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  • Press For Truth Published on Sep 19, 2018
    “Don’t Be Evil” is the motto of Google the parent company of YouTube and it is now safe to say that that is no longer the case as the worlds largest video sharing website has now turned their crosshairs on censoring the speech of outspoken Christians! In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with Mario Brisson of The Vigilant Christian about the censoring of his massive YouTube channel and the current state of “free speech” on a platform that is looking less and lees like “You”Tube and more and more like “Them”Tube!

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Italy Faces MASSIVE Debt CRISIS! – European Union FURIOUS

  • World Alternative Media Published on Sep 30, 2018
    Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the astonishing debt crisis in Italy as the European Parliament criticizes the country for being in so-called “open defiance.” Now, don’t be too confused, both sides are wrong in this situation considering the vast toll of debt enforced upon the populace. Both sides are huge supporters of centralization, one is just larger than the other. Italy has announced that it will expand its 2019 budget to 2.4% of GDP. Officials actually claim the increase in spending will abolish poverty, but no one seems to be talking about the vast debt impoverishing the country as the banking sector heats up at an unthinkable rate.

    The EU parliament claims that Italy is defying their suggestions. Defying the EU isn’t exactly a bad thing, it’s just that both sides simply want a different form of centralization and the EU very likely knows exactly what is coming its way which is why they’ve been in careful scripted preparation for the coming global crash. Antonio Tajani, the European Parliament head says he’s concerned for what’s happening in Italy and that this move will not raise employment. He also says it will hit savers in their wallets. Tajani was very close to Berlusconi.

    The M3 money supply in Italy seems to be on the brink of the same issue we saw between 2010 and 2011 as Europe felt the lasting effects of the 2008 financial crisis. No matter what happens, the banks are bankrupt, the fiat monetary system always crashes and there are bubbles left and right as the global monetary playbook is failing. Either way, this will not end well. We go deep into historical implications and put the story in context for the audience as well as talk about the vast subservience enforced on the populace via the banks, central banks and governments of the world.


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Miko Peled: An Insider’s Views on the Zionist Project — The Genocide & Ethnic Cleansing of Palestinians

  • Miko Peled: An Insider’s Views on the Zionist Project
    by Stuart Littlewood,
    “Only a focused and well co-ordinated strategy to delegitimize and bring down the Zionist regime can bring justice to Palestine. BDS has the best potential for that.”

    Miko Peled, an Israeli general’s son and himself a former Israeli soldier, is nowadays a noted peace activist and a tireless worker for justice in the Holy Land. He is considered to be one of the clearest voices calling for support of BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) against the Zionist regime and for the creation of a single democracy with equal rights on all of historic Palestine.

    He will be at the Labour Party Conference in Liverpool on 23-26 September. I was lucky enough to have the chance to interview him beforehand. In a week that marks the 70th anniversary of the assassination of Folke Bernadotte and the 36th anniversary of the genocidal massacre at Sabra and Shatila refugee camp, atrocities committed in pursuit of Zionist ambition, what Miko says may give those who take dictation from the Israel lobby cause to reflect.

    SL:  Miko, you were raised in a Zionist family on a Zionist diet. What happened to cause you to break out from there?
    MP:  As the title of my memoir The General’s Son suggests, I was born to a father who was a general in the IDF and then, as the sub-title points out, I embarked on a “Journey of an Israeli in Palestine”. The journey defined for me, and through me will hopefully define for he reader, what is “Israel” and what is “Palestine”. It is a journey from the sphere of the privileged oppressor and occupier (Israel) to that of the oppressed (Palestine) and the people who are native to Palestine. I discovered that it is in fact the same country, that Israel is Palestine occupied. But without the journey I would not have figured that out. This for me was the key. It allowed me to see the injustice, the deprivation, the lack of water and rights and so on. The further I allowed, and continue to allow myself to venture into this journey the more I was able to see what Zionism really is, what Israel is, and who I am within that.

    read more.

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  • Modern Ashkenazi Khazars (90+% of modern Jewry) are NOT the Jews of the Bible! Ashkenaz is not from the tribe of Shem ie. not semitic! They cannot be the descendents of Jacob/Israel who are from Shem!

    Genesis 10:1-3 (New King James Version)
    Nations Descended from Noah
    1 Now this is the genealogy of the sons of Noah: Shem, Ham, and Japheth. And sons were born to them after the flood. 2 The sons of Japheth were Gomer, Magog, Madai, Javan, Tubal, Meshech, and Tiras. 3 The sons of Gomer were Ashkenaz, Riphath,[a] and Togarmah.

Revelation 2:9 – …. and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.

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We are trained to not see Palestinians as humans – former IDF soldier!

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  • Sir Gerald Kaufmann (UK Jewish MP):
    “My grandmother was ill in bed when the Nazis came to her home town. A German soldier shot her dead in her bed. “My grandmother did not die to provide cover for Israeli soldiers murdering Palestinian grandmothers in Gaza. ”

    “The present Israeli government ruthlessly and cynically exploits the continuing guilt among gentiles over the slaughter of Jews in the Holocaust as justification for their murder of Palestinians.”

  • He said the claim that many of the Palestinian victims were militants “was the reply of the Nazi” and added: “I suppose the Jews fighting for their lives in the Warsaw ghetto could have been dismissed as militants.”

‘Israel was born out of Jewish Terrorism! …. They are not simply war criminals. They are fools!’

  • … it turns out the creation of Israel had not, after all, been a haphazard fight in which the Arabs fled their homes at the directives of their own leaders, but it had been an unprovoked, systematic campaign of ethnic cleansing by the Jewish militia involving massacres, terrorism and the wholesale looting of an entire nation.” from 4:22 onwards
  • “In 2001, Dr. Ariella Oppenheim, of Hebrew University, a biologist, published the first extensive study of DNA and the origin of the Jews. Her research found that virtually all the Jews came from Khazar blood. Not only that but Oppenheim discovered that the Palestinians—the very people whom the Jews had been persecuting and ejecting from Israel’s land since 1948—had more Israelite blood than did the Jews. In sum, the vast majority of the Jews were not Jews; some of the Palestinians were. Some of the Palestinians even had a DNA chromosome which established that they were “Cohens”—workers at the ancient Temple and synagogues of the Jews.” – Quote

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“Shalom (Ex ShinBet chief) shocked viewers. He called Israeli occupation no different from Nazi occupied Europe.” – Quote

Revelation 2:9 – …. and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.

Ashkenazi Khazar Jews are not semitic people and not the real Jews of the Bible! Not the descendents of the 12 sons of Jacob/Israel !Click on image for article!


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Operators Standing By,Stay Tuned & Watch ‘Red October’

  • X22Report Published on Oct 1, 2018
    FBI launches an investigation into the allegations made by Dr. Ford. Trump expands the investigation. Meanwhile Rachel Mitchell says that there is not enough to go on to make a case. Professor Cleveland reviews the entire testimony of Dr. Ford and says that she is lying. Q post more bread, Rosenstein will resign, red October show is about to start. Q talks about treason and that people will not be able to comprehend the gravity of the situation.


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Iran Considers SWIFT Payment System Alternative to Bypass US Sanctions

Who is the aggressor?

  • Iran Considers SWIFT Payment System Alternative to Bypass US Sanctions
    Iran and its trading partners are working to establish mechanisms for the oil trade to bypass US sanctions against the country, said Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi.

    He told Sputnik news agency that Tehran is not ruling out the possibility of setting up an alternative to the international payments provider SWIFT to circumvent sanctions imposed by Washington.

    “As we know, Europeans are also trying to see how SWIFT can continue working with Iran, or if a parallel [financial] messaging system is necessary… This is something that we are still working on,” Araghchi said.

    According to him, an independent equivalent of the SWIFT system that was earlier suggested by the EU to protect European firms working in Iran from US sanctions will be available for third countries. “This is the important element in SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) that it is not only for Europeans but other countries can also use this. We hope that before the re-imposition of the second part of the US sanctions [from November 4], these mechanisms can be in place and be functional,” said the official.

    SWIFT is a financial network that provides high-value cross-border transfers for members across the world. It is based in Belgium, but its board includes executives from US banks with US federal law allowing the administration to act against banks and regulators across the globe. It supports most interbank messages, connecting over 11,000 financial institutions in more than 200 countries and territories.

    German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas earlier called on the European Union to set up an independent equivalent of the SWIFT system.

    read more.


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[FAQ] CRASH PLANNING: 401k, Annuities, ETF’s, IRA, Stocks & Bonds

  • ITM Trading Streamed live on Sep 28, 2018
    Link to Slides and Sources:…
    People want to believe in the current system. They are counting on that wealth for their current and future financial security. If numbers go up it makes them feel richer, even though most now have this gut feeling that something is just not quite right. I would say, TRUST YOUR GUT. Central bankers and Wall Street know that this is the end of the debt cycle, and all of that debt-based fiat money will have to be reset against gold. That’s why they’ve been accumulating and why you should too.


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Jim Rogers: Gigantic Short Position in Gold & Silver Right Now

  • Silver Bullion Published on Sep 30, 2018
    World renowned investor, Jim Rogers, sat down with SBTV at The Safe House and shared his thoughts on the changing fortunes of the US, the coming global financial collapse and the state of the gold & silver markets. Discussed in this interview:

    02:02 How America has changed in 50 years.
    03:20 Central banks don’t know what they are doing.
    05:32 Jim’s account of the Nixon Shock.
    07:56 Gold Standard requires great discipline.
    09:10 The next economic collapse.
    11:30 Gravity of next economic collapse.
    12:25 How China will be affected by the collapse.
    13:40 Winners emerging from the economic crisis.
    16:47 Reversal of role between east and west.
    18:30 What should investors do?
    19:42 Gold to go into a bubble.
    22:05 Good time to buy commodities?
    23:59 Electric vehicles and battery metals.
    26:23 Huge potential in silver.


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“We Control Both Left & Right” — Kuhn Loeb Banker (Illuminati)

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  • “We Control Both Left & Right” — Kuhn Loeb Banker
    by Henry Makow Ph.D.,
    Can world events can be understood in terms of Jewish hegemony? 
    In a candid moment after WW1, Kuhn Loeb partner Otto Kahn explained that the Cabalist bankers “remake” the world by creating artificial conflicts and determining the outcome. These include the world wars, the Cold War, and 
    the phony “Left-Right” gridlock.

    “We shall purify the idea [of God] by identifying it with the nation of Israel, 

     which has become its own Messiah. The advent of it will be facilitated by the final triumph of Israel… ”

    Otto Kahn, (1869-1934) was a partner with Jacob Schiff and Paul Warburg in America’s most influential investment bank Kuhn LoebThus, it is worth recalling what he said about the Illuminati Jewish strategy.

    In his book Geneva Versus Peace (1937,) the Comte de St. Aulaire, who was the French ambassador to London from 1920-24, recalled a dinner conversation with Otto Kahn which took place shortly after WWI. This shocking expose is fast disappearing down the memory hole.

    Asked why bankers would back Bolshevism, a system supposedly inimical to private ownership, Kahn tugged on his enormous cigar and explained that the bankers create apparent opposites to “remake the world” according to their specifications:

    “You say that Marxism is the very antithesis of capitalism, which is equally sacred to us. It is precisely for this reason that they are direct opposites to one another, that they put into our hands the two poles of this planet and allow us to be its axis. These two contraries, like Bolshevism and ourselves, find their identity in the International. [Presumably, he means the Comintern.]

    “These opposites … meet again in the identity of their purpose and end in the remaking of the world from above by the control of riches, and from below by revolution.

    “Our mission consists in promulgating the new law and in creating a God, that is to say in purifying the idea of God and realizing it, when the time shall come. We shall purify the idea by identifying it with the nation of Israel, which has become its own Messiah. The advent of it will be facilitated by the final triumph of Israel…

    “Our essential dynamism makes use of the forces of destruction and forces of creation but uses the first to nourish the second…Our organization for revolution is evidenced by destructive Bolshevism and for construction by the League of Nations which is also our work.

    “Bolshevism is the accelerator and the League is the brake on the mechanism of which we supply both the motive force and the guiding power.

    “What is the end? It is already determined by our mission. It is formed of elements scattered throughout the whole world, but cast in the flame of our faith in ourselves. We are a League of Nations which contains the elements of all others…Israel is the microcosm and the germ of the city of the future.”   

    People who presume to take the place of God are Satanists. Satanists redefine reality and morality, turning them upside down. They seek a worldwide political, economic and cultural monopoly institutionalized in a world government.

    This is achieved by a Hegelian dialectical process of creating adversaries (thesis-antithesis) and achieving a synthesis which corresponds to their goals. In the process, potential opponents are eliminated.

    read more.


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India, Pakistan Tear into Each Other at UNGA

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Iran to Give Tenfold Response to Any Hostile Move

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New Trade Deal: USMCA Will Replace NAFTA

  • RT America Published on Oct 1, 2018
    Canada and United States have agreed on for a new trade agreement opening the door to rewrite the North American Free Trade Agreement, NAFTA. The US-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) gives new protections for intellectual property and set new rules for cars and trucks. The deal must be approved by each country’s legislature before it can be signed into a law. RT America’s Sara Montes de Oca has the latest.


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Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Launches Missiles into Syria Targeting Ahvaz Attack Ringleaders

  • RT Published on Oct 1, 2018
    The Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) says it has hit the ringleaders responsible for a terrorist attack on a military parade in Ahvaz on September 22, which killed 30 people and injured over 60. READ MORE:


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BREAKING: Sex Crimes Prosecutor Rachel Mitchell COMPLETELY EXONERATES Judge Kavanaugh in NEW REPORT!

  • BREAKING: Sex Crimes Prosecutor Rachel Mitchell COMPLETELY EXONERATES Judge Kavanaugh in NEW REPORT!
    by Jacob Wohl,
    After a careful review of all of the evidence put fourth by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford in her accusations of sexual assault against Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh, sex crimes prosecutor Rachel Mitchell has released a report which completely exonerates the judge.

    Sex crimes prosecutor Rachel Mitchell, a non-partisan third-party with more than 25 years’ experience prosecuting sex crimes in the state of Arizona, carefully reviewed the allegations made by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, including hours of testimony, and has released a report on the matter. In the report, Mitchell points out more than a dozen glaring inconsistencies in Dr. Ford’s account and paints the accusations as potentially fraudulent. Mitchell’s points out several points, including:
  1. “Dr. Ford has not offered a consistent account of when the alleged assault happened.”
  2. “Dr. Ford struggled to identify Judge Kavanaugh as the assailant by name.”
  3. “When speaking with her husband, Dr. Ford changed her description of the incident to become less specific.”
  4. “Dr. Ford has no memory of key details of the night in question—details that could help corroborate her account.”
  5. “She does not remember in what house the alleged assault took place or where that house was located with any specificity.”
  6. “Perhaps most importantly, she does not remember how she got from the party back to her house.”
  • Rachel Mitchell reaches the conclusion that ““A ‘he said, she said’ case is incredibly difficult to prove. But this case is even weaker than that.”

    In perhaps her most damning finding, Rachel Mitchell writes that “The activities of congressional Democrats and Dr. Ford’s attorney’s likely affected her account”. Mitchell ostensibly alleges that the maneuvering of congressional Democrats, and the actions of her attorneys, who acted more like handlers, influenced her account of events, and perhaps even her truthfulness. This may have come out as Mitchell’s lines of questioning were repeatedly interrupted by her attorneys, namely Michael Bromwich, who also represents Andrew McCabe.

    read more.


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