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Orionids & Southern Taurids Set for a Pretty Display of Shooting Stars this Weekend

  • nemesis maturity Published on Oct 17, 2018
    The Orionid and Southern Taurid meteor showers are expected to peak this weekend, though this year, in 2018, the showers must compete with the glare of the brilliant waxing gibbous moon for much of the night. The advantage of watching in late Friday to Saturday morning rather than the following nights – is that there is less moonlight to obstruct the show. Some experts are expecting a possible upswing in Orionid activity in 2018. Because the peak is rather broad, skywatchers should be alert watching for three nights in a row (October 20-22). The Orionids stem from bits and pieces from the most famous of all comets, Comet Halley, and the Southern Taurids from comet 2P Encke. As the comets move through space, they leave debris in their wake that strikes Earth’s atmosphere most fully around October 20-22, every year.……


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