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Migrant Crisis Threatens to Sink Europe: Merkel Admitted the EU is on the Brink of Breaking Up Over Migration

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  • Migrant Crisis Threatens to Sink Europe
    GERMAN Chancellor Angela Merkel admitted yesterday the EU is on the brink of breaking up over migration. Her shock assessment comes as her fragile coalition government could also collapse, with critics urging her to take a much harder line with migrants.

    In a weekly podcast she admitted: “This is a European challenge that also needs a European solution. And I view this issue as decisive for keeping Europe together.” Her comments come against a backdrop of furious rows over immigration in Europe.

    Ms Merkel’s own interior minister is calling for a tougher line on migrants, threatening a breakdown of Germany’s three-month-old coalition. Meanwhile, the rescue ship Aquarius, with some 630 migrants on board, is due to reach Valencia in Spain today, after Italy and Malta refused to allow any of them to come ashore.

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