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A Massive Supernova Outburst will Appear in the Sky Predict Astronomers

  • nemesis maturity Published on Aug 17, 2018
    A dazzling supernova will appear in the sky, predict astronomers. Scientists have studied a binary star system for years and claim it will explode. The supernova explosion will be one of brightest star in the night sky when it appears, astronomers say. Two stars, which are actually a contact binary (two stars that orbit each other, and also share a common atmosphere), about 1,800 light-years away in the Cygnus constellation, will merge and explode around 2022, and the event, which will lead to the formation of a red nova, will be visible to the naked eye when it occurs. If this scientific prediction turns out to be right, not just astronomers but everyone on Earth will be able to witness an unusual and fascinating celestial event about four years from now, without the use of any scientific instruments. Contact binary star KIC 9832227 is predicted to merge and explode into a red nova in 2022. Read more here:

    Prediction of a red nova outburst in KIC 9832227…


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