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Realizing Iran Deal Merits, Europe Distancing Self From US

  • Realizing Iran Deal Merits, Europe Distancing Self From US
    Germany and other European countries see the 2015 Iran deal as being in the best interest of the world and are distancing themselves from the United States — which has unilaterally withdrawn from the agreement — says a commentator.

    “It’s increasingly clear to the world that the Iran nuclear deal was in the interest and […] is in the interest of virtually the entire world,” Mark Weber, the director of the Institute for Historical Review, told Press TV on Tuesday. “Germany and other European countries [party to the deal] are distancing themselves more and more from the United States,” he said. The Trump administration, Weber said, is doing Israel’s bidding, which he said was harmful and also an assault on international law.

    US President Donald Trump unilaterally pulled the US out of the Iran deal on May 8. The deal has been endorsed by the United Nations Security Council, effectively being international law.

    The other parties to the deal, including the US’s European allies, have collectively decided to sustain the agreement and are detailing out ways to do that.

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