tanks in Washington, are not so difficult to understand.

    The European Union is falling apart. A wonderful and idealistic union of peoples ended up a dark blot in history for millions of Europeans who once believed. This is so not because a unified Europe was a bad idea, but because a free and equal confederation was never the real reason for creating the block. The EU was envisioned and created for the sole purpose of making France and Germany victors of a silent war for power and profit. I will not go into the economic or political specifics for each country, but the fact Germany and France are the only nations who’ve substantially profited seems sufficient here. The fact these two nations profited at the expense of all the other nations is also unarguable. So, if we assume France and Germany have the most to win or lose from continued EU cohesion – stamping out EU tin soldiers, tanks, and aircraft carriers is a foolproof way of ensuring this. Merkel, Macron, and the people who control them MUST have the means to create EU cohesion – their financial mafia tactics have bled hundreds of millions of their legacy already. A visible police force, unified militarism against Russia or other mythical threats, commonality of fear must be amplified. This is reason-one.

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