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US War WARNING: Macron Says Threat from America is as Big as RUSSIA and CHINA

  • This comment by Macron that America is a threat tells you that there is a major split in the western Illuminati. The Old Black (as in Evil) Nobility of Europe are abandoning America. They are desperate because they are running out of time. The logical move to make is to wait out the Trump presidency and then proceed where they left off in their Luciferian New World Order plans. But Trump is systematically destroying their World Order, globalist institutions and also evicting many of their deep state operatives from the US government. Trump is setting back their plans by easily 10-20 years. They have lost major control over USA.
  • Why can’t they wait out Trump’s presidency? The coming of the fallen angels, Revelation 12, is imminent.
  • US War WARNING: Macron Says Threat from America is as Big as RUSSIA and CHINA
    EMMANUEL Macron accused the US of being as much of a threat to Europe as China and Russia after Donald Trump pulled out of a Russian Cold War treaty and the Iran nuclear deal.

    The French President believes the bloc has become the “victim” of the growing tensions between the world superpowers and said it was time for a “true European army” to defend against international threats. And the European Commission backed Mr Macron’s calls saying they were “totally compatible” with their goals. Donald Trump began imposing sanctions on Iran on Monday after pulling out of the nuclear agreement with the nation.

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