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China Deploys 100 Ships to Disputed Waters Amid US Buildup: Report

A fleet of Chinese ships sail out at sea after China and Russia’s joint naval drill concludes near Zhanjiang port, Guangdong Province, China, on September 19, 2016. (Photo by Reuters)

  • China Deploys 100 Ships to Disputed Waters Amid US Buildup: Report
    China has deployed some 100 ships to the South China Sea, the Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative run by the Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies reports.

    The large armada was sent to the Thitu Island, a Philippine-held part of a large cluster of islands disputed between China, Taiwan, Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam, it said.

    The fleet, which includes vessels from the navy, coastguard and dozens of fishing boats, is part of an effort to stop the Philippine government from continuing construction on the island, it added.

    According to the report, the number of deployed ships surged on December 25, reaching 95 ships. The number has since dropped, reaching 42 vessels by January 26.

    The Philippine government has been seeking to develop an airway on the island by building a breaching ramp since 2017. The project was due to be finished by the end of last year, but officials say that it has been delayed because of extreme weather.

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