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Kushner Touts ‘Deal’ to Palestinians as Middle East Peace Process in Tatters After US Embassy Move

  • Kushner Touts ‘Deal’ to Palestinians as Middle East Peace Process in Tatters After US Embassy Move
    US President Donald Trump’s special adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner has been touting a US-designed peace deal to Palestinians “soon” to be revealed after the US Embassy’s move to Jerusalem derailed relations in the region.

    Kushner, who is on the last leg of his Middle East tour, spoke to the popular Palestinian newspaper Al-Quds, claiming he is “ready to work” with leader Mahmoud Abbas, who, in his turn, is refusing to meet with Kushner as long as Washington is “changing the rules of the game”midway.

    “If President Abbas is ready to go back to the negotiations table, then we are ready to participate in the discussion, but if it’s not the case, then we are going to make the plan public,” Kushner said, according to Reuters. He was referring to the US “deal of the century” on how to forge peace in the Middle East. Without shedding any additional light on its details, the adviser said that the deal will bring “ large investments in the infrastructure from both the private and the public sectors” to improve the Palestinian economy. Kushner pointed the finger at Abbas, as the party that is unwilling to take up negotiations.

    “I question President Abbas’ ability, or desire, to finish the deal. He has the same talking points that haven’t changed in the past 25 years. A peace hasn’t been achieved during that period,”
     he said.

    Kushner represented the White House at the grand opening of the newly-inaugurated US Embassy in Jerusalem in March, which saw fierce clashes between the Israeli military and Palestinian protesters that left over 100 people dead and thousands injured. The decision, which drew the ire of the whole Muslim world, dealt a blow to the already feeble Israel-Arab peace process.

    A Palestinian negotiator said on Friday that Palestine is not buying into the US peace proposal anymore, since Washington’s deeds on the ground speak louder than its words.

    “If there’s any plan, this it’s being implemented on the ground: with moving the US embassy to occupied Jerusalem, withdrawing support for the two-state solution, cutting funds to UNRWA [UN Relief and Works Agency] and, eventually trying to normalize the Israeli apartheid in Palestine,”
    Saeb Erekat said, as cited by Middle East Eye.

    UNRWA has had to scale back its assistance to Palestine refugees in Gaza after the US, which was the agency’s biggest donor, slashed its contribution by $250 million. The agency is “weeks away from painful cuts to its emergency assistance for Gaza and elsewhere in the region,” UN envoy Nickolay Mladenov said at a UN Security Council meeting this week.

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The Palestinians are the REAL Jews of the Bible!
Remember: Revelation 12:6 (CEV) 6 The woman ran into the desert to a place that God had prepared for her. There she would be taken care of for one thousand two hundred sixty days.”
The Sinai peninsula is a desert. Click on image for article!

The coming fulfilment of Revelation 12 is close at hand! Click on image for article!

Egyptian president Al Sisi is not stupid. The plan is for Zionist ‘666’ Israel to attack Gaza and drive all the Palestinians into the Sinai peninsula. Al Sisi will play the ‘good guy’ by allowing Palestinians into the Sinai desert on humanitarian grounds. The Egyptian military is clearing North Sinai for the Palestinian people using ‘fighting terrorists’ as a pretext. Click on image for article.

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