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Trump’s America First Policy Could Bring about a Powerful EU Superstate that Leaves Britain Out in the Cold

  • The US-Pentagram igniting a WW3 in eastern Europe using NATO should do it. Ie. unite the Europeans into a superstate.
  • Trump’s America First Policy Could Bring about a Powerful EU Superstate that Leaves Britain Out in the Cold
    by Tom Hinchcliffe,
    The presidency of Donald Trump has been one based on an America-first foreign policy. This, coupled with his erratic rhetoric, has changed the international values associated with the United States. So for the first time in a generation, American values differ greatly to that of the states making up the European Union. Trump believes this strategy will eventually force the European states to capitulate to his nationalist foreign policy, allowing the United States to become an unchallenged superpower state.

    However, it is more likely that it will embolden anti-US flavour across Europe and promote political integration on an unprecedented scale. Trump’s forthright approach to his relationship with Europe has redefined the long-standing transatlantic relationship between the United States and its European allies. It has now deteriorated to the point where Jens Stoltenberg, the usually impartial head of NATO, has urged the United States and Europe to work closely together to prevent a breakdown in relations.

    This unprecedented intervention comes as the President launched into one of his typical, undiplomatic Twitter rants, in which he claimed ‘the people of Germany are turning against their leadership as migration is rocking the already tenuous Berlin coalition’.

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