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The Deep State Plot to Start World War III

  • The Deep State Plot to Start World War III
    by Dave Hodges,
    In August of 2018, the Pentagon released a report that was not covered in our corporate controlled media. Subsequently, I have learned that the Pentagon held a closed door briefing on the topic of the Chinese preparing to unleash a series of Pearl Harbor type of attacks against the United States. And as will be revealed later in the article, it led me to ask the right questions of deep cover sources regarding China and the commencement of World War III.

    The readers may be wondering where I obtained this information? It certainly wasn’t from the MSM in America. The reports surfaced in places like New Zealand and France. And of course, as stated, I have deep cover sources revealing what the Deep State is actually up to.

    As an aside, I feel compelled to ask a question: Isn’t it a shame that we have to get the truth about the dangers our country faces from the foreign press instead of the MSM such as CNN and the Washington Post?

    There is an issue that I have repeatedly covered before on the CSS’ radio show and website. This has to do with the fact that we are, once again, forcing an Asian country to attack the United States in order to promote a wider conflict for political reasons.

    In the pre-World War II time, we provoked Japan to attack the United States. President Roosevelt was told by Nazi refugees, such as Einstein, that the Germans were close to developing atomic weapons that could be mounted on rockets. Not only did this lead to America’s Manhattan Project, designed to develop and deliver America’s first nuclear weapons,  it could lead directly World War III.

    Roosevelt was forced to develop a plan that would get America into the war quickly in order to stop the Germans. Roosevelt and his team of advisers developed the McCollum Eight Point Plan which was designed to get Japan to attack the US. Roosevelt deemed this was necessary because America was embroiled in the Great Depression and an air of isolationism swept the country. Americans had to be shocked into accepting the entry into the global conflict, hence, the McCollum Plan. Today, thanks to neocon, Mattis, America is following a similar plan  in order to get China to attack America. Here are the two plots and how they parallel each other.

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