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NATO Leaders Hold Unplanned Emergency Session After Trump Threatens To Withdraw

  • By the tone of Trump’s demand: “pay 2% of GDP IMMEDIATELY”, we can conclude that the Global Monetary Reset is imminent. America can no longer afford a US$700B war budget, after the Return to Gold Standard.
  • NATO Leaders Hold Unplanned Emergency Session After Trump Threatens To Withdraw
    by Tyler Durden,
    The last day of the NATO leaders’ summit has started off just as dramatically as the first one, when Trump accused Germany of being a “captive of Russia” due to Merkel’s imports of Russian gas and her unwillingness to scrap the Nord Stream gas pipeline as Trump has demanded.

    According to media reports, one day after Trump repeatedly slammed NATO, demanding that the alliance must “pay 2% of GDP IMMEDIATELY”…

    … while also setting a new target of 4% which should also be hit, German dpa news agency reported that President Trump had threatened to pull the U.S. out of NATO if its allies do not “immediately” increase defense spending.

    This appears to have had an immediate effect, because just minutes later, in what Bloomberg dubbed an “unexpected twist”, NATO leaders held an unscheduled meeting to discuss the alliance budget this morning.

    One of the officials said the meeting takes place against the backdrop of Trump threatening allies to “go it alone” unless if they agree to increase their defense budget immediately. A White House spokeswoman wasn’t immediately available to comment.

    The question of NATO spending is clearly prevalent, and as Bloomberg further adds, Trump used his session with Ukraine and Georgia to return to the question of NATO members’ defense spending and used a “harsher” tone than yesterday.

    He targeted Germany in particular and referred to “Angela” more than once, saying something to the effect that she can do more. 
    He also apparently referred to the cost of the new NATO headquarters.

    As a result of this twist, Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg called a session of the NATO leaders.

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