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Trump Envoy Discusses US Proposal for Gaza with Sisi: Sinai to be Pivotal to the “Deal of the Century”

Note: the idea of expanding Gaza into the Sinai desert is BOGUS. The Zionists want to expel all Palestinians in Gaza into the Sinai desert.

  • The plan by the Zionists is to force the Palestinians into the North Sinai desert. Emphasis mine:
  • Trump Envoy Discusses US Proposal for Gaza with Sisi: Sinai to be Pivotal to the “Deal of the Century”
    by Asmahan Soliman, Translated by Salma Khalifa,
    Reports: Sinai to be pivotal to the “deal of the century”
    The visit to Cairo by Jared Kushner, US President Donald Trump’s son-in-law and senior advisor, and Jason Greenblatt, Trump’s special envoy to the Middle East, concluded on Thursday after a few hours.

    The US delegation’s brief time in the Egyptian capital was spent in talks with President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, according to a statement released by Egypt’s Office of the President. The meeting between Sisi, Kushner and Greenblatt was also attended by Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry and acting General Intelligence Service Director Abbas Kamel.

    In a short statement released on Thursday addressing the meeting in Cairo, the White House noted that the US delegation “discussed increasing cooperation between the United States and Egypt, the need to facilitate humanitarian relief to Gaza, and the Trump administration’s efforts to facilitate peace between the Israelis and [the] Palestinians.”
    Egyptian, US and European diplomatic sources, who spoke to Mada Masr shortly before Kushner and Greenblatt’s visit, say that the deal includes security and economic arrangements on the border between Egypt and the Palestinian territories and the Egyptian-Israeli border, as well as several projects in Sinai that are expected to be “central” to the deal, which the White House seeks to propose as the final resolution to the Palestinian issue. Nonetheless, the sources say that, while there have been shows of a preliminary endorsement for the deal from the US’s Arab allies, including those in Cairo, a declaration of a resolution to the conflict will remain difficult without addressing the political process.

    According to these sources, the US’s concept involves the construction of a joint port on the Mediterranean between the Egyptian and Palestinian cities of Rafah. This would act as a prelude to extensive economic activity, for which North Sinai would serve as a hub, and would include five principal projects that would be funded by Saudi Arabia and the UAE, with a labor force that would be two-thirds Palestinian from the Gaza Strip and one-third Egyptian.

    The sources also say that locating these projects on Egyptian territory was an Israeli condition, as they would be under the security protection of Egypt, which would undertake monitoring the passage of individuals between the Gaza Strip and the new industrial zone. According to the US source, it would constitute “a free zone that connects Egypt and Gaza, and brings about a significant economic boom for the Gaza Strip, while contributing to the development endeavors in Sinai.”

    This was corroborated by several reports that were published in the Israeli media over the past few days, conveying details on the US-proposed deal — which focuses on improving the humanitarian and economic situation in Gaza — as disclosed by Arab and Israeli sources. The Israeli newspaper Haaretz quotes sources as saying that the energy supply crisis in the besieged strip is sought to be tackled first. One option being discussed is a solar energy plant that would be built to the west of the Egyptian border, near the city of Arish. According to the Haaretz report, “among long-term projects […] would be the construction of a port in northern Sinai and the building of a […] water desalination plant,” as well as other projects in North Sinai, with funding from the Gulf. “Such undertakings could create jobs for thousands of [Palestinians in Gaza,]” the report reads.

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The Palestinians are the REAL Jews of the Bible!
Remember: Revelation 12:6 (CEV) 6 The woman ran into the desert to a place that God had prepared for her. There she would be taken care of for one thousand two hundred sixty days.”
The Sinai peninsula is a desert. Click on image for article!

Click on image for article.


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